Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 8

Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 8
Hi guys it’s nusz back with your favorite story Destiny vs love. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me reach to 100 comments and more (Again). I love you all so much. Also I am making this Ff at least 80-90 episodes!!~nusz. I also want to mention thank you so much for enjoying my ff and already supporting me, please do like always~nusz. By the way guys I will be adding some lyrics in the episode from every song I add, so you could understand the feelings through the ff. (Also I want to mention one more thing stop telling me not to add family drama. When I add family drama it shows love will be stronger in the future. I am from England but I was raised up in Canada and I seen this happen. I just want you guys to enjoy my story. I hate dragging but I want them to fall in love slowly so more love scenes will be added. Just support me like always and smile because you guys rock like shining stars :>~Nusz)
At Thapki’s house

Aditi: Hey Dii, how was the party?
Thapki: It was fine… I am very sleepy… So I will talk to you later…
Aditi: Oh okay then??
At the city hospital
It’s morning Karan wakes up and sees Tia sleeping. He goes near Tia and kisses her on the forehead. Then he leaves the room to get breakfast for her. A few minutes late Tia slowly gets up.
Tia: Wow, its morning already
All of a sudden Karan walks in with breakfast
Karan: Good morning Tia!!
Tia: What are you still doing here?
Karan: Well, you’re living at my house and I need to take care of you.
Tia: But I don’t need your help
Karan: Tia, stop fighting and please eat your breakfast before it gets cold.
While Tia is eating her breakfast, all of a sudden the doctor walks in.
Doctor: So Tia, how are you feeling now?
Tia: I am feeling much better
Doctor: Well you’re lucky to have Karan has your future fiancé; he has been taking care of you the whole day, his a true gentlemen.
Karan and Tia are blushing like Hell.
Doctor: Ms Tia please relax why are you screaming?
Tia: Sorry doctor
Doctor: I think you’re totally fit to go home
Karan starts laughing and Tia looks at him with an angry face.
Karan: Yes she’s totally fit to go home (laughing)
Tia frowns and Karan is still laughing.
Doctor: Karan please come with me, we need to sign some important papers
Karan: Okay Doctor
Thapki’s house
Poonam: Good morning Thapki
Thapki: Good morning Ma…

Thapki: Ya I am fine
Aditi: Good morning Ma and Dii
Thapki: Good morning Aditi
Poonam: Good morning Aditi Beti
Aditi: Okay I’m off to college, see you guys later
Poonam and Thapki: Bye Aditi
Poonam: Thapki here’s your lunch
Thapki: Thanks Ma…
Poonam: Okay what’s wrong with you?
Thapki: Tia had an accident and I didn’t know.
Poonam: Tell me what happened.
Thapki explains the whole story to Poonam. Poonam is totally shocked and sad.
Poonam: Thapki you’re an awesome friend of Tia’s, she’s totally fine now and that’s a good thing. (Crying)
Thapki: Thanks Ma, I have to go to work now
Poonam: Okay by the way you should go visit Tia after work today
Thapki: Thanks again Ma, I love you
Poonam: I love you too
Thapki kisses her mom on the cheeks and leaves for work.
At Pandey family’s house
In Tia’s room
Tanya: Thank god I have got those proof papers now Thapki will be kicked out. She will be finally out of company and Bihaan won’t have to see her again.
Tanya wakes up early and leaves from the window. She gets into the office, takes the proof papers and vanishes from the place before anybody notices.

Tanya: Well, Thapki it’s time for you to leave Bihaan because he only belongs to me.
At the city hospital
Doctor: Well you can take Tia home but you have take care of her because she’s still on medication and also you have to give her medicines on time.
Karan: Doctor don’t worry, I am always here to care of Tia
They enter Tia’s room
Doctor: Okay Tia are ready to go home?
Tia: Yes doctor I am ready to go home.
Doctor: Please take care of yourself and take your medicines on time. I’ve already told Karan about this.
Karan: Thank you Doctor for everything
Doctor: No problem, take care
The doctor leaves the room
Karan: Tia are you able to walk?
Tia: I am fine, I’ll manage myself
Karan: Okay, take these clothes and get changed
Tia takes the clothes and gets changed. Ten minutes later she comes out.
Tia: Okay, I am ready let’s get going
They leave the hospital and get into Karan’s car and leaves.
At the Indian reporting center

