If destiny wants we will meet…final episode


Thnx to evry1 who commented in my ff n supported me till nw. I knw most of u must b sad as its my last episode bt wat to do guys I was there fr sm days m too pack fr my xams frm tmrw. M writing this episode with much difficulty. Thnx fr all ur love. M sry if this episode becms too long bt it’s the last tym u ppl hav to bear me so plz forgive.
RECAP: sm swasan scences. Rohan n swara beak up. Kunj n twinkle cud nt meet n he receives a letter frm twinkle. Both r sad bt decide to move on in their lyf n wait fr destiny to make them meet.
After 3 mnths frm that day it was nw result tym fr kunj n laksh. Twinkle was too tensed in her room as if it was kunjs results to cm out. Suddenly ragini bursted into her room n rotated twinkle round n round happily.
T: rags wats the news n how r u so happy ?
R: u knw laksh has passed with flying colors. Ya he made up 90%. I cant believe it.
T:ohh wow that’s so great. Bt do u knw nythng of kunj ? (rags nw lukd sad )
T: see rags u r scaring me by making such faces plz tell the truth.
R: he is the topper
T: ohh( sadly) wait …….wat ? did u say topper ?
R: yes my dear ur guy has becm the topper of clg with 98%. Aftr all he had u did so much of prayers. U ha d buttered god so much that as if its urs xam. See the results. I still remember u going to temple evrday fr him during his xams.
T: ohh leave it rags. M so happy… u cant imagine. He took my words seriously n studied hard. Its all cz of his hard work nt mine. He didn’t stop his lyf n moved on fr me..thts the best part.
Here kunj was celebrating his success with his family bt thinking in mind “ I wish twinkle I cud celebrate my success with u. This success belongs to u nly. If u hadn’t told me those inspiring words I had thot my lyf wl stop there bt no I vl move on in my lyf n fulfill ur dreams n wait fr that day to cm wen we both wl meet again n that wl be frever”. Aftr sm days he shifted frm that city wid his family. Nobody knew where he went.

Aftr 7 years…..leap..
A girl was dressing herself infrnt of the mirror wearing a red saree looking as beautiful as newly wedded bride. It appeared as if she is recently married. She was swara.
S: come on wake up baby u cant b late atleast today. I dnt want to miss raglak aftr all we r meeting aftr so many days.
The guy slightly pulled down his blanket wid nly eyes visible n said in his sleepy voice “so many days I guess we had met two days b4”
S: ya I knw bt that’s wen they came on our wedding n we cud nt spend tym together nw cm on dnt b late get ready quickly . saying she pulled the blanket n it was revealed to b sanskar. Yes they r nw married. Aftr getting ready sanky asked her to make his tie while she was doing that he held her close by waist n leaned fwd to kiss her bt swara said “this is nt the tym” to wich he replied “ wats wrng in dis tym u r hr m hr wat vl tym do wid that ? “ n continued his romance wen suddenly his phn rang. It was ragni. As soon as he picked up the call she said” I knw dear I disturbed u in ur romance bt wat to do mein hun adat se mazboor. Ok u can romance later on bt dnt make us wait today”
S: hav u fixd cctv cameras in my room?? That u r knwing wat I am doing.
R: see sanky I can sense these things wid my sixth sense.
S: wait wen u n laksh will marry na I ll go to ur room n disturb u both.
R: theres still tym fr that dear n dnt waste nymr tym jus cm soon n I n laksh vl b there. I ll talk to twinkle n let u knw if she cms.Bye
Then she hung the phn n called twinkle. “hey twinkle r u cmng today to meet swasan ?”
T: I realy want to bt m confused. U knw sid wants me to go to a ward function with him. Wat shall I do
R: arey pagal then go na. he is really a nyc guy. I jus loved the way he proposed u that day bt u stupid rejected him. He is really so sweet 1 yaar. Plz move on frm that incident it has been 7 years. U dnt knw where is he nw. u shud nt miss sid fr that.
T: I knw sid loves me a lot bt I dnt. M nt expecting nythng frm fate that I ll get kunj back bt u knw there r certain things in lyf wich remains a mark thru out ur lyf. That’s it. N who said m still there I hav moved on. Moving on doesn’t always require sm1 to b with. Moving on means nt letting that past affect ur future. Moving on doesn’t mean we need to fall in love again its jus accepting lyf as it is n staying happy fr the rest of the tym.
R: ok as u wish bt I want u to go with sid today we can hangout sm other day. Idk y m feeling today ur lyf wl chng. Ok byee n ya dress in that blue gown u look gud in it.
T: ok bye

