Dev (Colors) 15th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arastu lays a trap for Dev

Dev (Colors) 15th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meera and Narvekar discussing about Dev and Vani. She says we have to help Dev. He agrees and says we shouldn’t let Dev know anything. Dev goes to meet Vani and thinks of her. Meera informs Narvekar. He follows Dev to Sahay’s house. Arastu asks Dev to have wine. Dev refuses. Arastu insists and asks Vani to tell Dev. Vanii asks Dev to have a drink. Dev agrees for a drink.

Arastu says your chemistry with Vani got interesting. Dev tells him about his drinking habit. Arastu doesn’t let him go. He shouts at Vani. Dev asks for another drink. He says you didn’t see real Dev yet, Arastu says i would like to see. Dev drinks a lot. Narvekar stands out and messages Meera that Dev is still at Sahay’s house. Arastu stops him and asks him for a Russian roulette game.

Dev says bravery and madness have a difference, you try your fate first. Arastu tries and keeps the gun. Vani asks Dev not to do this.

Dev tries and shoots himself. He gets saved. They continue the game. Vani recalls Arastu’s words. Dev pulls the trigger and gets saved again. Arastu says you are very smart, how did you know the gun has no bullet. Dev says I was in army, I can tell how may bullets gun has, bullet also has a weight, it was fun, game over, I shall leave. Arastu asks him to stay here at night. Dev refuses. Vani asks him to stay. Dev says no, I have to go home. He falls and sleeps on the sofa.

Vani gets clothes for Dev. She asks him is he fine. He sees Mahek in her. He pulls her close. Arastu comes there and sees them. She says I just came to give clothes. Arastu beats Vani. Dev hears her cry. He gets up and goes out to see. Arastu scolds Vani and shouts say you love me. Dev enters the room. He gets the gun and shouts I m going to kill you. He shoots.

Its morning, Dev wakes up and recalls the bullet shot. He looks for Vani. He checks the room. He sees Arastu and Vani romancing in the lawn. Dev asks Vani is she fine. Arastu says we are fine, your face shows you did someone’s murder, whiskey was strong, I understand. Dev apologizes. Vani makes tea for him. Dev recalls what happened last night and checks the room for the bullet shot. She comes to him and asks is he finding anything. He says bullet shot, I saw Arastu beating you at night and shot him to save you, don’t know it was a dream or….. if he tortures you, you can tell me. She laughs and says he loves me a lot, it was your dream, you got much drunk. He says I have to go. He leaves.

Arastu asks what happened to him, why did he go this way. Meera tells Narvekar that Dev didn’t come till now. Dev comes home. He asks Meera to get cotton. She asks are you hurt. Zohra says tell him that he can’t stay outside house all night. Dev says she is not any hostel warden. Zohra asks where was he all night. Meera asks them to solve their problem. Dev tells Zohra that he respects her, so he is saying last time, don’t come between my work. Dev asks Meera to post an envelop. Arastu checks the gun. He finds one bullet less and says one bullet is missing, give me a bullet. He loads all 6 bullets and says fool proof plan, we didn’t keep success party of my new book, lets have a party, don’t forget to call Dev.

Meera tells Narvekar that Dev is getting mad for Sahays. Narvekar shows the newspaper report of Arastu Sahay. Meera checks and says where was Vani at that time, Dev met Mahek after this accident, if we find this, we can solve this mystery, you have to check her passport. He says I can’t make her search warrant, I m going out for some days, we will do something when I come back. She says I have no time. He says its dangerous, if anything happens to you, I… She asks what. He gets a call. Doctor tests Dev’s cotton swab and says I got gun powder residue from this. Dev thanks him. He says it means I have shot, why is she lying then. He asks Meera how did she get courage to leave her husband.

She says he used to beat me and then apologize, he used to beg for love, I was mad to think he will change, when he has raised hand on Avi, I got courage, do you think Vani should leave her husband. Vani calls Dev and asks is everything fine. Dev says yes. Vani invites him in Arastu’s book success party. He says I will come. She says tell everyone at home also. He agrees. He tells Meera about the party and asks her to tell Zohra not to do drama. Zohra says I will die, but not step there. Meera says Dev was saying about this drama. She asks Zohra to come. Meera asks Zohra to talk to Vani directly. Zohra agrees.

Dev meets Vani and says I want to talk to you in private. She asks him to say. Arastu taunts him. Dev says sorry for leaving that day. Arastu says just Vani can forgive you, she was worried. She says leave it, lets enjoy the party. Meera and Zohra are leaving. Meera gets Narvekar and asks him to check passport. She lies to Zohra. Dev says it was not a dream, I have proof, bullet was shot, it means Arastu beats you, why are you saving him, I have seen you tolerating this, tell me the truth, I can save you.

Arastu sees them and calls her. Arastu gives the success credit to Vani. He makes her drink wine and asks her to dance. He says you need a partner, Dev come on, dance with her. Dev and Vani dance on Bekarari kaisi hai….. Meera goes. Arastu follows her. Everyone claps for Dev and Vani. Vani goes. Dev looks on. Meera checks the room. Arastu comes to check. Meera hides. She gets Vani’s passport and clicks pics. She goes. Arastu looks on.

Dev takes Vani and says I can help you. She says let me go. Dev says tell me the truth, I have shot the bullet. She says no, you didn’t shoot and no bullet shot the window. Dev goes to check the window. Dev finds the bullet. He gets bullet and thinks why are they lying to me.

Vani says I m not your wife. Dev sees her wounded back and asks her not to bear all this, he is with her. Dev kisses Vani. Meera looks on. Arastu kills JCP and traps Dev. Dev says Sahay is behind this trap. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Poor Dev, Mehak and Sahaye is playing with his emotions ????

    2. Awwwww Narvekar almost confessed his feelings to Meera, I hope Meera do not get confused…

    3. I am hating Mehak, she is playing too much to take revenge, how much Dev loved her and she ???????

    4. Meera is so caring and cute, she is finding truth to open eyes of dev ???

    5. Dev is behaving weired, either he knows truth or he is having doubt and he is trying to find doubt..????

    6. Best secene when dev holded meera so close ???

    7. I know this show is only for 25-30 episodes but this show is getting little distract from its concept of dev being detective or criminal ??????????

    8. I wish dev meera ka dil na todd de???

  2. The best scene is when dev kisses vani…oh that’s such a beautiful moment

  3. I think DEV was with vaani at the time of this murder but he will not disclose to police coz it may defame her.. it’s heart breaking but good that meera saw them.. at least she can bring the truth out

  4. Dev and vani wow they look so good together

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