Dev (Colors) 14th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arastu tortures Vani

Dev (Colors) 14th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev getting a warning to stay away from Sahays. Arastu falls on the bed and gets seated well. He asks Vani not to show pity. She asks are you angry on all this, I didn’t know this, its not my mistake. He asks did I say its your mistake, its your beauty’s mistake, anyone can come after you. She says I will be careful, I promise, I feel we are misunderstanding Dev, he came here finding his dead wife, he didn’t come by any other motive. He hurts her. He says I know Dev well, whereever he goes, he takes someone’s life, I won’t let him come between us, if I can give life for you, I can take life too.

Zohra asks Dev where was he. Dev says I had work, I had food outside. She says something is bothering you, you can tell me. He says its late night, sleep. Dev recalls

Vani. Its morning, Dev asks Zohra to give invitation to his friends for lunch. She says I won’t go. He says I have a big surprise gift, Meera will take you there, have the car keys and address, go now. She goes with Meera. She says he planned surprise for us, he doesn’t do anything without a reason. They go and meet Vani. They get shocked.

Zohra says Mahek…. Vani says Mrs. Vani Sahay. Zohra says Dev gave this invitation for you. Vani says thanks, any other work. Zohra says no. They leave. Meera says so this is the reason for Dev’s strange behavior, she looks like Mahek. Vani asks Arastu what to do of Dev’s invitation. Arastu says forget it, we won’t go, he got mad. Vani says fine.

Arastu says read the letter. She reads…..I know I have hurt you, I m ashamed of my mistake, so I m inviting you to my house so that I can apologize. Arastu apologizes to her. He says we should give them a chance. Meera and Zohra come home. Zohra scolds Dev for hiding all this from her. Meera asks what we saw there…. Dev says I was also fooled, now I m calling them here to say sorry, call Amod as well. He goes to market. Zohra says Dev looks changed again, don’t know what’s in his mind. Meera calls Narvekar and says Dev called you on lunch tomorrow. He asks what, is he fine, I can’t come. She asks him to come and see something, if she tells him, he will think she is also mad.

Dev buys stuff. He comes home. Zohra says let them live well, Mahek has gone, its better if you accept this. Dev asks her not to come in lunch tomorrow if she has a problem. She says fine, and goes. Its morning,
Dev welcomes Narvekar and says police comes before time these days. Narvekar gives icecream. Dev asks for me or…. Narvekar says for everyone, where is Meera. Meera comes and greets him. Narvekar compliments him. She says so what if I m mum of a child, I can also get ready. Dev asks Narvekar to tell what he has to, its good chance. He jokes and says Narvekar got icecream for you. Dev goes to Zohra and apologizes. He says police got icecream today, you have to welcome guests. Zohra gets ready and comes. Dev says everyone is ready as if there is any marriage at home. She says this preparation is for the last time. He goes and gets dressed.

Arastu comes and says Vani has come, I don’t leave my wife alone. Vani comes and smiles. Dev observes them. Arastu says Vani told me that we misunderstood you, we are sorry for your loss. Dev says I got friends like you, pain will also go, welcome home. Narvekar asks what’s this lunch. Meera asks her to see it himself. Dev welcomes Arastu and Vani. Narvekar gets shocked seeing Vani. Dev asks Narvekar what happened. Narvekar asks what’s this joke. Dev says she is Vani Sahay. Vani greets Narvekar. Dev asks them to sit. He goes to check food. Arastu says strange, police inspector and detective are friends. Narvekar says I m Meera’s friend, she stays here. Arastu likes the house. Vani compliments Zohra and asks can I see your house. Zohra says why not. Narvekar asks what’s this new circus now. Dev says magic show, Mahek and Vani look same, don’t get trapped in this.

Vani enters Mahek’s room. Meera says Dev doesn’t like anyone coming here. Vani sees the pictures. She says strange, two similar people, I can’t believe this. Meera says we believe you are Vani. Vani coughs. Meera goes to get water. Vani says thanks I m fine, we should make new relations well, we should go now. Arastu says Dev is lucky to get you. Zohra says Dev and Mahek were my family, after Mahek went, Meera and Avi came here, I m lucky to get them.

