If destiny wants we will meet….4


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If destiny wants we will meet….few shots..3

RECAP: raglak spent sm romantic tym. Twinkle asks kunj abt his love fr her. He denies the fact of loving her n promises nt to roam arnd her. Twinkle hears ragini telling smthng to kunj n gets angered.

Episode 4:
Ragini was shockd to see twinkle there. R: twinki wat happened ? u here ? u were going….
T: yes I was going by the othe way n stopped to hear u. I knw wat u r trying to do. Its nt needed plz cm.
She tries to drag her with her one hand then suddenly she felt a touch on her other hand. Kunj held her hand. She closed her eyes fr a moment to feel that touch. She wanted that moment to stop fr a while. Then she came back to her senses n pushed his hand away n asked “wats all this ?”
K: twinkle ragini told me u hav slit ur wrist ? show me ur hand. Y r u doing such things. Plz don’t hurt urself. Y r u making things difficult fr…..(stopped b4 telling fr me…almost in tears) plz show me ur hand. (he took her hand)
Bt twinkle pushed him n said :”how does it matter to u ? I can do nything wid myself y r u so concerned fr me ? u don’t love me ryt ? so wats all this fr ?”
K: see its nt the tym to argue. N plz stop ur childish acts.
T: m nt that weak kunj neither is my love. I do love u n I knw that’s nt one sided. Bt let me clear u (showing her hands) I hav nt done nythng to myself n I dnt hav ny plans too. So plz stop stressing urself n stick to ur promise. I do care fr u bt I hav concern fr my family n frnz too who cant see me hurt. So mind u I ll nvr do such silly things. Perhaps u dnt knw me well. N rags wats all this n fr wat ? (she took ragini frm there n didn’t give kunj a secnd luk )
R: woh….twinki… umm…I n laksh thot that if he will knw that u hav slit ur wrist then he myt confess his love out of fear…..
T: that’s wat I dnt want. I want him to say without ny pressure. Without ny lies. N dnt wry I ll wait fr that day.( twinkle was trying vry hard to b strng infrnt of evry1 bt inside she knew she has broken into a millions of pieces )
She was desperately waiting fr the day to end n when she will go to her house n cry her heart out. That day ended she went to her house back n closed the door went to her bed hugged her teddy bear tight n kept crying a lot. Her mother called her dinner bt she acted to sleep. Nxt day when her mom came to wake her by touching her forehead she was stunned. Twinkles body was burning of high fever. She tried to wake her up bt with much difficulty she half opened her eyes to see her mom.
Mom(M): omg dear u hav high fever wait m calling the doctr n m infrming ragini that u r nt going to clg
T: wait mom dnt say nythng to rags she will get worried n miss classes too.
M:ok m calling doctr
Doctr(D): see mam she is having high fever of 104 n high blood pressure too….may b she is too much stressed abt smthng..let her rest fr sm days..timely tk these medicines n put cold or wet cloth on her head.

M: yes I ll nt allow her to clg frm sm days
Later in the eveng swara n rags came to twinkis house to see if she is fyn n they were shockd to see her in that state.
S: twinkle wat hav u done to urself ? n y ?? plz dnt loose hope… n stop affecting these things with ur health
R: yeah she is ryt. U cud hav infrmd us we wud hav missed clg to take cr of u.
T: that’s wat I dnt want. Till u ppl r with me nthng will happen to me. See aftr seeing u m compltly fyn.
S: no u take rest fr sm mr days..
T: swara did u do wat I told ?
S: u stop all these we will talk abt it later on..(she was trying to avoid that quesn n twinkle didn’t force her too) n the trio got emotional n shared a trio frndly hug.
This went on fr nxt 3 days. Evryday both swaragini came to visit twinkle n twinkle kept on asking the same quesn to swara if she found sm details of kunjs behavior frm rohan bt everyday she tried to escape. Bt 1 eveng twinkle was determined to make swara answer. She firmly said “swara I knw u hav askd rohan abt the topic bt u r nt saying me. Plz say me truth.” Lastly swara gave up n answerd “yes I hav askd rohan abt kunj that day nly bt whenever I ask him he says I dnt knw or avoids that quesn. May b he really doesn’t knw”
T: bt he is his best frnd. N y is he avoiding ?
S: idk I said that u r his best frnd how r u nt knwing so he jus replied that” we didn’t talk abt it ever n I dnt want to ask him too.” When I insisted him he got angry on me n disconnected the call n talking to me

