Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 12


Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 12
Hiiiiiii guys its nusz back with your favorite story Destiny vs. love. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me reach to 130!!! Comments!!! And we have reached Twelve episodes!!!!. I love you all so much. Also I am making this Ff at least 110-120 episodes now!!~nusz. I also want to mention thank you so much for enjoying my ff and already supporting me, please do like always ~nusz. By the way guys I will be adding some lyrics in the episode from every song I add, so you could understand the feelings through the ff. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars :>~Nusz). But guys if you do read my ff… Please do comment your ideas! ~Nusz aha. Aha
( FF about Thaahan+Tiran+Taharth )

At Karan’s house (In morning)
At the dining table Tia is sitting alone with a cup of tea on the table. All of a sudden Karan comes
Karan: Good morning Tia (kissing her on the head)
Tia: Good morning (looking depressed)
Karan: Are you still worried about Thapki?
Tia: Yes I am worried about her.
Karan: Tia, I know how you feel but you shouldn’t just be sad the whole time
Tia: What do you mean??? That stupid Bihaan always blames Thapki
Karan: Okay I understand that (Whispers Pagal Tia)
Tia: You understand nothing
Karan: Don’t start again please
Tia: You’re such a bully
Karan: Okay I won’t call you that ever again
Neha: Hey Bhai and Tia
Tia: Hi tomato, your brother is bullying me
Karan: I was not; she was depressed about her friend so I was helping her out
Tia: Lying is a sin
Ria: Do you two fight every day?
Tia: He starts the fights
Neha: Okay I am going to leave
Karan: Where are you going?
Tia: Stalking is not a good thing Mr. Karan
Karan: She’s my sister (making an angry face)
Tia: I was joking, geez angry monster
Neha: Ma and I are going outside for some conference
Karan: What conference?
Neha: It’s for this university thing
Karan: But you already finished university
Ria: Karan stop asking her questions and were going to my friend’s house
Karan: Oh okay
Tia: You’re so over protective
Karan: Really now? (Making an angry face)
Ria: Okay I will see you two later
Karan: Okay Ma
Neha: Bye Bhai and Tia!!!
Tia: Bye tomato
Karan: Bye!

Tia: Mr. Karan (putting her arms around his neck)
Karan: Oh when did you get so romantic??
Tia: Let’s watch something on my I pad
Karan: Oh wow
Tia: Nice try (pinching his nose and leaves)
Karan (in mind): you’re the sweetest girl I know Tia
At Thapki’s house
Aditi: Ma I can’t find my shoes
Poonam: It’s right here
Aditi: Oh thank you
Poonam: Do you remember tomorrow
Aditi: Yes Shubh and Papa are coming back tomorrow… Yes Ma I know that
Poonam: Okay did you eat your breakfast?
Aditi: Yes Ma, I am going to be late for College (kissing her on the cheeks)
All of a sudden Thapki enters the living room
Aditi: Dii, where were you yesterday?
Thapki: Hey Aditi, I went to meet Tia yesterday (pretending to be happy)
Aditi: She’s back??
Thapki: Yes she is
Aditi: I would love to talk but I am going to be late for college
Thapki: Okay I will see you later
Aditi: Bye Dii (hugging her)
Poonam: Are you going to work today?
Thapki: No Ma…
Poonam: But don’t you have work today?
Thapki: I don’t have to go
Poonam: Okay Thapki, I will make you breakfast
Thapki: I will help you
Poonam: Okay

Siddharth’s house
Sid was looking at a childhood picture of Tia.
Sid: Good morning my little sister, guess what??? Next week is Ma’s birthday… It hard to forget Ma and you… I don’t know where you’re but I will find out…
All of sudden he gets a phone call
Sid: Hello?
Dhruv: Hey Sid, so what’s the plan?
Sid: Don’t worry Dhruv
Dhruv: Okay I will call you later
Sid: Is there something wrong?
Dhruv: No, I am just busy talking to someone
Sid: Oh okay, I will talk to you later
Outside College
Dhruv: Sorry Jaan
Aditi: You’re busy everyday now and you never spend time with me
Dhruv: You know I am really busy with work
Aditi: I know but I really wanna go out with you
Dhruv: I promise tomorrow Jaan
Aditi: Okay, you can’t break promise this time
Dhruv: Okay I won’t and I am going to be late for work (kissing her on the forehead)
Aditi: Bye I will call you later (smiling)

At Pandey family’s house
Tanya(in mind): Great this stupid Bihaan’s family comes back tomorrow morning
All of a sudden Tanya gets a phone call
Sid: Hello beautiful, I missed you so much
Tanya: Um, how did you get my number?
Sid: I just know it
Tanya: Why are you always bothering me?
Sid: Because I like you and I want to take you out
Tanya: I barely know you though
Sid: So you’re rejecting me?
Tanya (in mind): If I reject him… I won’t get what I want…
Sid (in mind): Now watch Tanya how I make you fall into my trap
Tanya: Fine, where do you want to go out?
Sid: Meet me near the coffee shop the famous one
Tanya: Why there???
Sid: I like it there
Tanya: Ugh fine
Sid: Okay beautiful, I will see you there
Tanya (in mind): This guy is more annoying then Bihaan
Sid (In mind): I hope you’re ready for this Tanya
At the Indian reporting centre
Bihaan: SASHA
Sasha: Yes sir
Bihaan: Where the hell is Thapki?
Sasha: She didn’t come to work today
Bihaan: What? Are you sure??
Sasha: Yes sir
Bihaan: Okay thanks for telling me
Bihaan (in mind): This stupid Thapki is driving me insane

