Dev (Colors) 21st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev gets trapped for Taare’s murder

Dev (Colors) 21st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man seeing Zohra, Meera and Narvekar’s pictures and talking about their secret games. The man says Mahek has died, but Dev doesn’t let her die from his heart, is she waiting to come back, what’s her game, Vani is beautiful, anyone can give life for her, why did she choose Arastu, and Arastu is the devil himself, he wants to make Vani close to Dev, finally Dev is in the Chakravyuh, welcome to the game.

Zohra talks to Vani. She says Dev couldn’t forget Mahek, he is finding his wife in you, tell him you will never meet him. Vani says this shall end soon. Zohra thanks her and hugs. Zohra tells Meera that Vani will break terms with Dev, I have to be Dev. Meera says you care for Dev so much. Zohra says I fight for him as I care for him, you also fight with him,

you love him, I know. Meera asks what are you saying, I have no interest. Zohra says I know everything. Meera goes to get a drink. Arastu talks to Taare. He sees Meera and asks are you enjoying. She says yes, I feel guilty that I didn’t read your book. He says everyone here don’t read my books, everyone doesn’t know I arrange my clothes in cupboard in an order, OCD problem. She recalls checking his cupboard and goes. Meera says we will go home now. Zohra asks where is Dev.

Dev stops Vani and says say the truth. Vani asks are you mad, I m not lying, even if Arastu beats me, why do you care, you have no right to interfere in my life. He says let me help you, I lost Mahek and can’t lose you, you don’t need to bear all this, tell me truth. She says its nothing like that. He turns her and pulls down her dress’ back. He sees the wound marks on her back. She cries. He zips the dress. She hugs him. Tu safar mera……plays………….

Dev says you are not alone Mahek, I m with you, forever. He says Mahek and holds her face. He kisses her. Meera gets shocked seeing them kissing. Meera cries and goes. Meera asks Zohra to come, Dev will come. They hear a gunshot sound. Zohra shouts Dev. Dev and Vani look out. Zohra and Meera get shocked seeing Taare dead. Dev and Vani, along with everyone come and see him. Dev says he is no more. Police arrives. Inspector interrogates everyone. Dev says I met Taare once, we were not friends that time. Inspector says maybe he was finding something in your car, but what. Dev asks shall I say this. They go to the car. Dev says I have nothing in my car. Arastu asks him to tell inspector, that he has killed Taare. Arastu accuses Dev.

Arastu says Dev is very smart, he fooled me before. He asks Dev did he see in Mahek’s eyes before shooting her. Dev shouts enough. Inspector asks Dev where was he at the time of murder. Dev says I was with your wife in your bedroom, happy? Arastu gets angry. Meera scolds Vani and asks her to keep Dev away from her game. Vani says there is nothing between us. Arastu comes and asks Vani was Dev with her when bullet was shot. Dev asks Vani to say truth. Vani says yes, Dev was with me. Inspector says sorry Mr. Sahay, I think Dev is over smart or innocent. Constable gets the gun found in garden. Arastu says its mine, it always stayed in locker, Vani tell him. Vani says yes. Dev says fingerprints will be on gun and locker, its easy. Inspector asks Dev to wear his uniform. Dev says uniform doesn’t suit me. Inspector says then let police do its work. They all give their fingerprints. Arastu says I hope we never meet now, stay away from my wife and house.

Dev recalls Vani. Meera comes and asks do you love Vani. Dev says you are mad, I m helping her, her husband tortures her, don’t you see her pain. Meera says I got my answer, I will never ask. He says sorry, I get my anger out on you. She says its fine, who would have killed Taare. He says Arastu has planned this against me. She asks why. Dev says it was fool proof plan, leave me alone. She asks can I help. He says shut the door while going.

Meera talks to Narvekar about Taare’s murder. Narvekar says I think its Dev behind this. She says Dev was somewhere else that time. She recalls Dev kissing Vani. She asks about Vani’s passport. He says its new, there is no link with her past, it will be better if you stay away from this. Arastu comes to Vani and asks are you scared, I don’t want any mistake, do as I say. Forensic doctor says the murder was done by this gun. Inspector gets forensic report, and says there is no match of your fingerprints on it. Arastu asks how, revolver was in locker, what do you mean by this. Inspector says we are still investigating. Arastu sees Dev and Vani. He says we shall leave, move the police from my house, else I will file harassment case…. He takes Vani and goes.

Dev asks how can you let Arastu go, he is framing me. Inspector asks why, you don’t get involved, your track record is bad. Dev asks for his car keys. Inspector asks him to take it. Inspector says any blind person can say Dev loves Vani. Arastu and Vani come home. Vani says sorry. Arastu says I killed Taare for you. She says you know what he tried to do with me. He says so I killed him, but we decided we will frame Dev, you think I m a fool, how did Dev’s fingerprints disappear, our plan was good. He beats her. She accepts she saved Dev. He says you love him right. Doctor checks Taare’s body. Inspector gets his transfer order and thinks this case is not so straight as it looks. Dev comes to lab to collect his car. He sees doctor’s daughter pic. Doctor asks him to take keys and go. Dev asks him about anything found. Doctor asks him to leave. Dev goes. He sees doctor going and pouring kerosene. Dev asks are you doing its final rites along with post mortem. Doctor says I have to do this, else they will burn my daughter. Dev sees the tattoo and recalls seeing it on the lady minister’s hand. He asks doctor to just remove the tattoo than burning the body. He asks him to take care of his daughter and goes. Dev recalls making a Chakravyuh sign in childhood and thinks I m linked to this Chakravyuh.

He leaves and recalls Arastu. He calls Vani. Arastu answers. Dev says I know Arastu is with you, he wanted to frame me, are you also involved in this, just tell me do you want me to do jail. Arastu disconnects. Dev calls for an untraceable phone. Arastu asks Vani what all did you tell him, he will come here, let him come, I will wait for him, then you see…..

Dev shows the Chakravyuh symbol to Abdul. He says its a maze through which its tough to come out. Abdul says I will share this with my group and know about it. Dev asks him not to share. Abdul says info won’t be leaked, don’t worry. He shares the tattoo pic and says I will inform you, here is a phone for you, you are like my elder brother, you do dangerous work, take some rest. Dev asks him to concentrate on symbol. Meera scolds Abdul and asks him what’s happening. He says I can’t tell you anything. She says when Dev’s problems get high, you will tell me all secrets. He promises her.

Dev calls Vani. Vani cries. Arastu doesn’t answer. Dev messages her. Arastu shows her the message and says he got mad, he has sent message by a new phone, he thinks I m a fool, he loves you a lot, you also love him. She says I just love you. He asks really. She says yes, why can’t we stay as before, we were so happy, we can go far. He says yes, you and Dev have to live this life, I won’t lose, I will kill Dev. He messages Dev and says Dev is coming, everything will end today. Dev is on the way. Vani says kill me, don’t do anything to Dev, its not his mistake. Arastu says I gave you everything, love, money and respect, but you cheated me, I promise his death will be slow. Dev comes there. Vani pushes Arastu and says I won’t let you do anything. Dev looks for Vani. Arastu gets the knife to attack her. Dev hears sound and moves the cupboard. He hears sound. He goes in and sees Arastu murdered. She sits crying. Dev gets shocked.

Narvekar says its Dev’s plan. Dev hugs Vani and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Dev and Vani burn Arastu’s body. They get intimate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First Vani used Arastu to kill ACP. Then she is using DEV get rid of Arastu body.. anyway
    The show is getting interesting as always

  2. Dev kisses vani wow they look so good together love them

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