If destiny wants we will meet….5

Thnk u again to all fr reading n cmnting. I really grateful fr ur constant n immense love n support m getting frm u all. My spl thanks to tara fr ur cmnts. M really vry happy as a frnd u tried to correct me where m wrng. U didn’t hurt me at ll dear instead u made vry happy that u made me realize that I hav got so nyc frnds who r supporting me in all ways n helping me out. Bt I wish u wud hav cmntd a bit earlier cz b4 I saw ur cmnt I had already written this episode so I cud nt do nythng bt I promise nxt 1 will b fyn. I request evry1 plz feel free to suggest me cz this is d frst tym m writing smthng like this so I need ur reviews so that I can improve. Thnx tara again. Love u loads dear.

N I forgot to mention that it was kunjs birthday as well as their last day in clg b4 the farewell as their final xams were ahead. So u all may b knwing clg gives study holidays.
RECAP: twinkle gets unwell n remains absent at clg fr a few days. Nxt day is kunjs birthday n he has informed twinkle thru laksh that she shud cm that day. Twinkle having no option goes to clg where she sees kunj waiting fr her at the gate.

Twinkle n ragini move to the classes. Kunj also followed her. Twinkle felt weird bt didn’t say nythng. Kunj was expecting her to wish him a happy birthday bt twinkle had nw decided nt to wish. Smwhere in her heart she wantd bt she thot of her self respect n stopped. Sanskar thot that may b if twinkle does that evrythng will b set so he said “twinkle I think u shud wish him by nw. it has becm half a day in clg I think he is expecting ur wishes”
T: how can u say that sanky? Did u frget wat he did with me ? if cms to me I ll wish him definitely. I ll nt go to him. N how cn I frgt my self respect ? every1 here will even he will think being a girl m running afttr him lyk mads. Wat does he think I ll beg him infrnt of him to accept my proposal. No I cannot do that.”
S: u r vry crct at ur point. Ok I ll nt force u.
Kunj was getting disheartened mr n mr as the day was meeting its end. clg ended. Nt jus fr that day bt fr ever. Nxt he has a option to cm in the farewell party bt he knew he will nt b allowed by hs parents to cm so fr him it was his last day at clg. Twinkle being determind didn’t wish him on his bday bt smwhere she was feeling guilty n bad. That was again a sleepless nyt fr her sitting near the window n crying till her eyes got dried. Bt smtnng else hapend in kunjs case. That evening in kunjs bday party he didn’t enjy at all. Laksh noticed this n came to him.
L: hey bro I knw u r upset bt y ?
K: twinkle didn’t wish me today. I was expecting her wish. N I lost my challenge wid rohan too.
L: see frankly speaking whatever u did wid her aftr that no girl will think to wish u. I knw u love her u knw it too bt y did u lie her. If u were doing that thinking abt ur family then u cud hav atleast tried once n talk to her abt ur family. She already knws how strict ur family is. She was ready to do all kinds of sacrifices fr u. u shud nt hv done that. Twinkle is nyc girl. She loves u so truly u cant imagine. U r really lucky to hav sm1 loving u like this bt u r mad that u didn’t care of that. N yeah wat challenge with rohan?
K: rohan had said that she doesn’t knw abt my family. N being a modern girl she wud nvr understand my situation. He said that he knws twinkle well n she is a egoistic girl. Bt when I argued with him he challenged me that twinkle will nvr wish me on my bday if I say no to her. If she wud hav done that I wud hav proposed her at that instant. He told me that She will chose her ego betwn me n her ego. I didn’t tell u b4 cz rohan told me nt to tell ny1 sply u as u wud go to her n say her this. I accptd that chalng n see I lost. She didn’t wish me. (tears rolled down his cheeks).
L: r u out of ur mind dude ? how can u say like? U dnt knw wat u did with her. U hav played with her emotions. How can u believe ny1 jus like this b it rohan too. I knw twinkle mr closely than him n I bet she is nt that type u think. Rohan has manipulated u against her. N yes the thing wich u r calling it her ego its nt her ego its her self respect. She chose her self respect n as far as I knw ny girl wud do that too.
K: y wud rohan do that to me? M his best frnd. No u r manipulating me against rohan.
L:idk y is he doing this bt I ll surely find out. N tell me wat did he say to u that day wen u n twinkle were talking. Kunj started telling by a flashback of that day in garden.
K: he frst askd me if I had said a yes to her I denied then he said against twinkle that she is fake loving me. N she is nt a perfect girl n all sorts of negatives abt her I dnt want to repeat them. N wen I argued with him he told that he will prove this on my bday bt fr nw I hav to refuse her proposal. It was too difficult fr me bt I had to.
L: how can u believe this man ? r u kid of 5 yrs who will believe nythng ny 1 says ? cant u see the truth in her eyes ?
K: that was nt the end he also told me that if my family knws abt it they will kick me out as they hate these clg affairs. N yes my mom thinks I ll get distracted by these things so I had tried my best to avoid ths thngs bt I dnt knw how I fell fr her. That day he convinced me fully to reject her bt wen I didn’t agree he gave me that challenge n I came into his talks. Ok if I ll believe u that rohan did that intentionally to separate both of us bt y he did that.

