DESTRUCTIVE CRUSH (Ragini Parth Short Story) CH -02

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Chapter 1

The hallway of the huge canteen had nothing but all the similar faces for Ragini. Walking to the counter she picked her order and walked to her usual place where she always enjoys being alone. Loneliness is what she loved all her life which was bestowed upon her.

Placing the platter on the table when she was about to settle down on the chair it was pulled away by someone. Before her senses could act and tell her that she will fall down some one caught her on the right time. Never she knew that staring in those cold eyes could send her vision to a land of dreams. Momentary pause in her brain functioning had brought a tornado with it.

“Um tha.. sor… I mean thank you” she struggled between the sorry and thank you confused about her feelings when those cold eyes stared directly into her eyes not blinking for a second also. He walked away without uttering word in response.

It squeezed her heart for the unknown reason where as she has been used to such ignorance and cold attitude all her life. The emotions she never expected from anyone why was she expecting from him?

He turned back at her once before settling down on his chair. She dragged the other chair and sat on it carefully not wanting to repeat her mistake. Her breathing hacked when she felt something weird. She tried controlling the speed her heart beat and looked at her right.

His back was facing her. Why she felt his gaze on her when he was not even bothered to look at her through the corner of his eyes. She could hardly concentrate on food anymore. Adjusting her bag strap she raise up and walked out. What is wrong with her? Why was she even feeling all those emotions when there is only one way in that path an at a turn she is ought to suffer a heart break.

Opening her locker she picked up the book for next class and walked to the Botany class. She settled on a bench and dug her eyes in the book though she did not like to read the book. She felt the surrounding a bit cold and her vision strange and her eyes unwillingly moved to the door where he stood looking at the professor.

Why was she hallucinating. His gaze was fixed on the professor but still she felt his gaze on her. She struggled to control her breath. He smiled at the professor before walking to her and sitting beside her.

Her hands shivered as she felt the cold increasing. Rubbing her shoulder she looked away from him. “Ragini adjust the book today with the new guy. He will be given the books by the end of the day” the professor signed her and she pushed the book towards him.

For a strange reason she wanted him to stare her but his ignorance pierced her. It was not so of her. Moving her cold feet closer she shivered a bit with the a sudden drop of temperature.

‘Don’t stare at me’ she sure felt a voice. She cocked her head at left where he sat looking at the Professor who was explaining something which she could hardly concentrate upon. ‘Ragini’ she felt the voice again. ‘look front’ she snapped her head front.

“Yes Ms Ragini any doubts?” Professor Sean asked. With her dry throat she nodded her head in a NO not able to understand anything around her. Rubbing her head to relax her flooding thoughts she looked at the book. His lips curved up to form a smirk as her eyes closed.

“Thanks” she heard his voice for the first time. How can she hear his voice in her mind before he spoke. Yes the voice matched with the voice which ringed in her mind during the class. “Um” she shook her head with closed eyes. “It’s fine” she walked away not wanting to spend more time with him.

‘don’t be scared’ her legs froze and slowly her body turned to look for him but surprisingly he wasn’t there. It more seemed like he was never there.

As she turned front she was startled due to someone’s sudden presence. “Damn Derik. You have problem with my little heart oh what?” she cursed panting for oxygen.

“Hun? I was searching for you from morning. Janaki ma’am’s order you have to be in house by 10 minutes” her bodyguard spoke without emotions and assumed she will follow him back.

“I have a class to attend sorry. Please inform mom I will take another two to three hours to be precise” she sighed nodding her head. “But” he turned to her. “First thing you know I don’t follow anyone’s order and second thing mom’s orders for sure” she pushed him aside and walked making way to the next class.

He looked at her for a considerable amount of time and walked to the parking where he waited as usual. It won’t be wrong if said he was the only person to whom she talked more.

“My my what has got into you today Ms. Ragini looking so gorgeous” she rolled her eyes listening to Ranveer her senior.

“Do I need to answer that none of your business question. If yes then sorry my GK is way weaker than KG kids” she just walked passing him.

“Hey listen” he held her wrist and she jerked him without realizing that she was at the edge of the stair flight and bent backward. Before she could realize what happened in a fraction of seconds she was held by a strong arm. She turned her panic gaze from the stairs to her front where he stood holding her arm.

