Dev (Colors) 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev realizes Mahek is pregnant

Dev (Colors) 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev messaged Bhaskar the address of Narvekar’s house.

Bhaskar comes to Narvekar’s house and says Kinjal? He recalls how he got message from Kinjal’s father’s phone that he should go to this address, there is a knife there, he had made his daughter pr*stitute so now you have to finish her. Bhaskar takes knife from table and says where are you hiding Kinjal? Kinjal is in Narvekar’s room and is tensed to hear him.

Stalker Hardik is trying to cut Dwani’s face but his door bell rings.

Bhaskar knocks on bedroom and asks Kinjal if she is hiding there? Kinjal is scared.

Stalker opens door, Dev beats him and tries to go to Dwnai but stalker stabs Mahek in side. Dev gets angry and beats him, he shouts how dare you beat my wife, she is

my wife, he beats him and throws him out. He rushes to Mahek and asks if she is fine? she nods, they go to free Dwani.

Bhaskar breaks Narvekar’s room door and goes in. Kinjal is hiding under bed. He looks around for her and mistakenly drops his knife. Kinjal is scared.

Dev opens cupboard and finds Dwani there, she cries and says that stalker.. she hugs him and cries.

Kinjal tries to remain silent under bed but Bhaskar looks under and brings her out, he pins her to wall and says your father asked me to kill you. He pins her to bed and says I will enjoy night with you and then kill you.

Police comes to catch Hardik stalker, Mahek takes Dev to hospital.

Bhaskar is trying to rape Kinjal but Narvekar comes to his room and points gun at him, he asks him to move away. Bhaskar recalls how he was a customer, he grabs Kinjal and says my boss give me money to sell girls, I wont leave her. Narvekar says your boss is killed. Bhaskar is shocked. Kinjal pushes him away and runs to Narvekar.. Bhaskar runs behind her and is about to stab her but Narvekar shoots him. He asks Kinjal to tell him everything.

Mahek is admitted in hospital. Doctor checks her. He comes to Dev and says your wife and baby is safe. Dev is stunned and says she is really pregnant? He recalls how she tried to tell him many times but he never believed her.

Narvekar sees Kinjal’s father message to Bhaskar. He recalls how Dev made him come to his house. He thinks this was Dev’s plan to save Kinjal and made me kills Bhaskar. Kinjal says I didnt want to kill my father. Narvekar says dont worry, Bhaskar killed your father first and then he came behind you here because he knew you were involved with a policeman.. thats the truth from now on, dont tell anyone that you killed your father.

Dev comes to Mahek’s wardroom. She is sleeping. Dev tries to touch her stomach but stops himself. Dev thinks Kinjal’s father made her pr*stitute, Dwani’s father wants to lock her, Narvekar might have to kill Bhaskar and I almost kill Hardik to save Dwani, this is life, you have to kill to save others, its life of death, kill, guns.. are we supposed to bring a life in this world? we are running from crimes, will we be able to raise a baby? He gets message from Narvekar to come to his house. Dev looks at sleeping Mahek, he holds her hand and then leaves.

Dev comes to police station. Inspector says to Narvekar that you saved Kinjal, killed Bhaskar and ended this racket, welldone. Dev comes to Narvekar and says good. Narvekar says you made me kill Bhaskar. Dev says I saved Kinjal and many other girls. Narvekar says only me, you and Kinjal knows the truth, I will see where Kinjal will live, her house is sealed. Dev says we got stalker too, its not a bad day.

Scene 2
In morning, Dev is sleeping in Mahek’s wardroom holding her hand. Mahek wakes up and recalls how Hardik stabbed her, she shouts my baby. Dev caresses her face and says relax, everything is fine. Mahek says whatever happened between us, dont doubt my love, it was not a lie. Dev says what was between us was true but you were a lie, we cant be an us. Mahek puts his hand on her stomach and says baby needs his father, it needs you. if we were just a we then we could have separated but now we have a baby, it needs his father and you need it too. Dev says I need time. Mahek says there is a lot of gap between fathers, please end it.

Narvekar comes to his house. He says to Kinjal that your file is closed dont worry. He sees food ready on table and is surprised. He says it was not needed. Kinjal says what you did for me was not needed too. He says you are safe in this world. Kinjal smiles and says when you dont know what to say then you talk like an officer. Narvekar says you can stay here as much as you want. Kinjal says if I stay here then people will point fingers at you. Narvekar says I dont care about it, you have seen enough pain, you deserve happiness now, Kinjal says you too have seen too much pain. Narvekar says we cant stop in life. Kinjal says yes I want to move ahead and I need to leave from here, he tries to to touch his feet, he holds her and says dont do that. She smiles at him and leaves. Voiceover says that Kinjal and Narvekar are trying to become each other’s support.

A woman is shown, she says to her husband Aryan that I was waiting for your call, Aryan says on call that Riya smile. He is on office. Riya says I miss you. Aryan says one month only. Riya says I dont have any friends in this new city. He asks her to calm down and asks if she took her anxiety pills? She says I will take it. Aryan asks her to take it, he ends call. Riya says he is always busy. She sees her cat going to washroom. She goes behind her and asks what happened to you? she sees bulb fusing. She gets scared and sees her cat missing. She looks around for her car. Electricity goes off, she screams and comes in washroom to look for her cat, she looks around but doesnt find anything. Suddenly she hears knocking noises and screams.

PRECAP- Dwani comes to Dev and says you knew Dwani Karchiwala till now but you will meet a new Dwani, that is me, just see this, its my internship application.
Mahek gives tea to Dwani, Dwani thanks her and says I am sure you and Dev will give a lot of love to baby. Mahek says after much time, I felt like I am talking to someone of my own. Dwani smiles and leaves. Mahek glares at her.
Riya comes to police station and says there is a ghost in my house.
Dev comes to Riya’s house, She tries to make him listen the noises. Someone is hiding in her house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Episode was sooo mindblowing….. Narvekar ki life me new frnd kinjal aa gayi, almost took meera’s place in his life and i wish they both were shown united…
    Dev saved dhwani, mehak and kinjal.. Sometime i don’t get mehak character, sometime she is shown obssessed for dev and sometime caring wife…but she will again betray in future… Misss meera badlyy…. And where is her son, zor aapa and his computer hacker frnd??????
    But dhwani is big idiot, she did all that without taking help of dev or narvekar… I think dhwani series of online social media is warning that everyone should limit the use of social media, like-
    1. some people if they leave out of town, they update immediately: you can update upon returning home also..
    2. Some people if they eat a bite they upload on social media, do update but if its new and special…

    I am not against social media, but atleast no need to update every single second of our life, special and important occassions are different..

  2. They didn’t have to drag the series to prove a point. It gets boringg! What’s with dwani suddenly becoming intern? Didn’t dev get pissed when Meera tried to get involved in his investigation? We’ll see the predictable love triangle. Dev 1 was good I mean Meera loved dev but he loved mehak, now in part 2 mehak’s jealousy of this dimwit? If dimwit dwani has love story with dev it’ll throw the entire series to drain!

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