Dev (Colors) 4th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev makes a plan to expose Yagnesh

Dev (Colors) 4th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meera finding Dev’s dad’s postcard. She shows it to Zohra and reads it. She says its 13 years old postcard. She reads address and says will Dev be here. Narvekar checks Dev’s video. Dev tells him that hide and seek will go on, he has to go to the roots, I will be in touch, this can be a big storm, don’t worry, sleep well. Dev asks Mahek does Yagnesh’s men attack them. She says he calls this a Chakravyuh. He recalls. She says they are motivational killers. He says I was hating this, now I know my hatred and love are linked, this ashram has to get shut soon. She says he will never be caught, he has to get punished by my hands. He asks her not to be mad. She says I just want revenge now. He says I m with you, you won’t do this, we will go to an old house, none can

know about us. They reach the house.

A man asks what are you doing in my house. Dev says your senses are fine. Dev meets his dad and hugs. Mahek asks is he your dad. The man says no, I m not his real dad, I have raised him, he didn’t get my good looks. He asks who is she Dev. Dev says its long story, I will tell you, I need help, you will have mum’s old things. The man says yes, first get aid done, come. He does aid to Dev’s wound. He drinks wine. Dev asks him not to drink as he got old. They have an emotional moment.

Dev says sorry, I came late, but I got stuck in problems, mum never told me why did we hide from world and stayed with you. The man says no, she didn’t share many things. Dev says I can understand, I have an old relation with this case, I think I will see old past secrets. The man says we will find all answers in morning.

Meera is on the way. She gets a dream of Dev’s death. Zohra calls her. Meera says remember what to tell Narvekar, take care of Avi. A man tells Yagnesh that they missed Dev and Mahek. Yagnesh asks him to find them. Dev tells about the case to his dad. He says I can’t lose Mahek again. The man asks how can I help. Dev shows the symbol and says I have seen this in childhood, I have to find out. The man says I don’t know anything, I will go and see who’s at the door. He goes.

Meera comes and asks where is Dev. Dev says Meera you….. Meera says she is trying to trap you. Dev hugs her and asks how did you know we are here. She shows card. He says you have become a spy by my training. She says Vani is trapping you. He says she is not Vani, she is my Mahek. He tells Mahek that Meera is family and he has to tell her everything. Narvekar scolds constables. He asks Zohra where is Meera. Zohra lies. He says try to understand, I like Meera a lot, if anything happens to her, I can’t tolerate. She asks him to give some time to Meera. He says Meera can fall in trouble because of Dev.

Meera says you did wrong as you took someone’s life. Mahek says they snatched my everything. Meera says still its wrong to take revenge. Mahek says saying is easy, you can’t understand, one who goes through can understand. Meera asks Dev not to get into this. He says its needed, its related to me, maybe I remember by some old things here. He sees the same symbol made by him in the diary. He tries to recall. He says I was five year old when my mum was taken to mental hospital, then baba has adopted me, I don’t know my identity.

Dev and Mahek go out and share their sorrow. Meera finds Dev’s mum’s letter. Dev’s mum asks him to stay away from chakravyuh. She goes and gives the letter to Dev. Meera says we should leave him alone for some time. Dev recalls his childhood. He tells Meera about his mum’s gift. He says I was alone with mum, baba was not at home. FB shows Dev gets scared and hides. He sees a man wearing Chakravyuh sign ring. She says next morning, baba didn’t listen when I said about that man, that fear stayed in my mind. Mahek comes and sees Dev caring for Meera. Dev says Mahek and I are going ashram tomorrow, we will find out. Meera says I trust you. Mahek tells her plan. Meera asks why shall we trust you. Dev stops Meera and says I m not doing this for Mahek, Yagnesh runs many ashrams, they make innocent kids extremists, this Chakravyuh is Yagnesh’s symbol, all secrets are hidden in that ashram, we have to expose them, I need you also, come. He asks Mahek to tell her plan.

He says you will not kill anyone now. She says I will take revenge, its my life’s motive, we will leave tomorrow morning. She goes. Dev’s dad says Dev used to play mouth organ, I bought one to give him surprise on marriage, but he didn’t give me invitation, now play some song tune. He sings. Dev plays the mouth organ. He makes his dad sleep. Meera asks why does he hide real Dev, who loves everyone much. He says I was scared of truth and love, call Narvekar tomorrow and inform our plan, we will break this Chakravyuh together. He goes. Mahek asks what’s between you and Meera. He says she is my good friend, she is a good hearted girl, she can become a good spy. She says you can tell me if there is anything, she is also a woman and can do anything for you, sorry you are not so smart if you can’t see feelings for you in her eyes. She goes. Dev thinks.

Yagnesh meets someone at the ashram. The girls are locked up. The man hears an old song. Yagnesh asks Munim if he wants any girl to entertain him. Munim scolds him and asks him to get out. Zohra sees Avi upset. Avi asks for Meera. Zohra says she will come soon. She pacifies him. Constable looks on. Meera asks Dev not to go, his life is in danger, her sixth sense is strong. Dev doesn’t listen. Meera says if anything happens to Dev, you will be responsible. Mahek asks her not to worry. They leave.

Dev asks Meera to take care, he will come soon, and inform Narvekar to come to the ashram with force. Avi sits with the cat. Abdul comes and says till Dev comes, I will stay with you. Meera calls Narvekar. He asks where are you. She says we have less time, Vani is Mahek, there is a complicated story, Dev and Mahek are reaching ashram, we have to reach there on time. Narvekar agrees. He prepares the force. Mahek asks Dev will you love me after this gets over. Dev says this is not just your revenge, we can save many innocent lives, you are alive, its not less than a dream for me, I m ready to give any sacrifice to keep this dream. She says maybe we both have to give sacrifice this time. Narvekar says we have to risk lives for the country.

Dev and Mahek go inside the ashram to expose them. Dev trains the kids and acts. Narvekar comes there with fore. Dev gets git by someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dev and Mehek s story is so sad…….feeling bad from them……but their yearning for each other is really good

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