Destiny’s Game…Jo Bhegi Thi Dua…A SwaSan Few Shots (Part 5)


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Scene 1
Swara’s home
Despite the disagreement of her parents, Swara wears western attire as she wanted that the groom side sees as she is. But deep inside her heart , she wanted that the groom says no.
Samosa , tea , dhokla , etc., were ready to be served.
Soon after , Laksh enters with Sharda and Deepak , dressed in t-shirt and jeans. As they were looking modern, forward and open , Swara’s heart skip a bit.
Sharda and Deepak (folding their hands towards Shekhar and Sharmishtha) : namaste , kem cho? (how are you ?).
Shekhar and Sharmishtha : (with smile) we are fine . How are you?
Dipak and Sharda : they talk like this while Swara and Laksh examine each other from head to toe , and they quickly understand that they had done a mistake in telling the desired qualities in their life partner.
Laksh :
 @@@@ monologue @@@@@
You’ve done a great mistake Laksh bachu. Niw you have to marry this girl. Although she is very pretty but I don’t want to marry her. One second , I can’t tel no but she surly can. Okay beta Laksh, hoja shuru. I think her thinking is also lije typical girls.
Swara :
@@@@@@ monologue @@@@@
Swara beta , tu to gai . Arey yaar kya socha tha , aur kya nikla. Now how would I say no to this guy. Even though he is a handsome hunk , I can’t marry him. I would marry only and only my SANSKAAR. One minute, he can say no , and he appears to be a typical boy . So let’s start your work Swara .
Elders were doing all the formalities, just then Swara goes to touch feet of Sharda and Dipak and they are totally impressed. Laksh’s thinking becomes strong, just then Sharda pinches Laksh. Laksh was about to shout but he quickly understands what her mother means . He goes and touches Shekhar and Sharmishtha’s feet. They are impressed as well and Swara’s thoughts, too became strong.
All the elders : now you both can go for your interview session. Laksh and Swara nod and both of them walk with attitude towards Swara’s room.
Swara sits and signs Laksh to sit in front of her. Laksh us a bit shaken by her bold behaviour as girls usually asks boys to sit first. He sits down and Swara chuckles looking at his expressions.
Swara : (boldly) so mr., what is your name ?
Laksh : (gets a hand for shaking)
Laksh , Laksh Shah.
Swara simply nods and don’t guves her hand.
@@@@@@ Monologue @@@@@
Ohoo , so much of attitude. but I like this attitude.
Laksh takes her hand back.
Laksh : what is your name?
Swara : hi , I am Swara , Swara Mehta.
Laksh : so what type of groom do you want?
Swara was shaken by this sudden question.
Laksh : so you are also a typical girl.
Swara (points finger at him) : excuse me mister , I am not a typical type girl , understand.
Laksh holds her finger and keeps it down.
Laksh : yes miss, I understand by your behaviour with your possibly to be husband.
Swara’s cheeks gets red of…angerness of course and Laksh understands that by her expressions.
Laksh : okay , I am sorry. Now tell me what type of groom do you want?
Swara : (in mind) like my SANSKAAR.
Actually I want a husband who can understand me, who doesn’t force me to do typical like things which a wife generally does . I didn’t get my degree for that. And I also adjust with people who adjust with me. But I don’t like people who don’t like me just because of my attitude towards family and career. And I would also quit the job, if there are things which can’t be adjusted and for the things which should be my first priority. And the boy should respect my parents as I do.
Now tell me what type of bride do you want.
Laksh :  I want a girl , who is bold, educated, modern, but at the same time, she should not hate our society, our cultures. I want someone who accept me as I am.
They talk about many things and they find out that they have similar opinions about almost every thing. Both are hell scared that if the other one would say yes , then ?After that , Laksh leaves with his parents.
Scene 2
Ragini’s residence.
Sanskaar enters with Annapurna and Durgaprasad.
Elders are busy in formalities while Sanskaar looks at Ragini , who was dressed in a yellow gown . She was looking beautiful but Sanskaar was lost in the face of Swara .
