Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 14


Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 14 (Last part)
( FF about Thaahan+Tiran+Taharth )
Hi guys its nusz back with your favorite story Destiny vs. love. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me reach to 200 Comments!!! And we have reached fourteen episodes!!!!.. Also I am making this Ff at least 110-120 episodes now!! By the way guys I will be adding some lyrics in the episode from every song I add, so you could understand the feelings through the ff. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars. But sorry for updating very late…~Nusz
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Now let’s start.

In the middle of the streets
It starts raining and Tanya is crying near a bench and talking to herself
At Thapki’s room (in her room)
Thapki was hugging her pillow remembering what Bihaan said to her
Thapki: Did Bihaan really say that… Or was I dreaming….
At Pandey family’s house (Bihaan’s room)
Bihaan: I don’t know why I said that…. What will Thapki think about me?
Thapki’s room
Thapki: Bihaan… I just hope you finally say those three magical words…..
Bihaan’s room
Bihaan: I need to talk to Thapki tomorrow
Thapki’s room
Thapki: It’s raining!!!! (She runs outside)
Bihaan’s room
Bihaan: Thapki…. (Seeing her in the rain)
Outside Thapki’s house
Thapki starts dancing to my dill goes mmm (outside her house)
Bihaan starts dancing to my dill goes mmm (outside his house)
Bihaan: Aati hain wo aise chalke jaise jannat mein rehti hain Dekhti hain sabko aaise jaise sabko woh sehti hain Par gusse mein jab aaye aur ankhein woh dikhlaye Ladte ladte galti se muskaaye My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm( look at Thapki because he thinks she’s there)
Thapki: Karti hu jab usse baatein lagta hain sone wala hain Soke jab jabbhi woh jaage lagta hain rone wala hain Par chupke se woh aaye mere neend se mujhe jagaye Lee baahon mein aur khud hi gir jaaye My dil goes mmmmmm…My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm…My dil goes mmmmmm… (Hitting her head and saying I am such an idiot)
Bihaan: Haan woh na na karti hai Haan bada akadti hai Haan thodi si ziddi hai
Haan akal se piddi hai Jate hain sab baayen daayen woh jaati hai Tedhi in baaton se mujhko satati hai Har waqt se pehle aanaa sunn na na koi bahana Par dakhna mera rasta rooz anaa My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm…My dil goes mmmmmm…(thinking Thapki is there and following her with happiness)
Thapki: Haan picture mein rota hai Haan khulle muh sota hai Haan zara nalayak hai Haan pitne ke layak hai Jaane kya kehta hai jaane kya karta hai
Sofe pe chadhta hai pardo se ladta hai Jab karne lage safaai samjho ke shaamat aayi Phir thak ke jab leta hain angdaai My dil goes mmmmmm…My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm…My dil goes mmmmmm…( dancing in the rain and saying I know you’re the guy who bring happiness in my life)
Bihaan: Haan thodi alag si haiHaan thodi galat si hai (Maybe I have fallen in love with but why didn’t I say it properly to her)
Thapki: Haan thoda alag sa haiHaan thoda galat sa hai (She’s dancing and sees Bihaan and smiles)
Bihaan: Aaisi bhi hogi woh aaisa na socha tha (I never knew I would fall for Thapki)
Thapki: Haa Aaisa hi hoga woh aaisa hi socha tha Kyu lagta hai yeh apna (Is this real or is this a dream while Thapki was dancing she thought)
Bihaan: Yeh sach hain ya hain sapna (he closes his eyes and thinks if his dreaming)
Thapki: Dar lagta hain kahi ho na jaaye jhuu (Thapki starts dancing in happiness)
Bihaan and Thapki: My dil goes mmmmmm…My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm… My dil goes mmmmmm…My dil goes mmmmmm… (Thapki is really happy while Bihaan is singing and feeling really confused about his feelings)
At Karan’s house (in the morning)
At Karan’s room
Tia: Good morning Mr. Karan (wrapping her arms around his neck)
Karan: Good morning Miss. Tia
Tia: Oh so you’re acting so romantic today
Karan: Well you see you’re my future wife (bringing her closer)
Tia: Oh really
Karan: Yes Tia
Tia: Okay my jaan
Karan: Oh when did I become your Jaan?
Tia: When you gave me your heart??
Ria: Is the romance over (coughing and laughing)
Tia: What’s wrong with you Mr. Karan I told you not to romance always it’s not a good thing
Karan: I was romancing?? You came into my room and started coming close to me
Tia: It’s not good to lie
Karan: Oh I am lying, whose room is this?
Ria: Well this time Karan is right
Karan: Well I won this time Tia (sticking his tongue out and leaves)
Tia: Not for long! (Fumes in anger)
Ria: Oh you guys are so adorable…And now please let’s go have breakfast
At Thapki’s house
Poonam: Thapki!!!!
Thapki: Sorry Ma
Poonam: Is everything okay?