Aftr that rags received call frm laksh. L: hey beauty r u ready ?
R: no m still confused wat to wear.
L: u wear that dress wich I gifted on ur bday. Remember we shared our frst kiss on that day.
R: ok. Nw shut up n cm asap I ll b ready.
L: y do u always break my romantic mood. Unromantic girl…
R: u knw excess of romance is bad fr health.
L: does ur science of medicine says that ?( rags was studying medicine in a reputed clg final yr)
R: ummm..ya
L: then stop studying ur science cz m nt going to stop romance. See once I gt married to u I ll make u frget ur science.
R: there still tym fr that atleast 6 mnths. Ok nw cm in 6 mins. Bye mr romantic.
L: bye ms science
At the evng, twinkle n sid (d 1 who loves twinkle a lot bt as she rejectd him so he accptd to stay as a frnd) were going by car to the award func. S : twinkle I dnt want to miss to see the guy who is gonna get youngest business tycoon of the yr. I hav heard he did nt heir his dads business n built his own company in a vry short tym. Even he is too hot fr ny girl to fall fr him. I guess u ll too fall fr him. Aftr all u rejectd me u may propose him.
T: see that’s nt gonna happen bt lets see who is he.
They jus reached the fnc when the anchor was going to announce the name fr that award bt twinkle got a call frm her mother n excused herself n left. She didn’t hear that winners name. here the anchor announced “the youngest business tycoon of the yr goes to kunj sarna”. Kunj stood up frm his seat wid a normal smile. He was luking most handsm in his best tuxedo suit. While going a lil kid stopped him n said “uncle ur wallet fell” he jus thnkd the kid n opened the purse n saw twinkles pic in it n gav a broad smile nw “ sry how did I frget to take u with me while receiving the most precious award.” He kissed the pic went to the stge to receive the award happily. Aftr the award ceremony in the party sid saw kunj standing alone in a corner he thot to go n congratulate him.
S: hey mr kunj congratulations on ur success. M sidhant malhotra CEO of malhotra’s company of architecture.
K: oh thnx. Nyc to meet u. well I ll say its my gud luck to say I needed a architect to renovate my house.
S: oh really? U knw I hav got the best employee n the best architect with me here. Last yr nly she received the best architect awrd in this func. I ll cm with her to u nw then vl discuss. Jus wait a sec.

Then he went to twinkle n dragged her saying that he wants her to meet that business tycoon n said her abt their business proposal. Twinkle nt wanting went bt kunj was disturbed by few ppl so he had turned back talking to them twinkle didn’t noticed him. T: so this is ur busns tycoon. See he is busy lets go. Saying this she turnd back to go. Wen kunj called frm back” ahh mr sidhant did u get ur architect ?” twinkle stopped there. she recognsd that voice n nt belivng her ears turned back.
S: yes sir heres she. she is ….Kunj interrupted n told twinkle.. … both of them were numb n breathed heavily. Their voices choked. Tears of happiness were abt to cm. sid was astonished at the sight bt din say nythng. Both of them wanted to run towards each other. It appeared as if they had a lot of things to speak out bt their words were lost. Suddenly a mass of media ppl gatherd arnd kunj n bashed their quens on him bt kunj kept luking at her. Twinkle realized it n turnd arnd to leave hiding her tears. Kunj wanted to stop her bt cudnt move out of the crowd till his bodyguards made way fr him she had left. He was shattered again. Twinkle told evrythng to sid abt kunj. Sid understood the situation n consoled her to stop crying.
Nxt day, sid called twinkle n askd her to cm to a certain restaurant. At frst she didn’t understand bt didn’t want to ask nythng aftr yestrdys incident. She reached the place in tym bt she found nobody there. it was dark . she called out sids name wen the lyts turned on n she saw sm1 facing back. She askd “ sid wats all this ?. See if u r going to propose me again aftr knwing my past n wat all that hapnd yestrdy it vl nt b gud.” Then the person turnd n it was kunj smiling at her. She was shocked at frst bt later rushed n hugged him tyt. Both were longing fr this touch of eachothr fr 7 yrs. Kunj didn’t hug her back n she realized this n broke the hug.
T: m sry kunj. Actually in happiness I forgot that u must hav married by nw or must b having a gf. Aftr all girls die fr u. u hav becm so successful u must hav got sm1 by nw. m sry I forgot u must hav moved on. plz dnt mind ha…n she kept blabbering
K: (interrupting in middle) twinkle I still love u.
T: I knw….(wait) WAT ? did u say….
K: yes I love u. I n sid called u here. It was all his plan. U knw that day at clg I cud nt propose u today m saying u “ I LOVE U. n will till the end . will u marry me ?”
Twinkle felt as if its all a dream. A dream wich she was seeing fr the past 7 years. Then replied” I dnt want this dream to break again. U still love me. Plz god this shud b reality . I wl marry u.“