Thapki: Should I call Tia before going in
All of a sudden Dhruv comes out of nowhere
Dhruv: Hey Thapki, how are you?
Thapki: Hello Dhruv sir and I am fine, How about you?
Dhruv: I am fine too, by the way where did you go after the party?
Thapki: Oh I had to meet Tia
Dhruv: Oh well she missed the fun party
Thapki: Yea.
Dhruv: Okay I have to go; I have a meeting with a client
Thapki: Oh, well good luck with that
Dhruv: Thanks see you later
Thapki: Bye Dhruv sir
Thapki goes inside the Indian reporting building. Everyone is saying hi to her and then someone comes and tells her Bihaan sir wants to meet you. She goes straight to his cabin.
Thapki: Hello Bihaan sir you called me, Is there something you needed it?
Bihaan: Oh I need many things
Thapki: What things?
Bihaan: You’re so irresponsible Thapki
Thapki: What did I do Bihaan sir?
Bihaan: You told me that you left the evidence on my table.
Thapki: I did Bihaan sir, I swear to god
Bihaan: Don’t lie Thapki, you probably lost it
Thapki: I didn’t Bihaan sir; I promise I left it here
Bihaan: You’re so stupid Thapki; I shouldn’t have given you this job in the first place.
Thapki: Why are you always blaming me?
Bihaan: I am blaming you?? You can’t even handle a single thing.
Thapki: Just because I stammer doesn’t mean I don’t remember where I leave things.
Bihaan: You’re making me mad

Thapki: Why are you getting angry with me? I left the evidence here the other day.
Bihaan: GET OUT!!
Thapki gets scared and leaves the cabin crying.
Bihaan: This girl is so irresponsible
Behind the Indian reporting center (Other side)
Thapki is sitting on the benches crying alone. All of a sudden a bunch of goons come and take her away in the car because no one was there at the back of the building.
At Pandey family’s house
Bihaan comes home in anger
Bihaan: Thapki is good for nothing
Kiran: What’s wrong Bhai?
Bihaan: That stupid Thapki lost the evidence
Kiran: You mean Thapki that girl you danced with yesterday
Bihaan: Yes that selfish girl
Kiran: Why are you calling her such rude things?
Bihaan: Kiran, she’s so dumb and doesn’t understand anything
Kiran: She looks responsible and kind hearted
Bihaan: Thapki responsible? She couldn’t handle the proof papers
Kiran: Proof papers? Wait what color was the file?
Bihaan: Why are you asking me this?
Kiran: When I went to get a glass of water. I saw Tanya sneaking into the house with a blue file in her hand.
Bihaan: Tanya? Why would she do that?
Kiran: Well I saw her
All of a sudden Tanya comes
Tanya: Bihaan, I missed you so much (running to him and gives a hug)
Bihaan: I missed you too

Kiran: Bhai, what are you doing?
Bihaan: Shall we go to your room?
Tanya: Why did your behavior change all of a sudden?
Bihaan: I realized you should deserve another chance
Tanya: Really??
Bihaan: Yes, now let’s go to your room?
In Tanya’s room
Tanya comes near Bihaan and kisses him on cheeks. He manages to see the blue files behind her pillows and pushes her.
Bihaan: So Tanya, where did you get this file?
Tanya stammers while speaking the truth
Tanya: I found it on the floor today, so I brought it to my room
Bihaan: Oh really?
Tanya: Yes Bihaan, why are you asking?
Bihaan: Oh because I was looking for this is file?
Tanya: I was going to give it too you anyways
Bihaan: No you weren’t you just wanted Thapki out of the company
Tanya: What are you talking about?