At Karan’s house
Karan: This picture is hilarious (laughing)
Tia: I still look cute because I have dimples remember
Karan: Not funny anymore
Tia: Look at your picture
Karan: How did you get my childhood picture?
Tia: Auntie gave it to me (sticking her tongue out)
Karan: Delete this right now
Tia: No you look like a cutie pie (pinching his cheeks)
Karan: What’s wrong with you today?
Tia: I AM TIA SHARMA (Dancing on the table)
Karan: Have you lost it Tia?
Tia: Noooo noooooo Mr. Karan I have not
Karan: Look this picture of yours
Tia: Hey you changed the picture
Karan: Oh my god you look so funny
Tia: No fair Mr. Karan
Karan: I am joking (hugging her)
Tia: Wait I forgot to do something
Karan: What did you forget to do?
Tia: I have to meet Thapki today
Karan: You want me to drop you off
Tia: No it’s okay, I’ll manage
Karan: Are you sure??
Tia: Yes (pinching her own cheeks)
Karan: So when do I see you again Ms.Tia (coming closer to her)
Tia: I will be back soon (hugging him)
Karan: Okay I will see you soon (kissing her on the forehead)
Tia: Wait where are you going?
Karan: I’ve work remember
Tia: Oh yea
Karan: Bye Tia
Tia (in mind): I am sorry I lied to you Karan… But I am going to go meet that Bihaan Pandey and teach him a lesson

At Thapki’s house
Thapki goes back to her room after helping her mom with the housework. She sits on her bed and thinks about stuff and all of a sudden she sees Bihaan…
Thapki: Bihaan what are you doing here?
Bihaan: Hush (putting his fingers on her lips)
Bihaan: Thapki, why do you have to hide your feelings??? I know you like me… Please don’t cry or it will hurt me…
(Agar tum saath ho plays) Pal bhar thahar jaao Dil ye sambhal jaaye Kaise tumhe roka karun Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye Aankhon mein tum ko bharun Bin bole baatein tumse karun ‘gar tum saath ho..Agar tum saath ho Behti rehti..Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein‘gar tum saath ho
All of a sudden Thapki opens her eyes and it was all a dream…
Thapki: Why can’t I get him out of my mind…?
Tia: I know!!!
Thapki: Tia????

At the coffee shop
Sid(in mind): This girl is taking forever
Tanya: Hello I am here
Sid: Oh Tanya you made it
Tanya: So why did you call me here?
Sid: So we can get to know each other better
Tanya: Um why??
Sid: Can’t we be friends??
Tanya: But I barely know you
Sid: Fine but can I ask you something?
Tanya: Okay I guess
Sid: Do you actually like Bihaan??
Tanya: Yes I do like Bihaan
Sid: Or do you like wealth???
Tanya: What rubbish are you talking about?
Sid: I know you don’t you like him and you only like his wealth
Tanya: You’re wasting my time
Sid (In mind): I know you’re lying and I will bring your truth out
Tanya: You just called me here for no reason
Sid: Do you want to go to the park for a walk??
Tanya: Sure I guess
Sid: Okay let’s go

At Thapki’s house
Tia: What’s wrong with you Thapki?? Why do you always look after other people’s happiness but not yours?
Thapki: Look Tia I don’t wanna talk about this
Tia: You’re acting so foolish
Thapki: What do you mean?
Tia: If you like Bihaan then why don’t you tell him?
Thapki: Have you lost it or what?? Why on earth would Bihaan like a girl who stammers??
Thapki: I am just saying the truth
Tia: You know I shouldn’t have came here
Thapki: Then you should leave
Tia: But remember Thapki, I will tell Bihaan myself that he hurt you
Thapki: TIA WAIT
Tia: No Thapki, I can’t see you hurt anymore… Now it’s my turn to help my sister
Thapki: Tia please I beg you
Tia: No way Thapki and this time I will make you smile all by myself
Thapki: No listen to me (Crying)
Tia leaves crying

