The Night with the full moon
The woods of Darjeeling had buried a secret which was not known to the normal humans or muggles as they were called by the other species who were hidden in those woods. But no secret stays for eternity.

As the moon moved; it’s soothing light fell beyond the shadows of the big trees.

Sudden rustling of the leaves scared the nocturnal animals. But the changes were too fast to grasp. Even with their all alert senses they hardly could understand what’s happening.

Exactly at the middle of the Jungle there was an invisible border. “Stop” a scream stopped them and suddenly the black flying objects what looked to the normal eyes stopped and dropped on the ground. And the well feared vampire group raise out of the ashes.

“It’s our limit” one of them spoke and the white bloodless creatures complied to his words. They walked to the right still gazing at the other side of the virtual line. Their eyes were cold like their body.

Vampires usually feed on the blood of muggles. So they are the most feared creatures. But they are very strict about their rules by which they live. They never disobey the leader and they wont cross their limits.


The December morning felt unusually cold when her feet touched the floor. She immediately dragged the robe and covered her body which felt the increasing cold in the air. Her steps took her to the window seeking the sunlight. She felt good when the heat rays touched her body and tickled her.

The fragrance of the flowers in her garden filled her nostrils making the day more beautiful. Her eyes shut close enjoying the moment. Her deep breath brought so much relaxation to her body which felt uneasy just moments ago.

Her honey coloured eyes shone in the sun and her lips curved up into a beautiful smile. Her heart was fluttering with an unknown reason.

The past felt has left her hand today. All these days when she was struggling with depression looked like nightmare and she no more had that feeling of loneliness.

She walked to the washroom to freshen herself.


“This is your surprise” her mom crushed her in a strangulating hug but she just smiled formally. Her mom never understood her feelings and now also she could not understand that there was something which was bothering her daughter.

A dream or a nightmare perhaps which seemed unclear for her right now which came back every night. But today she is feeling different like that dream is what she craves every night. And a wish to have it as a reality beside her.

She ignited the engine and drove to the college which was 20 kilometers away from her home. Her Bugatti matte black drew everyone’s attention on the roads of Darjeeling. They can’t expect less expensive gift from the number one business woman of the state to her only daughter.

She had everything around her. The luxurious lifestyle which was dream of many was just under her feet. But one thing she craved all her life was love. If taken off this luxury did she had any life of her own? And the answer for the question was no.

She parked the car in the empty slot where she earlier used to park her old car. The place seemed perfect. As she stepped out of her car the curious people who were gaping at her car gasped finding her. There was no second thought that many of them felt the jealousy sting running down their rib.

She least cared about the people around. For her all seemed fake. She walked to the entrance of the college when her eyes stopped on someone. She doesn’t know why she could not take her eyes off him.

His blood less face and cold eyes instantly attracted her. It was the beautiful moment when her heart leaped and missed a beat. The air flew and touched her face lightly and it felt so good. She was still on the same place from a time unknown.

Why am I getting so attracted to him’ her mind seemed non responsive currently. His black orbs highlighted his eyes on that blood less skin of his face. His pink lips drawn a crazy wish to grab them immediately.

She could not understand the reason for her fast beating heart.

He was stationed in his position not able to move. Her expressionless face still made his cold heart to jump with a speed which might harm it and destroy it.

But he wasn’t bothered about it.

He was ready to face his destruction in that moment.

Time was moving their emotions felt unmoved.


Meet Ragini Thakur only daughter of Mrs. Janaki Thakur the number one business woman of the city of Darjeeling and also of the state of West Bengal. A divorcee. Ragini was always deprived of her mother’s love because of her busy life. She crushes on Parth Mittal for no reason. Will she find love?

Meet Parth Mittal son of Mr Raj Mittal and Mrs Sonali Raj Mittal. A secret he hides from the world prevents him to go near Ragini whom he loves immensely but never expressed it. How he will come out of his feelings we have to wait for.

Will these to survive the Destructive Crush and budding feelings which pull them together.


This is also written on request. I hope you people like it. Thank you for giving it a try.

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