Detective stories chapter-1

Guys i am writing many ff this is first detective story

In 2015 Raghav was murdered by someone that was still remained secret. Police investigation followed some of the details was known to public.But many secrets about his death did not come out. Now i will tell you the secret crime was interesting but even more after the raghav murder some tragedy was happened

My name is Arham and my friend is Prince he was interested in crimesi used to take many cases but this raghav murder was quite interesting…His father was a big governor of australia and he had no enemies and he lived with high society people only he was engaged to Shalini but it was broken few months before only..

I am surprised that such a man how he can die between 10 to 11;45 pm on march 30 2015. He likes to play cards but he does not bid more money. He was member of 3 clubs in france.on the night time when he was murdered he came at 10.00pm to house her mother and sister went out and the servant also was busy raghav goes and sits on his living room they did not hear any sound till 11.20 but when raghav mother and sister came inside mother came to say gd night but the door was knocked when the servant and his mother break the door and sees raghav lying beside the table

Bullet on his side but no weapons near him Before dying he was calculating his money which he has won and lost and upcoming matches also.This case has raised many questions on me but i was somewhat doubtful. But why he locked the door from inside??it is possible after doing murder he can escape through a window but it was near bed but it was not disturbed

Ground was 20 feet below so he cannot jump.No footprints was there. No one can climb the tree and kill him.and how he died??

Sathya was her girl friend were her engagement was broken they used to go to beach but she is no more on raghav life but her father hated him the most becoz of destroying her daugther life is he killed?? Or raghav killed himself??There was no water pipe and he can enter the garden but he can”t come to window

Prince sir came there and asks what is happening he says fogg is happening they laughs..??????? He asks her about this and asks idea. Prince thinks if the servant killed raghav?? many confusion goes on my mind

Atlast i found some old houses near raghav house it was near it he goes near that house and goes inside and opens the window and gets shocked and thinks this should be happened?? Raghul was the one who losses to raghav always so he had a loss on his business

Raghul thinks about this and tells nobody will have a doubt on me and he laughs raghav mother and sister cries seeing his body

Precap: Prince comes to raghul house for investigation he was tensed

guys sorry if i had used your name for bad and sathya i am really really sorry i did not get any idea so i used your name and next part is end of Raghav murder case and after that next story for 2 parts thnx for reading this patiently

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Good epi….interesting

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  2. Superb Ranaji.u used some of our frnds name.nice.waiting for next.

    1. Thnx yaar next part I will use many friends name of matsh

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  5. Oh ranaji really u hv that talent,its k bro for using my name and i say thanks for that ,i fl happy,keep going u hv wonderfull future bro god gives u all happiness.

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