At the park
Sid: So why did you leave Bihaan for three years??
Tanya: I had many issues… After Papa died I had to take care of Ma… and I had to face many problems…
Sid: Then why do you act so rude…?
Tanya: I wouldn’t lie about my family… They are everything to me
Sid: Then why are you back for Bihaan?
Tanya: Because I love him???
Sid: No you don’t
Tanya: Yes I do
All of a sudden a goon teases Tanya
Goon: Hey beautiful wanna go for a car ride (touching her)
Sid gets so angry and punches the goon the face… Tanya sees how Sid is saving her… The goon pushes Sid and he falls… His hand starts bleeding
Tanya: Sid are you okay??
Sid: I am fine
Tanya: It’s bleeding; I have a cloth with me and I will put it around your hand
Sid(in mind): Why do I see pain in your eyes?? Why are you innocent but why do you act so rude and selfish?
Tanya: Look it was a goon teasing me… Nothing happened
(Hai dil ye mera plays) Hai dil ye mera Mujhe hardum ye poochta:Kyun hai mujhe tujhse itni wafaa.. Kyun teri hasrat Hai har khwahish se badhkar mujhe Kyun naam tera hi leti zubaan.. “Saathi tera bann jaaun” Kyun hai yeh junoon! Har aansun tera pee jaaun Or de du sukoon Har din tujhko chaahun Teri raah takun…Apni baahon mein tujhko Main salamat rakhun…
Tanya (in mind): Why do I feel weird around you…?
Sid: Tanya are you okay??
Tanya: Let’s leave from here
Sid: Tanya can I ask you something???
Tanya: Sure (giving a side smile)
Sid: Do you want to go to a party with me??
Tanya: What’s the party for??
Sid: It’s for this conference celebration
Tanya: When is it??
Sid: Tomorrow at 8pm??
Tanya: Fine (giving a big smile)
Sid: I will see you then???
Tanya: Alright
Sid: Also it’s traditional clothes
Tanya: Traditional??
Sid: Yes and (whispers in her ears) You look beautiful in traditional clothes…
Tanya: How would you know that???
Sid: I just know everything Tanya
Tanya: But how?
Sid: I will pick you up at 8pm tomorrow beautiful…
Tanya: Pagal Ladka (Crazy boy) But why do I feel so innocent around you… I was suppose to get your property… But now I feel something different…
Sid: I can see the change in you… But I promise you will be hurt badly Tanya

At the Indian reporting centre
Bihaan: Yes stupid Thapki is driving me insane… Great now I have to go to her house
All of a sudden bumps into someone
Tia: Oh look its Bihaan Pandey the greatest man in the world
Bihaan: Tia, where on earth were you for the past two months?
Tia: Why do you care?? It’s my life
Bihaan: Um because you work here
Tia: Not anymore, I quit the job a month ago
Bihaan: Okay??
Tia: Also Bihaan Pandey listen to me carefully
Bihaan: Tia what’s wrong with you today?
Tia: Stop hurting my friend Thapki… Oh and also you should watch your mouth
Bihaan: Oh so Thapki sent you here so you can say stupid stuff about me… This girl can’t keep her mouth shut.
Bihaan: Why are you always taking her side??
Tia: You know something… She shouldn’t like someone like you
Bihaan: What do you mean by like??
Tia: Forget it and also keep this in your mind if you hurt Thapki again… I swear to god I will teach you a lesson and you will suffer. (She leaves)
Bihaan (in mind): Why does everyone think I like Thapki…?
While Tia was walking through the streets she bumps into someone
Tia: Oh my god I am so sorry
Guy: No it’s okay, are you fine?? (Face is shown and it’s Sid)
Tia: Yes I am fine and sorry I dropped your stuff
Sid: No it’s okay I will manage (he sees her)
Tia: Sorry once again (She leaves)
Sid (in mind): Why does it feel like I know her…?

At Thapki’s house
Thapki: I need to call Tia before she tells Bihaan anything
Tia: You don’t have too
Thapki: Tia!!! Look please don’t tell Bihaan anything
Tia: I already did
Tia: I only told him to stop hurting you
Thapki: But Tia you didn’t have to do that
Tia: Look you’re my best friend actually more than that you’re my sister and you know something I would give up my life for you
Thapki: Please don’t say that because without you I am nowhere
Tia: I am sorry for screaming at you
Thapki: I am sorry for blaming you (giving a big hug)
Tia: I love you my sissy (crying and hugging her)
Thapki: I love you too sissy

Outside Thapki’s house
Sid: Excuse me Auntie; do you know where Thapki lives?
Auntie: Yes go straight ahead and you will see a brown house (smiling)
Sid: Thank you (smiling)
At Thapki’s house
Tia: Oh my god remember in sixth grade when we read this stupid book
Thapki: That funny book with elephants (laughing so much)
Tia: Yes that book and by the way where’s Auntie??
Thapki: She went to the next neighbor’s house
Tia: I have an idea
Thapki: What is it??
Tia: Let’s make pizza??
Thapki: I had a feeling you would say that Tia
Tia: Please Thapki
Thapki: Fine let’s go

Outside Thapki’s house
Sid: I think this is Thapki’s house (ringing the door bell)
Tia: I will get the door Thapki
Thapki: Okay thanks Tia
Tia opens the door and is shocked to see Sid
Sid: Oh hello does Thapki live here??
Tia: Hey you were that guy I bumped into earlier
Sid: Oh hey and sorry about before
Tia: No it was my fault and yes Thapki does live here
Sid: Oh really thank god I didn’t go to some random person’s house
Tia: Yea (laughing) I will call Thapki and come inside
Sid: Oh thank you

