Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 7


Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 7
Hi guys it’s nusz back with your favorite story Destiny vs love. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me reach to 100 comments and more (Again). I love you all so much. Also I am making this Ff at least 80-90 episodes!!~nusz. I also want to mention thank you so much for enjoying my ff and already supporting me, please do like always~nusz. By the way guys I will be adding some lyrics in the episode from every song I add, so you could understand the feelings through the ff. So please do support me like always!

At Thapki’s house
Poonam: Thapki you’re home so early!
Thapki: Yes Ma, because there is a party at 8pm, so Bihaan sir told me to get ready and come.
Poonam: What’s the party for?
Thapki: It’s for the company because it’s going to be sixteen years since it opened
Poonam: That’s great!
Thapki: Yea. By the way Ma, where Papa??
Poonam: Oh yea he went out with Shubh to a school trip
Thapki: When will they be back?
Poonam: In two days
Thapki: Oh okay, where’s Aditi?
Poonam: She’s still at college
Thapki: Oh yea, by the way did Tia call you?
Poonam: No, I haven’t talked to her since the Holi party
Thapki: That’s really odd because she didn’t show up at work
Poonam: Why don’t you try calling Tia now and I’ll go take out some saris that you can wear at the party.
Thapki: Okay Ma, and thank you
Thapki takes out her phone from her purse and calls Tia.
Thapki: It’s still not reachable.
All of a sudden someone calls her. Thapki answers the phone call.
Ria: Hello, Thapki?
Thapki: Hello, who’s this?
Ria: Hello I am Ria, Tia’s aunt.
Thapki: Oh hello auntie, do you know where Tia is? I have been calling her since the morning but her phone is not reachable.
Ria: Oh, Karan and her went out somewhere
Thapki: Oh she was suppose to come to a party
Ria: I’ll let her know
Thapki: Okay, thank you Auntie
Ria: Okay bye
The phone call ends
Thapki: Well Tia is alright, now I am going to go select my outfit for the party.

At the hospital
Doctor: Oh god, she’s losing blood. We have to take her into the operation room.
Karan: Please hurry up (panicking and crying)
Doctor: Nurse put her on the stretcher and take her straight to the operation room.
Karan holds Tia’s hands while they are taking her into the operation room
Doctor: Sir please, you have to wait outside
Karan: Okay, just please save Tia (crying)
Karan sits on the benches and starts crying heavily.
Karan: Why did this happen? This is my fault… I always hurt her… I always do… And now she’s in the hospital in this kind of condition.
All of a sudden Ria calls Karan. Karan answers the call

Ria: Where are you guys???
Karan starts crying and tells his mom the whole incident that happened after they left the house. Ria is totally shocked and starts crying.
Ria: Karan, looked what you caused. If her Mami and Mama finds out they will be shocked and hurt.
Karan: Ma I know this is my fault, I always hurt her and I feel horrible.
Ria: Karan take care of her me and Neha are coming.
Karan cries and waits for the doctor to come out.
Thapki’s house
Thapki: Ma, I am ready
Poonam: Oh my god, my Thapki is looking so beautiful
Thapki: Thank you Ma
Poonam: Thapki, I always want you to know that you shine like a star in the sky.
Thapki: Ma, I love you so much, thank you for always being there for me
Aditi: Hey, I am back
Thapki: Hey my little sister
Aditi: Whoa Dii, you’re looking stunning
Thapki: Thank you Aditi!
Aditi: What’s the occasion for wearing this beautiful sari?
Poonam: It’s for her company, there having a party because they have been opened for sixteen years for their business.
Aditi: Well Dii, enjoy the party and tell me everything that happened when you get back
Thapki: Okay my little sister
Poonam: Bye Thapki, have fun
Thapki: Bye Ma and Aditi

At Bihaan’s house
Dhruv: This place is looking beautiful
Bihaan: Yes I know, after all the work is always done by Bihaan Pandey
Dhruv: Ha-ha very funny, by the way our whole family went to Ma’s old village so they won’t be here for the party.
Bihaan: So who’s here??
Dhruv: Kiran and Tanya….
Bihaan: Tanya?
Dhruv: Ya Ma let her stay in the house, so please don’t think of kicking her out or Ma will be really mad.
Bihaan: Great… Now this Tanya will ruin my mood again
Dhruv: Bihaan, just enjoy the party and avoid her
Kiran: Hey my brothers, the decoration is done so well
Bihaan: Oh it was done by me. When Bihaan Pandey does the work it’s always beautiful
Dhruv: It’s always dark
Bihaan: What do you mean by dark?
Dhruv: your mad face
Kiran: Oh great, not again
Bihaan: I am not mad
Dhruv: Yes you’re Bihaan
Kiran: Stop fighting and let’s go dance

