Dev (Colors) 12th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev comes face to face with Munim ji

Dev (Colors) 12th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narvekar shouting on Dev and saying you are Munim ji, I have risked my career for you, don’t know why I agreed to Zohra and Meera. Dev gets shocked and says maybe reports are tampered. Narvekar says forensic dept. is not corrupt, tell me the truth. Dev says fine, I m Munim ji. Narvekar says why did you lie to me, tell me the truth. Dev says this Chakravyuh is a big crime syndicate, if I run after this, I will also get caught, I have made this name, which doesn’t exist, Munim ji, my goal was simple, so that everyone thinks he is the leader, so that the secret comes to me itself. Narvekar says you used me for this. Dev says we would have not reached here if I didn’t lie, if we succeed, you will get all the official credit. Narvekar asks him to stop it.

Zohra calls

Narvekar and says Meera went somewhere. Narvekar asks why did you let her go. Zohra says I m scared, is Dev there. Dev says we are coming. Dev tells Narvekar that he will break this Chakravyuh. Narvekar says if you lie again, I will not think twice before pulling this trigger. A man asks Munim ji what to do of that girlr. Munim ji says what should we do of Meera, climax should be great for her. Dev and Narvekar come home. Zohra says Meera’s phone is off. Dev asks what did she say, did she look worried. Zohra says yes. Narvekar asks did you tell her about Munim ji. Dev says no, trace her number. Narvekar asks did she say anything else. Constable tells Godbole that Dev and Mahek are not in their cell. Commissioner says someone helped Dev, find out Narvekar. Narvekar looks for Meera and says we can’t take Dev’s help. Godbole calls Narvekar. Narvekar asks constable to disconnect the call.

They stop the car. A man tells about the accident. A man gives him Meera’s note. Narvekar recalls Avi’s toy. He gets Meera’s phone. Narvekar is sure that Meera got missing. Narvekar disconnects commissioner’s call. He says I m switching off my phone. Commissioner tells media about Yagnesh’s death. The reporter asks about trafficking run in ashram. Commissioner says we are finding Dev and Mahek, anyone can give info about them. He asks Godbole to find Dev and Mahek.

Dev, Zohra and Mahek see the news. Dev says Narvekar’s job depends on me, and he has locked me here. He tells them that Munim ji’s DNA matches with him. Mahek asks how can this happen, someone changed evidence. Dev says Narvekar was convinced, so I had to lie to him. She asks how can anyone change evidence. Dev says yes, we have to think ahead of him. Narvekar comes and says Meera got kidnapped. He gives the chit to Dev. Godbole circulates Dev and Mahek’s photos. Mahek asks what does this mean. Dev says Meera is giving us some hint.

Narvekar gets the CCTV footage. The man tells Narvekar that entire police force is finding him. Narvekar asks him to manage for some time. Abdul gets the footage. They see Meera getting kidnapped. Avi comes and asks for Meera. Dev says I have sent her for some mission, she is brave, she will come soon. Mahek takes Avi with her. Narvekar says if anything happens to Meera, Avi will never forgive you. Abdul gets the info.

Meera is taken to a warehouse. She is tied up. Abdul tells about BCK company, whose owner is Arjun Munshi. Narvekar asks about the godowns. Abdul tells the addresses. Dev says we have to go separately, its about Meera’s life, please. Narvekar agrees. He says I can’t keep my phone off, else Godbole will know my location. They take Zohra and Abdul’s phones. Mahek says I will come along. Dev and Mahek are on the way. He says I m scared to plan anything. She says I m afraid of losing you. He says if anything happens to Meera, I can’t forgive myself. She says I should have not come back. He says Meera is family now. He recalls Meera. He says I was lifeless without you, and Meera, she has some magic, she has put life in me. Mahek says you can’t live without her right. Narvekar asks Dev where are you, if anything happens to Meera. Dev says stop it, I worry for her more.

Zohra makes Avi sleep. She prays. She sees Abdul praying beside her and smiles. The men fix the bombs. The man says everything is ready. Munim ji says it will be fun in this game. Commissioner gets a call. He asks Godbole to issue shoot at sight order for Dev.

Narvekar and constable come to a godown. Narvekar asks constable to call for backup if she finds anything wrong. Constable says if anything happens to you. Narvekar says it will be proud thing to die for the country. Constable salutes him. Narvekar salutes him too. He goes ahead. He tells Dev that he entered the ware house, there is no one there. Dev asks him to stay alert. Meera shouts for help. Narvekar says its Meera’s voice. Dev asks him to keep eyes open, everything can’t be so easy. Narvekar looks for Meera. He turns and shoots the goon. Narvekar also gets shot. Constable hears the gunshot and calls control room for backup.

Narvekar talks to Dev. Dev asks what’s happening there, where is Meera. Narvekar runs ahead and says I m just hearing her voice, I think she is here. He sees a tape recorder. A bomb gets activated when he steps ahead. Narvekar gets shocked. Dev asks what’s happening, is Meera fine. Narvekar says its a trap.