She let out breath of relief and was pulled up by him. ‘Where was he. He went in opposite direction I so remember then how did he reach here so soon. His reflexes are too strong’ her brain was racing with thoughts. “How did you…” “You are welcome” he said and walked away not even listening to her.

She felt insulted. How can someone be so cold at heart. When his hand touched her hand she felt her blood freezing. Again the momentary vision numbed her senses.

She felt breathless and steadied her breathing after a little time. To her surprise she felt back in the moment where she was still away from the stair flight.

Did she had some time travel. Ranveer stood staring her blankly as she did not respond from a long time. “What just happened?” her voice was almost a whisper. “You know you are creepy at times” Ranveer got away from there giving her a nasty stare.

Not giving any heed to his remark she walked forward and her eyes moved slowly at the stair flight. She was so sure it wasn’t her hallucination but reality. But how is that even possible. Her palm felt cold when she looked at it. The day was not usual one. First the new classmate and then her unusually real thoughts felt hallucination.

She did not expected it to be more mysterious than it was already.

The sun was at the horizon when she walked to parking and settled inside her car not even bothering that Derek had been waiting for her. He adjusted himself when she walked and walked to his two wheeler and ignited it and waited for her to drove off and he followed her.

“Oh dear where have you been. I had sent Derek to bring you. I better fire him from the job.” her mother continuously blabbered seeking her attention. “It wasn’t his mistake” she momentarily looked at her mother and walked to her room. Janaki stood looking at her.

“We have guests in the evening darling. Be a good princess and be ready they will be here in an hour or so” her mother yelled sweetly from the hall. Ragini who was taking out a towel to get the shower nodded her head walking to the washroom.

“And these guests never stop intruding my personal time” she turned the shower on. Being in Darjeeling she had an unusual attraction towards heat. Blame it on her anemia she hardly could tolerate cold. The hot water touched her skin which made her lips curve up in a smile.

She walked out and picked up the dress her mom had sent with the servant for the party. Unexpected parties were very common in her luxurious life she was used to it without a single complain.

What she did not knew was her usual life taking a unusual turn.
“Janaki ma’am is calling” “Derek you scare me more than those creepy ghosts” she relaxed after the jerk she received when she found Derek on her door. He walked away again with zero expression. He more looked like a robot to Ragini than a human being whose only program was to follow her mother’s orders. No complains no doubts.

She stepped down wearing the beautiful peach gown which was backless and had a big bow on the right side of it.

She looked extravagantly lavish in that gown. As she descended the stairs all the eyes moved to her and she felt the butterflies flying in her stomach. “What the hell” she whispered as she could not tolerate the gazes on her.

‘Beautiful’ she heard the voice again and she missed her step at the second last step. She would have landed on the ground tripped if it was not for those strong arms again which saved her. His touch near her skin sent shivers down her spine. Her skin danced for the cold touch again.

Her gaze moving up his perfect abs made her shudder with nervousness. He was looking sinfully gorgeous in that tuxedo and she could not take her eyes off.

His subtle which hid his smirk brushed her shoulder a bit making it more difficult for her to compose herself.  Is she gaping at a man shamelessly. Correction she was gaping at a suffocating handsome Greek god. Her brain was surely out of place she felt as such thoughts covered her mind.

“You are okay Darling” her mom’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts and she cocked her head to her mom. Though it was just a second of time she felt it more longer than a year. Can someone’s mere presence stop the time from moving so effectively.

“Um yeah” she answered her mom who was desperately waiting for her reply. She moved her gaze back to her savior who now stood at a distance. She did not knew why was this small distance also effected her. She has not craved for anyone’s presence near her so badly. What was he doing to her? She herself could not define it.

“Come let me introduce you to the guest of honors of tonight’s party” her mom dragged her along.

“Meet Raj Mittal and Mrs Sonali Raj Mittal. Our new partners” her mom introduced to a couple who smiled at her elegantly.

She returned them the smile when Raj held her hand and kissed it. “She is beautiful” said he to which Janaki gave them a smile and nodded her head.

“Parth” they called looking behind her. She was still in her thoughts when the male figure stood in front of her. She lifted her gaze up and her breath felt stationed at her throat and she felt breathless for a moment.