Thapki: Yes Ma everything is fine (giving her a kiss on the cheeks)
Aditi: Why are you so happy all of a sudden?
Thapki: Why can’t I be happy?
Aditi: No I didn’t say that Dii
Thapki: I know I was joking
Aditi: Okay I am off to college
Poonam: Did you take your lunch???
Aditi: Yes Ma, I did
Poonam: Okay Bye
Aditi: Bye!!!
All of a sudden Thapki gets a phone call
Poonam: Thapki your phone is ringing
Thapki: Oh yea… thanks (in mind): Bihaan is calling me?
Bihaan: Thapki I need you to meet at 7pm at the park
Thapki: But why is everything okay?
Bihaan: Nothing just come there
Thapki: Oh okay but (he hanged up)
Thapki: That was odd… Why did he hang up so quickly…?
Near a small hotel (outside under a tent)
Tanya was sleeping there and wakes up…
Tanya: Oh it’s morning already… Where will I go…?
All of a sudden a bunch of goons come there and misbehaves with Tanya
Goon1: Hey wanna go have some fun with us?
Tanya: Look please leave me alone
Goon2: No way you’re beautiful, come with us
Tanya: Let my hand go
Goon1: Oh baby don’t mess with us
Tanya: I said let my hand go
A guy comes there and punches the goons on the face
Guy: Don’t you guys have any shame?? Women should be treated exactly like men do
Goon2: Who are you?
Guy: You dad (and beats them up badly and they run away like rabbits)
Goon2: Sorry (Crying in pain)
Guy: Are you okay??
Tanya: I am fine… Thank you for helping me
Guy: You’re welcome, but what are you doing here??
Tanya: I have some issues going on that’s why
Guy: But why are you sleeping under a tree with a small tent
Tanya: Why are we not allowed?
Guy: No one camps beside a small hotel and also it was raining the whole night yesterday
Tanya: So why does that matter?
Guy: Because this hotel belongs to me
Tanya: Oh I am sorry I didn’t know…
Guy: Do you have a place to live??
Tanya: No I don’t…
Guy: Why don’t you come with me?
Tanya: Excuse me, I barely know you and you’re telling me to go with you
Guy: Well my name is Kabir Rajput, how about yours?
Tanya: Okay now you’re acting like a creep
Kabir: Dude I am only trying to help you
Tanya: I don’t need your help
Kabir: Okay then
Tanya leaves the place
Kabir: Weird girl.
At Karan’s house
Neha: Ma and I are going outside today
Karan: You guys go outside everyday
Neha: Well actually we’re going outside for a cause this time
Karan: What’s the cause?
Ria: We’re planning to get you and Tia engaged
Karan: WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (And spits water on Tia’s face)
Neha: Here we start again
Ria: I didn’t say marriage, I said engagement
Karan: Same thing
Tia: No no no
Neha: Oh my god it’s like I am watching a TV show (laughing)
Tia: Sorry Auntie
Ria: Okay can I speak now?
Karan: This better be good
Neha: Okay Ma just say it
Ria: I want you guys to get engaged soon because Tia’s Mami really wants her to get married soon.
Tia: I should have known it was all my Mami’s plan… (She leaves)
Karan: Tia wait
Neha: Ma sometimes I feel Tia’s in pain, we should plan a secret date for them
Ria: That’s a great idea and we should be leaving too
Neha: Okay I will tell you the plan on the way
Ria: Okay
At the coffee shop
Tanya: I honestly feel so hungry… I haven’t eaten anything from the past 12 hours….
All of a sudden Sid comes there
Waitress: What would you like Ma’am??
Sid: Order the best food for her
Tanya turns around and sees Sid there
Tanya: What are you doing here?
Sid: I wanted to spent time with you
Tanya: Look you better leave me alone
Sid: Tanya please listen to me
Tanya leaves the coffee shop
Outside the shop
Tanya: What’s your problem?? Why are you always following me??
Sid: Look I am really sorry Tanya
Tanya: Sorry after what you did?
Sid: Tanya wait
Tanya: I don’t want to see your face; I even told you this yesterday (feeling dizzy)
Tanya faints
At Karan’s house
Karan: Tia are you okay??
Tia: No Mr. Karan I am not okay
Karan: Why what’s wrong??
Tia: I know you don’t want to marry me
Karan: What nonsense Tia, of course I want to marry you
Tia: No you don’t, you clearly said it yourself at the dining table
Karan: Tia I love you but we need to settle down things before we get married and stuff
Tia: How about you fall in love with another girl?
Karan: Why are you asking me such stupid questions?
Tia: Well I need to tell you something about my past…
Karan: What is it Tia?
Tia: I had a boyfriend and I still love him…
Karan: What? (Shocked and hurt)
Tia: We really love each other a lot…
Tia: Oh my god Mr. Karan your face (laughing so much)
Karan: That wasn’t funny (he was about to leave the room)
Tia: Oye jaan-e man now I know how much you love me (hugging him from the back)
Karan: What kind of joke was that??
