Dev (Colors) 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev saves Mahek from bomber

Dev (Colors) 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev finds Apa under bed, he wakes her up and asks where is Mahek? Apa says he took Mahek. Flashback shows that Apa heard some noises, she went to Mahek’s room and found some man trying to kidnap Mahek, she tried to fight him but he grabbed her and said he would take care of her first, he says to her that first Meera died then Mahek will die, you wont find her, flashback ends. Apa says his half face was burned, she says I have no pity for Mahek but she is pregnant, please save her, Dev says bomber have same pattern, he asks to call Narvekar and leaves.

Bomber brings Mahek to den, he says where is Munim? he says you ditched me, I loved you so much, you both left me there, Mahek says I didnt know you were saved from there, he says I was in pain, my face was burned with burning

rods, if I cant have family then you dont have right too.

Narvekar is in car and calls officer, he asks them to go from other side. Apa calls him and says kidnapper took Mahek, he took her to some place where Meera’s blast happened, he says okay and ends call. He calls officer and asks him to bring force at Meera’s blast site. Dwani sees them going, she tracks Dev’s location and recalls how she had installed tracker location in his phone, she says I will find you Dev.

Dev comes to Meera’s blast site. He looks around and goes inside. He recalls how Meera died there. Dev takes out gun and looks around, he hears Mahek’s voice and sees her tied to a chair. He tries to go to her but bomber comes there and attacks him.
Dev wakes up, he is tied to a chair, he sees Mahek tied to a bomb. Bomber says I gave you clues and you came here, you are a little late. He says my beautiful face is your wife’s gift. He says when this bomb blasts then this whole building will be destroyed, you saved Apa but will you be able to save your wife and baby?
Narvekar comes to bomber’s site with his force and surrounds it.
Inside building, bomber says to Dev that I am asking Mahek where is Munim but she is not telling me so you might help her. He points gun at Dev and asks Mahek where is Munim? she says I dont know. He shoots near Dev and says next bullet will hit him, tell me where is Munim? Bomber says to Dev that you are searching your mother and Mahek says she doesnt know where she is? Dev says how do you know all this? Bomber says only Mahek, Munim and I know where your mother is. Mahek says he is lying. Dev says but you know where my mother is. Mahek says he is provoking you against me. Bomber says to Dev that you want your mother and I want Munim, lets have a deal, if you make Mahek tell me where Munim is then I will tell you where your mother is. Dev asks Mahek to tell him. Mahek says he is trapping me, I dont know anything. Bomber points gun at Mahek and says Dev I want Munim otherwise I will kill Mahek and your baby. Dev says stop, I will find Munim, dont hurt her. Bomber says you dont know what Munim is, only Mahek can tell where Munim is. Dev says if you want to shoot her then why you have put bomb jacket on her? Narvekar comes there and points gun at bomber, Dwani comes there too. Bomber says Dev you didnt do right by calling police. He points gun at Mahek and asks Narvekar to not move, he says I will take my revenge. He activates bomb and runs from there. Dev says he has activated bomb. Narvekar frees him, Dev asks Narvekar to go behind bomber, he knows about my bomb. Mahek asks Dev to leave, Dev says I wont let you die. He checks bomb and says its password protected but what is it? Narvekar is running behind bomber and shoots his leg. Bomber hides and shoots in their direction.
Dev is trying to decode bomb password. Mahek asks Dwani to take Dev from there. Dev asks Dwani to leave from there. Mahek tells Dev that bomber knew her as Drishti. Dev enters that as password and bomb diffuses at last second. Bomber tries to run from site but Narvekar catches him. Bomber says shoot me. Narvekar says you told that you have proofs against Mahek, Mahek is behind Meera’s death, why did you kill Meera? Bomber says the bomb which killed Meera was my best bomb, Narvekar says it means you killed Meera? Bomber says it was so much fun. Narvekar points gun at him. Dev and Mahek comes there. Dev asks Narvekar to not shoot him, he knows where my mom is. Bomber says Meera’s small pieces were good to see. Narvekar recalls Meera’s death and shoots bomber. Dev runs to him and says why did you kill him? he knew about my mother. Narvekar points gun at Dev and says you all killed my Meera, Meera cant comeback but I took my revenge, Mahek asks him to put gun down. Narvekar puts it down. Dev looks on. Dwani finds bomber’s wallet.

Scene 2
A bride comes to a den. Bride says to groom that what kind of place is this? Groom says I wanted to make our marriage night extra special and you will never forget it. Bride says I like your style, he pours wine for her. She says why you are not drinking? she drinks her wine and coughs poison. He says I wanted to kill you, happy marriage. He puts her in a acid tank.

Narvekar asks officers to check the site. Dev says to Narvekar that you took law in your hands. Narvekar says he was my criminal and I punished him, you cant ask me what is right or wrong, I dont know if Meera means anything to you otherwise you wouldnt be asking me all this, he eyes Mahek and says all people who killed Meera will have same fate. Dev thinks I havent forgotten Meera otherwise you wouldnt be able to kill bomber, it was my revenge too so I let you take it. Dwani sees Mahek and Dev, she says I will go with Narvekar. Dev and Mahek leaves from there. Dwani checks bomber’s wallet and sees his picture with Munim and Dev’s mother, she thinks that bomber was right, he knew where Dev’s mom is.

PRECAP- Mahek hides something in a password protected safe and thinks that Dev shouldnt know what I have done.
The bride’s killer is a professor. He asks in his class if they fell in love? One female student says I think so but why you are asking me that? Professor smirks. Dev comes to college and meets that professor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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