Detective Didi 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Bunty and Bheem Singh catch criminal running escort services

Detective Didi 30th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

A woman Indu asks her daughter Ankita if she is doing any wrong work. Ankita says she is not doing anything wrong, and is earning for their living and their luxurious life. She goes. Indu thinks she shall get some intelligence and asks God to protect her. Ankita comes to meet client in the hotel room. He is about to get closer. Ankit says no kissing, I am an escort and not your wife. She asks him to hurry up. Indu talks to Bheem Singh and tells him that her daughter is doing some work and bought 90000 Rs. phone. He says are you talking about Ankita and says today she came to meet Bunty, and says he is Bunty’s tenant. He asks her not to worry. A man Kunal slaps the boy. Bheem Singh asks why he has slapped the boy. Kunal says he is stressed as his finance is missing. Bunty comes to the call

centre and asks the Maneger if he can tell her about Ankita Sharma. Call Centre manager says we have just Ankita Sharma. Bunty thinks to enquire. Bheem Singh comes to the hotel as he gets the call and asks the manager about the escort service in his hotel. Manager says theirs is a reputed hotel and have only VIP guests and Minister stay in the hotel. Inspector gives a warning and walks off. Ankita comes there. Inspector don’t see her.

Bunty enquires about Ankita. She sees girls’s profile with changed names and says this is Ankita and Kanika. She sees their profile on escort service website. She gets worried. Ankita gets Kanika ready and says when you get the money then you will understand that this is right. She says even men get money by doing escort service. Two men comes there and says what matter is money, at the end of day family shall be happy. Ankita asks Kanika to be just chill. Bunty thinks how to tell Kunal that his girl friend decided to become escort and don’t work in call centre. She gets Kunal’s call and asks him to give her 1-2 days time. Bunty thinks if it is Kanika’s decision to become escort or someone is forcing her.

A woman is shown, Sultana and she tells her client that she is presenting precious gift to him. She calls Ankita and asks her to send Kanika. Ankita says they was brain washed her. The men ask her not to show her nervousness to client. Manager comes and tells Ankita that he will tell her when to come. Men tell that they have even more tough job to praise the aunties and fulfill their wish. Kanika is still tensed. Ankita instigates her and says you don’t need to worry now, it is good that you have dumped Kunal. She says now you can buy costly phone too. Ankita says Bunty di you are here? Bunty says I have to come, as you have chosen this path. She says I came to meet Kanika and tells her that Kunal hired her to search you, and says you have no idea that it can be so dangerous for you. She says wishes shall not be big and says once respect is gone, it can’t return. Ankita says respect is bought by money. Bunty says your parents’ head will be lowered. Ankita says I don’t care.

Bunty asks Kanika to return and says even now Kunal loves you. Kunal comes there and says I am waiting for you still and wants to marry you. He shows the bridal clothes which his mum bought for her and also show sthe bangles, says it is waiting for you. Kanika says this wedding dress and bangles can’t give me what I wanted and says she don’t want life like her mum. She tells Bunty that you work for money and deals with criminal case, and says you are stopping me from earning money. Manager comes and calls Kanika. Kunal asks her to think again and says this way will not take you anywhere. Kanika asks him to get lost. The escort men warn Kunal. Ankita takes Kanika to room. Kunal asks Bunty to do something. Bunty says she is an adult and I can’t do anything. Kunal leaves the saree and bangles and cries. Naina song plays.

Client comes and looks at Kanika. Kanika gets nervous. Bunty tries to pacify him. Client gets intimate with her.

Bunty thinks why today’s girls and guys don’t want to earn money and doing this work to get money. She says hotel diamond. Bunty gets a video footage of Kanika getting raped by two men. She gets shocked. Reporter says Bheem Singh Bullar got the hidden cameras fixed in the room. Inspector Bheem Singh comes to Bunty. Kanika’s body is taken to hospital. Bheem Singh tells Bunty that he caught this racket. Ankita is locked somewhere and calls Bunty. She tells her that Sultana asked her to go to Chattrapur. Two men beaten her and took her somewhere. Bunty asks her to keep phone on hold so that she can trace her location. Sultana comes there and takes the phone. She accuses Bunty for getting the hotel sealed. She says Manager informed us and now it is Ankita’s turn to get killed, then Rohit and Lakshya. She says they know what I do. She asks her to enjoy new year and let them enjoy Delhi’s big new year party. She breaks the phone and tears it. Bunty tells Bheem Singh that they have to rescue Ankita and others. Sultana kills Ankita. Bunty tells Bheem Singh that Sultana told about Delhi’s big party. We have to catch her.