Arastu says relations make a person weak, I m already weak. Dev says lunch is ready. Arastu asks Vani not to show he is helpless, he can manage. Dev says I m going to start a new life today. Dev serves drinks to everyone. Narvekar says no, I have to go on duty again. Arastu asks won’t you drink, it will look as if its some planning. Dev recalls Mahek.

Dev serves them food. They all eat the food. Narvekar says its nice, we would be friends if you were a friend than detective. Dev asks him to have it by hand. Vani leaves spoon to eat by hand. Arastu stops her and gives spoon back. Zohra says Dev will cook every day once now. Vani takes the cat in lap. Vani asks is this your cat Dev. Dev says yes, maybe cat likes you, else cat doesn’t go to anyone than family.
Arastu asks her to let the cat go. Vani drops the cat. Arastu asks her to wash hands, where are her manners. Dev says come, I will take you. Vani washes hands. They talk about Mahek’s cat. She apologizes. He says I should be sorry to come in your life like this. She asks him not to be sorry, he still loves Mahek. He sees a mark on her hand. She says may have got while working. Arastu comes to use washroom. Vani asks Dev to go. Arastu holds her hand and kisses. He apologizes to her. She says its fine.

He presses her wound and says I did this intentionally so that you know where is your place. She cries. He says I love you so much. She says I love you too. Meera says its not right to interfere in other’s life. Zohra asks him to control anger. Arastu and Vani come. Dev argues with him. They all have a talk. Arastu asks him to come home, Vani can help him in controlling anger, she is a trained yoga expert. Vani says no, I m not an instructor. Arastu asks Dev what do you say.

Zohra asks Meera not to worry. Meera says Dev has something in his mind. Zohra says I will talk. Narvekar says I have observed Vani well, her face matches Mahek, but she is not Mahek. Zohra says we will tell Dev to stay away from them. Narvekar says he has to get away, I will get info about them and inform Meera. Zohra takes the cat. Meera tells about Avi. Arastu compliments her. He asks her about her husband. Meera says actually… Dev says some memories should be forgotten, what happened to your legs. Arastu says some memories are not forgotten, it was an accident, I lost both my legs, Vani didn’t leave me, she stayed back, I m here because of her love. Dev says you are very lucky. Arastu and Vani leave. Dev goes inside the house. Arastu asks Vani what did she talk to Dev. She says nothing such. He asks her to do what he tells her. Its morning, Dev comes to Sahay house. Arastu says right on time, excitement is of yoga or Vani, she makes good coffee. Dev says no, I m okay.

Arastu says give us a chance to serve you. He asks Vani to go and get coffee. Arastu fakes stories. Meera sends Avi to school. She recalls and thinks if Mahek didn’t die. Dev asks Mahek what happened on her back. She says my skin is becoming sensitive. They start the yoga session. Dil ka safar…..plays….. Arastu looks on. He gets angry. Dev takes a leave. He asks Arastu to take care of his wife, she is sensitive and gets much hurt, don’t know how. Meera asks Zohra are you thinking about Dev. Zohra says yes, Dev is a fool, he thinks Vani is Mahek. Dev comes and says enough, why do you act to become my mum. Zohra cries and says I always regard you my son. He says don’t torture me, no one will tell me anything now. Zohra cries. Meera says no use. Dev gets thinking. Arastu calls Dev and asks him to come home in evening, Vani invited him. Dev says I will come. Arastu tortures Vani, who is chained. Dev says this maybe Dev’s last evening. She cries.

Dev thinks you didn’t see real Dev yet. Arastu loads a gun and says game of luck. Vani looks on tensed. Arastu beats Vani and asks her to say she loves him. Dev comes to him and shouts I m going to kill you. He shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Now show got bit complicated… But i am enjoying too much ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  2. R they going to frame DEV [email protected]@. I think mehek is the master mind behind all conspiracy.. just trying to play victim card here

  3. I am also thinking same mehek is behind all of this even I think mehek involved in saamiji murder also

  4. Where’s today’s update? I am waiting. ………….

  5. But the way way dev looks at vani and she looks at him is so heart wrenching……loved them both

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