Detective Didi 28th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Case of Acid Attack Due To Jealousy Is Solved

Detective Didi 28th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bheem Singh tells Bunty that the criminal must be out of Delhi now and asks her to go and sleep. Bunty says it is not a joke. In the morning, Bunty throws water on him to wake him up. Bheem Singh asks why did she wake him up. Bunty tells him that she couldn’t sleep entire night and tells that she saved him last night from acid attack. She says she is concerned about house security. Bheem Singh says if she is concerned for him and asks if she loves him. Bunty says no and says only Gattu is important in her life. Bheem Singh says he is a kid and asks her to think about him. He smiles and says bye.

Later Gattu uploads the pics in the laptop and says he got his pics clicked by Bullar. He says he is the only boy to go to Police station. Bunty says it is a matter of Shame and not good thing

to flaunt and show off. Gattu says sorry and goes. Bheem Singh gets ready in his uniform and calls Bunty. He sees I hate you written on broken mirror pieces on the wall.

He thinks she is short, but have much ego. He gets call from Intu informing that Akash’s finger don’t match with bottle’s finger prints and it had sulphuric acid. Bheem Singh asks him to take fingerprints of the dancers. He gets Bunty’s message that she will solve the case. She comes to the school and enquires about the clown’s customer. She comes to the shop seeing the shop tag and enquires with the shop keeper. She asks him to show the CCTV footage, but the shop keeper tells that CCTV is not working. Bunty asks him to get it repaired and become good citizen.

Akash comes to Annie and tells that he will not leave her attacker. Annie says I thought you attacked me. Akash says you felt this regarding me and tells that he was waiting for her outside registrar office. Bheem Singh comes and tells that he is right, Akash was outside registrar office at that time. He asks Akash if he has doubt on someone. Akash says he is doubtful on Rani. Annie says Rani is my best friend and she can’t do this, and is taking care of Abhi right now. Bheem goes gets call from Intu. Akash asks her not to worry and says he is with her, and will take care of Abhi and her. Annie says I am not the girl whom you loved and shows her changed face after acid attack. Akash gets shocked, says no and runs from there. The sindoor bottle falls down and it gets applied on her head.

Akash cries and collides with Rani. Rani asks what happened? Akash tells her that Annie’s face is ruined. Rani makes him hug her and says I will always be with you.

Bheem Singh comes to the Pub and enquires with the staff about where they were at that time. He thinks real criminal is someone else. He comes to Pub’s storeroom and sees Sulphuric chemical can. He throws it on floor and checks, asks Constable to get it tested in Lab. Owner of the Pub Pradeep tells Bheem Singh that he bought the chemical for his car’s battery. Bheem Singh calls Intu and Kintu and asks them to take him to PS.

Bunty comes to the Pub’s dressing room and sees many wigs. Rani comes and says I like to do experiment with my looks. Bunty sees medicine with her, and Rani tells that Doctor prescribed for her. Rani’s phone rings. Bunty sees her brother’s pic. Rani tells that he is her brother Rana Vishwas. Manager in the lock up tells that I am innocent. Bunty says it is not necessary that the arrested will be criminal. She asks Pradeep about Rana Vishwas. Pradeep says Rani didn’t tell me about her brother. He says Akash brought Rani 3 years ago. He tells that Akash loves Annie, but Rani loves Akash. Bunty suspects Rani.

Later Bunty goes to the hospital. She hears Doctor asking Rani how is she? She tells that her hairs are falling, and her weight is increasing. Doctor tells that it is due to hormone effects and tells that he will decide the surgery date. Rani thanks him and says only you can free me from this trap. Bunty enquires with the estrogen hormone pills. Medical shop guy tells her that it is taken to balance hormones or is taken before s*x change operation. While she is taking on road, she collides with Rana. She thinks Rani told that he is dead. She runs after him. Detective song plays. He sits on someone’s bike and escapes. Bunty calls Timmy and tells that she is sending a pic and asks him to whatsapp her. Bunty comes to the fancy dress shop and comes to know that he bought clown dress for him. Bunty thinks Rana is the attacker. She thinks why did he apply woman’s perfume. She calls Bheem singh and tells about Rana. Just then Rana comes there on bike, hits Bunty and runs from there.

People gather there. Rani comes there and says I know her. She says she will take her to hospital. Intu tells Bheem Singh that someone met with an accident outside the costume shop. He tells that may be the girl is Bunty. Bheem asks him to enquire where she is taken. Rani brings Bunty to some place and starts dancing on the song Ang Lagade Re. Bunty is shocked to see Rani removing her wig and closes her eyes. Rana/Rani tells that you thinks yourself clever and says she had to do this as Annie snatched his friend Akash from him. He says I love very much and got his name Tattoo made on my neck, which you were searching. He tells Annie tried to snatch his Akash and that’s why he has to do this. Timmy comes to Bheem Singh and shows him pics of Rana and Rani. Bheem Singh is shocked to see that Rani is actually a male Rana. He calls Intu and asks him to locate Rana’s house.

Akash calls Rana and tells that he did a mistake to choose Annie and apologizes. He asks her to meet him and says he will wait for him at 8 pm. Rana says I am coming Akash. He then comes to Bunty and says first I will meet Akash and then think what to do with you and leaves. Bunty thinks she saw him in the car mirror and was just acting to be unconscious. She determines to expose him.

Rani comes to the pub and sings maang meri bharo and tries to dance with Akash. Akash is driving the wine. Rani asks him not to drink and says when you hugged me in the morning, I felt fire in me. Akash says fire for burning Annie. He says I came to know that you are Rana and threw acid on Annie’s face. He says I hate you. Rani says I did this to get your love. Akash says I will show you the pain and opens the bottle, and throws on her face. Rani is shocked as nothing happens. Bheem Singh tells that he took Akash’s help and arrests Rana. He tells Bunty and says someone said that I am not working on the case. Bunty says I was acting to be unconscious.

Later Akash and Annie gets married in court. Bheem asks Bunty to reply to his morning question. She says she replied to him already. Basanti and Bheem sign as witness. He laughs and says your name is Basanti Sharma. Bunty asks him to shut up.

A big bag is thrown from the car. People gather surrounding the bag and says it can be bomb. A woman’s hand comes out from the bag.

Don’t miss the next episode of Detective Didi to see how Bunty and Bheem solve this case.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love the show because they show the seriousness of the crime whilst keeping a bit of lightheartedness between the lead pair but come on it was obvious from the beginning that she was a he and the most obvious culprit and Anny was on the phone with Akash at the time so it couldn’t have been him

  2. Superb episode yaar. I loved it ????????????

  3. Super se upar hai ye show… I like Manish goplani and his personality and performance ?????????

  4. He is always awesome..
    No one could have performed bsb like him.. manish’s ufff wet look just took my life..

  5. i love this show manis
    h acting super

  6. i love you show manish acting so good

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