Ragini, who was also looking at Sanskaar, saw that he was looking very handsome in t-shirt and jeans , but didn’t get any feeling like marrying him. Both of them touched the feets of each other’s parents.
Elders asked both of them for their personal interview. Ragini take Sanskaar to her room.
Ragini : so what is your name?
Sanskaar : (with attitude) myself Sanskaar…Sanskaar Maheshwari.
What is yours miss.
Ragini : (in mind) showing attitude to me…
Hello mister…I’m Ragini…Ragini Gododia. Vaise muje raag ki samaj hai , but I can’t see any Sanskaar in you.
Sanskaar became numb.
Ragini burst out laughing very loudly.
Ragini : (still laughing) so mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari , how was my joke.
Sanskaar also smiles and says…
: not bad ms. Ragini Gadodia.
Elders , who listen to the banging sound of Ragini’s laughter think that every thing is going on nicely .
Sanskaar : what are the qualities which you need in your life partner.
Ragini : actually, you would have known that I am not a typical girl , so I don’t want a typical guy too. (flirting) And I bet that you are not a typical guy , mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Sanskaar : you are correct miss. Umm…yes…Ragini Gadodia, because if I was a typical guy then I was not standing in your room, but would have got angry and left you.
Ragini : excuse me , when did you hold me that you would left me ?
Sanskaar gives weird expressions , while Ragini  chuckles seeing his expressions.
Ragini : okay, leave it. I want a guy who is handsome, who can obviously handle me , who is caring , loving, and of course understands me . And yes , who takes me on an outing. He should respect my parents. He would take me for movies and yes he should….
Sanskaar (cuts in between) : arey enough. are you done or not . How many demands you have haa ? Your husband would probably die in doing all these.
Ragini : acha , tell me what are your demands.
Sanskaar : (in mind) she should just be my Swara , no condition other than that.
(To Ragini) actually I want a bold girl , pretty obviously but that from heart , and yes who can feel my pain , who loves ne truly, respect my parents.
They talk about almost every thing and they find out of their similar thoughts. Both are afraid that the other one would agree. Sanskaar leaves with his parents later on.
Scene 3
At their respective homes

Swara’s residence
Shekhar and Sharmishtha were continuously staring at Swara for some answer.
Swara : what ? Why are you both staring at me like hell ?
Both : because we want to know your answer.
Swara : ma papa , I don’t want to marry him.
Both : but why ?
Swara : because I don’t want to.
Sharmishtha : it would not go according to your wish. Each and every quality, which you described are in Laksk , so what is the problem?
Swara : maa , you know na .
Shekhar : (angrily) Swara , its enough now. We heard you till now but not now. Think about us. We are getting old now. We deserve to see you happy. Don’t force us to force on you to get married with Laksh. (Crying) beta , think about your parents, you are 25 . We have seen you achieving your goals, now let us complete our responsibility. We are not telling you that you are burden. Instead you are pride for us. Please beta , we would never take any wrong decision regarding you.
Swara (hugs Shekhar) : papa , don’t cry please. I’m ready for marriage papa. But please don’t cry.
Sharmishtha and Shekhar became very happy as finally, their princess, their daughter has agreed to marry. It would be very heartbreaking to leave her daughter to a person, whom they know only before some days. But they are sure that their daughter would be very happy in her new life. But they were wrong. SWARA would never be happy without her SANSKAAR .
Life also has some unexpected plans just for them, for their daughter.
Ragini’s residence
Although Ragini didn’t wanted to marry. But after Sanskaar left , she got into a deep thought. She knew that Sanskaar was a real man , who respected woman a lot. He would never hurt her and would always understand her. So there can’t be a man better than him, for her. So she agreed for the alliance and after her yes , her parents were eagerly waiting for the groom side’s reply. Ragini was standing at the balcony of her flat where she could a beautiful sunset , from the mighty buildings of Mumbai. She felt that today’s sunset is the most beautiful sunset and is pointing towards a new and fresh day which would change her life. She has got a job and will be going on duty from the next day only. And she had no idea that the company is of her to be fiancé’s only. Nor her to be fiancé has.
