Dev (Colors) 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev denies Mahek’s pregnancy

Dev (Colors) 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek comes to police station to meet Dev. She has roses and gifts. Officer stops him and says Dev doesnt want to meet you, I cant allow you in the room. Mahek says today is our anniversary, if your wife brought these roses for you then wouldnt you like it? he nods and opens door for her. Mahek goes in Dev’s room.

Dev is in car with Dwani. Dwani downloads dating app in his phone and says you can meet cool people through it. Dev says like you met a stalker online. Dwani says I talk to guys online but that does not mean its my mistake that stalker is behind me, in india, everything is a girl’s fault, like men can never be wrong.

Dev comes to police station. Officer tells him that his wife came here. Dev comes to his room and finds a collage of his and Mahek’s

pictures, roses and other stuff. Dev brings all gifts out of station and throws it on road, he throws patrol on it and starts a fire. Dwani is stunned. Mahek is sitting in a car away from station and cries seeing it. Dwani sees Dev’s hand bleeind and says your hand is bleeding. Dev is a daze and doesnt hear her. Dwani cleans his wound. Mahek sees it and gets jealous.

Dev comes to his room. Dwani comes behind him and asks what is wrong with you? you burnt your hand. Mahek watch live footage of Dev’s room since she installed a camera in his room when she went inside. Dev shouts at Dwani and asks her to leave. she leaves. Dev breakdowns and cries. Mahek sees all that.

Dev is leaving police station. A man in hoodie comes to his car and sprays something on his face. Dev faints.. its Mahek.

Mahek has brought Dev near a beack. Dev wakes up and sees her sitting . He grabs her and pins her to a car. Mahek says dont leave me without killing me and our baby.. Dev gets frustrated and says I will find out where my mom is. Mahek says you cant do it, you love me. Dev says I hate you, Mahek says trust me, I am pregnant with your baby. Dev says you want me to trust you? he gets sad and says I want to trust you, trust this baby.. but I know you are lying this time too, you cheat and I believe you everytime but its enough. Mahek hugs him and says its true, lets go somewhere away, where its you, me and our baby.. our small family. Dev shrugs her off and says you snatched my family from me.. Meera, Avi, Zohra Appa and Maa.. you know where mom is but you will never let me reach my family. Mahek puts his hand on her belly and says this is your family too. Dev says this is a lie like you, this is not a family.. enough. Mahek tries to convince him but he glares at her and asks her to stop lying. He sits in car and drives away. Mahek says like you need your mom, our baby needs you too Dev. A man spies on them and calls Amar. He says to Amar that Dev and Mahek are meeting silently. Amar says keep an eye on them.

Amar is in a room with a pr*stitute. She says you seem worried, he says you look worried too. Pimp enters their room and says you spend too much time in pleasure, it can become love. Amar gives him money, he sadly looks at pr*stitute and leaves.

Scene 2
Dev comes to his room and washes his face. He comes in police station. Amar sees his pr*stitute in police station. He gets tensed and leaves. Dev sees the girl(pr*stitute) saying to officer that I dont want file case against any man following me. Officer says you have to talk to inspector Amar. Dev thinks why Amar ranaway from his police station?

Dwani is sitting in her house and using laptop. She feels someone’s presence and goes to check. She opens her room door silently and sees her stalker in dark sniffing her nighties and undergarments. She is in shock. She silently closes the door, runs to lounge. She falls and screams. Stalker hears her scream and comes dow. Dwani’s foot is hurt, she hides and calls Dev. Stalker starts singing her name.

Dev have left his phone in his room. He comes to the girl and says you had a fight with your boyfriend, doesnt want to file complaint against him? if you dont tell me the whole thing then I cant help you, these officers wont allow you to leave. Girl says I am Kinjal, I study in college, one day I was returning from college and a goon got behind me, he threatened and policeman saw so they are forcing me to file a complaint but I dont want to. She says my father is a respectable man, he cant know that I am in police station, please let me go. Dev asks whats her age? she says 19. Dev looks on.

Stalker is searching for Dwani in her house. He sees Dwani running up

Dev comes to his room and sees Dwani calling. He takes her call and asks what happened? he hears some noise in background and is worried for Dwani.

PRECAP- Dev runs to Dwani’s house. He sees things broken and blood spilled everywhere. He looks around for Dwani.
Dwani is thrown in a tank and is drowning in water.
Kinjal has been trapped by her boyfriend in a s*x racket and he has made her pr*stitute and Amar goes to her.
Voiceover says will Dev be able to locate Dwani and save her from her stalker? Will Dev be able to bring Kinjal out of s*x racket?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t know why but it’s show seems lost its charm of season 01 or maybe it’s too early to judge. Anyway I will keep watching

    1. It’s definitely lost it’s charm. What’s the point in introducing new characters when old characters were sloppily disposed off? We connected with Meera and dev, now they’ve brought an annoying dumb rich girl and paired her up with dev. Btw the new pair sucks high! Hope they bring Meera, avi and zohraji plus Meera’s friend and the constable!

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