Narvekar runs. Bomb explodes. Narvekar falls far. Constable runs to him. Constable asks Narvekar is he fine. Narvekar asks constable to tell Dev to save Meera. Constable tells Dev that Meera is not here, Narvekar is serious, save Meera. Dev asks him to take Narvekar to hospital. Dev says I won’t let anything happen to Meera. Constable calls Godbole for help.

Dev and Mahek reach the second godown and look for Meera. Dev gets shocked seeing welcome sign. He says its a trap, be careful. Munim ji sees Dev. Dev says Munim is playing a game with us, he wants to separate us. Mahek says we have to save Meera, trust me, I can take care of myself. They hug. He asks her to go. Dev sees camera and says I know you can see me, you have touched my family, I will settle scores, I m coming. Dev carefully walks ahead. He calls out Meera. Meera makes a sound. Dev hears her. Dev calls Mahek and says Meera is here. The bomb gets activated. Dev sees it. Meera signs him not to come. Dev runs to her. Bomb explodes. Dev falls away. Avi shouts mumma and wakes up. Zohra asks did you see any bad dream. She hugs Avi. Avi’s nose bleeds. Abdul looks on.

Mahek puts water on Dev. Dev says Meera and looks around. Mahek signs no. Dev recalls Narvekar’s words. Dev says this can’t happen. He recalls Meera. Paas aaye…..plays……… Dev shouts Meera. Mahek asks him to stop. They cry. Mahek hugs him. Dev says this can’t happen. Mahek consoles him. Narvekar is rushed to the hospital by constable. Dev says that Munim is gone. Police arrives there. Dev and Mahek hide seeing police. Dev calls Abdul. Abdul asks are you fine, how is Meera. Dev asks about cctv footage relay. He asks Abdul to meet him. Abdul meets him. Dev asks him to check the camera. Dev cries. Mahek says I m sorry Dev, I know what Meera meant to you, please don’t keep sorrow inside, let it flow out. He says Meera is no more, my tears don’t matter, I lost her, I failed Meera, I have to live with this burden on my heart, its time for revenge, till Munim and his Chakravyuh ends, Meera’s soul will not get peace. Abdul asks what, Meera is dead, what did you do there, did you tell this to Zohra and Avi, you have to tell them, else I will say, everything is over between us, Meera was my friend, you don’t know Meera loved you, its all over now. He leaves.

Munim ji says time has come. Dev and Mahek come to Munim ji’s house. Dev says I will not leave him today. Narvekar gets treated by doctors. Dev regrets that the Chakravyuh snatched the Meera, they are broken, but like glass, who can make one bleed even if its broken, this will cut Chakravyu and expose Munim, this is my promise to you Narvekar. The man asks Dev to come, Munim ji is waiting for him. He provokes Dev telling about Meera. Dev holds his neck. The man points gun and asks him not to act smart. He says Meera was explaining you to stop and died. Dev punches the man. Mahek says leave him, he will die. Dev pushes Mahek away. He apologizes to her. She says leave him, we should go to Munim. Munim ji welcomes Dev.

He says even Narvekar won’t be able to see tomorrow’s morning. Dev says so you are Munim ji. Munim ji says yes, any doubt. Dev says I can’t doubt. Munim ji says we can sit and talk, you have to know a lot. Dev asks him to say what’s Chakravyuh, Arjun Munshi. Munim ji says you got to know my name, what do you think what’s Chakravyuh. Dev says its a crime circus, and you are the ring master. Munim ji says Meera’s death made you a fool, come on you are better than that, its not a goons’ gang, Chakravyuh is a simple but brilliant thought that powers remains in hands which are capable to manage it. Dev taunts him for hiding face in darkness, Chakravyuh is a disease. Munim ji asks him to then cure him, the ashram was a small example.

He tells about his plan to get Yagnesh killed. He says you thought you became Aatmanand’s bodyguard by your wish, whatever happened with you, Mahek coming in your life, it was all a plan made by me, its a strong puzzle, you shot Yagnesh, my plan was a success. Dev says so you used me. Munim ji says of course, I use everybody, you are special, you can’t tolerate, so this makes you predictable, your mind is puppet of your heart, like your mum. Dev says you trapped me to take revenge from my mum. Munim ji says yes, you know why. Dev says I know you and my mum were batchmates, maybe she opposed your plan, so you pushed her to madness.

Munim ji says you thought more and understand less, truth is in front of you, even then eyes are close, your mum supported me, as she blindly loved me, Shreya and I made this Chakravyuh to save country from corruption, she couldn’t understand the power, she loved you more, for that I hate her, I gave birth to you, I m your father, you are my son. Dev gets shocked. He shouts no. Munim ji asks won’t you hug Papa. Dev shouts shut up. He recalls everything. Munim ji says you know this is the truth, I loved Shreya a lot. Dev says don’t take her name, you ruined many lives, not anymore, its end now, the game is over. Munim ji says you won’t do anything if you want to be alive. Dev asks who will stop me, you. Munim ji says you think by heart, not mind, you trust dear ones a lot, you did this even today, welcome to Chakravyuh. Dev turns. Mahek aims gun at his head. Dev gets shocked. Dev gets tearful eyes.

