Destiny will unite us (Epi-1)


Characters in this ff will remain the same and I will add some more as the correct time approaches. And I will run the story of ff like anything and the story twist will be beyond your assumption so don’t miss any of the episodes

Ranveer was talking to someone on phone saying whenever she comes in the garage just abduct her and we will go to a village near kullu. His man agrees. Ishaani is bubbly proudy but kind girl. She belongs to extremely rich family of a business man harshad parekh. Ranveer wants revenge from parekh family. So as ishaani was going to the parking lot a van came near her to ask the address. She was about to say something when that man gets out of the car and abducts her and calls ranveer and says that work is done sir we will meet in kullu. Ranveer warns them that nothing should happen to her or else…….the man says do not worry sor nothing will happen to our bhabhi. Ranveer smiles.
Guys so bhabh( sister in law)??? Think about it?????

Ishaani’s family is very cruel in this ff. A man texts harshad that be ready for repentance of ur sins u tried to play with destiny now destiny will play wd. Harshad was puzzled
A small 2 years old girl is shown in kullu. She was playing with her toys in ranveer’s room, she was crawling and was about to fall when ranveer comes there on right times and rescues her. The girl cries. Ranveer comforts her and kisses her and says now everything will be fine princess.

I will also include parul and Milan and his wife riya in this ff however milan will not look alike ranveer and he will be his younger brother
After few hours kidnapers and isbai reach kullu. Ranveer gets delighted seeing them. He had arranged a room for her in the outhouse and says to his family that for a few days I will stay here only and he takes that girl along wd him. Ishaani was unconscious and was tied to a chair in a nice room and slowly slowly she regained consciousness. She asks them to leave her. Ranveer comes there and says if we leave u then what’s the use of kidnapping you. She gets angry and removes footwear and was about to throw on him where ranveer catches it! Ishaani was stunned. She says my dad won spare ull. She says u don’t know when I’ll get arrested ull will be sentenced to death not according to law but according to his anger. Ranveer laughs mad says after some days u itself will say that I don’t want to leave this place.

Precap:- a flash back is shown where ranveer confesses his love on the railing of thr terrace

Guys sorry I didn’t continue my any ffs actually I’m very busy nowadays an I hardly get time to recollect abt that story line so I will write only this ff amsd it will be interesting enough

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Hey vaidehi loved it sooooooooooooooo much if u have time post thee next epi today it self

  2. Really good stary im proud of u guys I publish story to about ishveer the title is two girls one man if u see please tell me im relly nervous I waited monthsbto write that story and on top of that picture is flower

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