At the kitchen
Thapki: Why are you screaming??
Tia: Someone is here to meet you?
Thapki: Who??
Tia: I don’t know
Thapki: Okay I will be right back
In the living room
Sid: Oh hello Thapki
Thapki: Sid sir, what are you doing here??
Sid: Oh I shouldn’t be here??
Thapki: No I mean how did you find my house?
Sid: Well you see I am really smart
Thapki: Well I am happy you’re here
Sid: Oh really??
Thapki: Yes we’re having Pizza and you can join us
Sid: Well Thapki I only came here to tell you something
Thapki: Oh what is it Sid sir?
Sid: Well I am having a conference party at my house tomorrow
Thapki: Oh really that’s great
Sid: Also I want you to come there
Thapki: But why do I have to come?
Sid: Well you see you work for Bihaan’s company and I am his partner for the next project
Thapki: Do I have to come?
Sid: Yes Thapki you have to come
Thapki: Oh okay but what time is the party?
Sid: It’s at 8pm and the dress code is traditional
Thapki: Oh you I will come tomorrow for the party.
Thapki: Tia relax I am coming
All of a sudden Sid gets a phone call so he doesn’t hear her name
Sid: Okay Thapki I will see you at tomorrow at 8pm
Thapki: Okay Sid sir, I will see you then

At Karan’s house
Karan: Tia???
Neha: Hey Bhai
Karan: Hey Neha, did you see Tia??
Neha: Oh she’s still at her friend’s house
Karan: Oh okay thanks and wait where is Ma?
Ria: I am here Karan
Karan: Okay Ma, I am going out to pick up Tia
Ria: Okay by the way you got invited to some conference party tomorrow at 8pm
Karan: Really??
Ria: Here’s the card
Karan: Thanks Ma I will be back soon
Ria: Okay I will see you later.
Pandey family’s house
Bihaan is punches his punching bag
Tanya hears all this
Tanya: Great the Thapki drama started again
Bihaan: There is something about Thapki because every time I see her I feel so weird…
All of a sudden Tanya gets a call
Tanya: Ugh this stupid phone had to ring now
Sid: Hi Tanya
Tanya: Sid is that you?
Sid: Yes the one and only Siddharth Khurana
Tanya: Okay why are you calling me??
Sid: Well today I wanted to have a basketball match
Tanya: Okay and why are you telling me all this??
Sid: Well I want to you come to the basketball court at 7pm today
Tanya: First you ask me for this party and now this basketball match idea??
Sid: Come on it will be so much fun
Tanya: Who’s coming?
Sid: Well bring along Bihaan
Tanya: Okay why are you asking me to do many things?
Sid: Just bring him along okay beautiful
Tanya: Okay whatever
Sid (in mind): Somehow I need to bring Thapki her… But first I need to meet Dhruv