L: wait I ll go n ask him (saying this he rushed to rohan n pulled him aside kunj witnessed all this frm a distance )
R: chill bro. wat happnd?
L: wat happnd ? u asking this ? ur best frnd is nt njying his bday party n u r njying it to the fullest. As if today is ur best day.
R: well I didn’t stop him frm njying.
L: y did u do that to kunj n twinkle n dnt try to act smart n innocent. I knw wat u did. Dnt try to bring the orst out of me.
R: its all his decision I jus helped him.
L: it was nt his decision. It was u who manipulated him. Jus speak out the reason. He believed u blindly n u backstabbed him.
R:ok I agree I did that. I did that all fr my revenge.
L: wat made u take this revenge ? he belived u blindly. He considered u above all his decisions. Then wat revenge ?
R: I took revenge of all the insults each day teachers did to me fr him as he studied well. I nvr considered him as my bff bt it was he who was behind me all the tym. He studied well n my parents teachers evry1 taunted me, insulted me. I wanted him to fall in every1 eyes. See my luck favoured me. He fell in love in I thot love is best thing wich can destry ny1 in lyf. I used that chance. Nt nly in studies bt in all fields. He is bettr than me in sports too. I used to b the champion bt he took that too frm me. He is popular amng all boys n especially girls as he is handsm wich I dnt like. Nw evry1 he will see his downfall. I m feeling bad r twinkle. That poor girl did so much fr me bt I had to use her as my puppet in my plan. She is hurt fr a reason too that is fr loving this looser. Wats so spl in him to love ?(he laughed evily)
L: ohh this was the case. U shud knw that He has a pure heart fr wich evry1 loves him.U cud hav tried to excel urself bt no u were busy in pulling him to down bt that will nt happen. Success is gained nt snatched.
Kunj who witnessed all this frm a distance broke into tears n started fighting with rohan. He cud nt believe that lyf snatched his love n best frnd on a single day n that too on his bday.
K: u cannt separate me n twinkle cz we lv each other truly. We will unite fr sure. N remaining is my downfall that will nvr happen in ur dreams too. By telling the truth u hav made me mr determined to reach my goals. Nw jus see how evrythng is set.
R: (evily laughing ) hw will u set evrythng ? how will u set urselves with twinkle ?did u frget today was ur last day at clg. I knw u ll nt b able to attend farewell. Neither u hav ny mode of communication to ur to b gf. How will u do dat ? n did u frget u r shifting frm this city aftr ur xams ?(laughs)
Jus then Rohans phn rings. He takes it out n smiles luking at kunj. He shows the phn it was kunjs mom calling. Kunj was nw hell tensed if he ll tell her nythng. He pickd the call n said”yes aunty kunj is with me. Ya we r on the way back. Dnt wry jus reaching” n cuts the call.
R: see todays day is ovr too. Ur mom wants u at home asap. Do whatever u want kunj sarna. I hav succeded. (he went away frm there)
Laksh n kunj nt knwing wat to do dropped kunj at his home n assured him that he ll talk to twinkle.
L: dnt wry I trust she will understand everything.
K: bt wat will happen ? I ll nt b able to talk to her once face to face. I ll nt b able to propose her.
L: dnt wry I ll find ur way to cm to farewell.
Laksh returned n told evrythng to ragini n twinkle over a conference. Twinkle cud nt believe tht. She burst into tears nt knwng wat to do nxt. Bt they decided to hide this fact frm swara as she may feel bad.
Laksh n ragini were nw determined to unite them both.

PRECAP: farewell party. Swasan scences.

Ok today I ll nt do any bakbak. Jus pleading ever1 whoevr is reading this plz plz plz cmnt n suggest me whatever u want. Love u all.

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