Detective Didi 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Case Of Harassment At Imposter Baba’s Ashram

Detective Didi 20th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

This Week. s*xual harassment in Baba Shyam Rahim Ashram.

This week on detective Didi, there is a case of s*xual harassment in the name of bhakti and murder of innocent girls. Bunty is riding her bike when she sees a girl hanged to the tree. She gets down from her bike shocking and run near the body of the girl. The girl’s mother cries seeing her dead body. The Police team bring the dead girl’s body down. Bheem Singh Bullar asks the girl’s mother to understand and let the police work. Bunty asks him to be polite. Bheem singh says what to do, we have to send her body for postmortem. Bunty consoles her and asks her to let Police send the body for postmortem. The girl’s mother cry badly. Bunty says I will find out who has done this. Bheem Singh checks the dead body and get peacock feather.

He is shocked. Bunty thinks who ties peacock feathers in hair, this will help me solve the case.

A lady is seen going while dressed as a dancer with peacock feather in her hairs. She goes near the man playing flute wearing god attire, he keeps the flute, opens her hairs and removes her dupatta. He gets closer.

Bunty comes home and tells her Servant what she saw and says she is feeling bad. He says we are proud of you, and you became detective to make Delhi, crime free. He says you will solve this case also and goes to make coffee for her. Bunty thinks about the peacock feather and searches on the net. Bheem Singh in the hospital tells the doctor that he wants to see the body. Doctor tells that the body has mark on her neck because of rope and says this is the case of suicide. Bheem Singh thinks she was just 17 and committed suicide. We didn’t know about suicide etc in our teenage days. He gets a call about Baba Shyam Rahil pravachan in the city. He says your big devotee is coming. Baba Shyam Rahim gives the pravachan and asks people to love each other. The Sub Inspectors talk about Baba Shyam Rahim. Bunty meets the girl Aarti’s mother, who tells her that her daughter used to come to hear Baba Shyam Rahim’s pravachan, and that day also she went to him. Bunty and Aarti’s mother come there. Bunty sees peacock feather on his poster and thinks this is related to Aarti’s death. Bheem Singh tells that Baba Shyam Rahim is a good Baba and tells that the peacock feather is a sign of him and the matter is about Baba’s prestige now, and he will solve the case.

Bunty comes inside the Ashram and the sevak man about aarti’s death and asks for CCTV footage. Sevak gets tensed and asks her to come later. Bunty says it is essential for the case. The sevak gets tensed and asks her to wait outside. Aarti’s mum tells her what you will get by doing this. Bunty says she don’t want any other girl to die like this. She asks her to tell about Aarti’s activities. Aarti’s mother tells her about Aarti’s boyfriend and says to separate them, she brought aarti to Ashram. Bunty says you kept her in trouble. Sevak comes and says you can see the CCTV footage tomorrow. She asks if she can meet Baba. He says Baba will meet tomorrow in Sabha. Bunty says it is bad that Bhakt Aarti died. Sevak says body gets destroyed and soul goes back to God. She sees her neighbor lady there and calls her name, but the girl ignores her and goes. Bunty gets doubtful.

Bunty brings Aarti’s mother to Police station. Bheem Singh says your brought Aarti’s mother here and tells that he has to go somewhere. Bunty tells that Aarti had not committed suicide, but was murdered. Bheem Singh shows the postmortem report. They argue. Bunty challenges him that she will prove that Aarti haven’t committed suicide. She asks Aarti’s mother to go home and says she will call her, says she don’t trust police. Aarti’s mother asks her to leave the case. Bunty says Aarti’s murder matters to her and asks her to go. She determines to prove that it was a murder. Just then she sees a man following her. She enters the lane while the man follows her. She hides. Man couldn’t see her, Bunty kicks him and asks why you are following me. Man says I want to tell you about Baba Shyam Rahim.

