Dev (Colors) 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek makes another promise to Dev

Dev (Colors) 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dwani clicks pictures of Mahek with bank manager. She thinks that Mahek cant come here without any reason so what she is thinking?

Narvekar says to professor that your student Bhawna has been missing, let us work. He asks students if they know anything about Bhawna. Dev sees some tensed students, he selects three students. Professor asks if they got to know the reason of Bhawna missing? Narvekar says we will find it soon. Dev pours water on sodium. Professor says idiots do it, it creates reactions.

Dev asks selected students where is Bhawna? they say no. Dev asks Hemal if he knows where Bhawna is? he says I dont even know her. Dev says you loved her. Hemal says I love her, I tried to talk to her but she ignored me. Dev says so you kidnapped her? he gets scared and says I

didnt do anything, he asks students to leave. Narvekar says we are searching names starting from P? how you know Hemal was behind Bhawna? Dev says he has been stalking her social media account. You should read Lolita novel, Narvekar says why its linked with a case? Dev says its a romance novel between a middle aged man and a girl, a man who has different taste gifted that book to her, I am eyeing some other P.

Dev stops chemistry professor and introduces himself. Professor says I am Praful. Dev asks where is Bhawna? Praful says you think I know about her? Dev says you didnt get agitated, nothing bothers you, you have control on your mind and you dont react to things, you didnt react to sodium blast too. Praful says mishaps happen in my lab so its normal for me. Dev says you didnt answer me, where is she? Praful says I dont know but I feel you will find her soon, afterall one man’s fish is other man’s poison.

Dev says to Narvekar that that Professor Praful had affair with Bhawna, you know it was charming. Narvekar says I cant arrest him without evidence. Praful eyes him and adds his name in his phone.

Mahek is writing some words in her diary and thinks that Dev shouldnt get to know about this. Manager calls her, she says okay we can meet, bring your car.

Mahek is leaving house but Dev comes to her house. He says I want to talk to you, I need this baby but.. Mahek says you didnt add but before. Dev says I trusted you that day but I dont today, we need to trust each other to become parents. Mahek says you need to trust me for us and baby. Dev says if you want me to trust you then you have to work, he gives her hypnosis address and says we have to go there, I am doing this for us, I want to understand you. Mahek says you want me to do hypnosis? Dev says its not wrong. Mahek says you are saying something and hinting something else, you want to find my secrets. Dev says what did you say? Dev recalls Praful’s words that he will find Bhawna soon. Mahek says I dont want to do it but if you want then I will do it, Dev smiles and hugs her. Dwani is outside their house and clicks their picture, she thinks that they still love each other.

Scene 2
Dev comes officer of river and says river became toxic. Officer says all fishes died, villagers are worried too, we cant check the water as it burns the skin. Dev calls his officer and asks him to send divers with their protective gears.

Mahek comes to meet the manager. Dwani follows her. Manager makes her sit in his car and they drive away. Dwani’s car breakdowns.

Doctor says to Narvekar that we searched the river water, the chemical used was to burn the human body and we found some body remains, it was a female, they used cyanide to burn her body, we found ruby in the water as chemical couldnt burn it, we couldnt find out when she was killed using this chemical and he didnt leave body behind. Dev says I think murder happened 8 days ago.

Dev shows ruby to Bhawna’s mother, she cries and says it was Bhawna’s.

Narvekar asks Dev how he reached that river and found Bhawna? Dev says killer sent me there, Praful told me that one man’s fish is another man’s poison. Narvekar says whats the connection? Dev says correct phrase is that one man’s fruit is another man’s poison but Praful deliberately used it wrongly which made me think then I remembered the article about river. He shows newspaper to him. Dev says Praful was openly challenging me, he confessed his crime, he made Bhawna’s body burn in cyanide and threw it in the river, this is not a normal case, he is egoistic and thinks that we cant catch him, this is not his first kill, he does it most of the time but he changes his ways, he doesnt kill for need, he kills for fun, he is a serial killer, we have to find more about this Professor Praful.

Praful looks at Eisha’s photos and says your expiry date is ending. Eisha comes to his house, she is his student. She says why did you insult me in the lab? and you were giving importance to some other student. He hugs her and says you know I teach in college, I cant be partial with you otherwise people will notice, we have to pretend for others, you know how much I love you? she smirks. He makes her lie in bed and makes love to her.

PRECAP- Eisha says to professor Praful that I dont like to hide our relation. Praful sits on his knees with a ring and asks will she marry him? she is stunned.
Eisha calls Praful and says I am leaving my parents to marry you so I am sad. Praful makes a dangerous chemical and says Eisha you will be gone from the world now.
Dev comes to meet Praful again, Praful says I dont have involvement in Bhawna’s case or any other girl’s case. Dev says you are in danger, I have an eye on you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Mehak is soooooo intelligent, she is going to fool dev again…. I hope dhwani do not fall in trap of mehak and die like meera… Dev and narvekar is just like cat and rat, tere sath nibhati bhi nhi, tere bina chalti bhi nhi….

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