In Tanya’s room
Tanya: I will wear a red dress because Bihaan loves red. I know he still loves me… and today I’ll dance with him on the dance floor.
Back at party Hall
Everyone is dancing to ( Abhi tho party shuru hui hai)
Kiran: I love this song (dancing in joy)
Dhruv: Same here (dancing in joy)
All of a sudden Thapki walks into the party hall wearing a beautiful red and black sari.
Kiran: Who’s she Bhai?
Dhruv: It’s Thapki she works for our company
Kiran: She’s so pretty
Dhruv: Ya, I’ll be right back
Kiran: Okay Bhai, well more dancing for me
Dhruv: Hey Thapki, welcome to the party
Thapki: Hello Dhruv sir
Dhruv: Where’s Tia?
Thapki: She’s not coming
Dhruv: Why?
Thapki: She’s busy; I’ll call her later and let her know about the party
Dhruv: Oh that sucks, well enjoy the party
All of a sudden Bihaan shows up

Bihaan: Hello Thapki, glad you made it
Thapki: Hello Bihaan sir, well the decorations is making this place look so pretty
Bihaan: Ya, thanks for your help
Thapki: You helped to sir
Bihaan: Yes, but it was your idea
Thapki: Let’s say we both worked together
Bihaan: Ya, by the way you’re look pretty in that sari
Thapki: Thank you Bihaan sir
Bihaan: Hey wait, how about me?? Don’t I look nice?
Thapki: Yes Bihaan sir, you look nice too
Bihaan: Well thank you
Bihaan and Thapki are laughing and talking and all of a sudden Tanya comes down wearing a long red gown. Bihaan turns around and sees her. Everyone in the party is looking at her too.
Tanya: Bihaan, how do I look?
Bihaan: Tanya what are you doing down here?
Tanya: I wanted to wear this dress for the party because you love red.
Bihaan: Tanya, why are you doing this?
Tanya: Because I love you
Bihaan: Tanya please stop all this drama
All of a sudden the lights go off and DJ says something.
DJ: Okay guys, whoever is near you are your dance partner.
Bihaan was close to Thapki and he pulls her.
Thapki: Bihaan sir, what are you doing?
Bihaan: You’re my dance partner, just be quiet and dance
Thapki and Bihaan start dancing to (rehnuma from rocky handsome) Tanya sees this and fumes in anger she has tears falling from her eyes. Bihaan carries Thapki and turns around while the music is playing. He spins her around and pulls her closer and they have an eye lock while (Tu jo mila, sab mil gaya Dil ki namaazein jaake Pahunchi falak se aage Toh jaake paaya tujhko
Mere rehnuma… Mujhko mera Rabb mil gaya Baahon se aage tere Duniya nahi hai meri Rakhle yahin tu mujhko Mere rehnuma…) While the song is playing they are lost into each other’s world. Couple minutes later the song finishes and their performance. Everyone at the party claps for them because of the beautiful dance they performed.
Bihaan: Sorry Thapki, you were the closest to me
Thapki: No it’s fine; I’ll be right back I need to call someone
All of a sudden Tanya comes there

