Destiny Vs True Love….(Swaragini) 2nd intro….


Hi friends, thanks for comments….
Thanks Lily, Dhara, Anu, Ani, Bisha thanks for your precious comments….
Sorry for late reply because I won’t find my own ff, I found it in the morning now I’ve made little change in the title so it will become easier for everyone to know that it’s swaragini’s ff….
I’m giving 2nd intro of this ff to have little idea about my ff….

The story starts from the Death of TRUE LOVERS…
They’re the Prince and Princess….
Christian Prince nd Rajput Princess….

20 years passed….

Now they are born again to complete their incomplete Love Story….

4 cute baby’s are born….
(Sanskar, Laksh, Swara, Ragini)….

They’re together from childhood and best friends with each other…. Of course have crush on each other….

Now they are 15 but destiny doesn’t want them together anymore, so it plays very drastic game…. Which creates rift between 3 and separates the 4 best friends….

7 years passed….

3 of them are going to meet again for business dealings….
What happen with the 4th one is a one of a Mystery….

Biggest Mystery is who are Prince and Princess….

Sorry guys for such little intro, but I’ve decided to post this ff from Sunday as it’s a special day for me…. I hope you will understand….
I’ll reveal pairs on Sunday itself….
Plz do comments nd tell me is it interesting or boring….

Credit to: Bhagyashree

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  1. Hey ,r yu a malayalee..
    And by the way i liked the plot..
    A kind ur ff also pls don’t make swara, the mahan…type.please…
    Looks very different and mysterious,

    1. Thanks abhi….?

    2. Sry but I’m not malayalee….?

      1. Then,you are from?
        (If you don’t mind)

      2. I’m Hindu…?

      3. Hindu???
        I asked ,from which place you are,,,

  2. plzz make it a swasan ff

    1. Thanks riya, 1223 it’ll reveal on Sunday….?

  3. it is superb plz plz plz plz plz plz make it swasan

  4. hey make it swalak plzz

    1. Thanks angle but I’ll not assure u of anything, it will reveal on Sunday I’ll see how many people want what….?

  5. awesome start dear n plzzzzz make ragsan or a love triangle between lucky,ragini n sanky…….

    1. Thanks kriya…? nice suggestion I’ll think over it….

  6. Nyc plot…bhagyashree u know tamil or r u from tamilnadu

    1. Thanks ? but sry I’m not from tamilnadu…

  7. Nice……
    Make swasan plz….

    1. Thanks Zzzzz….?

  8. Hey its okay! We can understand and by the way nice ff

    1. Thanks Tooba….?

  9. very nice …

    1. Thanks cute girl….?

  10. nice plot

    1. Thanks Darsh….?

  11. nice and a different one and if u dont mind plz give some imp to ragini bcz im a big fan of her and plz update soon im exictd to read next

    1. Thanks manyatha…. ? I’ll give equal importance to Ragini….

  12. Very nice dear

    1. Thanks ammu….?

  13. NICe plz make swasam md love triangle between swasanlak

    1. Thanks Anu, meghs….?

  14. watevr u mk..i am eager to knw abt d identity of prince n princess..confused quite…but last day also u had posted ds same intro only..right??

    1. Thanks bisha ? nd yes ur right but it is not shown in swaragini ff’s so I changed title little nd post it again…..?

  15. sowseelya Reddy

    Waiting for next part

    1. Thanks sowseelya Reddy….?

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