Detective stories chapter-2

Raghul praises his brilliant ness and appreciates his ideas suddenly door bell rings he comes and opens the door and finds prince standing there he gets tensed and welcomes him by stammering prince gets confirmed that he only killed raghav and he comes inside and tells raghul to sit prince tells him that i came simply for investigation Raghul speaks something different and tells let us have a cup of tea prince agrees he goes and puts poison on tea he sees it and leaves from there silently after fixing camera there.

Prince comes home and calls her wife ishaani and comes close to her and kisses her and tells her that she is toooooo beautiful in the world she pinches him and tells him to be quiet he kisses her sensatually suddenly door bell rings prince scolds him in mind he asks her should i open the door she pulls him and tells sure he opens and gets a parcel it is air gun

He comes and shows it to her and tells about the plan she agrees and tells him not to drink more prince agrees

Prince calls police and tells them hide in his house he fixes camera in the house and calls raghul and tells him to come for dinner he tells sure

Raghul comes in and takes his seat and starts drinking wine he drinks overly prince takes raghav name raghul scolds him badly and tells if i get him now i will kill him

Prince shows him gun and asks what is this??he tells air gun and speaks out the truth and tells i only killed raghav police comes and beats him there and takes him away

Prince and then calls his wife and tells her that i did not break promise now you should also follow it he comes close to her and kisses on her lips and takes her to bed and kisses on her neck. He turns back and says bye bye guys


guys i think you have enjoyed it and soon i will catch with another detective storie still that stay stunned sorry if i used any name for bad i am really really sorry prince i beg you sorry

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice Ranaji.hope u will come back with another detective story.keep rocking bro.

  2. Eagirly waiting for nxt detectiv story bro..all the best for making..

  3. Nice ranaji. I really like detective r thrilling story. Plz comeback soon yaar.

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  5. Really nice ranaji waiting for next thrilling story

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