Tanya: Wow Bihaan you moved on so fast
Bihaan: What do you mean?
Tanya: I know you like that stupid girl
Bihaan: Tanya, you should watch your mouth
Tanya: That girl is so stupid; she can’t even say a word without stammering. How could you fall in love with a girl like her?
Bihaan: First of all I don’t like her like that, she’s just an employee at my company and second of all who are you to judge Thapki just because she stammers doesn’t mean she’s a horrible person like you.
Tanya: Bihaan why are you acting like this? Have you forgotten our love for each other?
Bihaan: Tanya I haven’t forgotten anything in fact I remember all the horrible stuff you did to me.
Tanya: Bihaan that was the past, I changed if you give me a chance to prove myself I will.
Bihaan: You’re so characterless Tanya
Tanya: Bihaan wait! Please let me explain
Bihaan leaves in anger
Back at the hospital
Neha and Ria reach the hospital
Neha: Bhai, how is Tia now?
Ria: Karan is she okay?
Karan: The doctor hasn’t come out yet
All of a sudden the doctor comes out
Karan: Doctor!! How’s Tia?? Is she out of danger? Is she going to be fine?
Doctor: Relax sir, Tia is totally fine and she’s out of danger
Ria: Oh thank god, Tia is alright (in tears)
Neha: Doctor, can we meet her?
Doctor: Yes you can, but she’s still unconscious and please one at a time
Ria: Karan you go in first
Doctor: By the way, she needs to be on medication for a couple of weeks, so could any of you buy the medicines?
Neha: Yes we are going
Neha and Ria leave the hospital to go buy medicines. While Karan enters into Tia’s room. Karan goes near and sits beside her.( Tu Jahan main Wahaan plays from Salaam namaste) The song plays while his caring for her.( jo dhup nikli chaya ban jaaunga jo ho tu akeli saaya ban jaaunga jo uljhan mein ho mann main behlaaunga… tum aa gaye ho toh jeena aaya hain khushiya ka tumne yeh jaal bichaya hain khoya hain khudko yah sab kutch paaya hain tu jahaan main wahaan sang sang yu chalu tere jaise tera aasmaan)
Karan: Tia… I am so sorry… It’s my fault…. You always get hurt because of me… I fought with you for no reason… Yes I am a horrible person… But Tia I can’t see you lying on the bed like this… It makes me feel weak and hurt… Always remember Tia, I will help you with everything from now on…. I can’t see tears in your eyes… It makes me cry also… I am so sorry Tia… I am really sorry… (Crying)
Karan gets up and kisses Tia on the forehead and leaves.
Back at Pandey family’s house
Bihaan: Dhruv, did you see Thapki?
Dhruv: No why?
Bihaan: Because Thapki has my important file and I haven’t seen her for the last ten minutes.
Kiran: Relax Bhai; she went outside to call someone
Dhruv: Oh yea, Thapki told me she was going to call Tia and let her know about the party.
Bihaan: Oh okay thanks
Outside of Pandey family’s house
Thapki calls up Tia and her phone is still not reachable.
Thapki: Why isn’t Tia picking up her phone, I feel like there is something wrong
All of sudden someone calls from Tia’s phone
Thapki: TIA!!! Where are you? I’ve been calling you and I was worried about you.
Nurse: Sorry Ma’am she had an accident and her phone was on the table so I was going to pick it up but you hang up. So I called you back.
Nurse: Ma’am please relax, she’s fine
Thapki: I wanna meet her right now, which hospital is she in
Nurse: City Hospital
Thapki is devastated; she cries heavily looking at the friendship ring they gave each other during their childhood.
Thapki: Tia never had an accident like this ever when I was with her… This is my entire fault; I should have gone to her house before going to the party… TIA… I AM SORRY… (Crying heavily)
All of a sudden Bihaan comes there

Bihaan: Hey Thapki do you have…. Wait you’re crying?
Thapki: Bihaan sir, Tia had an accident and I didn’t know about it (crying heavily)
Bihaan is shocked
Bihaan: What…? How….?
Thapki: It’s my fault, whenever people are around me they get hurt, and now she’s hurt because of me too…
Bihaan: Don’t say that, Tia will be fine
Bihaan comes near Thapki and hugs her. Thapki hugs him back while crying.
Thapki: It’s my entire fault… everything is my fault
Bihaan: Don’t worry Thapki, Tia will be alright
Tanya sees this scene and she fumes in anger
Tanya: Oh my god I hate this girl so much, she’s always going near my Bihaan. If she doesn’t stay away from Bihaan, I’ll ruin her. I have been seeing her since yesterday and she’s always been so close to him. This is making me so mad.
Thapki breaks the hug
Thapki: Bihaan sir, I need to go to the hospital and meet her
Bihaan: Don’t worry Thapki, I’ll take you there
Back to Tanya
Tanya: That’s it, now I have to plan something out to get this girl out of Bihaan’s life. She’s getting way to close to him. Bihaan only belongs to me, only me… she smirks.

At the City Hospital
Thapki and Bihaan reach the place. Thapki is running and bumps into a nurse.
Thapki: Nurse!! Nurse!! Do you know where Tia Sharma’s room is?
Nurse: Yes go straight and turn left the room number is 116
Thapki: Thanks
Bihaan: Slow down Thapki
They reach the room
Doctor: Excuse me, why are you entering the room? Who are you?
Thapki: I am Thapki, she’s my sister
Doctor: Okay, but only one of you can go in
Bihaan: Go Thapki, I’ll wait here
Thapki enters the room and cries… She’s sad and devastated seeing Tia hurt… She’s goes near Tia and talks to her.
Thapki: Tia How did this happen…? I promised you… Actually no… we promised each other… That we will always protect each other… Tia do you remember that day at school…
Thapki closes her eyes and remembers that day…. (Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin plays from Angeepath) (Abhi mujh mein kahin Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi Jagi dhadkan nayi Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi
Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai Ye lamha kahaan tha mera Ab hai saamne Issey chhoo loon zaraa Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa Khushiyaan choom loon Yaa ro loo’n zaraa Mar jaaun ya jee loon zaraa)