The reporter reaches Baba Shyam Rahim and tells that he is a good man and is cleaning the street today. Sub inspector tells that he does all wrong things. Other sub inspector says Bheem singh will scold you. Bheem singh comes there and asks them to lodge the case as peacock feather was found in the dead girl’s hairs. Sub Inspector says if Bunty sees your look, then she will be flattered. Other sub Inspector asks if you are not going today to learn the pravachan. Bheem Singh says his half day leave is cancelled, and tells that the dead girls found had peacock feathers in their hairs.

Bunty thinks about her conversation with Aarti’s boyfriend Rahul who informs her that Ashram is a death place for the girls, and says Rukmini aunty, Aarti’s mum got her admitted there for peace so that she separates with him. He says he got a call from Aarti informing him that she don’t want to meet me, and then a man snatched phone from her hand and threatened to kill him and hang on to the tree. He says I was shocked when Aarti’s body was found same way. He asks her to get Baba Shyam Rahim arrested. Bunty says we can’t accuse him directly and asks him to go home. She says she will go to Rukmini’s house and question her. She goes to Rukmini’s home and asks how did you come to know about Baba Shyam Rahim. Rukmini tells that her neighbor told her about Baba Shyam Rahim. She says she was worried about her husband drinking habit and went to Ashram with Aarti. Baba gave her something to eat for her husband. Sevak eyes Aarti and signs Baba Shyam Rahim. Baba Shyam Rahim tells her that your beautiful girl will be in trouble and asks her to safeguard her.

Rukmini tells Bunty that her husband left drinks in just 2 days and then suddenly he died. Then she came to know about Aarti and Rahul’s affair and took her to Baba Shyam Rahim. Then they got separated in just 2 days. She says Aarti called Rahul and asked him not to call her again. Bunty thinks to find out the secret. Doctor informs Bheem Singh that according to report, Aarti was not a virgin and tells that there was no marks on her body, it was consensual. Bunty also comes there and asks Bheem Singh to show the report. Bheem Singh gives the report and looks at Bunty. Nazdekiyan song plays….Bunty asks about Mrinal’s postmortem report. Bheem Singh shows the report and asks her to tell what she thought. Bunty says I am shocked to know that both were not virgin. Bheem Singh says they had boyfriend and may be they had physical relations with them. He asks her to change her thinking and says it is common for young generation to get physical with their boyfriend or girl friend.

Bunty comes to Rukmini and tells her about the report. Rukmini scolds Bunty and tells that Aarti told her that she had no physical relation with Rahul. Bunty says may be something happened with her in the Ashram. Rukmini don’t believe on this and tells that Ashram people are decent. Bunty asks her about Aarti’s stuff. Rukmini says Ashram people sent her stuff just now. Bunty checks her stuff and finds mobile phone. Rukmini says this is not Aarti’s phone. Bunty checks the phone and is shocked to see something.

Later she comes to the Ashram indisguise with a lady and asks her to tell in Ashram that he is her daughter and mentally challenged. The lady asks Sevak to keep her daughter Bhavya and tells that she is sure that her daughter will be fine under Baba’s shelter. Sevak says we will make her woman from a child and asks her not to worry. He eyes Bunty and takes her inside. Lady thinks it is really tough to become detective and hopes she solves the case. Sevak tells Bunty that they will make her woman from child. One of the sevak identifies her and gets doubtful about her. Sevak takes Bunty to room and says this is your room now. She sees many girls sitting there. Bunty tells him that she wants peacock feather. Sevak says whoever Kanha ji selects gets the peacock feather. Bunty asks who is he? A sevika comes there and asks them to wash their faces. The ladies wash their faces and feel drowsy. The sevak doubting Bunty peeps in the bathroom and sees her checking the bathroom, and thinks detective Didi, you are gone. Bunty’s Servant is worried for her and calls Bheem Singh’s police station. Sub Inspector Intu informs him that Bheem Singh went to Ashram to hear the pravachan and will return in the morning. Servant gets worried for Bunty and asks God to save her. Bunty comes out of room in night and sees Sevaks tying unconscious Bheem Singh’s hands. She gets shocked.

Bheem Singh and Bunty are in trouble to save the girls. Baba Shyam Rahim shoots them.

Update Credit to: MA

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