Dev (Colors) 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Antra’s mystery in Dev’s life

Dev (Colors) 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sham says to Dev that till you dont bring my daughter’s killer, I wont come down. Dev says you have to tell the story. Sham says Antara wanted to fly, her mother died so I raised her. Flashback shows Antra playing with planes, she says to Sham that in one year, I will become pilot, I will take you to fly. Then one night, Sham saw Antra crying, Antra says to Sham that I am missing mom. Then in morning, when Sham comes to Antra’s room, he saw her hanging from a fan. Sham left the world. Sham came to police, policeman says Antra was pregnant. Flashback ends. Sham says police was pointing at her character, she didnt tell me because of shame. I found her diary, she has told about her boss Rajiv Wasim, he destroyed her dreams, inspector was sold to that Rajiv too. Dev calls Narvekar

and asks him to find Rajiv. Narvekar leaves from site. Media is reporting about Sham standing on building. Dwani comes there.

Narvekar comes to Rajiv’s office and puts camera in his pocket. Dev sees video recording. Rajiv is owner of flight school. He meets Rajiv and says Anatra was molested and she pointed at you in your diary. Narvekar comes in class and asks flight attendants if they know about Antra? one girl says that she had a boyfriend but they had a fight and they were not talking, He asks his name, she says Sahil. Dev is watching all this through camera.
Reporter reports that Antra was dating Sahil, Antra was pregnant and killed herself, did Sahil blackmailed her?

Mahek watches news too.
Sahil sees his name on news and starts to leave his house.
Mahek stalks Sahil on social media. She calls her man and says I want to hack a social media account, her name is Antra. He says it will be done. Mahek thinks that Dwani tried to fill the gap between me and Dev so I should help her too.

Sham says to Dev that you know if you get late today then I will jump from this building.

Rajiv says to Narvekar that my partner Jain wants to meet you, he is this place’s owner too. Narvekar says okay. Narvekar calls Dev and says we have to find Sahil Mehra.

Officers come to Sahil’s house and search for him but he is not in house. They send Sahil’s photo on checkposts.
Police see Sahil’s phone active.

Jain Patel, owner of flight academy meets Narvekar, he says we have made name for this flight academy, I will answer all your questions.

Sham says to Dev that you dont have much time. Dev says do you know Sahil Mehra? Sham says yes, he was Antra’s friend.

Sahil passes a checkpost, he gets a message from someone, he switches off his phone, leaves it on road with his bike.

Jain says to Narvekar that she was pregnant, couldnt deal with the stigma and did suicide.

Dwani gets message from unknown number that she can find Sahil at this address. Dwani asks who is she and why she is helping her? Person messages her that doing the favor back and rectifying her mistake. Its Mahek that has messaged her.

Dev says to Sham that Sahil is prospect too, Sham says you are wasting time, she didnt point to him in her diary, I know her handwriting.

Scene 2
Jain asks Narvekar if he needs help then they will do it. Narvekar nods and leaves from there.

Dwani calls Narvekar and says I found Sahil’s address, I am sending it, come there, he says dont go alone there but Dwani doesnt listen and ends call, she sends him address of a site.

Dwani comes to a site which is abandoned. She sees a man standing there, its Sahil. She asks if he can take her picture on this view? Sahil starts leaving. Dwani goes behind him but Narvekar comes to him and points gun at him, he takes him from there. Narvekar calls DEv and says we caught Sahil, your super efficient intern found him, dont know how. Dev says I am coming. Dev says to Sham that Sahil was your daughter’s boyfriend. Sham says only you can decide what will happen today, he starts moving towards end of the building, he throws his slipper down.

Narvekar comes to Sahil and asks if he had intimate relation with Antra? when you found out that she is pregnant then you left her. Sahil says no, we were not intimate, Antra had an affair, when I tried to find out, she fought with me. Flashback shows that Sahil tries to talk to Antra but she avoids him. Sahil goes behind her, he sees Antra sitting in a car. He follows that car and tries to find out who is in car with her but that car drove away, after that Antra didnt take his call. Flashback ends. Narvekar asks what Rajiv have? he says he has black car but Antra sat in white car, car’s last number was 8 and 0. He asks if he talked to Antra about it? Sahil says yes but she wanted space, I didnt know how she got pregnant, I loved her a lot.

Narvekar calls Dev and says Sahil saw Antra going in a car and then he didnt know what happened.

Some man has Mahek and Dev’s pictures, he says Mahek has to separate from Dev.

PRECAP- Some mysterious man wants to separate Mahek and Dev.
Dev comes to inspector who was handling Antra’s case. Inspector says it was a suicide case only. Dev says you could have done DNA test of baby but you didnt, you did corruption.
Dev asks for Jain’s blood test but Jain asks if he has court’s orders?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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