Tia: I wanted to see something in your eyes
Karan: Huh?
Tia: I saw tears in your eyes and it hurts you every time when I say such things like that.
Karan: Look at me… don’t ever say something like that ever
Tia: I won’t I promise you
Karan: Also I want our wedding to always remember
Tia: Oh really (hugging him)
Karan: Yes Tia (carrying and spinning her around)
Tia: Oh my god Mr. Karan what are you doing???
Karan: Will you always be mine forever??
Tia: I always was and always will (pinching his nose)
Tia: I love you too (hugging him)
At the college
Dhruv: Hi Aditi I missed you (hugging her)
Aditi: Oh my god now you come
Dhruv: Yes because I had to get something
Aditi: Oh
Dhruv: I got this dress for you
Aditi: Why did you get a dress for me?
Dhruv: Well you see, you’re my love and I need to buy anything my princess wants
Aditi: Oh really, when did you become so romantic
Dhruv: Pssp I was always romantic
Aditi: No you’re not
Dhruv: Yes I was always romantic and always will be
Aditi: Oh really Dhruv Pandey
Dhruv: Yes Aditi Dhruv Pandey
Aditi: Oh so you already attached your last name with mine
Dhruv: Well you’re my beautiful girlfriend
Aditi: Oh really Dhruv Pandey (hugging him)
Dhruv: Yes you’re and always will be
Aditi: Okay my Mr. Pandey, I will see you tonight
Dhruv: Bye I love you
Aditi: Bye (smiling)
At Karan’s house
Tia: Mr. Karan I have to go meet someone, I’ll be back soon
Karan: Who are you going to meet and when are you coming back??
Tia: I am meeting my friend and I’ll be back within forty five minutes
Karan: Do you want me to drop you off?
Tia: No Mr. Karan it’s not that far
Karan: Will you manage going there alone?
Tia: Oh my god my caring husband I promise I will be back soon
Karan: Okay you have to call me when you get there
Tia: Okay Baba, can I go now?
Karan: Okay and remember to call me
Tia: Okay Okay
After ten minutes later the doorbell rings
Karan: Oh Tia you’re driving me insane
The doorbell is buzzing nonstop
Karan: I am coming Tia!! Wait
He opens the door and is shocked to see the person
At Siddharth house
Sid: Doctor is Tanya alright?
Doctor: What kind of husband are you?? You should be taking care of your wife everyday and every time.
Sid: Um husband??
Doctor: Yes you’re her husband right??
Sid: Yes totally (giving a nice smile)
Doctor: Okay but please do take care of her.
Sid: Yes I will but what happened to her?
Doctor: It seems like she hasn’t eaten anything or slept properly for the past 2-3 days and that could affect her in many ways
Sid: Don’t worry Doctor I promise I will take care of her
Doctor: Okay I will give you some medicine that would make her feel better
Sid: Thank you Doc
Doctor: Okay take care of her and if you have any issues just give me a call
Sid: Wait Doc when will be conscious again?
Doctor: Maybe thirty minutes
Sid: Oh okay thank you
Doctor: Alright Mr. Khurana
Sid: Well at least Tanya is okay… Wait what’s that paper on her hand… (He takes and sits in the sofa)
Tanya (point of view on the letter)
Page 1
I never really tell anyone about my life because it hurts….My mother died right after I was born… So my dad married another women who was so called my “Stepmother” Every time I try to do something… she would take a stick and beat me up… I would cry in my room for hours… I am not even allowed to eat dinner with them… I was told to eat in the kitchen on the floor… My grandmother left me because she thought they would take care of me… I would always pray to god for everyone’s happiness and I was really tired of being hurt every time…. When I became eighteen… It was my birthday and I got a gift by someone it was a beautiful dress… My step mother burned the dress and told me “You worthless child, I told you to wash everything in the house”… and this time she didn’t take a stick instead she took a spoon and wacked me so badly… I felt the pain go through me… I know my dad was watching me… I promised myself I would leave this house today… So I went into my room and packed my stuff… I told my dad I promise I will get revenge from that lady that ruined my family’s happiness…
Sid was crying so much after reading the first page of the letter…
Sid: What kind of family is this?? What on earth is wrong with them…? How can they treat her badly…? What have I done…? (He realizes there is another part of the story)
Page 2
After I left the house… I was looking for shelter and I couldn’t find any… So I slept near the streets for a little bit… I was badly treated and I cried for a little bit… How can I control all that pain that went through me…? So I thought of moving to Agar…. I didn’t have any money with me… So I went to a coffee shop and asked for a part time job at shop for 2-3 days so I can get some money and get to Agar… I worked there for a couple of days and people called me what a loser because they thought I dropped out of college… So I finally earned money and was really happy… After the long train ride… I finally reached Agar… I went to this college and asked them if I could sign in… They thought I was some sort of rich girl and they said we will give you a chance… I finally joined college and people start asking me to become their friends… I changed my look and style so nobody realize my actual story… A boy name Bihaan fell in love with me… He would always stare at me in class and follow me so he can talk to me… One day he told me to be his girlfriend… So I finally thought if I marry him I would get all that money so I can prove it to my so called “Stepmother” After we got into a relationship he was madly in love with me… He would do anything for me… But I didn’t have any feelings for him… After we finished college he asked me to marry him… I told him alright… We got engaged and he found out that I was going to marry him for money… So he kicked me out of the house… People thought I was Tanya Malthora… But I was actually Tanya (real name Tanyama) Patel… No one knew that even Bihaan didn’t know that… I was gone for two years… But actually I found by my stepmother and that day she found me… I was beaten up so badly… I felt like I was going to die…. Of those two years of torture I felt like I was done with life… So I planned to go back to Bihaan and pretend to love him again… I showed my bad side…But….
