If destiny wants we will meet….6


Thnk u all fr cmnting n supporting me.

RECAP: truth is revealed that it was all rohans plans to manipulate kunj against twinkle. Kunj realizes that he doesn’t hav ny chance to talk to her as it was their their last day.

Aftr 2 weeks it was the farewell party fr the senior students organized by the juniors. Kunj was sitting upset in his room as he was sure he ll nt b able to go. Here raglak had decided to bring kunj to the party anyhow to meet twinkle.
The party started. Evry1 was njying expect ragini, twinkle n sanskar. Swara didn’t attend the party. Laksh had gone to kunjs home to convince his parents to allow him. Sanskar said to the girls “we cant sit here idle I ll bring smthng fr u both to eat” saying this he went. As he went near the food court he noticed sm1 at the corner n went there n was hell shocked to see rohan flirting wid a girl n was too close to her. He was nw red in anger n clenched his fist.

Sankys self talk : I knew this guy is lyk this. He is a cheater. Shud I go to him ? no a big mess will b created. Bt how dare he ditch swara. I ll kill him fr cheating her. Bt frst I shud tell swara abt this. Bt how will she react ? will she belive me ? b4 that I shud show this to rags n twinki. Then he went to the girls n said them evrythng. Then all the three went there n saw the scence. Both the girls had were nw angry at their peak bt as they didn’t want to create ny mess they went frm there n decided to call swara n say her evrythng. Ragini had nt brought her phn so twinkle tried callng her bt it showed nt reachable. Sanky too tried nd sm how his call connected. Swara received the call bt sanky cud nt utter a word. Swara said “ sanky y did u call me at this tym ? u must b njyng party na so u calld me to say that I missed it na ?.”
SA: ya we r njying bt sm1 else is njyng too much. SW: who ?
SA: ur bf rohan. Yes he is flirting with a girl here n is too close to her. N he describd whatever he saw.
Swara was by nw furious n scolded sanky. “I knw u love me n I respect that bt how cud u stoop so low? Y do u want me n rohan to separate. Think well b4 u speak.“ she continued scolding fr him sm tym. He listnd evrythng without uttering a word. he was nw teary eyed as he didn’t get ny chance to prove himself. Swara hung up the phn. Here rags n twinkle consoled him that she will understand soon.
Swara in her room talked to herself” wat does he think himself ? may b he has sm misundstanding. May b they were talking normally n he thot smthng else. I hav to prove him that rohan is innocent bt how ? I knw that girl abt whom he was sayng she is aliya she is jus a close frnd of him. I shud think smthng “
Aftr smtym she got an idea that alia always posts her pic in social ntwrking site fb. Swara nvr registerd herself in it bt thot to make an fake accnt n check. N she created 1 n searched alia. She checkd her pics n was shattered to she her recent pic wich was uploaded 15 mins ago. She saw that alia kissing rohan on the cheeks n the way he held her by waist made her cry. Then she checkd her other pics. She got lot of similar kind of pics. She was crying hard. She nvr thot that she wil b cheated lyk this. She called rohan n askd him abt this. Rohan tried to act innocent. Bt they ended up fighting ovr the phn. Swara finally with grt difficulty announced her break up with him. Rohan didn’t react bt was vry happy. Swara was crying a lot. Sanky thot to call her n apologise bt wen he heard her crying he was tensed. He decided to meet her nw n console her. He left the party n reached her house. He thot if he goes by d main door her parents may doubt her so he reached her by the window. Wen swara saw him he she was stunned bt later went near him n hugged him tight. Sanskar too hugged her back as sign of concern. He convinced her nt to to cry.
SA: swara u need nt cry fr that cheapster. We all r there fr u. btw how did u believe ?
Swara showed him the pics. SA: ohh… I didn’t knew aliya so I hv nvr checkd her profile bt he is ditching u since so long.” Listening this swara again cried. SA: ok m sry sry…plz stop crying(…cupped her face.) one thing I want to tell u swara.
SW: hmm..