Bihaan: I have been watching you since yesterday, you wanted to push Thapki on the floor yesterday during the party and you also were saying such mean things about her to others because of her stammering.
Tanya: But Bihaan I didn’t take the file.
Bihaan: Really because the file was in my office
Tanya gets shocked
Tanya: Look Bihaan I didn’t take it
Kiran walks into the room
Kiran: Really Tanya, because I saw you sneaking into the house with that blue file into the house.
Tanya: Shut up Kiran you little idiot
Bihaan: TANYA!! Watch your mouth; I blamed Thapki for no reason because of your fault.
Kiran: Tanya you’re so selfish, just because you hate Thapki doesn’t mean you have to kick her out of a job.
Bihaan: I will kick you out of the house right now
Kiran: No Bhai let everyone come back then we will sort this out.
Bihaan: Okay Kiran but keep an eye on her. I have to go say sorry to Thapki.
Kiran: Okay Bhai don’t worry and yea you should.

Kiran and Bihaan leave the room while Tanya starts throwing things on the floor.
Tanya: Oh my god, I hate you so much Thapki, you’re messing with Tanya; I will kill you for this.
All of a sudden she gets a plan in her mind.
Tanya: Now watch my next move Thapki (she smirks)
At Karan’s house
Karan: Were home, let’s go inside. By the way do you need help?
Tia: No I don’t need your help, stop helping me for everything … just leave me alone
All of a sudden Neha opens the door.
Neha: Tia you’re back (giving her a hug)
Tia: Hey Neha
All of a sudden Ria comes downstairs
Ria: Bring them inside Neha
Neha: Come in guys
Ria: How are you feeling Tia, I am happy you’re back.
Tia: I am fine auntie
Ria: You should get some rest
Karan: I’ll take Tia to her room
Tia: I don’t need your help
Karan: What’s your problem? Why are you always screaming at me?
Ria: Please will two stop fighting, I’ll take her
In Tia’s room

Ria: Tia you shouldn’t blame Karan. I know his stubborn but he has been taking care of you for the past two days. Okay now you should get some rest. I’ll talk to you later
Tia (in mind): I think I was way to rude towards him
Indian reporting center
Bihaan: Oh my god, where’s Thapki. Hey Sasha did you see Thapki?
Sasha: She left the building an hour ago sir.
Bihaan: Oh okay thanks
Bihaan calls up Thapki and someone picks it up.
Bihaan: Thapki where are you? I need to meet you right now
Goon #1: Hello Bihaan Pandey, we have Thapki with us.
Bihaan is shocked to hear his voice
Bihaan: Why on earth do you have Thapki with you?
Goon#1: If you want Thapki safe you have to give us the evidence.
Bihaan: Look I’ll give you the evidence but nothing should happen to Thapki
Goon#1: I’ll text you the address
Bihaan: Look what I caused; now Thapki is in trouble because of me… I should have trusted her…
Unwanted place

Thapki: Let me go, what do you guys want from me?
Goon#1: We don’t want anything from you. We want the evidence you have against us.
Thapki: You will never get that evidence.
Goon#2: Shut up, you can’t even say a word without stammering.
Thapki: You should learn to shut your own mouth; you guys are horrible people…. You’re always killing innocent people and now you’re kidnapping me to get the evidence that Bihaan sir has.
Goon#1 gets really angry and slaps Thapki hard. Due to the slap Thapki faints.
Goon#1: This girl talks way too much, She will be unconscious for a while. Till then we have to wait so that Bihaan Pandey could bring us the evidence and we will safe.
At Karan’s house
It’s night time.
Tia’s was craving for Pizza, but all of a sudden Karan walks into the room with a box of pizza.
Karan: Yes Pizza, Ma told me you like Pizza a lot
Karan: Well I got this pizza box for you
Karan: Well have your favorite pizza, I’ll come back later and take the box
Tia: Hey Karan wait, we can have pizza together
Karan: But aren’t you mad at me?