At Thapki’s house
Thapki: So the pizza is finally cooked
Someone rings the doorbell
Tia: I will get it
Thapki: Alright I will set up the table
Tia: Hello (opening the door)
Karan: Hello Ms. Tia Sharma
Tia: MR. KARAN (Giving him a big hug)
Karan: Hi I missed you, so I came to meet you
Tia: That’s awesome come inside
Thapki: Tia why are you screaming?
Karan: Hi Thapki, how are you feeling?
Thapki: Karan what are you doing here?
Karan: Tia you still haven’t told her about us (making an angry face)
Tia: Not really actually noo
Thapki: Didn’t tell me what?
Tia: Well sit down and have pizza while I tell you the story
At Pandey family’s house
Tanya knocks at Bihaan’s door
Bihaan: What do you want Tanya?
Tanya: Sid called and he told me to tell you
Bihaan: What is it??
Tanya tells him the whole story
Bihaan: Today at 7pm??
Tanya: Yes he said
Bihaan: Okay I will see, now please the room
Tanya: But he said you have to come
Bihaan: Look I will tell him myself
Tanya: Okay then
Bihaan (in mind): I think I should go to the basketball court so I can forget about this Thapki that’s keep popping up in my head.
Outside Siddharth house
Dhruv: So you want Thapki to come to the basketball court for a match???
Sid: Yes that’s the best plan
Sid: Okay I think we should stop (laughing)
Dhruv: So how do we bring Thapki??
Sid: Let’s go to her house
Sid: Why on earth are you screaming like a monkey?
Dhruv: I was screaming??
Sid: No not at all you were whispering
Dhruv: Ha-ha very funny
Sid: Okay let’s go
Dhruv (in mind): oh my god if anyone finds out about me and Aditi…. I am screwed
Sid: Yo Dhruv are you coming or what?
Dhruv: Wait I am coming
At Thapki’s house
Tia: I am so sorry Thapki
Thapki: Well are you happy with him??
Tia: Yes I am Thapki
Karan: Thapki I know I was rude to you… But I honestly love Tia a lot…
Thapki: I can see that
Tia: So are you okay with us being together?
Thapki: Why are you asking me this?? You guys are really cute together… In fact I saw him crying for you at the hospital… He does love you a lot
Tia: I know and I am really happy his in my life (winking at Karan)
Karan: Oh god (starts coughing)
Thapki: Karan are you okay?
Karan: No I am in love
Thapki: What???
Karan: I mean I am totally fine
Tia: Oh my god (laughing)
Thapki: Wow Karan really loves you (laughing)
Karan: Come on guys don’t make fun of me (making an angry face)
Thapki: So when are you guys planning to get married? (Laughing)
Karan: Hey Thapki no fair
Thapki: I am only joking (Laughing)
Tia: EVERYONE LISTEN TO ME (standing on the chair)
Karan: Here we start again (slapping his head)
Thapki: Karan you have to get use to this (laughing)
Karan: I am trying
All of a sudden someone rings the doorbell
Thapki: I will get the door
All of a sudden Tia slips and falls on Karan’s lap
Karan: Well Ms. Tia you’re acting so romantic today
Tia: Hey (hitting him and laughing)
Karan: Well after all you’re my Tia (laughing at her)
Near the door
Dhruv: Hi Thapki
Thapki: Dhruv sir?
Sid: Hello again Thapki
Thapki: Sid sir??
Sid: Can we come in??
Thapki: Of course
Tia: Karan this is not the time to romance… People are going to see us
Karan: Let them (pulling her closer)
Thapki: Tia!! Karan?? Come to the living room
Tia: I am coming (running away from Karan)
Tia: Hey it’s you again?? And hey Dhruv
Dhruv: Oh hey Tia, how are you??
Tia; I am great
Sid: Hey I didn’t get to know your name before because I had to leave
Tia: My name is Tia
Sid: Tia…. I’ve heard the name many times
All of a sudden Karan enters the room
Dhruv: Hey Karan
Karan: Hi Dhruv, how’s your business going??
Dhruv: It’s going great (all of a sudden gets a phone call)
Dhruv: Um I have to go
Sid: Where are you going??
Dhruv: I have to meet a client
Sid: Okay then
Dhruv: Sorry, it’s really urgent just tell me everything that happens and I can I talk to you outside for two minutes
Sid: Now?? Why didn’t you tell me before?
Dhruv: Just come with me (pulling him outside)
Sid: I will be right back
Thapki: Oh okay
Tia finds something fishy and follows them
Dhruv: Listen to me… How on earth are you going to tell Thapki to come to the basketball court??
Sid: I have no idea
Dhruv: You’re insane… No one here knows your plan… but me
Sid: Yea I know that
Tia: What plan are you guys talking about??
Dhruv: Tia…
Tia: I would love to know about it
Dhruv: I think we should tell her about the plan
Sid: Why her??
Dhruv: Because you idiot she’s Thapki’s best friend
Sid: Can she even keep a secret?
Dhruv: Can you ever shut up?
Sid: You idiot
Tia: Okay can you guys tell me what’s going on?
Dhruv: I will tell you everything
Dhruv explains the whole story about Tanya trying to kill Thapki… Then he tells her how Thapki likes Bihaan… But Tanya is trying to spilt them apart
Dhruv: Relax Tia… I know how you feel
Sid: So can you help us by making Bihaan and Thapki a couple??
Tanya: I am in because I seen the love in her eyes for him
Sid: I have seen it too…
Dhruv: Let’s make Thahaan a couple
Sid: What on earth is a Thahaan?
Dhruv: You idiot Thahaan equals Thapki and Bihaan (slapping his head)
Sid: Oh I get it!!
Tia: Really guys (laughing)
Sid: Okay let’s make Thahaan one!!! (They all shake hands)
Dhruv: Okay I have to go
Sid: Okay I will see you later
Dhruv: Bye Sid and Tia
Tia: Bye bye
Sid: Okay let’s go back inside
Tia: Okay (smiling at him)
Thapki: Oh my god Karan you guys are so cute in this picture
Tia (in mind): I am so happy to see Thapki smiling… Thanks Karan for always being there for me…
Karan: Not only that she was singing some random song (Laughing)
Sid: Well guys I am back
Thapki: Oh Sid sir, what were you saying before?
Sid: Well can you come to the basketball court for a game at 7pm today??
Karan: What us too??
Sid: Come on guys please!!
Thapki: I don’t play basketball though
Tia: Please Thapki… It will be so much fun I promise
Karan: Fine just because Tia is forcing us
Thapki: But I don’t like basketball and I don’t know how to play it either
Karan: Hey Thapki, I will teach you because you’re my sister and I am always here to help!!!
Tia (in mind): I am honestly happy Thapki and Karan are finally friends… I just hope Thapki and Bihaan become one and I find information about my family…
Thapki: Okay I will come!!! (Smiling at Karan)
Sid(in mind): Now I will make Thapki and Bihaan one and I will make Tanya suffer… I just hope everything works out well and I find out where my sister is… (He doesn’t know Tia’s last name because Tia’s actual name is Tia Khurana not Tia Sharma…)
Sid: Okay guys I will see you in two hours
Tia: I will drop you outside
Sid: Okay
Karan: Thapki I will show you more pictures
Thapki: Okay (smiling)
Outside Thapki’s house
Tia: What are you going to do about Tanya??
Sid: I think she will realize her mistake
Tia: I swear to god I feel like punching her on the face
Sid: Don’t worry Tia!! She will learn her lesson!!
A couples hours later

