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Hey frnz its loveleen here. I think most of u knw me. A story was running in my mind since long so I thought of sharing with u people I don’t knw if it will touchy or not bt lets see. I will not bore u ppl fr more tym so I hav decided to make it few shots maximum I have decided to make it 3 shots.

Characters will b twinkle n kunj (tashan e ishq) ragini, laksh,swara n sanskaar (swaragini) n an imaginary guy Rohan.It will b on twinkles pov completely. I am telling u ppl frm the beginning that it will b a sad story so plz frnz try to bear me.So lets start….

Twinkle,ragini n swara r best frnds.but twinkle is more attached to ragini as they were neighbours n most of the time they were together starting from college to house.But this was jus opposite in case of the boys i.e. kunj n rohan were too much attached n kunj belived rohan blindly.Due to ragini twinkle n laksh were good frnz. Ragini n laksh were couples n so were swara n rohan (sry to make them as couples bt the reason u will know later on). Twinkle loved kunj secretly.She never expressed her feelings to him as everyone thought kunj had a gf Alisha bt only kunj’s frnds knew that they Alisha is just name to tease kunj both did not have feelings for each other or perhaps they both never talked even. But this fact was unknown to twinkle n her frnz.Twinkle always consoled herself that it was nt her love fr kunj it was teenage infactuation bt smwhere deep inside her heart she denied the fact. Only ragini knew of twinkles feelings nt even swara. She nvr felt like sharing this fact of one sided love to swara. Ragini was good frnd of kunj too bt she didn’t knew of kunj’s gf. Sanskaar was like a brother to the twinkle. He always cared fr her. For twinkle Sanskaar thought to develop friendship wid kunj.

Sanskaar used to talk to kunj after college when he was alone. Kunj also talked to him n asked him about his frnds especially twinkle. Yes kunj had got an excuse to know twinkle by asking him abt his frnz. Somedays later sanskaar had started feeling that kunj loves twinkle a lot bt he fears to express bt b4 telling anything to twinkle he wanted to confirm it first as he didn’t want to hurt his sister. So, his research went on.

One day ragini told laksh about twinkle having feelings fr kunj. To her surprise laksh replied
L: wat r u serious ? Even I was doubting on kunj that he loves twinkle.
R:bt as we knw kunj has gf Alisha ?
L:u r crazy…we were jus teasing him on her name bt now u dnt knw bt kunj is being teased by twinkles name n that to by the whole class.
R: wat ??? bt why the whole class ? I mean how did they get nly twinkle.?
L:u knw I n rohan always roam around ur class aftr every class ends so kunj also accompanies us so everyone thinks that he is there fr twinkle. I also don’t understand why he comes with us we nvr call himbt he comes. Day b4 yestrday I thought to keep an eye on him so that whole day I noticed him when he came with us.
R: wat did u notice ?

L: that he is giving secret glances at twinkle n smiling as if he came to see her n console himself that yes she is there fit n fine…I didn’t tell u cz twinkle is very strict in those matters
R: so don’t u think we should talk to them ?? U talk to kunj I’ll talk to twinke
L:ok bye see u tmrw
Nxt day, rohan was absent. Laksh asked kunj abt his feelings fr twinkle he tried to avoid the quesn. Bt laksh insisted him to answer.
L: tell me clearly if u don’t love her then y do u go wid us near their classroom aftr the bell rings ? y do u give her secret glances ? y do u smile seeing her ? y did u look into her eyes so lovingly that day when u fell on her.??

Kunj got a flashback:-“ everyone was teasing kunj wid twinkle outside their classroom. He just continued to blush n smile . Smwhere he was happy. Then suudenly laksh noticed twinkle coming towards their classroom alone. He thought of some mischief n smirked. So as twinkle approached near to them laksh pushed kunj vry hard so that he fell on her.They both were on the ground kunj on twinkle . She had closed her eyes out of fear when she slowly opened she was delighted to see kunj. Kunj was continuously staring at her looking deep into her eyes. They had an intense eyelock which broke as kunjs frnds started shouting. Now they felt awkward n kunj got up n asked twinkle if she was ok. Twinkle nodded shyly n went away blushing” flashback ends.
K: (shouted) yes I love her bt wat will happen I cant tell her she has a strict personality wat if she gets angry..n slap me ??
L: no u don’t love her. If u had loved her u wud have the guts to confess to the world that u love her. I bet u cant.
Kunj rushed into the class n wrote something in the blackboard vry angrily..after he finished everyone in the class read “I LOVE TWINKLE” Everone including laksh was surprised to see his this side as everyone knew kunj was shy kind of guy bt no he had confessed it infront of the whole class nly thing was left to confess it to her.