Tia: I was, but it was my fault too…
Karan: I am sorry for hurting you
Tia: its okay, Friends?? (Smiling)
Karan: Friends (smiling)
Tia: Now let’s eat the pizza before it gets cold
Karan and Tia starts eating pizza together and feed each other too. They start laughing and telling each other jokes. Music plays (Chand ne Kuch kaha) Chand ne kucch kaha, raat ne kuchh suna Too bhee sun bekhabar pyar kar, oh ho ho….. pyar kar Aayee hai chandnee mujhse kehne yahe Meree galee mere ghar pyar kar, oh ho ho pyar kar Chand ne kucch kaha, rat ne kuchh sun Too bhee sun bekhabar pyar kar, oh ho ho pyar kar La la la la la…) He smiles looking how happy she was after a long time)

Tia: Well Karan, you aren’t that bad

Karan: Nah, I am actually amazing

Tia: The pizza was so yummy too

Karan: Sure was and you should go to sleep, I’ll talk to you later

Tia: Thank you Karan for taking care of and goodnight (smiling)

Karan: You’re welcome and goodnight (smiling)

Unwanted place

Bihaan reaches the unwanted place and starts looking for Thapki. He goes inside the unwanted place and sees if the goons are there.

Bihaan: Thapki?? Where are you?

Bihaan is shocked to see Thapki tied to a chair and bleeding from the head.

Bihaan: Thapki wake up, Thapki!!!

Goon#1: Well Bihaan Pandey, did you bring the evidence?

Bihaan: What on earth is wrong with you? You treated her so badly that she’s even bleeding.

Goon#1: Do I care? All I want is the evidence you have against us.

Bihaan gets really anger and beats up the goons and unties Thapki. He carries Thapki and runs away has fast as he can.

Goon#1: Get them; I want that evidence (in pain)

Outside Karan’s house

All of a sudden it starts raining and Karan is standing there and looks up at the sky. He closes his eyes and sees Tia everywhere. (Khuda Jaane plays) Sajde Mein Yun Hi Jhukta Hoon Tum Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukhta Hoon Kya Yeh Sab Ko Hota Hai Hum Ko Kya Lena Hai Sab Se Tum Se Hi Sab Baatein Ab Se Ban Gaye Ho Tum Meri Dua Sajde Mein Yun Hi Jhukta Hoo Tum Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukhta Hoon Kya Yeh Sab Ko Hota Hai) While the music is playing and he was standing in the middle of the rain. He sees Tia there and dances with her. He realizes his dreaming and starts laughing. He sees her walking with a bunch of roses in her hands and smiles. Then he finally he reazlies Tia is the girl he loves a lot.

Karan: YES I LOVE YOU TIA, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, (Dil kahe ke aaj to chupa lo tum panaho mein Ke darr hai tum ko kha dunga Dil kahe sambhal jara khushi ko na najar laga
Ke darr hai mein to ro dunga O karti hu sau vaade tum se, baandhe dil ke dhaage tum se Yeh tumhe na jaane kya huwa) Then he smiles and starts dancing in the rain with joy… The rain scene ends and after awhile he goes inside.

Back to the unwanted place

Bihaan is running with Thapki has fast as he can. He hides behind a bunch of bushes.

Bihaan: This happened last time, but they weren’t after us for a long time. Now they have a bunch of people with them. I can’t fight with them like this Thapki is already hurt and she will get more hurt. Now Thapki please get up, I am really sorry please Thapki I know I hurt you and now you’re hurt because of me (crying)

All of a sudden Thapki gains conscious.

Bihaan: Thapki finally you woke up (hugging her)

Thapki: Bihaan sir, what are you doing here?

Bihaan: I am sorry Thapki for talking to you rudely before at the office

Thapki: No it’s fine Bihaan sir

Bihaan: This is my fault you’re injured so badly because of me.

Thapki: No it’s alright; at least we have the evidence with us

Bihaan: Thapki, you don’t look okay

Thapki: I am fine

Bihaan: Okay let’s go

Thapki feels dizzy and Bihaan catches her and he carries Thapki. (Tera Hone Laga plays)

Bihaan: When I am here, you won’t get hurt… Now we should go somewhere safe before they get here.

All of a sudden the goons see them. They run has fast as they can. But they reach a dead end because of the cliff.

Goon#1: Where are you going to go now?

Goon#2: Give us the evidence or you will both die.

Bihaan: I am not scared of death

Goon#1: Oh really

The goon takes out a gun and he shoots and it hits Thapki’s arm.