Reporter says a girl is murdered. Lets see what will happen. Bunty along with Police come to the room where Kanika was murdered. Bheem Singh gets call and he informs Bunty that Ankita is murdered. He asks Constable to seal the hotel. Sultana comes to Manager and says sorry for killing you. She says Police can reach us through you and that’s why I have to kill you. She kills him too. Ankita’s body is found on the highway. Doctor checks her and says she died of drugs overdose. Bunty recalls her meeting with Ankita. Bheem singh asks Constable to take info from Bunty as she knows her. Bunty tells Ankita’s details. Bunty sees Ankita’s hand making a movement and tells that she is still alive. Doctor checks her and says she is still alive. Bunty asks how can you declare alive girl death. Doctor asks who are you and with which right, you are roaming on crime spot. He asks who are you? Bheem singh says she is a relative. They take Ankita to hospital. Bheem Singh asks her to go home.

Ankita is in the hospital. Pummy asks Indu to stop crying and says Ankita will be fine. Bunty tells her that she got her visiting card in the hotel room where Kanika was murdered. Indu says Pummy has a parlour (may be she is Sultana). Pummy says may be she visits my parlour. Bunty shows the pic of kanika. Pummy says she doesn’t know. Ankita gains consciousness n the hospital and asks what happened with her. She says she can’t remember anything. Pummy says she is still in trauma. She gets a call and tells Indu that she has to go and will come in the evening. She asks Bunty to question her later. Pummy asks Ankita to sleep and not to pressurize her mind. Ankita closes her eyes. Bunty is about to go. Ankita stops her and says I know that you came to help me, I can trust you.

Bheem Singh tries to enquire about the new year party. Bunty asks Ankita to recollect where the party is happening and says with your answer, many girls will be saved. Ankita says she really don’t remember anything. Bunty asks about her phone. Ankita says it was broken. She says she always connects her phone with her Ipad. Bunty sees something in Ipad and gets shocked. Sub Inspector tells Bheem Singh about the biggest party of Delhi. Bunty calls Bheem Singh. Bheem Singh says we have to go there and catch the culprit. Bunty hears location from him and tells Ankita that she came to know about the criminal and she will catch her. She says she will go to the party and solve the case. Bheem Singh calls at the number and thinks if Ankita is in trouble.

Bheem Singh comes to the party in car wearing suit. He tells Inspector that he has reached. Some dancer dance in the parlour. He thinks this is the city’s big party where prostitution is happening. Bunty is already there. All are wearing eye mask. She thinks new year will start with positivity. A masked woman comes and gives injection to Bunty. She takes her from there. Bheem Singh don’t see her. Bheem Singh calls someone and asks where are you. He says he is in left side. Bheem Singh meets him. Man asks what kind of escort he wants. Bheem Singh says beautiful escort. Bunty gains consciousness and sees Pummy standing infront of her with loud make up and cheap clothes. Bunty says Pummy Aunty, I was doubtful on you. Pummy says I was having eye on ou. She says just as you read my messages on IPad, I came to know. She says I gave you injection and you will get drowsy and will be the best escort. Pummy/Sultana’s accomplice comes there and says handsome client is waiting for best escort. Pummy says you will be the escort now.

Bheem Singh is shocked to see Bunty dancing with the girls and gets shocked. She dances sensually. Bheem Singh thinks if she is drugged. He starts the countdown and electricity goes. Police team comes there and arrests the criminals. A man takes Bunty from there forcefully. Bheem Singh follows her. He rescues Bunty. Man aims gun at Bheem Singh. Bunty shoots on his head. Bheem Singh thanks Bunty. Reporter says Bheem Singh and Bunty Sharma solved the case. Bunty tells that there are many agency who is pushing the men and women into escort services. She asks the people not to let crime happen. Just then they see a girl coming towards there running while burning in fire. Bheem singh, Bunty and others get shocked.

Next week, Bunty will solve the case of dowry and torture. Watch out for next week.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This show is so unbelievably bad.

  2. sudha chandrika

    Concept of detective didi,,love story of bunty Bheem was good but crimes and their solving manner was very Baad,,,,,,too many loose ends,,,,,,emotionally speaking about crimes is not what detective does……detective is some secret agent no one knows but in this show everyone from a poor child to minister knows bunty,,,,,,,,,no logic no justice….

    1. Hi Sudha…actually a Detective is not a secret agent, those usually work for government agencies. There are Private Detectives that are not part of the police but usually work together but not always on friendly terms, then there are Police Detectives these are different from beat cops or Police in uniforms, Police Detectives work within the police department undercover, which basically means they wear their street clothes and infiltrate for instance Prostitution cases, Drug cartels, Gambling rackets that sort of thing…

  3. loved it…. show is progressing in its story line with time… as DD is a young family oriented girl so must be emotional at the same time…
    loving the chemistry between bhim and bunty…

  4. Loved it.
    the show is getting better with time.
    they showed proper investigation with no credit snatching.
    both bhim nd bunty were equally solving the case.bunty being a young girl has to be emotional as she is so family part of the show is Bhim he is doing full justice with his character.handsome macho jovial cop..

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