Dev (Colors) 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev has to find a stalker

Dev (Colors) 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev’s wife is pointing gun at him… Dev says my father is hiding my mother, my wife even shot me and me.. because me, Meera died… this city is weird, nobody is safe.

At night, one girl is running on roads, she calls her dad and asks him to come take her.
Flashback shows Dwani who is 22 years old enjoys night life. Voiceover says that young people like Dwani starts chatting with random people online but they dont realize that their online friend might a danger for them. In bar, Dwani is enjoying her drink, someone is taking her pictures. One guy Bhaskar comes to Dwani and says Ia m Bhaskar. Dwani says bye. Bhaskar say my photo looks different on social media but I am genuine. Dwani says you are wearing copy clothes and have put edited photo, sorry not interested.

starts leaving bar, she calls her dad and gives him number of the cab. Dwani comes out of bar and waits for her cab. She gets a message from an unknown number that ‘wish your clothes were more smaller’. He sends her pictures of her in bar. She is stunned and looks around for the stalker. Someone is following her. Stalker changes one cab’s number and make it which Dwani have, he puts a gift in that cab. Dwani sees a cab and goes to sit in it. She asks driver to move fast.

Driver is taking Dwani home. He looks at her in rearview mirror. She notices it and feels weird. She finds a gift box on seat, she opens it and finds her nightie. She is shocked and asks driver who is he? he says I dont know. Dwani calls her dad and runs out of cab, she asks her dad to come and get her.

In morning, minister and dad of Dwani meets Dev, he says a stalker is behind my daughter, he shows him the nightie. Dev says it wont be my size. Minister says its not a joke. Dev says stalker wrote her name as ‘Dee’ which means he is familiar with Dwani. Minister says you have to investigate this. Dev says I have to talk to Dwani. Amar says we have to talk to her. Dev recalls how Amar is an inspector and have bittersweet relation with her. Dwani comes there and gets excited to see Dev, she says I am your fan, she takes selfie with him and whispers that I like old stuff. Minister says behave yourself. Dwani tells about the night, she says that this is the first time I had a stalker. Dev says this is a lie, your body language is showing its a lie. Dwani says I use date chat so there might be some stalker from there. Minister says to Dev that you have to find out who is he.Dwani says I want to become a detective, can I have internship with Dev? They all look on.

In police station, Dev says to Amar that Dwani is lying, nightie was hers. They see a news, reporter is taking an interview of Mahek who is Dev’s wife. Reporter asks if blames on her are correct? Mahek says allegations on us are wrong, reporter says court gave punishment to Dev. Mahek says it must be a pain for Dev, I know he miss me, I know he loves me still and I miss him.. and at this stage where.. I am becoming mother of his baby, there is a love but dont know where its gone. Officer congratulates him. Dev breaks Tv.

Reporter says to Mahek that I hope you get your husband soon, she leaves. Mahek says now Dev has to comeback. She is in tears and looks at their picture. Dev calls her and says till how you can stoop to get my attention? She says yes I have fallen but in love. Dev says I hate you, I know this fake pregnancy news. Mahek says you can think anything, I am doing all this to get to talk to you. Dev says I will talk to you but you have to make me reach my mother.. he gets frustrated and ends call.

Scene 2
Stalker has Dwani’s pictures in his room. He is seeing live CCTV of Dwani’s room, Dwani is sitting in her room and doesnt know about hidden camera. She gets a call from her stalker, stalker asks if she like the gift? she asks who is he? he says I had put gift in your cab, I took your nightie, when you were sleeping last night, I borrowed another nightie but I have put it back, till I dont get you, I can work with your body aroma, it makes me dizzy. He laughs evilly. Dwani drops her phone. She starts searching her cupboard. She finds his card in there with ‘Love Dee’ written on it. Stalker is watching her.

Dev looks at Mahek’s photo on his board. He caresses it and recalls their moments together, he thinks Mahek only you know where my father Munim have kept my mother, you can hide it but I will find my mother.. its not your fault, I loved you, your nature has cheating only. He falls down to ground and looks at Mahek’s photo. He caresses a bullet wound on his shoulder. He scratches it and draws out blood. He recalls Mahek saying in interview that there is love but Dev denies it. Dev silently weeps.