Bihaan: THAPKI!! THAPKI!! What’s wrong with you? Why did you come between us?

Goon#2: Now give us the evidence or next time I will aim for her head

Bihaan gets so damn angry he finds a stick near him and beats them up… This time the goons are injured more than before because of the hitting.

Bihaan: Thapki!!! Oh my god Thapki wake up!!!

He runs with her has fast as he can. (Again)

Bihaan: Thapki stay with me, don’t close your eyes… Why did you come between us?

Thapki: You needed to give the evidence and I didn’t want you to get shot because of me.

Bihaan: Thapki what’s wrong with you. Why did you save my life and risk yours. Now where do I find a hospital in the middle of nowhere?

Thapki: Bihaan sir, I am fine

Bihaan: No you’re not fine

Thapki: Why are you crying?

Bihaan: Because I can’t see someone hurt like this

Thapki: Do you….. Before she could say it Thapki faints.

Bihaan: No, no Thapki stay with me…Oh my god… What do I do?

Bihaan sees a small farmhouse ahead and runs towards it. He goes inside and lays her down on the bench.

Bihaan: Thapki please stay with me

He takes off his jacket and then his shirt and rips it. He makes the shirt look like a bandage so it doesn’t infect Thapki’s hand. After a while later Thapki’s arm is bandaged and he starts caring for her. Music plays (Tera Hone Laga plays) (Hua jo tubhi mera mera Tera jo ikraar hua To kyun na main bhi keh doon keh doon Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua Tera hone laga hoon, khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon Tera hone laga hoon, khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon)

Bihaan: Thapki please wakeup…

A couple hours later Thapki gains conscious

Thapki: Bihaan sir…

Bihaan: Thapki you’re awake, how are you feeling? Is your arm still paining? (Starting to smile)

Thapki: I am fine Bihaan sir… In fact we shouldn’t be here… We should leave has soon as possible

Bihaan: We will but you need rest first.

Thapki: Bihaan sir, they will get here anytime and now they have more men’s with them
then before… (Talking in pain)

Bihaan: Thapki wait here I am going to try calling Dhruv

Thapki: But there’s no network

Bihaan: Stay here, I will be right back

Bihaan starts walking and finally gets network. He calls up Dhruv and he picks up the phone.

Bihaan: Dhruv, we need your help?

Dhruv: Wow my brother needs my help

Bihaan: I am not joking (really angry)

Dhruv: Okay Baba, What do you need help with??

Bihaan explains the whole incident to Dhruv. Dhruv is so damn shocked.

Dhruv: Oh my god is Thapki okay? Bihaan are you okay?

Bihaan: I am fine, but Thapki is injured badly

Dhruv: Tell me where you are.

Bihaan: I will text you the address, but please get here quickly.

Dhruv: I am coming right now, don’t worry just take care of her and yourself.

Bihaan goes back into the farmhouse and sees Thapki in pain

Bihaan: Thapki you look really sick

Thapki: How long were we in this problem? (in pain)

Bihaan: It’s been a day already

Thapki: My family is probably worried about me (in pain)

Bihaan: Don’t worry we will explain everything to do them when we get out of this problem.

Thapki: Bihaan sir there really worried about me, I need to call them

Bihaan: Whoa Thapki, lie back down… Look at yourself

Thapki: But I need to call them…
Bihaan: You will until Dhruv gets here…

Thapki: But…

Bihaan sees the goons and gets shocked

Bihaan: Shush… the goons are here…

Thapki: What??

Bihaan carries Thapki and runs has fast as they could and hide behind the bushes.

Goons enter the farmhouse

Goon#1: They were in this farmhouse, they haven’t gone so far.

Goon#2: We need to find them on time before they give the evidence to the police

Goon#3: We are going to find them. Now they’re both going to die.

Goon1#: These two lovers love playing hide & seek. Now they both are going to die by
my gun.

Thapki: Bihaan my leg is paining (crying in pain)

Bihaan: Thapki please don’t cry. Dhruv will find us and then we will take you to the hospital.

All of a sudden Bihaan gets a phone call from Dhruv.