‘Breath Ragini’ she heard the same voice and her breath left her throat. She looked at his cold face. There was no hint that he met her just few minutes ago.

“Here is my son. Parth Raj Mittal” Raj introduced the person in front of her. His gaze made her go weak in her knees and she did not knew what was happening.

She looked down not able to tolerate his cold stare at her which burned her body. ‘Look at me’ she moved her gaze up when she heard the same voice.

‘Don’t be scared’ she felt the time has stopped and only their eyes were moving. She let out a breath and again felt strange time traveling experience.

“Take her to the dance floor” his dad insisted when the melodious music hit their ear drums. He forwarded his hand and she placed her hand hesitantly when her mom signed her to move. His cold hand startled her momentarily but she felt it strange. She could feel his skin though her hand was numb due to the coldness.

His hand moved and locked her waist when they reached the dance floor and her other hand moved over his chest to reach his shoulder. She heard her breathing when he dragged her near to his stiff body. Her mouth felt watering when his cologne filled her nostrils.

She never felt this strange emotions. It won’t be wrong to say that she was unaffected all these days but suddenly her senses felt alive and that too around such cold person.

His hand moved on her bare shoulder and she did not wanted to stop him as his hand moved to her neck. His cold hand touched a spot and the spark came alive in front of her. She jerked him away like her body burned not understanding anything.

‘Candy’ she heard him again and looked up. He was looking at her puzzled. “I..I’m sorry” she rushed away feeling utterly embarrassed.

Her body suddenly felt the temperature around her freezing as she paced in the hallway to reach the garden outside.

“Rag” she turned and hugged him. “Hey are you okay?” he brought her out of the hug and cupped her face. “Akhil” her mom’s voice fell on her ear drum from back of him. “Hey Auntie” he hugged Janaki and greeted her.

“Where did you disappear suddenly. You know handling your bestie was hell of a job in your absence” Janaki pointed at Ragini who was staring ground.

“Oh don’t worry Auntie now I’m here I will surely solve your problem” said he smiling at her. “I will be at the party. So many guests have to handle them alone” she walked to the party back.

“I will join you seen give me some time” said he as she nodded her head walking away.

“Ragzee are you okay?” he turned to his childhood best friend who have never opened up to anyone other than him.

“I missed you so much” she said looking at him. “Surely it is not that” he said cupping her face.

‘Candy’ she felt the voice again and closed her eyes again. “I’m fine. It’s just hectic day at college and then here the boring party” she smiled at him.

“I know you wont say it unless you feel like saying. So better I wait” he said flinging his hand across her shoulder and she smiled at him.

“How is Oman?” she asked. “Hot as Lava. You will surely love that place” said he and she nodded her head with a smile.

She rubbed her palms against each other to gain the temperature back to her body but it did not help. “You need a heater I guess” he helped her to walk to the fire place. She felt good sitting beside it. “You want a hot chocolate?” he asked her and she nodded her head with a smile.

“I will get it” he walked towards the kitchen. ‘Stay away from him’ she heard the voice again. She jerked a bit and looked around but there was no one around. It was spooky silent. “Here is your hot chocolate” he forwarded her a cup which received.

“Yum” she licked her lips after the first sip. He smiled looking at the satisfaction on her face.

“Who was the guy whom you scared on the dance floor” he placed the mug near his lips and looked at her. “Um I hardly know him. Mum’s client’s son” she said maintaining the casual attitude.

“Oh” he sipped the drink in his mug. “I will help Auntie” he walked away from there after finishing the drink. Ragini nodded her head and continued staring at the fire.

She doesn’t know how much time had passed that she was staring at the flames and those flames made her face shine.

“Janaki ma’am is calling you” again the robot Derek scared her. “At least knock the door Derek. Or is it not programmed in your skull” she looked at him walking out. It was the end of the party and all the guest had left except the Mittal’s.

“Hey gorgeous. It was really nice meeting you” Raj side hugged her and she smiled at him warmly. “It was indeed” Saloni caressed her cheek and Ragini smiled at her too.

“Parth have some manners. Wish the host a good bye” said Raj to Parth who was at the door. “It doesn’t matter dad. She hardly knows me” he walked out freezing her in her spot. ‘Did he heard that?’ she thought.

‘As if it matters to you Candy’ she heard the voice again shuddering her. 

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