Dev (Colors) 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bomber threatens Dev’s life

Dev (Colors) 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kinjal serves food to Narvekar, she says I thought you wouldnt come for lunch to home, he is in thoughts. She says you look worried. He says nothing. She says you are worried about Aarti’s case? Narvekar says no its just a lot of work but I will manage. Kinjal says you can tell me. Narvekar says I thought Aarti’s case is simple but when I met Parag’s father, I heard things which I keep recalling like he said that something wrong happened with his son and he wants justice, he says his son will be called drug addict, people will never forget the stain on his honor. Kinjal says like a stain fell on me. Narvekar says you are thinking wrong, you know I think highly of you, I am just saying that once we make a thought of someone, we cant move past it, he looks at Meera’s

picture. Kinjal says love doesnt let us move on. Narvekar says Meera didnt love me, she says and you? He says I still feel pain of losing her. He gets a call and leaves from there. Kinjal looks on.

Mahek comes to a place. Narvekar tracks her location and gives it to his spy.
Mahek comes an officer, he asks for her father’s death certificate. She gives it and says I have key too but I dont remember post box number, officer says then I cant help you. Mahek says my father kept his saving in his post box and my sister needs it for her marriage, she acts like crying. Officer says I will find it. He tells her the post box number. She opens the box and finds a key inside, she tears the note and starts leaving from there. A man strikes with her. Mahek turns to see but he is wearing hoodie, she recalls how that man’s half face was burned. She recalls Meera’s bomb blast. Mahek hears beep noise. She checks in her and finds a bomb parcel. She recalls how the man in hoodie put in her bag. Mahek gets a call from bomber, bomber says dont worry, its just a watch and no bomb. Narvekar traces Mahek’s call. Bomber says I wont kill you easily, just open the parcel and you will know what I want. Narvekar hears it and asks to send his spy to Mahek. Mahek opens parcel and finds tape recorder inside, she plays it, it says that I sent that bomb to not kill you but to destroy your face, I want Munim from you, I know you know where Munim is and if you dont give him to me then your beloved Dev will go to Meera too. Narvekar’s spy sees Mahek leaving from there.

Dwani comes to Japanese cafe. She asks manager if he know Sonu or Arjun? she shows him their pictures, he says I just joined but you can ask waiter. Dwani asks waiters around. One waiter says I know they are Arjun and Santosh, Santosh was waiter in morning shift here. Dwani says how you know Arjun? Waiter says Arjun was Santosh’s friend, Santosh got the money and bought a car too. Dwani says he bought a white car? he says yes. She takes Santosh’s address from him.

Scene 2
Dwani comes to Santosh’s address and knocks on door. Nobody opens. Dwani breaks the lock using her pins. She comes inside and asks for Santosh. She asks if there is anybody inside? she looks around but a man comes from behind and puts knife on her neck, he says if you made a noise then I will cut you. Dwani recalls her stalker. Santosh has mask on his face, he ties Dwani and hears police siren. He sees Narvekar and police coming there. He locks Dwani in washroom and tries to run from there. Narvekar comes in his flat. He sees Santosh jumping from balcony, policemen run behind him but Santosh runs away. Narvekar frees Dwani and asks if she is fine? Dwani says wish I could see his face, how did you know I was here? Narvekar says you are new so I knew you would do something like this, I will talk to your boss.

Narvekar meets Arjun and shows him his picture with Santosh and Sonu. Arjun says he is Santosh, we used to meet at the restaurant he worked at. Narvekar shows him picture of white car. Arjun says its Santosh’s car. Narvekar says what this car was doing in Parag’s building when his murder happened? Arjun says I dont know. Narverkar says to Arjun that Santosh was a drug dealer, he stole this white car of Sonu who is missing for 1.5 years. Arjun says I dont know anything. Narvekar says truth is that you used to take drugs from Santosh and give it to Parag as you didnt want him to leave drugs, Arjun says what? Narvekar says Parag used to give money to you for business, and you used to give drugs to Parag, maybe Parag contacted Santosh directly for drugs so you got angry and killed him.

Narverkar shows Sonu and Santosh’s picture, she says I dont know. Narvekar says Parag wanted to divorce you, why? did he get to know something about you? Aarti says what are you talking about? Narvekar says did you have an affair with Santosh? thats why he gifted you German meat knife? Aarti says what are you saying, Narvekar says then why Santosh came to your house? did Parag catch you both? Did Parag find out that you wanted his money only, then you killed Parag with your boyfriend Santosh. Aarti says I have already given my statement. Narvekar says I see your facade uncovering.

Dev is on call and asks if she is fine? he nods and ends call. Apa asks what happened? Dev says someone attacked Dwani, she asks if she is fine? where is she? Dev says she is fine, dont over-react.

Mahek gets call from bomber. Narvekar traces it again. Bomber says to Mahek that congrats you are going to be a mother, when your baby asks for toys and gets bomb.. dont worry, I wont come infront your baby, I know my face is scary but you know whats more scary? its your real face, you deceived me, my face burned because of you. Mahek says it was an accident. Bomber says you cant stop lying, I want Munim, she says I dont know where he is. Bomber says I know you and Munim played a game that day, you shot him, he fell in water and never came out, Dev can trust this lie but I cant, I sent easy bombs till now but if I send a bomb for Dev now then he wont be saved. Narvekar hears all this, he asks his officer to trace bomber’s location but they see location keeps changing, he says his call is changing servers. Mahek says to bomber that if anything happens to Dev then I will not spare you. Bomber says you can shoot him but I cant do anything? if you want to save your husband then tell me where Munim is, I know where Dev is, go and see him for last time, he ends call.
Mahek sees Dev leaving and asks him to stay home today. He says why? Mahek says I am your wife, please stay at home. Dev says what are you hiding? Mahek says I am feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Apa asks Dev to stay, Dev says I am leaving. Mahek says Apa is stopping you too, please stay. Dev leaves. Mahek says comeback fast.

Dev comes to police station. He sees Dwani injured. Narvekar says if you cant take responsibility then dont take it, you are responsible for her condition. Dev thanks him for saving Dwani. Narvekar says she is not ready for all this. Dev says she has to learn all this, I want to interrogate Aarti. Narvekar says we have already done that, I just want to tell you that we are ahead of you, we have found a break through.

Narvekar shows white car to Dev and says Arjun sold in stealing market, when we searched the car, we found ropes which had blood stains on them. Dev says maybe it was Santosh. Narvekar says we found a body after 24 hours of Parag’s death, face was destroyed, fingers cut and has knife marks. Dev says find out if Japanese knife was used, they planned nicely but there is something fishy, I have a plan that can solve this case in an hour.

PRECAP- Dev meets Aarti and says when face a shock, we have a trauma for days or even months, it can change, its human nature. He says that it takes guts to hurt yourself but your back has marks too so someone else is helping you in all this. Aarti glares at him.
Bomber attacks Apa. Dev is going home to save her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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