Detective Didi 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty Finds Baby In The Garbage

Detective Didi 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty is going on the bike when she hears baby crying. She stops the bike and searches for the baby. She gets the baby in the municipal trash bin. She shouts and asks who has thrown this baby here in the garbage. She asks the man there if he knows who has thrown. He says no. She enquires with the people near by. A man tells her that a woman dumped the baby in the garbage and went in rickshaw. He gives her hospital tag of the bed and says it fell down, but she didn’t see. Bunty buys bottle and lactogen and feeds her in the medical shop itself. Baby stops crying. Bheem Singh Bullar throws crystal balls in Bunty’s room. He gets a call from the Inspector who tells that they got many cases of missing infants. Bheem Singh says he has to end this cases. Bunty’s bike stops due to low petrol. She

gets down from the bike and takes a lift. She says even she has to go to the hospital. In the car, pregnant woman tells that she is feeling pain. Bunty asks her to take breath in and breath out, and divert her mind. Pregnant woman sister Deepika takes her inside the hospital. Bunty gives her visiting card. Bunty gets the baby checked by the nurse. Nurse tells that the baby is a girl and is weak. Bunty says I thought baby is boy. Nurse asks her to do police formalities and then only they can get the baby treated.

The thieves couple who steals baby boys from the hospital talk about the baby girl which the woman had thrown in the garbage. Deepika’s sister delivers baby boy. Nurse takes the baby inside and puts the tag. The thief comes there in ward boy attire and takes the baby boy’s pic

Bheem Singh sees the news on TV that the babies are stolen and getting sold to childless couple. Bunty comes to the Police station. Bheem Singh asks when did this happen. He then asks whose baby it is? Bunty says someone has thrown it in garbage. She asks him to handover baby to NGO and also enquire about the hospital tag. She says she has to go to Gattu’s school and says this baby responsibility is yours now. Deepika calls Bunty and tells that her sister delivered baby boy. She invites her for lohri function. Bunty says she will come along with the baby girl. Bheem Singh says you will become a good mum, but I am worried about the guy who makes you mum. Bheem Singh comes home with the baby on cycle. Servant asks when baby is born. Bheem Singh says Bunty gave baby to him. He thinks Bunty is relaxing at home. Bunty scolds Gattu politely for low marks and tells that she has high hopes with him. Gattu asks Bunty why his mamma had not thrown him in garbage and says I was always unwanted child. Bunty says you are very much wanted and even that gudiya is wanted. She asks him to have food. She thinks whoever has done this with her, I will not leave him. Bheem Singh brings baby to his room and tries to comfort the baby. He goes to get milk keeping baby on bed. Baby is about to fall down from the bed, when Bunty holds him.

Bunty scolds Bheem Singh for his carelessness. Bheem Singh says baby was hungry, that’s why I left to get milk. He says he is not intelligent like her, don’t know how to handle baby, but can understand that she was hungry. He says if your lecture is finished, let’s feed her milk. Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi…Bunty says sorry. Bheem Singh says I will search baby’s parents and will question them how they can abandoned the baby. He says he will end this crime. Bheem Singh makes coffee and gives to Bunty. He tells that the guys on the terrace look at her. He says he will beat them. Bunty thinks he is complicated, but good. Bheem Singh says I know. Deepika messages Bunty to come for Aryan’s first lohri. Bunty wishes Gudiya gets a good house like Aryan who ensures her happiness.

Deepika sings lori. Bunty comes and congratulates them. Kinnars also come and dances around the fire. They ask for money. Deepika’s sister turns and sees Aryan missing. Bunty asks the guests not to leave and call police. Deepika calls police. The thief recalls coming indisguise of a kinnar and kidnapping Aryan. Bheem Singh comes there and questions kinnars. Bunty says you were 5. Kinnar says we were 4. Bunty shows the video she had capture. Kinnar tells that the 5th guy is a man indisguise of a kinnar. Bunty says so he is the one who has kidnapped the baby.

Reporter tells that Actress Deepika’s sister Shristi’s baby boy is kidnapped. A couple is seen with the baby and the woman says she will name the baby Krishna. Bunty comes to Shristi and assures her that she will find the baby. She takes gudiya in her lap and cries. Deepika tells that the baby is having some medical complications. The man tells his wife that they have done wrong by adopting the baby. His wife tells that she used to get taunted by her mum in law and she wants to prove to others that she can conceive. Deepika comes to the police station with Bunty. Inspector asks her to give autograph. Bunty scolds them and says Deepika will not give any autograph. Bheem singh makes Bunty leave from there and thinks solving the case is his first priority. Bunty is coming home when she sees Shristi and her husband running behind a postman.

Jatin tells her that Gudiya got kidnapped by the postman. Bunty says she will catch the postman. The thief checks the baby gender and says she is a girl. He is about to throw the baby infront of train when Bunty comes there with his wife and threatens to kill her if he does anything with Gudiya. Man says I will give the baby. Bunty tells him that this is the same girl whom your wife threw in the garbage few days back. Woman says my husband is crazy. Bunty asks him to give baby. He throws the baby on the railway track. Bunty catches the baby, but her leg gets foot in the track. She shouts for help.

The case takes an interesting case with Bunty’s foot stuck in the rail tracks. Bunty and Bheem Singh will solve the case.

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