Dev (Colors) 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev connects his blast to Meera’s

Dev (Colors) 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Narvekar says to Dwani that Dev was attacked in a bomb blast in Mahek’s house. Dwani asks how is Dev? where is he? Officer comes there and says the girl with knife killed her husband. Narvekar says to Dwani that Dev is fine now, dont worry.

Narvekar comes to Aarti’s husband house, he finds his body and takes evidences.

Narvekar comes to hospital, Aarti is admitted there. Dwani comes there. Narvekar says what are you doing here? Dwani says I will record her statement for Dev. Narvekar comes to Aarti’s room, he asks Aarti’s brother to leave the room. Doctor says she is in shock, let her brother be here. Narvekar says to Aarti that we want to record your statement, she nods. Dwani starts recording. He asks her address, she tells it. Narvekar says Parag

is your husband? she nods, he asks where is he? She says I killed my husband in my house, I killed him with a knife, he was a drug addict. Narvekar says what happened last night? Aarti says last night, he was in different mood, I knew he did the drugs, we had a fight, he was shouting, cursing my parents, I got angry when he said that I destroyed his life. Flashback shows Parag says to Aarti that you have destroyed my life, atleast drugs make me happy, Aarti says you know what you are doing with your life? you are weak, you are not a man. Parag says I will tell you what a man I am, he tries to rape her but Aarti runs from there and locks her door. Flashback ends. Aarti says I tried to go to my brother’s house but Parag brought the knife and was trying to rape me from a knife, showing me what a man he is, he tries to cut her body and rape her but she runs away from him, he stabs her in back. Flashback shows him trying to rape her but Aarti takes the knife, stabs him repeatedly, he dies. Aarti goes to washroom and sits there, she cries. In morning, Aarti wakes up, she sees Parag’s deadbody there. Flashback ends. Aarti says I was in shock and came to police station. She cries. Dwani sends that recording to Dev.

Dev is sleeping in Apa’s house. Mahak comes there and sits beside him, he caresses his head and says I want to see you with me daily, when all this ends then I will tell you why we had to live a life like this, maybe then you love me again like I love you, she kisses his cheek and wipes her tears.

Apa looks at Meera and her son’s picture, she cries and says this house will be empty without you both.

Narvekar looks at Meer’s picture and caresses it. Kinjal sees it and is sad for him.

Dwani is calling Dev repeatedly but he doesnt pick up. She says I hope he is fine.

Scene 2
Dev wakes up, he recalls bomb blast and thinks that I am missing something. Mahek brings soup. He says I am not hungry, dont treat me like a kid, Mahek says you are stubborn like a kid. Dev says where is my phone? Mahek says from when you have started using phone so much? it must be Dwani, you didnt even listen Meera about that. Dev recalls how Meera died in bomb blast too. Mahek asks if he wants soup or mobile? Dev looks at her and says soup, She smiles. Apa comes there, Dev says I want to see what bomb parts were stuck in my body. Apa says they are in kitchen.
Dev comes to kitchen and sees bomb parts, Dev thinks that Meera’s blast and my blast have something in common. He searches on internet and says got it.

Officer Tambe says to Narvekar that this was a special bomb which had carbon and steel and only two blasts had this in common. Narvekar says who was in other bomb blast? Officer says it was Meera’s blast.

Dev reads that high carbon steel was used in Meera’s bomb, it was used in my bomb too, is Munim involved in both the cases.

Narvekar says to Tambe that dont tell about this to Dev. He nods. Dwani hears it.

Mahek comes to kitchen and takes high carbon steel nails she got from Dev’s body. She hides it and takes it from there. Apa sees it and says thieves can change the face but cant change the nature, dont know in which problem she will put Dev in now.

Narvekar comes to meet Aarti in her hospital room, he sees her sleeping on bed and recalls how Kinjal was attacked too. He thinks that our cities are actually jungles for women where animals are everywhere to attack them. He asks officer to make Aarti’s brother Arjun to meet him.

Narvekar gives Mahek’s address and photo to a spy and asks him to keep an eye on her. Narvekar says to officer that Mahek’s house bomb and Meera’s bomb had same material and made by one man but both bombs were different, Meera’s bomb was made to kill and this bomb was to only injure, it means bomber didnt want to kill Mahek but wanted something else thats why we have to keep an eye on Mahek, only Mahek can make us reach that bomber.

Bomber makes more bombs and laughs evilly, he thinks game have started.

PRECAP- Dev calls Dwani and says Aarti is lying, she killed Parag, its not a self defense case.
Narvekar gets a letter and says to Dwani that Dev shouldnt know about this letter and if he does then I will arrest you for leaking confidential information.
Dev says to Mahek that Munim didnt apply bomb to kill you but to hurt and if anything happened to you then our baby would be in trouble, does Munim know that you are pregnant? Mahek gets tensed and says I dont know anything, I dont know if he knows about it or not, dont ask me. Dev looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I have strong doubt that either meera is alive or mehak is lying about pregency or may be she is pregent with someone else child, and putting dev name for her craziness….
    Finally aapa is back, hope to see meera and her child tooo

  2. I don’t think so mahek is lying about pregnancy or is pregnant with someone else’ baby nor meera will be alive

  3. Which actress plays aarti in this episode ?

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