Detective Didi 14th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty And Bheem Singh Catches Infants Kidnapping Gang

Detective Didi 14th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty’s foot gets stuck in the railway track. Deepika comes there and manages to get her foot out off the track. Bunty thanks her and asks her to handle Gudiya. Deepika worries about Aryan. Bunty says she knows where is Aryan and tells about the couple who are involved in babys’ kidnapping. The couple who have bought Aryan from the couple by paying 10 lakhs rs, tells that they will not return the baby whom they have named Krishna. A woman talks to the man and scolds him for showing his face to Detective Didi and asks him to be under ground. She tells that she needs a two months boy to be given to Thakurs. She tells that the baby will be given to rich people now.

Bheem singh and his team reach hospital. A woman informs them that a woman entered her house when she was near her delivery

period. She does her delivery and steals the baby. The woman cries and tells Bheem Singh that her baby was stolen from her womb. Bheem Singh tells his team that he have to take Bunty Sharma’s help to trace the culprit and says they will end this crime. The head of the gang (nurse in the hospital) sells the baby to a woman and tells that whenever she gives a baby to a mother, she feels blessed. Bunty comes to the place. The thief man sees her and wears burqa. Bunty asks him if he saw him and shows his pic. He says no and goes. Bheem Singh calls Bunty. Bunty don’t want to talk to him. Bheem Singh tells her that they found the place where babies are taken after kidnapping. Bunty asks why he is informing her. Bheem Singh says he thought if they handle it together then the case will be solved soon. She says you are not that bad. Bheem Singh says do you want to marry me. Man wearing burqa runs. Bheem Singh runs after him.

Bunty catches him, and lifts the veil, but she is a woman. Woman says man gave her money and asked her to run. Bunty tells Bheem Singh that the man’s name is Heera and says they have to end the crime. She asks the woman to take them to his house. Woman takes them to an under construction place. Reporter also comes there. They find the tags. Reporter says strangely unborn babies are also stolen and tells about Manjula, who was forced to deliver the baby. Bheem Singh and his team comes to the hospital. Nurse (the main criminal) hears Bheem Singh telling that someone from the hospital is involved in the crime as many babies are stolen from this hospital only. He asks the nurse to help him and asks who has done Shrishti Khanna’s delivery. She says she has done her delivery and tells that today is the last day of her service. Bheem Singh checks the file and tells that he is sure 100 percent that someone is involved from the hospital. Nurse thinks she has to do something before he tells someone.

Bunty reads Bheem’s message that how these baby thieves come to know about the desperate couple who wants to adopt the baby. She thinks Bheem singh is right. She starts searching in the net. Bunty comes across a news and sees Gunwath Kaur’s pic. She gets shocked and thinks this is the same woman who works in holy cross hospital. Bheem Singh enquires with the staff and lets everyone go. Bunty sends him pic of Gunwanth Kaur. Bheem Singh gets shocked. The nurse Gunwanth Kaur leaves from the hospital and takes a car. Her pic is flashed on the TV screen. Deepika tells Bheem Singh and Bunty that she will search Aryan on her own. Bunty asks her to drink water and says she has a plan. Deepika addresses to the media and declares prize money of Rs. 10 lakhs Rs. Bheem Singh says it is a smart move, but you always land in troubles, and I always save you. Bunty says this time plan is full proofs.

Gunwanth Kaur is packing with her gang when she gets a call from the man who bought Aryan from her. He tells that Aryan’s pic is flashing on the screen and asks if she has stolen him. She says she don’t watch news. Man says even there is a prize money on you, and says you have trapped us, we are scared to go out. Gunwanth Kaur says she started this social service because of the desperate couple and asks him not to call her again. She takes out the sim and throws there before leaving. Deepika gets a message from someone who asks her to meet somewhere. Bunty replies asking for proofs. The person sends Aryan’s pic with the lady who bought him. Deepika gets emotional.

Bheem Singh tells Bunty that you always get stuck without my help. He says he wants the case to be solved soon as the matter is about infant babies. Bunty asks if he wants to become papa. Bheem Singh says he needs a mother for his baby first. She asks if she shall call her ex and says she has all his info. She says it was good that she dumped you and married that wrestler, else your life would have been ruined. Bheem Singh says he wants to tell her something. Maana Ke Hum plays…Servant comes and sees them having an eye lock. Bheem Singh asks what happened in the evening that you have worn jacket with wrong side. She says she has worn intentionally. Servant asks Bheem Singh if he is in love with Bunty. Bunty comes and asks what happened? Bheem Singh says your Servant thinks that I love you. Bunty scolds him and says she has no place of love in her life and says if she had then..Bheem Singh says he is not prepared for it yet.

The woman Meeta tells her husband Ranjeet that they shall return the baby to his real mum. He says he won’t let her. Woman says she is going and asks him to understand. Deepika reaches the place and calls Meeta. Meeta handovers Aryan to Deepika. Deepika asks her to take money. Meeta says she don’t want the money and tells that she has understood that it is wrong to snatch someone’s baby. Gunwanth Kaur comes there and aims gun at Aryan. She tells that she came to know from Ranjeet that you are doing social service. She is about to shoot him, but Bheem Singh jumps and rescues Aryan, gets bullet on hand. Bunty aims gun at Gunwanth and asks her to tell where is Manjula’s son. Gunwanth tells her that she will not tell her, and says Manjula can deliver baby again, but the woman who bought her son will be childless. She tells that she has decided to steal babies and give to childless couple when she was kicked out of her inlaws home as she couldn’t bear a child.

Bunty says your intentions might be right, but your doings are wrong. Gunwanth snatches the gun and is about shoot Bunty when Bheem Singh holds Gunwanth’s hands. He arrests her and asks Bunty if she is fine. Bunty asks him to take care of himself and says no bullet can touch me. Bheem Singh says if I had not come, then you would had hit by the bullet. She says no. Bheem Singh asks her to fight with her husband and not with him. Bunty says we have to know about Manjula’s son and Gudiya’s parents. They thank Meeta. Bunty asks her to adopt baby from adoption centre. She thanks them. Bheem Singh salutes Bunty. Reporter tells that Gunwanth is arrested and the parents got new hopes that they might know where are their children. He says Gudiya’s parents are found. He says Bheem Singh and Bunty have solved the case.

Bunty sees a woman hanged on to the tree. Bheem Singh reaches the place.

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