Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Intro

Hi guys I’m new aha. Well I’m going to try writing stories about Bihaan and Thapki 🙂 So please bear with me. I like many couples in Telly-wood. But I will start off with Thahaan. This story is nothing like the ongoing track. So enjoy a different twist in this Fan-Fiction. There are many characters in this ff. But I added three for now. I will add the rest between the paragraphs when a new name appears. I’m planning to do at least 25-30 episodes it depends. I’ll post every episode Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. I’ll try to be on every day.
Manish Goplani as Bihaan Balvinder Pandey (Main Male Lead & Protagonist)
His rude and selfish. His a business man who loves his family a lot. He really hates girls.
He had several girlfriends.
He loves playing pranks.
He loves his family.
But there is a reason why he hates girls.

Jigyasa Singh as Thapki (Vani) (Main Female Lead & Protagonist)
She’s sweet
Always helping others.
She could do anything for her family.
She wants to become a reporter.
She wants to marry a guy who will expect her even though she stammers

Ankit Bathla Dhruv Balvinder Pandey
Bihaan’s brother and believes in his family.
He loves sweet and helpful
Always helps his brother out
The story is about a girl name Thapki who really loves her family a lot. Her younger sister Aditi (Sheena Bajaj) and she are really close. Thapki always followed her father’s footsteps. Krishnakanth Chaturvedi (Shakti Singh) Thapki’s father use to have his own business but due to financial issues he lost his job. Thapki always helped her mother poonam (Prateeksha Lonkar) with anything and everything. Many people hated Thapki because of her stammering but she never gave up on hope. Thapki had many friends but most of them were “fake friends”. She only trusted one friend who was her best friend Tia (Surbhi Jyoti).They would always trust each other and Tia was always there to help out Thapki. Tia and Thapki applied for a job at the Indian reporting center where Bihaan and Dhruv were the bosses for the company. They both got expected and were called for an interview.

Bihaan and Dhruv were own has the best brothers. They both trusted each other. Their father Balvinder Pandey (Jairoop Jeevan) loved them so much. But Bihaan was a bit strict because Balvinder was closer to Dhruv but Bihaan didn’t care. Their mother Vasundhara Pandey (Jaya Bhattacharya) was an idol mother who always wanted her sons to achieve their goals.

This is an intro. I’ll post the story later. But please no harsh comments. Please give me good opinions on my actual episode when I am going to start writing. But this is the beginning there is more characters because I only wrote a few. I just hope you will like my story. Till then please enjoy the intro and tell me if you want me to add anything and no harsh comments aha!

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  1. Nice intro….,
    Here no one give harsh comments., Bcoz Thahaan fans are very sweet. U receives only sweet comments & some suggestions. So don’t worry, u carry on. We will support you….

  2. nice one yar we always encourage a thahaan fan who write ff.
    loved the intro.
    try to be regular

  3. Yeah i agree with anu n nishi that here thahaan fans r sooo sweet n decent.u won’t get any harsh comments,always get suggestions n i come to story so it’s really good n i like it..intro is so good n different..but one thing is please will try to b regular or atleast try to keep on updating..there’s no problem in alternative updates but never go off sudden or without prior notice ciz v always attach emotionally with good stories so it feels bad when u guys go off i stop my buk buk…

  4. i think everything is fine and the characters personality are same …and i believe bihaan is rude but not selfish
    excited for the first episode

  5. Nice intro.Try to be regular.☺

  6. nice intro all d best for ur rest of the ff..

  7. Nice start interesting story…

  8. excited for next one.

  9. Hi, nice intro. Bihaan can be rude but not selfish and dont have several girls. He is cute rude boy. All the best.

  10. Bihaan have no several girlfriends. Thats what i meant above. Sorry.

    1. Yes Tiara, but it’s nothing like the ongoing track. I’ve changed it.

  11. Thank you so much. I’ll be writing the actual episode in awhile and I’m from Europe so I’ll try my best to add some Hindi words. ((:

  12. Good introduction …..waiting for story. …

  13. This is beautiful nusz!

  14. Oohhh really r u from europe….now v have international thahaan fan in our association…bTW it’s good n never b stressful about hindi words..just write it down the way u have decided…all the best

    1. Yes Pritbha, I’m European and Canadian. I’ve written the first episode. Please comment if you want me to add anything. And thank you very much ((::

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