At the movie theatre
Dhruv: I am so sorry for coming late
Aditi: I hate you so much!!!
Dhruv: I am really sorry Aditi (Pulling his ears)
Aditi: The movie already finished
Dhruv: I know and I am really sorry
Aditi: I am leaving
Dhruv: Wait Aditi (pulling her closer)
Aditi: What are you doing??
Dhruv: Let’s go watch superman Vs batman
Aditi: REALLY!!!!!!!!!!
Dhruv: Yes I got the tickets yesterday
Aditi: Oh my god I love you so much (hugging him)
Dhruv: When you’re smiling it makes me happy
Aditi: Oh so I look ugly when I am angry??
Dhruv: No I didn’t say that
Aditi: Well it seems like (pulling his collar)
Dhruv: Whoa Aditi too much romance and do you wanna miss the movie?
Aditi: I wasn’t romancing I was going to slap your head
Dhruv: Very funny now let’s go Aditi
Couples hours later at Pandey family’s house
Tanya: Bihaan so are you coming to the basketball court?
Bihaan: Yes I am let’s go
Tanya: Okay then
At Thapki’s house
Tia: These jogging outfits looking so pretty on me
Karan: It looks dashing (coming from the back and hugs her)
Tia: Oh you’re wearing jogging outfits too (putting her arms around his neck)
Karan: Well you see Ms. Tia we are going to play basketball not dance at a wedding
Tia: Very funny Mr. Karan (pinching his cheeks)
Karan: Stop pinching my cheeks
All of a sudden Thapki walks in
Thapki: Hey Tia are you ready?? Oh god wrong timing
Tia: No you can come inside (breaking the hug)
Thapki: Wow you guys are ready already?
Karan: Yes are you finished Thapki??
Tia: Yes we’re let’s go
Thapki: Okay (laughing)
Thapki: By the way you look beautiful Thapki
Thapki: Thank you Tia… So do you!!!
Karan: Guys are you coming?
Thapki: Yea (smiling)
Tia: Let’s go (pulling Thapki to the door)
At the basketball court
Sid: Oh god where are they??
Bihaan: Were here
Sid: Bihaan!! (Giving him a hug)
Tanya: So it’s only us three
Sid: No other people are coming
Bihaan: Who else is coming??
Tia: Were here too Sid!!!
Sid: Tia I am glad you made it!! Where’s Karan and Thapki??
Tanya: Wait a minute who invited stupid Thapki
Sid: Tia relax (making an angry face at Tanya)
Tanya: Oh so your Thapki’s best friend?? Aw I feel pity for you
Tia: Look you stupid girl talk properly or I will punch you so hard
Tanya: Oh really?

Karan and Thapki come there and Thapki is totally shocked to see Bihaan
Thapki (in mind): Oh my god what is Bihaan doing here??
Sid: Guys relax this is a game so let’s play fair
Karan: Wait I am so confused, why are you all fighting
Sid: I have no idea let’s decide our teams
Bihaan (in mind): Oh my god I wanted to get Thapki out of my mind… Now she’s right in front of me…
Tanya (in mind): Great now Bihaan and Thapki will get even closer… I need to do something
Sid: Well I am going to choose the teams (winking at Tia)
Tia: I will help you (winking at Sid)
Tanya: That’s stupid, can’t we choose our own teams…
Tia: You stupid girl he called us here so gets to choose
Tanya: Hey don’t talk to me like that (she snaps at her)
Thapki: Tia don’t fight with this selfish girl, she is no use
Sid: Ha-ha okay guys let’s stop fighting
Karan: Tanya if you talk to Tia and Thapki like that I swear to god
Tia: Karan just forget it
Bihaan: Tanya stop acting like this (making an angry face at her)
Bihaan: Okay Sid you choose the teams
Sid: Okay first team is Karan, Tanya and Bihaan and Second team is Thapki, Tia and I.
Tia: That’s great, let’s start the game
Tanya (in mind): Oh my god I can’t let them come close to each other
Sid: “whispers in Tia’s ears” Remember when I wink at you push Thapki near Bihaan
Tia: Don’t worry I got this after all I am Tia Sharma
Sid: Great (giving her a high five)
At the movie theatre
Dhruv: Aditi do you like this movie?
Aditi: This is the best movie ever and I feel like crying
Dhruv: Crying?? No one is dying
Aditi: I feel like crying because my popcorn is finished
Dhruv: Really now??
Aditi: I am joking (putting her head on his shoulder)
Dhruv: I am happy you’re enjoying it
Aditi: I am happy because we’re finally spending time together
Dhruv: Me too (smiling)
Back at the basketball court
Sid: Let’s start

