Destroyed petals………os (part 1)


Hlo sweeties I m here wid a short os bt wid parts as its not dat much short dis I was…
Supposed to wrute on chiku’s bday bt got hospitalized and guts I m very much badly fractured and injured bt I got my phn aftr lot of requests I was nt in mood to write my ffs so thought to give it dis I wrote earlier and nw posting and I ll try to post my ffs too if ll be possible as early till den hope u enjoy it…..

Ok listen dears its a sad painful stry bt ending ll be happy .This ll portray the girl given by…….. den furder u all read and suspenses as u knw I n toh is suspense myself so …. .

A handsome cute killer lookingman is seen….

     He is trooling his steps rather than walking properly with blood red eyes……aww he looks so cute I wanna eat him

The tears formed from his attractive eyes have been dried up and had left the marks on his rosy cheeks…..
He had hung his blazer in his hand and was crying….. (oh I cant see him in pain)

He is……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arre kunj hamara handsome cute hot and s*xy KUNJ SARNA

He enters a pub named ..Night blue (wateveer u readets assume name doesnt matter amd I even dun knw dis pub is der its jst I thot a name))))

He sat on a chair at bar place and ordered drinks fr him….

Kunj:I need some drink

Bartender:sir gud evening,,, which one I can prepare? ??? ?

Kunj:ooo I dun knw u give me wine

Bartender gives him and he notices dat kunj is sad and also notices dat he is drinking for first time…

Bt:sir leave wine u r drinking cos u r sad and its ur frst time na so pls u can have dis whiskey….

Ku:hw come u knw??

Bt:sir its our daily job … .

Kunj drunk heavily and nw was unable to control….

Bartender seeing his condition stopped giving it…

Nw kunj sat der and he put a glaze on a beautiful girl der….

She was wearing a black small blouse and black tube long tight skirt wid a cut frm one side…..

She was dancing on pole..ya it was a pole dance…..

Song was plying:
Tinka – Tinka zara zara
Hai roshni se jaise bharaaaa
(Kunj gets attracted towards her.She was sliding her boody her slightly exposing br*asts against that very pole….. She was going up the pole and down sitting down and getting up sensually that everyone gets attract towards her…)

Har Dil Me Armaa… Hote To Hai… (2)
Bas Koi…Bas Koi…Samjhe Jara
Tinka Tinka Zara Zara
Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara….. (2)
Har Dil Me Armaa Hote To Hai… (2)
Bas Koi…Samjhe Zara…
(Kunj goes towards her and touches her.manager of bar comes der to stop him as dese hrls were jst fr wntertainment bt he talked abt his power. Manager  signed girl to nt say smthng oderwise job…..)

Dil Pe Ek Naya Sa Nasha Chaa Gaya
Kho Raha Tha Jo, Khawab Lauta Gaya… (2)
(He slides his hand to her naked waist and belly….. her back was touching his front.. They were having no dist.. b/w dem not even a micro cm dist tooo.Kunj pressed his body against her nude back only the thread tying her blouse was der..)

Ye Jo Ehsaas Hai
Jo Karar Hai 
Kya Isee Ka Hi Naam Pyaar Hai
Puche Dil Tham Ke Zara…
(She dun stooped dancing.. she was dancing on her heels.She sat kunj sat she stood moved kunj was touchimg her kissing her neck bt she was jst crying jst crying…one boy came and touched her bt kunj pushed him)

Tinka Tinka Zara – Zara
Hai Roshani Se Jaise Bhara 
Har Dil Me Armaa Hote To Hai… (2)
Bas Koi… Samjhe Zara
Tinka – Tinka… …
(Seeing the situation manager ended sng nd told girls dat over duty is over pub is closed fo change and go home……)

All the girls der (some oder were der too) ran with that girl who was crying reminiscing wat jst happnd her bar make up smudged…)
All have gone bt kunj was der.he was not going……….

He stood there firm

The gitl inside her changing room wept stealthily. …… .
Smudging her kajal, beautiful lip gloss. ……….

She sat down keeping her arms on bent legs crying and now shd lay on floor crying. ….she was in very bad conddddddditionnnnnnn…..

Ok so dis part is over guys nxt part I myself dun knw wen to give cos I m badly injured and hospitalized bt it depends on ur commnts tooooo more no. Of commnts more early I ll post hope u all liked it…….It ll be 5 shots or can be 3……

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome 🙂
    the plot is so interesting 🙂 Post soon can’t wait 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  2. Aanya_pandey

    Plot of this story is awesome..
    N yeah get well soon dear☺

  3. Ramya

    Ishu u r with other os
    Awesome dear loved it
    Tqke care dear n I think girl is twinkle
    Anyway take care dear
    Love u

  4. SidMin23

    Awesome plot and most important get well soon and take care of your self also you can post ff later now take care and love this ff intor

  5. Chiku

    Awesome ??i think the girl is twinkle. Post soo

  6. Amazing plot
    Nd get well soon

  7. Angel20

    It was really awesome!!

  8. Angel20

    And take care of yourself. Get well soon!

  9. Kruti

    Nice one paavu….get well soon
    nd continue asap

  10. What an awsm part?
    can’t wait 4 next…plz post it sooon
    and I think the grl is our twinkiii?

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    ishu awesome yaar…. the plot is really interesting… I loved it… and I like emotional stories with happy ending infact my writings are mostly emotional…

    love you

  12. Hey my swttt Queen….how r u..?..i told u na take a proper rest but u don’t listen to me….ok but u know ki tera ff may bhttttt miss kar rahi hu…and when ur hand is fully r8 then post ur ff OK….and this to….
    Now coming to epi…. Its very intense and emotional plot…. Love it very much….do cnt…OK…..
    Plzzzz take care of ur hand….
    Stay happy….love u soo much….

  13. Adya

    Wooowwww I’m so smart!!!!! Ri8 ?
    Well that’s because reading the 1st line itself I guessed it was u … Ishu di… Fab episode…..
    Post the next part and ur ff soon….
    Nd madam … Kindly take care of urself…
    Post soon….
    Love u

  14. Wow yar Paavu it was awesome n superb plot… nice start…well missing ur ff… get well soon then post ur ff n this os too…
    Waise main bhi bimaar ho gayi hun well take care your self….
    Love you..


  15. Awesome…
    Plzzz post nxt asap…

  16. Baby

    jaan it was amazing….. 😀
    wel not a suspense for me hehe…
    but loved it♥♥♥u made it beautiful wid ur skills n i remember i hv read it before also 😀
    love u lods haan shayad nhi m sure i hv u mailed me well osm♥♥♥

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