I am afraid reader may want to kill me after reading this one shot. But this was ice bucket challenge to kill all of them brutally.

“The great business man of India and famous personality Shivaay Singh Oberoi is found dead on the middle of road”- the reported confirmed,” with a girl beside him”.
“ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathod reached here for spot visit as she is given charge of this high profile case”- Another reporter said looking at the camera.
“The most breaking news is now that the girl beside him lying dead is his wife Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi”- The third reporter confirmed,” One note is found written-‘I am Ishqbaaz always’ on it”.
“According to reliable sources Mr. Oberoi was going under some problem in his life due to some inner family problem against and now whole India is shocked with his death along with his love and wife Annika on the middle of a road”- the first reporter again come to view,” stay tuned with us for more update on this high profile case”.
“Omkaraji…Yeh sab ka ho gaya..Bade Bhaiyya aur Annika Bhaujai!!”- Gouri stopped in middle of her sentence as she saw some white bubbles coming out from mouth of her husband Omkara Singh Oberoi,” Aap ko kya hua hai Omkaraji”.
“Ek doosre ke jarrori hisse hain hum…ek hi kahani ke teen kisse hai hum”- Omkara feebly whispered,” I don’t want to live with out Shivaay anymore Gouri. I drank this poison for meeting my Shivaay soon”.
“Hum Aap ke bina nahi reh sakte Omkaraji…aao hamare pati hain..aur”- Gouri took the half filled glass of milk, added some poison in it and drank,” Aap jahan bhi jayenge yeh Chirraiyya aap ke saath nahi chhodegi”.
“Omkara…”- Jhanvi came in search of her son and found them struggling foe taking breath, lying on floor holding hands just the way Shivaay and Annika were holding during their last breath,” Om what have you done my child” but got no reply.
“Yeh nahi ho sakta”- Jhavi Singh Oberoi clutched her chest and then every thing went blank for her. A small frown was present on her forehead else she looks like a sleeping lady on the floor supporting her back on the edge of couch.
“Jhanvi puttar…”- Kalyani Singh Oberoi came inside the room, shook her head little then realising the situation shouted and run,” Ru…. kahan hai mere khotiya”.
“Dadi, bhaiyya bhabhi…”- Rudra saw dadi slipping down the balcony and in one second he fell under Dadi hitting his head on the hard floor, blood flow down like a red river,” Nahi….. Ru….O….Billu…. Annika puttar… mere Ishqbazon ke saath tune sahi nahi kiya Rabba”.
Kalyani Singh Oberoi got up from her place, picked Pari and handed over her to Khanna with some property papers sent them away from the place.
“Oh Mummyji…”- Pinky came to picture,” you gaves whole property of Shivaay to that Nikamma Khanna …Oh my maatha”..
“I am going to show the meaning of real oh my maatha”- Dadi picked the gun lying from Khanna’s pocket and pressed the trigger. The bullet hit Pinky on her knee and the second one touched her eyes and missed by just half a mm.

” My eyes… oh my maatha”- Pinky shouted,” whats have you done Mummyji”.
” Pinky… Maa”- Shakti rushed to hospital and Pinky lost her one leg and eye sight due to heavy bleeding with power of bullet.
Dadi was found dead by the doctor due to high blood pressure and anxiety.
“This is all because of me . If only I have slapped my wife for her misdeeds and sins”- Shakti shouted like a mad man losing hia mental ability . Mental asylum helpers took him. Three days after he was also found attached with the small ankle attached to shilling for hanging fan inside a room in Mental Asylum.
“If only the case is a single one”- Bhavya played with her service revolver with its trig,” So many death and all my dear ones..This is a hell of living my life now with out all of them..specially with out the boy I love after his death also”.
“Another shocking news has reached our news room now”- The anchor on ABP news spoke,” ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathod is found dead in her place Oberoi Mansion today morning. She was given to investigate the high profile Shivaay Singh Oberoi death case. She was related to Oberoi family as per her marriage to the younger son Rudra Singh Oberoi”.
Here Bhavya is adders to the list of all the mysterious death of entire Oberoi clan one after the other… Neighbour are saying that the baby of Oberoi family…”Pari Singh Oberoi is missing too and some other are demanding of seeing some shadow in side Oberoi mansion moving and laughing indicating presence of some spirit inside that big empty banglow”.
“The last missing member of Oberoi family, Tej Singh Oberoi is found in decomposed state inside the store room of a hotel”- Again appeared the reporter,” Now no more member in Oberoi family is alive and this is special report in that Pinky Singh Oberoi is living her life by begging on foot path daily for her food”.
“Its all luck, work, ego and no one but time is the hero”.
“Peoples are still wondering about the death Oberoi family and thinking Shwetlana Kapoor as the culprit, but mistress of Tej Singh Oberoi is found dead two days before lying on the municipality dump yard”- the girl on tv smiled sadly,”….. this is story of destruction of famous Oberoi family…”.

“Mumma…”- A twelve year old girl ran towards her and Soumya put the chip back away from her laptop USB port,” I was just…” She then light a match stick and burn the video.
“Mujhe fark padta hai Pari… sirf tumse fark padta hai… they deserve that punishment but you deserve my love”.. – Soumya hugged her Pari more tight,” so only I am back here to this house in Mumbai”.
“Oh my maathas….gives me some rice to eats please”- Pinky shouted from the entrance,” I am so hungrys !!”.
“Get out you fat ugly lady…”- Pari Singh Oberoi kicked Pinky to road,” Besharam beggar comes here like its her own house”.
Soumya smiled sarcastically at fate and turn of events then burn some old news papers… Pari will be afraid but its too late….
” Mumma I saw them going upstair and followed them. Three men and three beautiful women walked inside of this stairs…then disappear some where I can not see them any more”- Pari pointed finger at the painting on the wall of her Mumma’s Shivaay Bade Bhaiyya…the stair mysterious ways…to some place type painting still hanging on its place even after so many years..,” Next time if you see them…touch their feet and take blessing ok Beta..”.
“Haan Mumma…”- Pari Singh Oberoi gave the most innocent smile..
“But Dadi…may be her spirit is too old and taking rest behind the stair…a place where people resides after death…heaven. Hall is where Pinky aunty is living now a days..”-Soumya concluded herself,” I love you all guys”.
“My maggi….”- Pari shouted and then dragged her Mumma to kitchen.
“Thanks to Khanna for giving her the last memory of he dear Oberoi family…”- Soumya said,” She is not my daughter, I have not given birth to Pari but she is still my daughter…”..

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