SA: see nvr feel that u r alone. M there fr u at evry step of ur lyf nt as ur lover bt as a true frnd. Yes I want to becm ur frnd frst. Plz nvr leave ur trust on me.
Swara was touched by his words. She held his hand n kept her head on his shoulders n smiled n said” thnk u sanky f loving me so truly. Bt I need tym to recvr”
SA: I said u na I want to becm ur frnd nt ur lover. So can we be frnds frevr ?
Sw: no…..bt best frnds frvevr. Both smiled n hugged. Both were happy atleast nw they r together. Sanskar made swara sleep n decided to go back home. Here twinkle n ragini were tensed as laksh n kunj had nt reached yet. Suddenly twinkle received a call frm her neighbor. She pickd up n said “WAT ?? ok aunty dnt wry m cmng”. She was nw too tensed. Rags askd wat happnd. She replied “ mom has fell frm the stairs of temple. She has got a serious sprain. I hav to leave. Bt wat abt kunj ?”
R: Idk wat shall I say. Bt I think u shud leave fr home. I ll manage them.
T: ok wait. Then she took a paper n pen frm her bag n wrote smthng n handed over to ragini.
T: when kunj cms u giv it to him.
Here laksh had managed to bring kunj n they were on the way.
L: kunj I think we shud make sure twinkle is still there let me call her. He dialed her no. it was unreachable. “oh shit wat shall we do now? Ok let me call sanky “ his phn was switchd off. He knew rags was nt havng her phn wid her. Widout havng ny optn he called swara n askd to call twinkle n say to wait there.
Here twinkle with much confusion vry difficultly went out of the campus. Suddenly she stopped there n looked back.

Twinkles pov: y m I feeling kunj is near me ? he has nt yet cm. (she started to look at the road far till her eyes cud see) no he hasn’t cm I must leave now. He will undrstnd by the letter.
She left. Jus as she leaves both the boys reachd the clg gate n kunj nt havng ny patience to wait fr parkng the bike he ran inside the clg.
On twinkles way near her house she recvd swaras call.
S: twinki where r u ?
T: m near my house mom has fell frm the stairs so I had to cm urgently.
S: laksh called me that he n kunj r jus reaching the clg. Cant u go back ?
T: wat ? oh god y does this happens wid me nly. I cant go back nw. I hav to stay wid mom as no 1 else is there fr her. That’s the reason I was feeling weird that he is near me.
Then she hung up the phn. She quickly went to the house n looked aftr her mom. Inside her heart she was feeling restless n broken.
As kunj searchd twinkle in the party ragini cm up wid a sad face.
R: u r late kunj. She left. Infact she left jus few minutes ago.
K: wat ? bt y ?we had informed her that we r cmng ?
R: bt b4 that she gt to knw that her mom is unwell. So she left n gave this to u.
Kunj opened the letter which read “ kunj I knw u ll cm fr me. Bt see our destiny we had 1 chance n that was snatched too. we cud nt confess our love. I knw u love me n will love me frevr. Dnt dishearten urself. I want u to study hard n bring fame to ur parents n me as well. U hav to move on in ur lyf. If destiny wants we will meet fr sure. Dnt wry if we r nt together think that m always with u in ur heart. Best of luck. I love u n will love frevr. Good bye”
Kunj was nw in tears. He cud nt control himself n cried hard. Laksh composed him. He didn’t wait nymr at the party n went back to his home. Both raglak were disheartened too. Ragini hugged laksh n said “we tried our best nw its all their destiny. Y does it happen that true lovers r separated. Plz god do smthng n unite them” both of them also left the party n went to the garden to spend sm quality tym.
At nyt Twinkle was sitting near her window silent tears were rolling down her cheeks n thinking “ if destiny wants we will meet kunj. I think I didn’t love u truly. Theres smthng missing in my love.” She kept thinking abt kunj n his moment how they fell on each other how kunj roamed nr the class n all that. Same was the situation with kunj. Bt both had decided to move on n wait fr their tym to meet.

PRECAP: nt decided…

Nw I knw guys u all must b sad as I separated twinj. Bt dnt wry love doesn’t always need unison. Love is jus love.
I want to say that my ff is soon cmng to end as I had said it wl b a short one n m unable to write due to my entrance xams . So I want u ppl to cmnt mr so that I cn atleast hav sm beautiful memory that how many of u ppl lykd my frst ff.

Credit to: Loveleen

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