Stalker is still watching live feed of Dwani’s room. He sees her getting ready and lustfully looks at her (his face is not shown).

Dwani comes to Dev’s office. She says coffee? I like mornings. She comes in his room and sees it messy, she says what a clean room. She says I know you are shocked but ready this letter. Dev says no need to read the letter, I know whats in it. She asks whats your answer? He says you should me ashamed of giving me letter like this, look at my age and your age. She says its commissioner’s letter, whats wrong in it? I am your intern and will assist you in your cases.. what did you think was in letter? Dev gets angry. He comes to Amar and asks what is this? Amar says like you are dowry in my life, she is dowry in your life. Dwani says you should have read commissioner’s letter.

Stalker’s cameras of Dwani’s room stop working, he says there must be a circuit problem, I will go and make it right.

Dev and Amar are checking CCTV footage of bar but cant see face of the stalker. Officer says that stalker called from internet so we cant trace him, he is clever. Amar says they are like hunter, they wait to get prey.. we have been getting these cases, they remain near victims. Dev thinks stalker is hiding in plain site, he has access to Dwani.

One man comes to Dwani’s house. Servant says you are late. Man comes to Dwani’s room. He looks around.

Amar asks Dwani if she has any idea of the stalker? She gets tensed and says no idea sir.

Stalker starts working on dwani’s cameras. His face is shown, shown how he was the one who took her pictures, stalked her. He has comes to her house as an internet worker.

Dwani says to Dev that I have made list of suspects, I am a good investigator too. She gives list to Dev. Dev thinks if stalker is such a good hacker then he must have deleted his profile and Dwani doesnt know. Dev asks if these are Orkut profiles? She laughs and says how old are you? these are date chat profiles, you should get a smartphone. Dev leaves.

Dev sits in his car. Dwani sits in passenger seat. He glares at her, she says commissioner said. Dev starts driving, she says tell me about case we are going for? He says personal work. She asks if he is going on a date? naughty boy. Dwani asks him to drop her home. She brings him to a home and says stay here, I have work of two minutes.
Dwani is going to her room. Stalker is still fixing camera there. He hides it in a vase.
Dev is waiting outside house. He sees a jeep of an internet services.

Dwani comes to her room and doesnt see internet worker working there. She starts looking through her cupboard. Stalker eyes her and starts going to her. She turns and is stunned to see him, she asks who is he? He stammers. Servant comes there and asks if he worked? Stalker says I am an internet guy, I have worked on your router, she says okay and leaves.

Dev is outside Dwani’s house. Stalker comes out of house and starts going to his jeep. Dev mistakenly strikes with him, stalker’s cap falls. Dev gives him cap. Stalker thinks that detective Dev, stay away from my Dwani, she is mine.

PRECAP- Dwani’s stalker throws her in water tank, she drowns.
Dev grabs Mahek and pins her to a car. He strangles her but leaves her then. Mahek says you still love me. He shouts that I hate you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally wait is over…. Dev is back, but going to miss meera badly… Dev and meera chemistry was just fvt jodi of mine… Yapppieeeeee?????

    2. Dev ki car? ki takar narvekar ki cycle se?

    3. Narvekar ka dialogue: Dev, tu meri zindagi ka bin manga dahej hai or duhani tera??????????

  2. Will miss meeraa!!

  3. Missed Meera a lot…plzzzz bring her her back….?

    1. Yes.. meera was awesome… they should bring her back in further episodes…

  4. Where is that fat police man.. He wS very funny in season 1.

  5. Wese meera k sath bhi show ka season continue kr skte the… pta nhi kyu maara use

  6. The show’s not charming or intriguing like first season. Dwani’s one heck of an annoying character! Meera was genuine and relatable. Without her dev 2 feels like daily soap.

  7. Time slot of 10:30 is not right. Suspence around meeras character is not going well.

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