Thirty minutes later
Bihaan: Karan pass the ball
Karan: Here take it and run
Sid: Now I got the ball (pushes Karan)
Tia: I got it (shoots in the hole)
Karan: Now I have the ball
Tanya: Yo pass it to me
Karan: Here (passes the ball to Tanya)
Bihaan: You can’t play (takes the ball from her)
Tanya (in mind): Oh no his going to bump into Thapki… I need to stop him
Sid winks at Tia and Tia pushes Thapki on Bihaan
Sid(in mind): Great now I have to stop Tanya
While Sid trips Tanya and they fall on the ground
Tanya is on top of Sid and they have an eye lock for a very long time While Thapki and Bihaan are staring at each other… While (Sab tera plays) Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi Tujhse hoke judaa sun zara Bin tere mujhse naaraaz tha dil Tu mila hai toh hai keh raha Main toh tere rang mein Rang chuka hoon Bas tera ban chuka hoon Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera Main toh tere dhang mein Dhal chuki hoon Bas teri ban chuki hoon Mera mujhme kuch nahi Sab tera, sab tera.. Sab tera, sab tera..
Karan: What on earth is going on here?
Tia: Oh god (laughing so much)
Karan: Not funny
Sid and Tanya get up and Thapki and Bihaan apart away.
Sid: Well Tia this plan was a flop
Tanya: I am leaving this stupid game
Karan: Guys we have been playing for an hour almost
Thapki: I wanna go home…
Sid: Okay guys… But are you guys still coming to the conference party tomorrow??
Bihaan: Don’t worry I will be there…
Bihaan (In mind): This stupid girl is driving me insane (he leaves)
Karan: Yes Tia, Thapki and I are coming…
Sid: That’s prefect!!! And Tia I will call you later
Tia: Okay!!!!
Thapki (in mind): Bihaan why don’t you realize anything…
Outside Thapki’s house
Dhruv: So did you like the movie??
Aditi: IT WAS REALLY GOOD (giving him a big hug)
Dhruv: Okay I will call you tomorrow
Aditi: Bye (kissing him on the cheeks)

At Karan’s house
Neha: We’re where you guys??
Tia: We went to play basketball and it was so much fun!!!!
Karan: Clearly I am so damn tired!!!
Neha: Everyone is sleeping
Karan: I know I can see that
Neha: Okay guys I am going back to sleep
Tia: Okay tomato
Karan: Wait Tia (pulling her closer)
Tia: What now??
Karan: Well you see we couldn’t romance the whole day (trying to pull her closer)
Tia: Well Mr. Romance… Its bed time and we will have to talk about this tomorrow (putting her hands around his neck)
Karan: Oh really my beautiful Tia
Tia: Yes Mr. Karan
Karan: Tia??
Tia: yes??
Karan: I love you (kissing her on the forehead)
Tia: I love you too (kissing him on the cheeks before leaving)
Karan: Goodnight
Tia: Goodnight (smiling)

At Thapki’s house
Poonam: Hey Aditi and Thapki where did you two go??
Aditi: I was at my friend’s house (lying to her mom)
Thapki: I went to play basketball with Tia and them…
Aditi: Wow that seems fun
Thapki: I am going to bed
Poonam: Wait you didn’t have dinner yet??
Thapki: I already did Ma… I will see you tomorrow
Poonam: Okay Thapki, goodnight
Aditi: Well I am starving
Poonam: Like always
Aditi: Ma!!!
Poonam: I was only joking, now let’s eat

At Thapki’s room
Thapki: I don’t know why… But every time I get closer to you… I feel like I am the happiest girl… But I know if you don’t love me… so I have no hope…
Everyone’s house
Tia and Thapki are choosing dresses for the party at 8pm…While Sid and Tia talk on the phone about the planning… Karan comes visits Thapki and Tia and picks them up… Tanya is trying to look beautiful and Bihaan is trying his best to get Thapki out of his mind.
At Siddharth house (7:45pm)
Sid: Well the party is looking well organized
Guy: Thank you sir
Tia: Hey Siddu!!!
Sid: Tia!!!!!
Tia: Wow your party looks beautiful
Sid: Thank you so much Tia!!
Karan: Well Siddharth I love the decoration it’s well standard
Sid: Thank you Karan
Tia: Mr. Karan where’s Thapki?
Karan: I think she’s still outside
Tia: Can you get her??
Karan: Yea sure
Tia: Siddu listen to me (whispering to him)
Sid: Yea I know everything I planned out will workout
Tia: So when will Bihaan be coming??
Sid: Tia we have a problem (turning her around towards the door)
Tia: TANYA!! What the hell is she doing here?
Sid: I have no idea
Tia: She’s going to ruin everything
Sid: Well I have to do something
Tia: Shush now, because Thapki and Karan are coming towards us
Sid: Well Thapki, I am happy you made it
Thapki: I love the decoration it’s really outstanding
Sid: Thank you Thapki.
Thapki (in mind): Oh god Bihaan is here too…
Sid: Bihaan Pandey my best bro made it to my party
Bihaan: Well you’re always my champ and I can’t say no to you.
Thapki: I will be right back, because my sari’s pin got off
Tia: oh god (winking at Sid)
Bihaan: What happened??
Karan: Is everything okay Sid??
Tanya: Are you like sick??
Sid: No I forgot my phone in my room
Bihaan: Wow Sid, I will get it for you
Sid: No you don’t have too
Tia: REALLY NOW (Making an angry face at Sid)
Bihaan: Okay I will go get it, and you guys enjoy fighting about the dumbest things
Karan: This guy has some serious issues, just like that stupid girl Tanya
Tia: I know right, you’re correct
Tanya: I am going to get a drink
Sid: Wait (whispering her ears)
Tanya: What are you doing??
Sid: Did you know… you look beautiful in white and you’re also looking beautiful than anyone else here…
Tanya: Um…
Sid: Okay beautiful, but I know you like me not Bihaan…
Tanya (in mind): I feel really weird around him….
Tia: MR.KARAN LET’S GO DANCEE (pulling his hand)
Karan: Wait Tia!!!
Sid goes upstairs and locks the door that Thapki and Bihaan are in
Sid: He-he I am the best in the whole world!!! Now they will have so much quality time together (smiling evilly)