Kunj pulled her fr a tyt hug n said “nw do u believe its all real. Even I was waiting fr this day since so many yrs.” Twinkle replied to his hug n said “ yes nw I believe. I said u na if destiny wants we wl meet. See we met. I think destiny wanted us to wait fr the ryt tym. May b aftr we settle.”
K: yes twinki. I m the happiest guy today in this whole world. 7 yrs n nthng has changed. Ya bt u hav grown up to b prettier
T: n u hav grown up to b handsome.
K: that’s true. U knw how many girls heart m beaking today who jus long to hav a look of me.
T: oh really. Bt m the lucky 1. U knw these 7 yrs went lyk 7 lives of mine. Bt I didn’t stop I fulfilled my dreams n m proud that u did that too.
K: I got that strength frm u nly. (He showed the letter wich he had kept safely in his wallet with a photo of her.) whenever I felt low n sad thinking of u I jus read this letter n see ur pic.
Twinkle showed her mobile phn wich had a wallpaper of his pic n said “ see I always see ur pic. Everyday evrytym evry moment. So u were always with me lyk this.”
Then they both hugged more passionately nt wanting to leave eachothr. He cupped her face n kissed her forehead. By that moment they hear sm claps. They turned to see raglak, swasan n sid. Every1 was clapping. Evry1 congratulated them.Twinkle ran towards sid n hugged him n thanked him. Then he explained hw he went to kunjs offc n hw they planned evrythng. N hw he called swasan n raglak to that place to celebrate their unison. All of them had a grp hug.
Sid: come on guys u ppl hav met together aftr so long. I knw u all were meeting bt kunj was absnt na so ek pic to banta hai boss.
All of them posed fr their grp pic n clicked. Suddenly kunj said “ comeon sid if u were nt there I guess these all wud nt hav happened so comeon u r nw a part of this grp.”
S: bt who will click the pic?
T: stupid when will a frnt cam come to work? Evry1 laughed N they all took a selfie.

****THE END****

So guys this all frm me. I knw u all wl miss me a lot bt wat to do my destiny doesn’t permit me to write mr. lol. Bt yes I want to thnk each n evry1 who cmntd in my ff till nw. Here is my list: Akku, Jo, Snehu, Ruu, Tara, Komu, kriya, nita, sindhu rm , sadaf khan, akankhya, zikra, dia, l khan, aarti, mitali, rupam, sweetie, abdul hafiz, harna,baby, preety, alishaa, smc, sanam,tamanna, riya, Chandra, ria,sam, yukku, reethi, ritzi, sidmin(twinj) n rash.
I hav tried to include evry1 who cmntd in my ff at least once m sry if ny1 is missed. u knw i had thot to giv it a sad ending bt upon all ur requests i had to giv it a happy ending. hope u liked it. M really thankful to evry1 fr ur continous support fr wich I cud complete my ff succesfuly. I guess I hav entertained u ppl to quite sm extent n fulfilled all ur wishes. I ll always be there in all ur ffs comenting .

Credit to: Loveleen

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