Destiny’s Game…Jo Bhegi Thi Dua…A SwaSan Few Shots (Part 6)


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Part 5
Scene 1
Swara’s room
It’s a full moon night and Swara is sleeping on her bed changing sides. That’s because of her never ending nightmares from the age of 19. She is getting them very clearly from some days. She is chanting something in her sleep. Suddenly she gets up and runs towards her study table.
She writes something in her personal diary.
She writes ,
‘Dear diary,
Today I saw everything like crystal clear water. I saw myself dressed in a wedding dress, a red and gold lehenga with stone work and I loved the design, but the thing which I loved the was I was taking wedding rounds with my Sanskaar. Yes , you heard it right. Till now , I have written all sorts of emotions in you. I have shared each and every thing with you and today I am sharing one more thing. I saw that I was taking wedding rounds with my love . Then he tied across my neck , the holy and sacred chain known as mangalsutra . He filled my hairline with vermilion. I felt if I have win the whole world.  But when we were going to some temple, a wicked lady attacked us and….’

Writing till this line , tears oze out of Swara’s beautiful eyes .

‘And she shot arrows on both of us and killed both of us. ‘

Swara reminisces what she saw.

(Swara : what are you doing for? You are my friend and you want to kill me. But why ?

Lady : because I want your husband. And he is only mine . You don’t deserve him.

Sanskaar : who are you to tell if she deserves me or not. And mind you , you would not be saved.

Lady : oh , first save your wife.
Saying so she takes out a bow and arrow. SwaSan were standing nearby a cliff.

As she takes out bow and arrow , and was about to shot Swara , Sanskaar comes in between and gets shot and falls off the cliff . Swara screams loudly, and tries to hold him but the lady , in the rage of anger , shots Swara too and both of them fall of the cliff holding each other’s hand.)

Swara cries thinking about her dream. She thinks that why is she having these dreams regularly. Why is she suffering from the nightmares and why no one believes her. Why is she the only one to get dreams. And why is everyone who knows about her dreams state it as a infatuation when she can even hear the name and see Sanskaar’s face. She keeps crying and soon gets very much exhausted. She thinks of giving Laksh a chance. She also thinks that if she will not get her sleep than her first day at her dream job would be ruined.  So she lays down on the bed , soon she sleeps of exhaustion, and sadness.
Scene 2
At the biggest firm in Mumbai
Swara was wearing formals and was about to enter the firm , full of excitement and nervousness as it was her first day at work.
She was the marketing head of the company and was even having a separate cabin. She was going to meet the manager who asked her to go to meet the head engineer who would tell her about the products, policies, projects of the company. She got near the cabin and opened the door and found somewhat familiar face engulfed in files. She knew that the it was also the first day of the head engineer but she was to report first to know about company’s policies.
Swara : May I come in ?

Lady : (still in her files) yes , you can.

Swara enters and reads the name plate . It readed ‘Ragini Gadodia’. Swara was hell shocked and could not speak up anything. While at the same time,  Ragini looked at Swara who was just looking at her with all sorts of emotions.  Tears were about to brim out of her eyes .  And she was doing nothing but staring at Ragini’s face. Ragini, too find Swara’s face familiar, but she had no idea that she can be her long lost besty.
Ragini : yes miss , I think you are the new marketing head of the company. 

Swara was still numb .

Ragini : (a bit loudly) excuse me miss , speak something.

Swara comes out of her and manages to speak up.

Swara : Ragu , lado , you are my lado , my besty , my soul mate .  Do you remember me?

Ragini now gets a face of young girl from Swara’s face. She is now full of emotions. She can remember each and every moment they shared in their childhood.

Swara : (shakes her up) please speak up something.  Do you remember me or not?

Ragini : no response

Swara : Ragini, reply me yaar. Do you remember me or not? Do you remember your shona , haa ladoo?

Ragini comes back in the world but through the time she has seen each and every memory of theirs like a movie passing abruptly. She hugged Swara instantly likr they have not met since ages and births .

Ragini , and Swara , both were very very very happy.  No happy would be an understatement.
Precap – not yet decided
So completed with it.
But please don’t expect any update from me for a long time due to some reasons.
Ok , taking your leave now .
Stay blessed.

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