T: m so sry swara fr me u both fought. M sry I didn’t knew this will happen. Ok talk to him n no need to do that again.
Twinkle had nt gone to clg fr the last 4 days n kunj was hell tensed fr her thinking wat has hapnd bt he feared to ask. The nxt day was his birthday n he wanted to inform that to twinkle. In the eveng twinkle called ragini to ask abt the clg.
R: umm.. twinki howz u ?
T: m fyn…bt y r u sounding so low ?
R: twinki r u cmng tmrw….tmrw is our practical tests…
T: ok I ll cm bt wat happened ?
R: plz dnt react…kunj na ..today..
T: rags tell me wat did he do again ?
R: he was behaving weird today. He suddenly entered our class today n called me I was astonished n when I went he asked me abt u. n I told him that u r unwell n then asked if u ll cm tmrw I said u may as we hav test. Wen I askd him y does he want to knw he jus said fr a reason u ll knw later on.
T: oh god I dnt understand this guy wat is he upto. Nw m vry afraid wats going to happen tmrw. I wud hav nt gone if that test wasn’t there. ok lets see tmrw byee. Later in the nyt she recvd a msg frm laksh r u cmng tmrw ? twinkle was confused n askd wats spl in tmrw ? aftr sm tym rags called her up. Twinkle was wid hr mom.
R: is ny1 near u ? T: yes R: ok then jus listen wat m saying. Tmrw is kunjs birthday n he has askd laksh to make sure u cm…..twinkle’s fone slipped frm her hand n rushed towards her room n started thinking.

POV: omg wats all this tmrw is his bday bt y has he askd me to cm fr sure ? wats running in his mind ? n moreover shall I wish him ? oh god wat a dilemma ..so many quesns. Bt I hav to go fr that stupid test. I dnt hav ny option too. Biggest quesn is shall I wish him ? If I wish he will think m running aftr him. Nt nly he every1 will think bt I knw he loves me he wud want me to wish he may feel bad. I cnt break his heart. Bt wat abt my heart.. .?? she kept thinking this all nyt.
Nxt day she got ready n infrnt of the mirror she told to herself “ y m I luking litl more beautiful today ? may b cz today is….oho twinks wat r u thinking …. I shud go”
Wen she reachd the clg she saw kunj waiting fr her at the gate. With his frnds. He was swearing a red t shirt n black pants luking stunning bt it seemed twinkle didn’t like that dressing. They both hav an eyelock there. n kunj gav a smile to her. Twinkle came to her senses n ignored him n went away.
Twinkles pov: wat is he wearing today ? a red shirt ?( guys I personally dnt lyk boys wearing girlish color dress. Its my own pov. Bt in case of our kunj he is stunning in all colors. Bt in my stry twinkle didn’t like it) how can his taste be so bad. It’s a girlish color. Wat was that smile fr ? Nyways y m I bothered ?
Then she went to raglak where there were having their romance. T:ohh hello love birds …
R: ohh hii twinki..when did u cm ? n did u see kunj waiting fr u ? did u wish him ?
T: ya I saw bt I didn’t wish. U tell how shall I ? m too confused.
R: we will nt force u. whatever u feel lyk doing. U do. Fr nw lets go.
T: ok I ll think abt it.


Precap: sm secrets to b revealed n the villain too.

Guys m thinking m going too slow. N if u all feel like its becming boring so plz tell I ll fast fwd it. Actually m trying to express all the emotions so its becming long. Plz feel free to complain. N yeah I knw I hav made swaragini fans upset. M really vry sry fr that. Actually while writing one couples stry its becming so lengthy so m unable to add them bt I ll try my best to add them too frm nxt tym. Plz plz plz do cmnt I need ur reviews so that I can improve my writing…plz plz plz support me.

Credit to: Loveleen

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  1. Its awesome….. Plz upload next part soon….I badly want to know tgw reason for Kunj’s behaviour….n yes plz include some swaragini n sanlak scenes also…

    1. thnx nita fr loving it…i ll try my best frm the nxt episodes to add them….its jus that while focusing on 1 stry its becmng too long n then m nt able to add oder scences bt i ll surely tk cr of ur point….

  2. its amazing loveleen

    1. tysm riya

  3. i love u loveleen for such a wonderful ff

    1. ty chandra…love u too dear

  4. U r mwaaah♥♥♥♥
    Loveleen dear it was jut sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. tysm sanam….even u r such an awesm writer n getting ur compliments is too grt fr me…

  5. loveleen..its nice…waiting for your next one!!

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    1. thnx a lot komu…..i ll upload the nxt 1 soon

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    This is Awesomeness Overloadedddd??

    1. akku u knw i got afraid aftr reading the upper part…later wen i scrolled down i was so happy….i thot this tym i must hav done sm mistake that u didnt like it….lol….thnx a lot fr ur cmnts dear…love u loads.

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    do cont soon plzzzzz luv u……

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    Plz update next asap

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    sorry if i hurt u..

    1. no tara u didnt hurt me at all.. …as its my frst ff i do need advices frm u ppl….m really glad u gave me sm….even i felt the same….i ll definitely consider ur advice n try to develop the plot…..thnx a lot again

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