Dhruv: Where are you guys?

Bihaan: I have no idea the goons found out we were in the farmhouse.

Dhruv: Bihaan is Thapki okay?

Bihaan: No she’s in a lot pain

Dhruv: Look there’s a road nearby you will find me there.

Bihaan: How will I get there if the goons are right in front of me??

Dhruv: Run

Bihaan: I can’t run if Thapki is injured badly.

Dhruv: Just run, Trust me they won’t see you


Goon#2: Relax sir, they haven’t gone so far.

Bihaan: Thapki, I am sorry but we need to run

Bihaan runs fast. But eventually the goons see him.


Goon2#: Get them and I want them dead

Bihaan: Oh god, now they have their guns out

Goon3#: Shoot at them

Bihaan manages to not get shot and sees Dhruv’s car.

Dhruv: You guys made it

Bihaan: Quickly there right back us (panicking)

Dhruv, Bihaan and Thapki get inside the car quickly before the goons get there.

Goon2#: Damn it, they ran away

Goon1#: They played way to many games and now I am going to plan something really big before they even give the evidence to the police.

Goon3#: What is it?

Goon1#: They won’t be able to reach the police station.

They all smirk and leave the place.

In Dhruv’s car

Dhruv: Is Thapki alright back there?

Bihaan: She’s bleeding a lot, just rush to the hospital

Dhruv: You guys have been out for a day already

Bihaan: Yea I realized, just please hurry

They reach the hospital and get Thapki treated. A couple hours later Thapki was a bit better but her leg and arm were still paining…

Doctor: Okay Thapki take care of yourself and have your medicines on time… Also Bihaan you’re a great person you saved Thapki on time.

Bihaan: No, it’s just I couldn’t see someone hurt like that

Dhruv: Well guys could we go home now??

Doctor: Yes you may, take care

Outside the hospital

Bihaan: Thapki are you okay now?

Thapki: I am fine Bihaan sir, thank you for your help.

Thapki was about to fall Bihaan catches her. They have an eye lock (Na Na plays). Bihaan carries Thapki to the car.

Bihaan: Dhruv take Thapki home safely…

Dhruv: I will, but where are going??

Bihaan: I have to go meet someone

Dhruv: Oh okay, I’ll see you later bro

Bihaan: Bye Dhruv and Thapki take care of yourself. Also please don’t come to work until you’re totally fine.
Thapki: Okay Bihaan sir. (Smiling)

The car leaves and Bihaan starts thinking

Bihaan: Why does it look like the goons were told to do this? I need to find out because something looks very fishy

Someone comes to meet them and slaps the goons in anger.

Goon2#: Ma’am were sorry… We were going to kill Thapki but Bihaan came and saved her.

The girl’s face is shown and it’s Tanya.

Tanya: You guys are good for nothing and what’s wrong with you. Why were you trying to kill my Bihaan…? I want Thapki dead not Bihaan.

Goon1#: Were sorry Ma’am… give us one more chance and this time she will be dead for good.

Tanya: She better be dead for good because Bihaan only belongs to me. (She smirks)

Bihaan is thinking about how this problem happened. Meanwhile Tanya is planning something big.

The Episode ends

Moral- “When someone cares for you don’t let them go… But when someone wants to hurt you then life gives you another chance.”

Recap: Tia is eating an apple and by accident throws it on Karan and everyone starts laughing. Meanwhile Bihaan comes to meet Thapki at her house. Lastly Tanya was leaving
the unwanted place and she bumps into a guy… They have an eye lock (New entry)

Spoilers: Karan and Tia will go on a romantic date. Karan will try to express his love towards Tia but something happens before he could say it. Thapki will slowly fall in love with Bihaan. New entry will bring happiness into people’s lives. The new entry is really close with Tia. Lastly Bihaan is shocked to find out about Tanya’s secret.

Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys this is my eighth episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. By the way, I’m sorry if I don’t write many Hindi words it’s because I am not from India, I am from England but I do watch so many Indian dramas aha! I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you.)
Btw I’ll post the next episode on Thursday March 31st 2016 or Friday April 1st 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye ((:

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