This side twinkle was afraid as ragini had told her that laksh is going to talk to kunj abt her.Smwhere in her heart she was feeling peace as her wait is going to over. Sanskar also came to know abt it n said abt his doubt on kunj. Now twinkle is super happy that she can expect a yes frm him. So sanskaar decided to ask kunj directly abt it. He at once went outside the class n saw kunj n laksh coming towards him. He went to kunj n said “I wanted to ask u smthng “ to which kunj replied to ask.

S: do u love twinkle ? plz tell me the truth I can help u. I cant see my sister dying everyday fr u.
Kunj was silent as if he was statue n cud nt move.Then laksh interrupted the silence n said yes he loves her n descrided all that happened in the class.

Sanskaar’s happiness knew no bounds. Kunj now replied that yes I love her n that to very much……
To b continued ..sry guys no precap as it is jus few shots so I want u ppl to wait fr it…
So why did I say it as a sad story when both the couples r in love???…will kunj confess his love or will it remain as a incomplete love story ?? to knw ur answers keep reading….
Sry guys if it has become too long…I want to complete it in few episodes so I hav to write long…sorry if there is ny mistakes….

Plz do comment…I want to see how many of u are interested in the story..plz shower ur love on me…

Credit to: Loveleen

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    1. thnx kriya

  1. Awesome, amazing, fantastic, fabulous and what not….now this is what u call a start… But plzzz change ur ff DP….Luv u loads uttu

    1. ya akku i ll upload my dp in nxt part…thnks fr the cmnt..it means a lot to me..

    1. thnk u sindhu rm

  2. Loveleen.. It is superb…. After reading this I am eagerly waiting for the next……

    1. thnx sadaf khan.. m glad u liked it…i ll upload nxt1 soon…

  3. Uttu ur ff is fab I love it a looooooot u I loved the way u wrote it, can’t wait for next part

    1. thnk u so much jo…

  4. woowwwww……………….utu…ur just really superb……….
    ……i cant understand why its sad story……will u bring any bada wala twist……
    …….loved it utu……???????????????

    1. tysm snehu….ya u hav to wait fr that bada wala twist….

  5. Wow its Awsum Utu…Loved it…:-* 🙂
    u rocked

    1. thnx a lot ruu (ruchi)..

  6. Omg im contineously smiling……

    1. m so happyu liked it…

  7. Osmmmmmmmm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much eagerly wtng 4 d nxt update plzzzzz update soon.. …..

    1. thanx zikra….i ll update nxt part soon..

  8. I think u r great. ..
    Dude just tell me from where did u get this idea ?

    1. ohh dia m jus overwhelmed by ur cmnt….n this idea is completely original n jus got in my mind…i hope u ll lyk nxt parts too…

  9. U know loveleen I am reading ff’s from past 2 months but I hv never commented on any ff , which means I am silent reader. I almost read each and every ff , I like all of them , but I never gave a damn about comments but ur ff could not stop me from commenting. I am delighted.

    1. u dnt knw dia u r making me feel so special….now m on the infinite clouds..that frm the beginning m getting such a huge response….m glad u commeted being a silent reader….keep commenting dear….love u

  10. I am eagerly waiting to read the next part.

  11. Where was swara missed her but enjoyed the story it’s nce……is it a three shot nd one more thing is this for swasan or only for twinj nd raglak……..but no doubt ur story is awesome

    1. sry dear u missed swara…i havent decided to make it a 3 shots or nt ..bt yes it will b a short one…i ll unite swasan at last…n m glad u liked it…n feel free to ask me ur doubts…..

  12. Awesome amazing mind blowing … I actually don’t watch swaragini but after reading ur ff I love them too.. ??? keep going…

    1. thnk u aarti….

  13. Amazing. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. thnx mitali..

  14. wooow awesome strt utu ….. u rocked …. i loved it …..

    1. tysm panchi….

  15. Awesm yrr…..keep going ..luv u….
    N the epi ws very much instresting

    1. tysm rupam….it means alot to me

  16. Wow nice….plz continue…

    1. tysm nita

  17. u killed me yaar… y didnt u write for so long???..what a suspence!! just loved it..plzz update asap..uff awesome storyline..muahhh love u for this….hehe

    1. ohh tara i nvr expectd u to cmnt…thnx yaar i m so happy u liked it… i hope i ll b able to entertain u further..

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