Precap/Coming Soon:
Dev gets raging. Mahek looks on. Dev knows Mahek and his dad are his biggest enemies, will he lose Meera and Narvekar to Mahek’s hands, Mahek has come as a cheat, will she leave Dev alive. The story will continue when Dev returns again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. I was crying last episode of Dev ?????????

    2. Poor Amod he shouldn’t have died ?????? who shall be fighting and helping Dev like Tom and Jerry ????????

    3. Damle, Abdul, Zorapa, Meera were real helper of Amod and Dev, they were show lifelines ???

    4. My whole family watched this show with full interest. ☺️☺️☺️ Now everyone is sad about its ending..???

    5. No Meera should not die ??????????? even Humari adhuri khanani played ???? can’t see Dev and Meera apart..

    6. Dev ko abhi to ehsaas hona suru hua tha ki he is nothing without Meera, but its too late ??????

    7. Heads off to writers of this show, who made this show beautiful, interesting, and full of mystry..????

    8. Avi will never forgive Dev if meera and amod are shown dead?????

    9. Itss tooo bad to see sad ending ??☹️☹️☹️☹️????

    10. I was not surprised to know that Arjan/munsi was father of Dev.

    11. Full on suspense show…

    12. Can’t wait for season 2 ???????

    1. I know right. Cannot wait at all for season 2
      But one thing… Ahmod dint die!!! He is still in that OT.
      N I WISH MEERA IS ALIVE. Like kuch bhi miracle karo n change d death seq

    2. I know right. Cannot wait at all for season 2
      But one thing… Ahmod dint die!!! He is still in that OT.
      N I WISH MEERA IS ALIVE. Like kuch bhi miracle karo n change d death seq. ???

  2. Worst betrayal ever by Mahek I would jst shoot her right btw her eyes if I could have being dev

  3. I wish mehek won’t cheat dev in next season I like their chemistry they look awesome together and narveker weds meera


    is the serial over??? or will it be telecasted next week as well??

  5. I wish Mehek has more stories and Meera is will win the chakrabyuha gor sure.

  6. Bela

    Whatever happens, I think Meera and Amod don’t deserve to be killed off. Every big thing requires sacrifice and since there have been so many lives laid down, at least Amod and Meera can be left. Loved Dev-Meera.❤❤❤
    Ye Mehak kuch zyada hi atrangi hai??

    1. Dev Meera shipper here! I agree with you. Meera should end up with Dev. Meera shouldn’t be killed off. Let Narvekar get a new love interest.


    Wait to see Meera and Amod alive and Mehak dies…

  8. I can’t wait for next season…..they should come back soon ……..and i hope meera is alive in next episode becoz dev and meera looks awsome with each other….

    1. I agree. Let em be together. They always bring Mehak or Narvekar in-between. If Meera’s not returning I’ll not return to watch the show.

  9. show band q kiya yar…? i like this show…please show continue kijiye…

  10. Avishi

    i didnt thought it gonna have seconed season…its osam…and i was freaking crying while waatching both the bomb blass…god pls help 2 fav dramas ended and im crying alone

  11. Meera will NOT die!!! This mehek didn’t let DEV to search for her remains.. this means they must be keeping her captive!!!!


      Hope what u are saying is right..

  12. I hope Dev and Meera end up together at the end. Meera will always be Dev’s partner. She is crucial to story. If she’s gone or will not reappear again I’ll freaking stop watching the series. Bring Meera back. Let narvekar get a new love interest. Meera and Dev forever.

  13. Pls don.t let to die sri lankan and crazy about this story….

  14. Shabnam

    yesss season’s 2 coming can’t wait but have to wait ???????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤don’t late die meera narvekar I love meera dev chemistry and narvekar dev loved it come soon cvs

  15. Am sure meera is alove wich is why mahek took dev away too early and if meera realy dies it will defenetly be injustice to the reality and Avi he is so little and Navekar he pretends to hate Dev bt actually he is good at heart. I hop they make their return in the show.

  16. All are detective dev here. Thinking lie a detective Brain. I m not a TV or serial watcher but I love to c detective dev with my husband we both enjoy d show a lot. I hope it gets telecast next week

  17. Is season 2 really coming??

  18. When is season 2 going to start? ?

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  20. Suchitra Sinha

    To ,
    The producer
    Plz start Dev ASAP
    Plzzz it’s a humble request
    Can’t wait any more..
    ND the end was shocking.. and incomplete.. so I want the producer’s to start season 2 as soon as possible

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