Sid finished page two of the letter and cried so much he was in pain by looking at her… Then he starts reading page 3…
Page 3 (Last part)
But then I met a boy name Siddharth!!! He was a sweet and an innocent guy… I never really loved a boy in my life… Because life didn’t give me chance… I would always cover myself because of the marks on my back and people thought I was selfish… Yes I am selfish… But I met him I felt very different… I thought why I would hurt others… just because I was hurt badly… You taught me the meaning of love… You showed me many things of destiny vs. love… Yes I know I would fight with me you… But you know I didn’t realize the love for you yet… After a couple weeks later… I felt like I was falling for you… Then I finally realized it when I was at the balcony under the rain… I knew you were the right guy for me… Yes I love you Siddharth… I love you a lot… I want you to give me all the happiness in my life…. But I realized I don’t want you to come in my life and ruin yours because of me… your life will turn into hell like mine… I want you to love someone better than me… But you broke my trust by talking so much bad things about me… Without knowing my story…. But one thing even though I show my hatred towards you I will always love you…
He finished the letter in tears… He goes towards Tanya and sits at the edge of the bed.
Sid: Tanya… Why do you always hide this stuff…? I never knew in these two years you were tortured so badly… I want to promise you something… I will always fight for you and stand by yourself… I love you a lot Tanya… I love you so much I can’t even explain… I always will love you I promise you that… (He puts the letters on the desk and she slowly gets conscious)
Tanya: What are you doing here??
Sid: Tanya thank god you’re awake. (Crying)
Sid: Tanya listen to me… I know you’re hurt but I promise you I won’t let anything happen to you now.
Tanya pushes him and gets up from the bed
Tanya: Who are you??? What do you want from? Listen to me carefully I don’t want to see your face again and I already told you this…
Sid: Tanya please listen to me for once
Tanya: What are my letters doing on your desk?? Did you read them??
Sid: No I didn’t I just left them there
Sid: Look relax
Tanya: Relax?? What do you even know about me?? You want me to prove it how much I hate you??? I know you read my letters… So I will ripe this last part of the letter (ripping the page in anger)
Sid: Tanya? (In tears)
Tanya: Now listen to Mr. Siddharth Khurana… You have already hurt me so much… Just leave me alone (she leaves the house in anger)
Sid: I won’t let you cry and see you hurt anymore… I promise you I will make you mine and give you all the happiness you deserve… I will do it…. Whatever it takes me to do (he smiles a little bit)
At Karan’s house
Karan: Kabir (extremely shocked)
Kabir: BhaiJaan… I missed you so much
Karan: What are you doing here Kabir??
Kabir: BhaiJaan… I missed you so much… I really wanted to see you again…
Karan: Kabir you need to leave…
Kabir: Bhaijaan you need to listen to me for once
Karan: Kabir leave the house… Remember we have no relation between us
Kabir: Bhaijaan 15 years without you was really hard… You are everything to me Bhaijaan
Karan: KABIR please don’t make me express my emotions right now…. Just get out of here
Kabir: Bhaijaan….
Karan: GET OUT (Slams the door in anger)
Kabir: Bhaijaan I will be back… I know you will always love me….
Karan cries so much near the door….
Near the streets
Tanya starts walking and Siddharth comes wearing a suit (He looks handsome aha) He starts singing Palat teri hero idhar hai and does a funny dance while she’s really annoyed by him.