 After looking for some time like that, she has all the memories of her life in that house which she has made a home with her parents. Her flat in dadar t.t was very favourite to her , and very much close to her heart . but she would have to leave it soon. The thought just shook Ragini up but there was not any solution to it.
A single tear ran out of her beautiful, black eyes. Someone wiped it and the person was none other than Ram. Ragini hugged her father and cried out her heart , by just the thought of leaving Mumbai, leaving India , she felt so helpless.
Sujata understood her mind and said : ladoo , don’t cry darling. It is the fate of every girl, beta. But we would chat with you each day and obviously we would video call you also. Now don’t let this small gems from your eyes . you have to save them for your vidaai also. And they are very precious. Now stop crying beta.
Ram : don’t cry , otherwise Swara would win the challenge.
Ragini remembered something and a smile crept her face.
Little Swara and Ragini were just chit chatting when suddenly Swara said : ladoo , you would cry very much when your alliance will be fixed , hai naa.
Ragini : but why am I even supposed to do that?
Swara : because you are a crying baby, and you are very emotional also.
Ragini : aye shona , don’t under estimate your ladoo haa.
Swara : (with innocent face) but I am just telling the truth.
Ragini : chal challenge, I would not cry even during my vidaai.
Swara : now you are iver estimating yourself.
Ragini : challenge acceped or not?
Swara : accepted.
Ragini : to done. Let’s see who will win the challenge .
Swara just nods.

…….flashback over……..
Yes ma , I would not cry even during my vidaai, and saying so she wipes her tears.

However, someone is continuously crying in her balcony looking at the same sunset , but unlike Ragini , she feels that the sunset she is looking at the moment is the worst sunset ever. She is non other than Swara. Yes , the long lost friends are living in the same building but they didn’t even know that.
But destiny is going to make them meet very soon . As the DESTINY is superior to every sort of life and her GAME is never understood by anyone.
Sanskaar’s residence
As they enter , Annapurna starts bombarding questions .
Annapurna : so do you like Ragini? Do your thoughts matched ? Do she passed your test? We heard her laughing. So its a yes from you. Hai na ? And…
Sankaar (cuts in between) : arey , stop it maa. How many questions will you ask at a time. Yes , our thoughts matched. And she passed my test. But I would no marry her . I would marry only Swara, please.
Annapurna : (to Durgaprasad) suniye ji , aap hi ise kuch samjaiye.
Durgaprasad : ab mai kya kahu. He has decided that he would not listen to us. He doesn’t care about us. He just want to fulfil his infatuation. We can’t do anything.
Sanskaar started to go to his room when Annapurna ran towards him and…
Annapurna (keeping Sanskaar’s hand on her head) : tuje meri kasam , Sanskaar. If you would not agree then you would see my dead face.
Sanskaar gets real shocked by her mother’s move and asks her to take her words back . But Annapurna don’t listen his words.Being Helpless , Sanskaar agrees for the alliance. Annapurna and Durgaprasad becomes very happy. No happy would be a understatement. They are on cloud nine. While Sanskaar goes towards his room and cries sitting there only.
Laksh’s residence
Laksh didn’t wanted to get married as he wanted to live a bachelor life but all in vain. Sharda and Dipak would not leave him without answer to the question that if Swara gas the qualities that he wanted? But after thinking a lot, he finds Swara an apt life partner for him. So he agrees for the alliance and makes his parents very much happy and they are on cloud nine.
All in all full on preparations are going on as laado , sanky , shona , and lucky’s homes. But they don’t know about their future.
Precap – Someone meets someone…but to whom? Any guesses ?
Stay tuned for knowing if Swara and Sanskaar’s dua which they have sent to god would be granted or not?
So completed with a very bigger one.
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