Dev (Colors) 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dwani have feelings for Dev

Dev (Colors) 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev is driving with Mahek in car. He recalls how bomb’s password was Dhristi, he asks who is she? She says bomber Jain knew as Dhristi. Dev recalls how bomber said that he knew where his mother is. Dev asks where is mom Mahek?

Narvekar and Dwani are in car. Dwani recalls him killing the bomber and says I know you loved Meera a lot, I understand what you did and why you did it.

Mahek says to Dev that I dont know where your mother is. Dev drops her home and leaves.

Mahek comes to washroom and washes her face, she recalls Dev’s words that where is his mother?

Dwani says to Narvekar that you did the right thing, I understand what you did. Narvekar says you dont understand anything, you dont know anything about you, you cant be this detective girl as its

dangerous for life, why did you come there? you could have died like Meera.. he stops himself and says love breaks people when its not with you, I hope you never understand that. Dwani thinks that I know how painful one sided love is but my heart is stupid to not fall, she recalls her moments with Dev and thinks that I know me and Dev cant happen but my heart stop myself.. han hasi bangaye plays as she recalls her moments with Dev. She looks at Dev and her photos, she thinks that I know Mahek is playing a game but I wont let her hurt Dev now.

Dwani comes to her house, she recalls how Dev got angry on Narvekar for killing the bomber. She thinks that wish I get a clue which can take me to Dev’s mom. Dwani looks at bomber’s wallet she took from the site. She finds bomber’s photo with Munim and Dev’s mom. There is a girl behind them but her face is not clear. She thinks that I have to find this woman.

In morning, Dev reads news of river water becoming poisonous and fishes dying.

Mahek tries to write the possible passwords of Munim’s bank locker. She thinks and writes all the options. She calculates it using names and converting them to numbers for locker password and smirks.

Dwani comes to police station in shalwar kameez and all dressed up. All officers praise her looks. Dwani comes to Dev and tries to gain her attention but he asks if she went to mandir? She says I have a plan for you. She says I have an amazing idea. She says I have a way of making Mahek say the truth, you can make her do the hypnosis, just make her agree to it and we will find Munim. Dev says this is my personal life, dont involve yourself in my and Mahek’s matter. He starts to leave and thinks that idea is not bad. Dwani leaves. Narvekar says Dwani looks different, you must have noticed. Dev says it doesnt matter. Narvekar says there is a case of Bhawna, she has been missing for 8 days. We have got her letter from her mother. Dev reads letter in which Bhawna says that she have fallen in love and going to him, she will bring her husband soon. Narvekar says she never cameback.

Narvekar and Dev meets Bhawna’s mother, mother says she never had any animosity with anyone, we dont know where she is. Dev comes to Bhawna’s room. Narvekar asks Bhawna’s brother if he knew of her boyfriend? He says no. Dev looks at her books and novels. He finds a page and sketches it, there is a note in novel which says ‘My darling Bhawna – Love P’. Dev says we have to go to her college.

Mahek comes to bank and asks to meet the manager. He asks her to wait but she goes to manager, guards try to stop her but manager asks her to come inside. Mahek smirks.

Dev and Narvekar comes to Bhawna’s college. They ask Bhawna’s schedule and about her chemistry class.

In chemistry class, professor says oxytocin is a hormone which develops in our bodies, whats else its called? he asks a student Esha, she says I dont know. He asks if she ever fell in love? all laughs. Professor says you might have boyfriends and girlfriends and must have tried s*x, he asks Esha if she loved? she says why you are asking me? Professor says when we are in love, our heart beat increases and we want to get them, its often called lust too, this hormone is behind it. One girl says its called love hormone too. He says right, it proves that we are created by chemical reactions, our all emotions are about chemical imbalance. Dev comes there and says what if a murderer says that he killed because of his hormones and its not his fault? Professor says my class is going on. Dev says I have taken the permission for that, your student Bhawna have been missing for days.

Mahek gives locker number to the manger, he eyes her lustfully and says I hope you have code this time. Mahek recalls how she created her code. She enters and it opens. Mahek finds a diary inside while manager makes video of her back. She turns to leave but he holds her hand and asks if they can celebrate? She says I will meet you tomorrow. Mahek leaves from there but Dwani takes her and manager’s pictures hiding from them.

PRECAP- Dev says to a student in chemistry class that when I took Bhawna’s name, you got tensed why? he says I dont even know Bhawna. Dev says but you wanted to know her, you loved her.
Professor says to Dev that one man’s fish is another man’s foes.
Dev says to Narvekar that serial killer killed Bhawna, he trap them in his love and then give them cyanide to kill them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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