Sid: Dekha hai tujhko jabse Haay main toh hil gaya Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya (x2) Mummy se kya Daddy se bhi milaaunga tujhe Arey jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat PALAT… Tera dhyan kidhar hai Ye tera hero idhar hai Tera dhyan kidhar hai (He spins around her and dance around her… While she fumes in anger)
Sid: Ye tera hero idhar hai Tera dhyaan kidhar hai Yeh tera hero idhar hai Toh Palat… Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai ki tera dhyan kidhar hai Tera dhyan kidhar hai Ye tera hero idhar hai Ho kehta hai mujhse kyun zamaana.. Arey haan, nahi aasaan hai tujhko paana Aah.. tere nakhre uthaaun sanam (He blows her hair and pulls her closer, while everyone around the place is watching them and says what a cute couple)
Sid: Mujhko teri kasam Taang dun chand ko, teri kurti mein Arey jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat Arey PALAT… Tera dhyaan kidhar hai Ye tera hero idhar hai Tera dhyaan kidhar hai Ye tera hero idhar hai Toh Palat na… Tujhe itni bhi khabar haKe tera dhyan kidhar hai (goes on his knees and pulls his hears making a cute face at her)
Sid: Mujhko teri kasam Taang dun chand ko, teri kurti mein Arey jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat Arey PALAT… Tera dhyaan kidhar hai Ye tera hero idhar hai Tera dhyaan kidhar hai Ye tera hero idhar hai Toh Palat na… Tujhe itni bhi khabar haKe tera dhyan kidhar hai (He starts carrying her and dancing like a funny guy, while everyone claps for his beautiful dance)
Tanya: Stop this nonsense, what’s your problem?? Why are you always following me?? Just leave me alone for god’s sake (pushing him away)
Grandmother: Don’t give up son; she will surely forgive you… I can see it in her eyes
Sid: Thank you Nani jii, I won’t give up because she deserves all the happiness (smiling)
At the park/garden
Thapki: Well Bihaan said meet him at 7pm and he hasn’t even arrived yet
Bihaan: Thapki….
Thapki: Bihaan…
Bihaan: I need to tell you something
Thapki: What is it??
Bihaan: What I said yesterday was wrong I know… I didn’t know I would say something like…
Thapki: So basically you’re saying all those stuff you said were lies
Bihaan: No I didn’t say it like that… I just feel like that’s not what I meant
Thapki: What do you mean? You just called me here for this
Bihaan: Wait Thapki listen to me
Thapki: No Bihaan, I don’t want to talk about this topic anymore
Bihaan: Wait listen to me
Bihaan: What???
Thapki: You don’t understand anything (she was about to leave)
Bihaan: Thapki I love you, I love you so much and I want to give myself another chance by falling in love with you…
Thapki: Bihaan (in tears too) (turns around and sees him sitting on the ground, pulling his ears)
Bihaan: Yes I am a mean guy… But within these two months I haven’t realized the love for you until couple days ago… But Thapki I want to spent the rest of my life with you
Thapki: Bihaan don’t say anything else
Bihaan: I am really sorry… If I ever hurt you because of Tanya… you can punish me….
Thapki: No you didn’t
Bihaan: Yes I did, I always hurt you
Thapki: Please forget about the past
Bihaan: So do you forgive me??
Thapki: I already did
Bihaan: I love you Thapki ( while Wada raha pyaar ka plays) Wada Raha Wada Raha Wada Raha ( Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka Ab Hum Na Honge Juda ) (2) Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda Chahe Tumhe Kis Kadar Mera Dil Tumko Nahi Hai PataYeh Meri Dhadkane Sunraha Hai Khuda Wada Raha
Thapki: I never felt anyone’s love ever in my life…
Bihaan: I will give you all the love you want in your life I promise… ( Dono Jahan Ko Bhola Hun Main Aisi Lagi Hai Tujhse Lagan Chahe Kaho Ise Awargi Chahe Kaho Ise Deewanapan Dil Ne Kaha Dil Ne Suna Maine Tumhe Dilbar Chuna Ab Doriyan Na Rahi Darmiyan Kya Rang Layi Wafa Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda Wada Raha Hai Khuda)
Bihaan: Oh please don’t cry, I honestly hate tears… I know I have hurt you many times… But I didn’t know anything about love the because I was a selfish man… But I promise you Thapki… I will always keep you happy…( Dekha Tumhe To Aisa Laga Mujhko Mila Manzil Ka Pata Chalna Hai Humko Ab Sath Mein Tumse Juda Mera Rasta Maine To Li Hai Kasam Paon Tumhe Janmo Janam Sajde Kiye Maine Shamo Saher Manga Hai Tumko Sada Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda Wada Raha Hai Khuda)
Thapki: No that was the past and now I know that you love me (hugging him in tears)
Bihaan: I am so sorry Thapki (kisses her on the forehead) (( Wada Raha Ye Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka Pyaar Se Pyar Ka )(2) ( Wada Raha Ye Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka )(2) Wada Raha Yeh Wada Raha)
At Karan’s house
Tia: I am home everyone (doing a cute pose)
Neha: Tia, where is Bhai??
Tia: What do you mean tomato?? Isn’t he home?
Neha: I didn’t see him for a couple hours already
Tia: Are you joking tomato?
Neha: No I am not, I swear to god
Ria: Tia, is he with you??
