Dev (Colors) 22nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev and Vani become suspects

Dev (Colors) 22nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev asking Vani how did this happen. She says if I didn’t kill him, he would have killed you. Dev hugs her and asks her to say everything. She says Arastu’s problem started the day you came home, he was not like this before, he changed, when he went out of home, Taare visited home and tried to misbehave, she called and told everything to Arastu, who determined to kill Taare. She tells him everything how Arastu doubted on them and punished her, when Dev came to save her in room, Arastu’s plan worked, he made a plan to act like nothing happened, he told his plan to kill Taare and frame Dev, I didn’t know my lie will ruin two lives, I didn’t wish Arastu to do this, he wanted gun to have your fingerprints, I was not happy with him, he was not the same man with whom I

fell in love and married, when he called you here by messaging from my phone, I couldn’t let him kill you, so I did this. He says this can become self defence case. She says no, he is disabled man, nothing will be proved, I have to die, kill me. Dev says you got mad. He hugs her.

She asks what will happen now. Dev buries Arastu and asks her to leave from the city, he will call her. She says I don’t want your name to get involved. He says don’t worry about me. She hugs him and says I m scared. He says I won’t let any problem come on you. He leaves. He sees Mahek. She says you are supporting a criminal, she just looks like me, she is not me. He says sorry, maybe I m doing this to get a moment with you. She says I m always with you. She disappears. He gets a call from Abdul. Abdul says I got an info about this symbol, an unknown dead body had this symbol tattoo on his hand, someone doesn’t want to leak this. Dev recalls his childhood. He says fine, see if you can find out more.

Meera runs and sees Dev’s dead body. She wakes up from this dream. Dev comes home. Meera hugs him and asks are you fine. He says yes. She asks where were you till now. He says its late, go and sleep. She says something is wrong, I feel there is big danger coming on you. He says I also feel the same, you, Avi and Zohra get away, I don’t want anything to happen to my family because of me. She holds his hand and says family is one which faces every problem together, did you get hurt. He says no, its a food stain. He goes.

Inspector says I got transferred, Taare’s murder is covered up, Narvekar don’t leave them. Narvekar asks him not to worry. He comes to meet Vani and says I m taking Taare’s murder case, can I meet Arastu. She says he has gone out of city for some days, he had to complete his latest book. He asks can you give me his number. She says yes. He says his number is switched off. She says he keeps phone off when he does writing. He says I will come again. He leaves. Vani sees Arastu’s wheelchair. Dev hides his shirt. He gets her call. She tells about Narvekar. She says I m scared. Zohra comes to ask where was he all night. Dev says don’t worry, I will come. Dev tells Zohra that he has work. Meera asks can I help you. He refuses. He takes some cash and goes. Narvekar sees Vani’s pic. Constable talks to him about Vani and Arastu. Narvekar says this is not Mahek, she is Vani, its Dev’s plan, he was at Taare’s murder place, don’t know what is Dev going to do. Dev comes to meet Vani. He asks her not to worry. He gives her tickets. He asks her not to use cards, and gives her cash. He asks her to change everything, she needs a new identity, promise she will try. She hugs him and says I will try.

Meera comes to meet Narvekar. She asks for his help, Dev is going to fall in big problem. He asks what. She says Dev is hiding something. She says Vani was also behaving strange, we don’t know what happened, did you see anything strange in party. She recalls Dev and Vani. She says Dev didn’t murder Taare, he was away from the spot, I have seen him with Vani. He asks what was he doing. She says that which lovers do.

Dev says I got a suicide note made for Arastu, you have to give this to police. He asks her to call Narvekar when he tells her. She asks him to take care. Dev dumps Arastu’s wheelchair and bag somewhere. He throws the phone. He calls Vani and asks her to call Narvekar. She says I got Arastu’s suicide note, he confessed Taare’s murder. Narvekar says okay, I will be there. He tells this to Meera and leaves. Mahek says stop it Dev, you are going to do big mistake. Dev says not now. She says you forgot me so soon, you fell in love with my lookalike. He says sorry.

Narvekar reads the suicide note. Vani acts and asks Narvekar to get Arastu back if he is alive. Dev comes home. He sees Meera. Meera slaps him and says you are suspect on Taare and Arastu’s case, the shirt has blood, tell me what did you do. He shouts on her and asks her to go. Zohra says I can’t believe you can do this, tell me your problem. Dev shouts enough, I know I did wrong, no woman deserves her husband beats her every day, Vani…. Meera asks what did you do. Dev says I didn’t kill anyone, I m framed, Arastu killed Taare and Vani killed Arastu. They get shocked.

Dev says Vani killed him for me, Arastu was going to kill me, I can’t let her go jail, I can’t lose her. They cry. Narvekar gets Arastu’s phone and asks staff to find dead body. The man says we didn’t get the body. Narvekar says its a big plan, someone is playing a big game with us. Narvekar calls Meera. He says something is wrong, Arastu didn’t commit suicide, I have doubt on Dev. She asks but, how can Dev be involved. Narvekar says you said Dev and Vani have an affair, maybe they have killed Arastu, keep an eye on Dev, I will make Vani accept truth. Dev hears Narvekar on speaker. Meera agrees.

She asks Dev where is the body. Dev says buried in Sahay’s backyard. Meera says don’t waste time, you and Vani deserve another chance, you both have to leave city. Zohra says yes, you shall leave. Dev calls Vani and says we have one hour, we have to leave this city, do the packing, I m coming. Vani hurriedly does the packing. Dev gets his bag. He thanks Zohra for always supporting him. She hugs him. Dev says Meera, I didn’t see a stupid and strong girl like you, I always believed you are my friend, I learnt a lot from you, thanks. He hugs her. They cry. Avi asks are you going forever. Dev says no, just for some days, I m leaving many responsibilities on you. Avi hugs him and asks him not to go. Dev says I m going to come back, go. Meera asks him to take care, we shall meet again. He says on one condition, leave your black magic. She nods. Dev leaves in his car.

Narvekar asks staff to arrest Dev. He asks them to send one unit to Sahay house. Constable says Dev is not a bad man, he helps us in catching criminals. Narvekar says Dev uses people for his motives, I will get his true face out, I can do anything to get him behind bars. Dev and Vani burn Arastu’s body. Dev thinks I don’t wish Vani to fall in any trouble. Narvekar comes there. Constable says there is no one at home. Narvekar says send Dev and Vani’s pics, they should be caught some how.

Vani asks Dev why is he doing this, because she looks like Mahek, or he also loves her. He recalls Mahek. He says there is something attracting me to you, I feel its right, don’t know its love or not. She hugs him and says I love you. He says I love you too. She says forget everything tonight, maybe we just got this night to live together. Lal Ishq……plays….They get intimate. He sees the mark on her back.

Dev says your lie got caught, you should have not fallen in love with me, you are Mahek, Vani or someone else. She stares at him. Vani hits a sharp shooter. She shoots him down. Dev looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Unable to diegest dev’s stupidity and his weired behaviour… But can’t wait for next week episode… So much thrill…

  2. Zaveesha

    Nice episode….full of emotions, suspense, mystery nd everything…love Dev nd Meera hug… don’t know what the mystery girl Vaani will do…too much of suspense..

  3. DEV give some weird facial expressions at times.. it’s weird but still nice!!!! Who ever this girl mehek or vani… they look romantic together!!!

  4. I dont know but i m not having a good feeling about this vani i lobe meera i wish dev also love meera but vani arggg…

  5. Wow dev vani look great together. So romantic……..lovely couple

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