Destiny Vs True Love….(Swaragini) Part 1


Hi friends…. Really, I never expect this much support from you…. Thank you so much for your precious comments and I know there may be some silent readers also so thanks for reading…. Today I’ve introduced one more MYSTERY SO HAVE FUN…. FIND IF U CAN…. Keep reading nd do comments to tell me is it interesting or boring….
Here we start….

It’s raining a lot with frightening thunderstorms like Nature is sad and Destiny is laughing on that couple which is falling from a cliff with holding each others hand…. It’s Prince and Princess….

Prince and Princess pov’s….

We know that every Love story has a happy ending, but if it’s not happy ending then definitely God has planned something to make it happy…. We don’t know what God has planned for us…. We can’t stay together so today we decided to Die together…. We failed to complete our Love story in this birth, but we trust God that he will give us a second chance to complete our Love….

They lost in Nature’s lap forever in each others Embrace….

20 years have passed….

@ hospital….
3 ladies are admitted to the hospital for their delivery….

Ap gives birth to a baby boy….
Doctors informed this to Dp….

Sujata gives birth to a baby boy…. But he wasn’t crying after birth, so everyone gets tensed…. Doctor pat on his back, but he’s still not crying….

(In Sujata’s side by ward) Sharmishtha gives birth to the twin baby girls…. One of the Baby girl takes her first breath and starts crying loudly…. They inform this to Dida….

Coincidence is when the baby boy who’s not crying hearing that baby girl’s voice starts crying…. Like God has given special connection between their HEARTS….

Dida calls Shekhar and inform him that sharmishtha gives birth to a baby girl…

7 Years are passed…. They are studying in school but at hostel….

To be continued….

Precap – Heart connection in school….

NOTE – sorry guys as promised I’m going to reveal the pairs today, but I can’t it will reveal in the second part…. Characters are same as serial but Story is absolutely different….
Plz do comments to tell me is it boring or interesting….

Credit to: Bhagyashree

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  1. Wow amazing n i think its swasan

  2. Its ofcourse sanskar
    But cant say about baby girl is swara or ragini

  3. It is really good pls update the next part soon…..

  4. Excited to read your next update ….plz update fast ….ausome starting Bhagyashree

    1. Thanks ruhani, sindhu rm, naimi, unknown, riya, zzzz….?

  5. nice a diffferent start plz make it longer next time.

    1. Thanks Ragsan….? I’ll make next longer…?

  6. super going

    1. Thank maya…?

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