Tia: No he wasn’t
Ria: Oh my god where did Karan go
Tia: Auntie please don’t panic I think I know where he went…
Ria: Please bring my son back… He won’t leave the house with informing anyone
Tia: I will bring him back Auntie
Neha: Ma please don’t cry
Tia: Oh my God where did Mr. Karan go? (Running out of the house)
At a hotel
Tanya walks into a hotel in anger and Sid follows her
Sid: Tanya listen to me for once
Tanya: Stop following me for god’s sake
Sid: CAN’T YOU LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE (pinning her against the wall)
Tanya: Please let me go Siddharth
Sid: Look into my eyes, can’t you see my love for you….
Tanya: Stop acting childish… we can’t be together
Tanya: I am not worth it and I am a girl with a bad past
Sid: What does this have to do with anything??
Tanya: Please Siddharth let me go…
Sid: No I won’t let you… Until you tell me… you still love me
Tanya: No I don’t love you (crying in so much)
Sid: Really you don’t love me? (Crying so much too)
Tanya: No I don’t Siddharth please let me go
Sid: Look into my eyes and say it
Tanya: Stop acting like this and you’re hurting my hands
Sid: You’re hurting me so much Tanya… do you know how much it’s hurting me
Tanya: The pain you gave me, isn’t that enough for you??
Sid: Please Tanya can’t you see the tears in my eyes
Tanya: No I can’t… now leave me alone
Tanya: Please stop Siddharth; you’re making me feel….
Sid: Feel what…
Tanya: Feel hurt
Sid: Okay you don’t love me right, fine I will leave (he was about to leave but she pulls him back)
Tanya: I love you a lot… (Kissing him on the forehead)
Sid: Why can’t you see… I don’t want you to be hurt because of me… (Kissing the forehead)
Tanya: I can’t….
Sid: I love you Tanya (Kissing her on the forehead)
Tanya remembers that she can’t let Sid ruins his life because of her
Tanya: No Siddharth this is totally wrong… We can’t be together (runs away there, crying so much)
Sid: TANYA WAIT (sliding down the wall and lands on the floor)
Sid: I already lost my Ma… I am still searching for my sister… and now I love Tanya and she doesn’t realize that I don’t care what others think about us (crying so much)
In the middle of the streets
Bihaan: Do you wanna go for a motorcycle ride??
Thapki: Why??
Bihaan: Oh come, don’t be scared
Thapki: I didn’t say I am scared
Bihaan: Then let’s go for a ride???
Thapki: No I don’t want to Bihaan; you probably don’t know how to ride a motorcycle
Bihaan: Excuse Miss. Know it all, why don’t you try riding the motorcycle
Thapki: Oh I can ride a motorcycle that’s easy
Bihaan: Oh really prove it
Thapki: I don’t even know to ride a motorcycle
Bihaan: Did you say something Thapki?
Thapki: No I didn’t (smiling)
Bihaan: I know you can’t ride a motorcycle, but I will help you (in mind)
Thapki: Here we go (trying her best)
Bihaan: Oh my god Thapki, that was the best motorcycle ride ever (laughing so much)
Thapki: Hey don’t make fun of me
Bihaan: We should go for another round
Thapki: It’s not funny anymore
Bihaan: Okay sorry (pulling his ears)
Thapki: Oh my god (Laughing so much)
Bihaan: Why are you laughing?
Thapki: You should look at your pants
Thapki: Well you laughed at me and that’s your punishment (sticking her tongue out)
Bihaan: Now watch me (running after her)
Near a tree house
Karan leaves the tree house because of the childhood memories he had with Kabir… All of a sudden while he walking through the streets he was about to get hit by a car… But someone saves him on time…
Tia: What’s wrong with you Mr. Karan?
Karan: Tia what are you doing here?
Karan: You need to leave Tia
Karan: What are you saying?
Tia: You could have died if I didn’t come on time
Karan: Good if I died
Tia slaps him
Karan: Tia, you really need to leave
Tia: Okay I will get hit by a car instead
Karan: What’s wrong with you?
Tia: You really wanna leave me (crying in pain)
Karan: No please don’t cry…
Tia: Why can’t I cry… you said you will leave me?
Karan: No I am not leaving you anywhere
Tia: I can’t believe you would say such things like this Karan….
Karan and Tia starts singing Kabhe na sukoon aaye
Karan: Jane hai kitana bechain mann, jane hai kaisa dewaanapan dewaanapan Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya Jab se hai tum pe, mujhko pyar aaya. Jane hai kitana bechain mann, jane hai kaisa dewaanapan dewaanapan Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya Jab se hai tum pe, mujhko pyar aaya Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya Jab se hai tum pe mujhko pyar aaya, pyar aaya(opening his arms and waiting for Tia to hug him back)
Tia: Too tassvur me mere toh hee baato me Too afsane me mere, too hee yaado me Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya Jabse hai tumpe mujhko pyar aaya Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya Jabse hai tumpe mujhko pyar aaya Dil lagee dil lagee me kaise mai khud ko bhula baithee Mene toh kuchh na socha samja sapne bhee saja baithee (starts running to towards Karan and hugs him… She has tears her eyes and he wipes them)
Karan: Abb ko bas chalta nahee, ik lamha dhalta nahee Chubhane lagee kyu yeh duriya, koyee na jane majburiya majburiya Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya Jab se tumpe mujhko pyar aaya (hugs her and gives a kiss on the forehead)
Tia: Kabhee na sakun aaya, kabhee na karar aaya Jab se tumpe mujhko pyar aaya Pyar aaya
Pyar aaya Pyar aaya Pyar aaya (crying and promising each other)
Karan: I am so sorry Tia…. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that…
Tia: You wanted to die… and you know song reminds me of us…
Karan: I am sorry…
Tia: Promise me, you won’t say anything like this ever again
Karan: I promise
Tia: I love you Mr. Karan
Karan: I love you my Tia (carrying her and kisses her on the forehead)
Tia: But can I ask you something?
