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Two girls are running at top speed .Both of them covered their faces with scarfs.
Girl 1 : Sona yaar jaldi baag …gunde humare piche hi hain..
(Sona run fast…Those rogues are behind us)
Sona: Ele…Main thak gayi hoon…patah nahi kaun humme in gundo se bachayga…
(Ele I am tired…Don’t know who is gonna save us from these rogues)
Just then a car is shown.
A boy gets down from it. He looks around . He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. It is Dev Dixit
Dev : finally…Yaar meine kitna miss kiya tha apne college ko..
(How much I missed my college)
His eyes were still closed. And his hands were in typical SRK pose. Just then someone hugs him. He opens his eyes and looks down. It was a girl but her face was covered . But her eyes could be seen . He was mesmerized .
Sona : I am really sorry. Mere piche gunde hain…Please mujhe bacha lijiye
Dev: but aap hain kaun…Aur gunde kyu hain aapke piche..
(But who are you..And why are these rogues behind you)
Just then the gundas come that side. Sona is scared . She closes her eyes. He looks at her. As the gundas pass by he hugs her tightly so that she is not visible. The gundas leave . She looks at them leaving. She thanks Dev for saving her. But before Dev could ask anymore Elena takes her away. Dev was disappointed . He could neither see her face nor he asked her name.
It is 11 pm. Dev along with his friends was going home. Police stops him.
Police : chal re bahar nikal. Itni raat ko kaunse bar se aa rahe ho..
(Come out..At this hour from which bar are you coming)
Dev : sir aap galat samajh rahe hain…humara dost hospital Mein tha tho hum usse Milne gaye the…
(Sir you are understanding wrong…Our friend is at the hospital…So we went to meet him)
Police : Mein tum logo ke bahane ache se samajh tha hoon..Chal license dikha …
(I understand all your excuses…Show me your license)

He starts investigating Dev.
Just then a car stops by. Someone calls the police officer
Bejoy: Kya hua kaka …Aap ne in ladko ko kyu pakda hain..
(What happened kaka…Why did you catch these boys).
The police officer is a little old so everyone call him kaka.
Sona was also there in the car with bejoy. She looks at the boys and spots Dev standing with them.
Sona : kaka yeh bohut ache hain…ino ne subah meri help bhi ki thi..inhe please chod dijiye…
(Kaka this boy is really nice…He also helped me in the morning.. Please leave him..)
Sona knew that kaka(police) well….So he thought to release Dev..
Police: acha teekhe Sona beta…Mein usse janedeta hoon…
(OK Sona beta I will let him go)
Police Kaka: acha ae ladhke…chalo jao..
Sona also thanks kaka and leaves with Bejoy in the car .Dev is perplexed as to why the police officer had suddenly left him. He leaves for home. He drops his friends and was going when some goons stop him and ask him to give all he had. Dev beats them but suddenly he feels dizzy . It was because he hadn’t eaten anything from morning as he was there in hospital. More goons approach him . One of the goon approachs him with a rod. He was about to hit him when someone stops him. Her face was covered with a black scarf . Dev looks at her . Those eyes they were the same he had seen in the morning. Dev falls down.She beats the goons black and blue. The goons run away. Sona helps Dev. Just then Bejoy comes in car and they together make Dev sit in the car.
Bejoy : arey Sona yeh toh Dev hain..
Mere dost Raghunath Bhai Saab ka beta…Dev Dixit…Youngest business tycoon…Yeh abhi London se wapas aaya hain..Par tum isse kaise jante hoon..
(Sona this is Dev…He is my friend Raghunath’s son…Dev Dixit… Youngest business tycoon..He has just returned from London…But how do you know him..)
Sona : baba subah isine tho mujhe bachaya tha…
Bejoy : oh..kitna acha hain yeh.. chalo ab hum isse ghar chodh dete hain…
(He is really nice..Come now we will drop him)
Next morning…
Dev gets up and comes down
Dev : Ma mein ghar kaise pohcha…
Ishwari : Dev woh tujhe Bejoy Bhai Saab aur unki beti Sonakshi ne ghar chodha..