In the room
Thapki: God why isn’t this pin getting off
Bihaan: Where on earth is Sid’s phone?
Thapki: I will ask Tia
Thapki trips and Bihaan catches her
Bihaan: Thapki, what on earth are you doing here?
Thapki: I came here to put my pin on
Bihaan: Please get of the room
Thapki: Excuse me I came here first not you
Bihaan: I have an idea, I will leave myself
Thapki: Good leave
Bihaan: What the Hell (hitting the door)
Thapki: Oh my god someone locked the door
Bihaan: Yea and this your fault

At the party Hall
Sid: Siddharth is best!!! (Dancing)
Tanya: Why are you dancing?
Sid: Because today is the best day ha-ha
Tanya: You’re weird
Tia: Actually you’re Tanya
Tanya: Great this idiot is going to drive me insane
Sid: Ignore her and I locked Thapki and Bihaan in a room
Tia: Good job (high five)
Karan: Good job for what?
Tia and Sid look at each other
Bihaan: This is your entire fault Thapki
Thapki: Why are you always blaming me for everything?
Bihaan: Because you’re the problem
Thapki: You know what is your problem, you’re selfish and mean to others without any reason.
Bihaan: Thapki don’t make me mad
Thapki: Oh what are you going to do??
Bihaan: THAPKI (Pushing her against the wall)
Thapki: What are you doing Bihaan??
Bihaan (In mind): Oh god I feel weird around her…
Thapki: Bihaan let me goo
Bihaan: Thapki… why are you always ignoring me…
Thapki: What do you mean..??
Bihaan: Why can’t you see I….
Tia: Look its being a long time, let’s get them
Karan: Tia come with me
Sid: Oh great now another issue, but first I have to get Thapki and Bihaan
Bihaan: Why can’t you see I am your friend who cares for you?
Thapki: Oh friend?? I never knew that
Bihaan: What’s your problem god dammit (hitting the wall)
Thapki: Bihaan you’re hurting me
Bihaan: Like you’re not hurting me??
Sid opens the door
Thapki: Bihaan you’re hurting my hand a lot (crying in pain)
Sid is shocked to see this and Bihaan let’s her go
Sid: Bihaan what are you doing??
Thapki leaves the room crying
Bihaan: Why can’t she understand I am her friend and I care for her?
Sid: Wow Bihaan you’re the dumbest guy I know
Bihaan: Don’t start with me or else
Sid: What are you going to do?
Bihaan: I know you locked me and Thapki in this room on purpose… and you had your phone the whole time
Sid: Oh wow you’re so smart
Bihaan: Why did you do this?
Bihaan: Love??
Sid(in mind): Oh god what did I just say
Bihaan: Thapki loves me…
At the party hall
Tia: Thapki are you okay??
Thapki: I am totally fine, let’s go over there
Tanya: Why does Thapki look like she cried?
While Siddharth tells Bihaan about Thapki’s feeling for him… Tia, Karan and Thapki are talking and Thapki is hurt badly because of the way Bihaan treated her… Tanya thinks why she feels different around Sid…
Episode ends.

(Lastly congratulations to Bipasha Basu and KSG for their wedding to take place on April 30th)
(Also I want to say we want justice for PT too, she was an amazing actress and loved by many people.)
(Lastly I want to say I am sorry there weren’t much romantic scenes but I promise the next episode will be full of romance!!)
(Wait a minute I forgot to tell you guys to read some awesome Fan-Fictions by my great friends. Asya and Huyaan: A delicate relation (by Zuha), Sanam Aur aahil- ek kahani hai 2 lafzon hi (by sunheri), Swaragini- Chand ka dusra chehra (by Halima), Desires (by Angel), Swaragini Zehnaseeb (by Sarika) and Thahaan and Asya-pyaar ki Daastan suno (by Rafaya) I am missing anyone just tell me and I will mention it next time!!! Love you all Aha.) Okay.

Moral- “When most people feel the love around them… They change into a person that they never experienced… Just think of saying Agar tum saath ho (if you’re with me)”

Recap: Dancing at the party and Thahaan romance. While Bihaan realizes his love for Thapki, Karan and Thapki will be having a talk about their past… On the other hand Sid and Tia will be talking about their childhood memories to each other. Lastly Tanya to realize her love for Sid.

Spoilers: Bihaan plans to propose Thapki… Sid will find out Tia is his sister while Karan will be shocked to see someone at his door… On the other hand Bihaan slaps Tanya for everything she caused… Tanya will change into a positive character and will be falling in love with Sid… Also Sid and Dhruv will expose Tanya’s secret (Lastly two new entries.) One entry will be positive and another will be negative which will cause many problems in everyone’s lives.
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys this is my Twelfth episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. By the way, I’m sorry if I don’t write many Hindi words it’s because I am not from India, I am from England but I do watch so many Indian dramas aha! I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you.)
Btw I’ll post the next episode on Sunday April 10th 2016 or Monday April 11th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

Credit to: nuszzz

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