Karan: Go ahead Tia
Tia: Why did you leave the house and what were you doing here??
Karan: I need to tell you something very important about my past
Tia: You can tell me anything Mr. Karan…
In the middle of the streets
Thapki: I wanna see the stars
Bihaan: Another time Thapki….
Thapki: Come on Bihaan
Bihaan: Not now, I am already looking at something
Thapki: What are you looking at??
Bihaan: At you….
Thapki: Bihaan….
Bihaan: Yes Thapki
Thapki: There is a bug on you
Thapki: OH MY GOD YOUR FACE (laughing so much)
Bihaan: At least I don’t have a snake beneath my legs
Thapki: I HATE SNAKES (jumping up and down and Bihaan carries her)
Bihaan: Bol do na zara (please tell me)
Thapki: Tell you what??
Bihaan: Why I am with you
Thapki: Buddo, you’re funny and now let me down
Bihaan: No Thapki, I won’t… I promised you… I will make this night awesome for you
Thapki: Acha (Alright) and look there is a park right there and I wanna go on the swings
Bihaan: We’re not little kids
Thapki: Romantic couples always do this (whispering in his ears)
Bihaan: Oh really (smiling at her)
Thapki sits on the swings and Bihaan pushes her while they are watching the stars together… Bol do na Zara plays (Itni mohabbat karo na Main doob na jaaun kahin Waapas kinaare pe aana Main bhool na jaaun kahin Dekha jabse chehra tera Main toh hafton se soya nahin)
Thapki: I really love sitting on the swings and looking at the stars
Bihaan: This time you’re not alone
Thapki: How do you know that??
Bihaan: I Bihaan Pandey will always be with you Thapki
Thapki: But we just fell in love…
Bihaan: You’re the last girl I will always love in my life… I promise you that….
She stares at him with tears in her eyes
(Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa Main kisi se kahunga nahi Main kisi se kahunga nahi Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele Khawabon mein aaya karo Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main Mera tum sahara bano Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawa Aur kuch humse hoga nahi Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa Main kisi se kahunga nahi Main kisi se kahunga nahi)
Bihaan: Don’t cry Thapki, I will always be here with you from now on
Thapki: But how about if Tanya still loves you….
Bihaan: Tanya never loved me… She just loved me because of money and you’re a girl who will love me by your heart
Thapki: No Bihaan I won’t
Bihaan: What do you mean??
Thapki: I will love you till my heartbeat stops too… (He stares at her lovingly)
(Hamari kami tumko mehsoos hogi Bhiga dengi jab baarishein Main bhar kar ke laaya hoon Aankhon mein apni Adhuri si kuch khwahishein Rooh se chahne wale aashiq Baatein jismon ki karte nahin Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa Main kisi se kahunga nahi)
Bihaan: You’re a sweetheart Thapki (pushing her on the swings)
Thapki: I love stars Bihaan
Bihaan stop pushing and tells Thapki to get off the swing and then sits on it… Then makes her sit on his lap… She smiles at him and he kisses her on the forehead… they both stare at the stars and smiles… Because of the happiness around them
Bihaan: Now you call this romantic
Thapki: Oh really (pinching his nose)
She lays her head on his shoulder while watching the stars
Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa Main kisi se kahunga nahi Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Siddharth house’s
Sid: Tanya… Please come back… I really love you….and I can’t be happy without you…Please just listen to me for once…
Somewhere in the streets
Tanya: I don’t know what I feel right now… But I feel like I should go back to Siddharth… I don’t know why but I feel like it…
Sid: Every time… I want to keep someone happy… I end up hurting them…. (While Tu jaahan main waha plays)
Tanya: Why do I have to stop myself…. I was already hurt… Why can’t I tell Siddharth that I want to be with him…? But I don’t care what he said about me because I deserved that anyways…
tu jahaan main wahaan sang sang yu chalu tere jaise tera aasmaan – 2 jo dhup nikli chaya ban jaaunga jo ho tu akeli saaya ban jaaunga jo uljhan mein ho mann main behlaaunga tum aa gaye ho toh jeena aaya hain khushiya ka tumne yeh jaal bichaya hain khoya hain khudko yah sab kutch paaya hain tu jahaan main wahaan sang sang yu chalu tere jaise tera aasmaan
Sid: Please Tanya… come back… I really can’t see you hurt like this… It hurts be a lot….