Toh unka naam Sonakshi hain…Par woh hamesha scarf kyu pehnti hain..Mein unka chehra nahi dekh paya…Hadh hain kal mujhe fight karke impress karna chahiya tha…Par mein behosh ho gaya..kash mein unhe phir se mil sakhta hoon…unki aankhen…uff..Mein marjava…
(So her name is Sonakshi…But why does she always cover her face with scarf..I couldn’t see her face… Yesterday I should have fought with the goons and impressed her.. but I fainted…I hope I meet her once again…)
Raghunath: Dev aaj raat koi plans math banana humme Bejoy ke ghar Sona ke birthday party mein Jana hain…
(Dev don’t plan anything tonight …We should go to Bejoys house for his daughter Sona’s birthday party)
Dev : WHATTTT!!!! Yes Yes …Yipee… Finally I can see her….
He starts dancing
Raghunath was still there he coughs aloud so that Dev can realise what he is doing..
Dev looks at him and strokes his hair …
It’s evening..
Dev was eagerly waiting for Sona to come down. He was getting restless. Just then Bejoy announces Sona’s arrival and everyone look at her. Dev was mesmerized by her beauty. His wait paid off. Sona cut the cake . The party went on full swing. Just then Sona notices Dev looking at her. She goes to meet him and thank him. Both of them approach each other. But Dev’s luck light goes off. Everyone wonder about the sudden power cut when a spotlight is focussed at the door. There was enough light so Dev could see Sona standing beside him intently looking at the door.
An unknown voice…
Mere bina yeh shaam tune kaise manayi…Yaad nahi tera yeh dewaana iss din ka kitna intezaar karta hain..chalo koi na..Ab mein aa gaya hoon toh bachke rehna Ns Bose…
And the face is revealed to be Jatin’s. Sona squealed with joy and went forth to hug him. Here Dev was burning with jealousy.
Sona : aami tumaki balo bashi..
And Jatin replies the way Sona does in serial.(sorry I don’t remember the words properly)
Dev is now really angry for not being able to spend time with Sona. There he looks at Sona and Jatin talking. Suddenly Jatin takes out a ring and shows it to Sona. Sona looks really happy. Dev is shattered. His love story had ended well before it started. He leaves from there.
Later Dev was sitting in a park. When someone else also arrives and sits beside him. He looks at the person and is shocked to find Sona beside him.
Sona : Thanks meri jaan bachane ke liye…
Dev : aap mujhe thanks kyu keh rahi hain..Aapne uss din mujhe gundo se bachaya tha meine nahi..waise mein ek sawaal puchu….
(Why are you saying thanks I should be the one thanking saved me from those goons..Can I ask you a question)
Sona nods
Dev : are you getting married
Sona: what!! Yeh aap kya keh rahe hain..???
Dev : I mean I saw Jatin ..That ring..So..
Sona laughs..
Sona : really you thought that was fir me…No it was for his girlfriend…He was just showing it to me..
Dev wanted to jump in joy. He wanted to hug Sona but controlled himself.
Few days pass by Dev and Sona met each other a few times in these days.
Sona now has come to goa for her friends wedding. This sangeet was unique. It was not between ladki wale and ladke wale. It was decided that grooms friends would partner with brides friends and would dance. Sona reached late . So she was left with no partner. But she was happy when she was informed that one of the grooms friend was arriving that day and he also doesn’t have a partner. Sona rushes out to the parking lot to talk to him with her friends. The boy was taking out his luggage from the car. So his back was facing Sona.
Sona : Hi…I am Sonakshi… Actually aapko patha hain na sangeet ke baare mein..Mein yaha late pahuchi isliye mere pas koi partner nahi hain..Kya aap mere partner ban sakhte hain..
(You know about the sangeet na..I actually reached late ..So i am left without a partner…Will you be my partner..)
The boy turns around and Takes his Sunglasses off. Sona gasps. It was none other than Dev standing in front of her.
Sona : I am sorry …
All her friends were drooling over Dev.
Sona starts to leave…When Dev says.
Dev : will you be my partner..
Sona : mein bas majak kar rahi thi Mr Dixit…It’s ok …Mein chalti hoon bye..
Actually Sona was shy.
Just then she sees a lot of girls were approaching him. She gets angry. She goes towards Dev holds his hands and proudly proclaims
Sona : He is only my partner..Do you guys get that..Only mine..
Dev was on cloud nine. Sona just now said that he belonged only to her . Sona and Dev spent most of the time with each other. This dance was bringing them close. They had fallen for each other from the very first time they met. But were not brave enough to confess this each other. Sangeet day came. They set the stage on fire. Their dance was declared the best. All the wedding ceremonies completed and it was time for them to leave. Sona had decided that she would go by flight. But Dev suggested her to come with him in the car. Sona readily agreed . Why won’t she ..She wanted to spend time with Dev. And a road trip would be best. So their road journey began. They were enjoying a lot. They were singing songs. Playing games. And the most important thing they were very happy to spend time with each other. Sona and Dev decided that they would confess their feelings to each other at the end of the trip. As they were going they saw that a skydiving event was held at a place. They thought they would do it.
(People skydiving is there would be a plane you should jump from it . You would be at about 5000 to 15000 ft from the land. After jumping from the plane you should open the parachute in mid air. And you will come down with the help of the parachute…If it doesn’t open then you know what will happen)

Sona and Dev decided that they would do it together.(they can do it together ..They can come down using one parachute)
They initially are scared but gather the courage to do it. They jump off the plane. They are enjoying. When it was time to open their parachute it wasn’t opening . They were horrified. Maybe this was the last time they were together. They thought their time has come. So in a state of panic both confess to each other
Just then the parachute opens up. They were really happy. They shout out aloud.
They reach down safely. They hug each other.
Four years later…

Dev : golu soha please rona bandh karo…Arey please yaar apne papa ko aur kitna pareshan karoge..Tumhari mummy ek din kya bahar chali gayi meri toh jaan hi chali gayi…Tumhe doodh chahiye kya..Tum kya bolo ge kaise..ho bhi 1 saal ke…Hey bhagwan in dono ke rone ka karan batado …
(Golu Sona please stop crying..Please ..How much will you trouble your father more..Your mother went out for a day..Please tell me why you are crying..How will you tell you are just one year old..Hey god please tell me the reason behind their crying)
Suddenly he gets a smell . It was really bad. Then he understands that he had to change their diaper. With lot of difficulty he does that.
Guys Dev and Sona were blessed with twins. And they were 1 year old.
Exhausted Dev sits down after making Golu and Soha sleep. Someone hugs him from behind and kisses him on cheek.
Dev : Sona please yaar aage se mujhe akele chodh kar math jana…Meine tumhe bohut miss kiya..
Sona : I Love you Dev
Dev : I love you too


Please share your views about it… Mehnat se likha hain toh comments toh bante hain..And all the readers of my ff Pyaar ke rang mein aise rango….I am sorry due to some reasons I won’t be continuing my ff …Thank you for your love….Please ignore the mistakes…Love you all..Do comment..????

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