Tanya: I need to go back to him… I know he loves me and I now know I love him… I can’t stop myself… I want happiness in my life… I was always hurt but not anymore…
Sid: Please come back Tanya (while looking at his sister’s childhood picture with his mother)
Tanya: I need to go back to him…
Sid: Ma… I promise after I get Tanya… I will find my sister and bring them both close to me…
Tanya starts running to Siddharth house… There Siddharth is crying in pain.
ho gam ke badal mujhpe tham jaane de bechainiyo ko mujhse takrane de dukhti ho koi baat mujhpe aane de dil sochta tha ke koi apna ho koi raaz na ho jo uss se rakhna ho aankhein na kholu main shayad sapna ho tu jahaan main wahaan sang sang yu chalu tere jaise tera aasmaan
Near the tree house
Tia: Why didn’t you tell me this before Mr. Karan?
Karan: Tia… I didn’t want my past to affect our relationship
Tia: What nonsense Mr. Karan our relationship is strong not even a ghost could break it
Karan: You and your lame jokes (laughing)
Tia: At least you laughed Mr. big bully
Karan: Acha Baba I am sorry, if I hurt you and hidden stuff from you
Tia: You promise you won’t hide things from me anymore
Karan: I promise I won’t
Tia: Oh god, let’s go home quickly, Ma and Tomato are so dam worried about you
Karan: Oh yea I forgot to tell them I was leaving the house
Tia: Let’s just go Mr. Karan
Near Thapki’s house
Bihaan: We’re home Thapki…
Thapki: Thank you so much for making this the best night ever
Bihaan: There will be more coming
Thapki: Oh really
Bihaan: Yes and I promise they will be more fun!!
Thapki: What do you mean by fun???
Bihaan: I meant like going on boat rides and surfing… Whoa Thapki… What were you thinking?? I am not that type of guy…
Thapki: No I wasn’t thinking that (hitting him)
Bihaan: Okay I need to go home; I will call you when I get there
Thapki: Okay Bye Bihaan (she was about to leave)
Bihaan: Wait I forgot to do something (kisses her on the forehead) I love you Thapki, bye
Thapki: Buddha (smiling)
Unwanted place
Women: Sometimes I feel like you should die too
Guy: Please don’t kill me
Women: Shut up… now I need to find out where she leaves… because I want him to find out she’s his daughter… Remember the story I told you about him and her
Guy: yes Madam your work will be done
Women: Good!! It better me (smiling evilly)
At Karan’s house
Neha: Bhai you’re finally home… Ma hasn’t eaten anything after you disappeared
Karan: What how can she do that?
Tia: Tomato are you okay?
Neha: Yes Tia I am totally fine
Karan: Ma why didn’t you eat anything
Ria: Karan Beta, when did you get back I was so worried about you (kissing him on the forehead)
Karan: I am sorry not telling you before leaving
Ria: Don’t ever do this ever again
Karan: I promise I won’t ever do this again Ma
Neha: Can we have dinner now?
Ria: Okay Neha (smiling)
Tia: See Mr. Karan your family loves (in tears)
Karan: I love them too and I love you too (kissing her on the head)
Tia: I love you too (hugging him)
Karan: Now let’s go have dinner because I know you’re starving
Tia: Yes and I bought Pizza before too
Karan: Of course Tia
Tia: He-he (doing a pose)
Tanya is running towards Siddharth house…. Then Siddharth is thinking about everything… Bihaan and Thapki have a funny and cute phone conversation… Karan, Tia, Neha and Ria are having some funny moments… But Karan is still upset about meeting his brother after ages… Kabir is crying in his room remembering the moments with his brother… A lady is exposing her plan to the people and lastly a girl comes out of a car…
Episode ends.
Moral-“Sometimes you need to give yourself another chance…. Don’t judge anyone without knowing them… Just support them and smile… But remember when you’re hurt badly… just remember those people who will always love you”
(Also I am suffering through a lot… and I am in a depression mood nowadays…. ~Nusz)

Recap: Sid and Tia will be talking about their childhood memories. Sid and Tanya will confess their feelings to each other… A lady is burning a picture of someone…. Karan and Kabir come face to face again…. Thahaan romantic date… Tia wants to find out about Karan’s past and she will try to make him happy again by taking him on a date…
Spoilers: A lady is planning to kill someone… Siddharth and Tanya will go on a date and find out something shocking… Dhruv and Aditi want to open up their relationship in front of their family… Thapki will slap Aditi… A big twist will be happening on episode (19- 20-22) but the romance will bring them closer and lastly Sid will find out Tia is his sister.
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys this is my fourteen episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Sunday April 17th 2016 or Monday April 18th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

Credit to: nusz(T!B!H)

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