Little Thapki was sitting on the benches and crying.
Little Thapki: No one likes me; everyone hates me because I stammer. (Crying)
All of a sudden a girl comes there named Tia
Little Tia: Hello, why are you crying?
Little Thapki: Everyone hates me because I stammer.
Little Tia: So what, I am your friend
Little Thapki: You’re??
Little Tia: Yes I am, I don’t care if you stammer I just know you’re good hearted
Little Thapki smiles and starts talking to Little Tia
A couple years later
Tia: Thapki I got you something
Thapki: I got you something too Tia
Tia: I got you this friendship ring and necklace
Thapki: Me too!!!
Tia: Thapki I want you to wear this necklace and ring because I know whenever I am with my sister I am always safe.
Thapki: I want you to wear these too. I don’t want you to ever to cry or ever lie to me.
Tia: I promise Thapki I won’t; I love you a lot my sister (crying)
Thapki: I will always be here for you my sister… (Crying)
Flashback ends
Thapki in tears
Thapki: Tia, you see our friendship is really strong, please get up Tia (crying)
Karan comes back with the medicine. Neha and Ria went home appearing for Tia to come back home. He enters the room.
Karan: Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing in this room?
Thapki turns around and sees Karan.
Thapki: This is your entire fault. Let me guess you hurt her again. What’s your problem?
Karan: Look I didn’t do anything
Thapki: Shut up and leave the room, I’ll take care of Tia
Karan: She’s living at my house, so I will take care of her
All of a sudden Tia slowly gains conscious
Tia: Thapki….?
Thapki runs towards Tia
Thapki: Tia how did this happen? Are you okay?? (Crying)
Tia looks at Karan; he turns his face away and walks out of the hospital room.
Tia: I am fine, don’t worry Thapki
Thapki: How did this happen? Did Karan do this to you?
Tia: No… He didn’t… I was running across the street to fast and a car came out of nowhere…
Thapki: What’s wrong with you? I was worried about you… (Crying)
Tia: Thapki, please don’t cry, I am fine
Thapki: No this is my fault, I should have went to your house before going to the stupid party
Tia: Party? Whoa were you on a date with someone?
Thapki: What no
Tia: I am joking, but my sister looks beautiful in a sari.
Thapki: Please don’t ever do this kind of stuff
Tia: I won’t, I promise
Doctor comes in with Bihaan
Doctor: She needs rest so you guys have to leave
Thapki: But, I want to stay with her
Doctor: Karan is staying with her here
Thapki: What
Tia stops Thapki
Tia: Thapki, I am fine… I will be going home in the morning and then you can visit me tomorrow.
Thapki: But I want to stay with you here
Tia: You need rest, you have work tomorrow… and I am fine Thapki I promise
Thapki: Fine, I’ll see you tomorrow
Bihaan and Thapki leave the hospital. Karan enters the hospital room.
Karan: Tia, why did you lie?
Tia: Look I don’t want to talk about this topic, please leave me alone
Karan: Tia, I am sorry, I know what I did was wrong
Tia: Please leave the room, I want to rest
Karan: Okay Tia, if you say so…

Outside City Hospital
Bihaan: Thapki, you want me to drop you of at house?
Thapki: No Bihaan sir, I’ll manage
Bihaan: I’ll drop you off and I also need that file.
Thapki: I left the file at your office
Bihaan: Oh thanks and let’s go I’ll drop you off
Tanya was near the Hospital and hears Bihaan and Thapki’s conversation.
Tanya: Well, well Thapki… Now Bihaan will have to kick you out of the office. I need to get up early in the morning and take the file from there so Thapki could get into trouble.

Back at the hospital
Tia is sleeping and Karan enters the room with a jug of water in his hand. He looks at her and smiles.
Karan: Tia looks beautiful, when she’s sleeping…
All of a sudden she starts shivering and Karan goes near her and covers her up with the blanket. He looks at her and smiles. He kisses her on the forehead and goes near the sofa and goes to sleep.
Outside Thapki’s house
Thapki: Thank you Bihaan sir
Bihaan: Hey, Thapki if you want to take a day of you can.
Thapki: No Bihaan sir, I am fine
Bihaan: Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow at 9am
Thapki: Okay Bihaan sir
Thapki was about to go and she was about to fall and Bihaan catches her. They have an eye lock.
Bihaan: Thapki you look weak… Have you eaten anything?
Thapki: Not really…
Bihaan: What’s wrong with you? And you want to come to work in this kind of condition.
Thapki: I am fine Bihaan sir
Bihaan: No you’re not; I will drop you inside your house
Thapki: No, I will manage, but thank you
Bihaan: Are you sure?
Thapki: Yes Bihaan sir, I’ll see you tomorrow
Bihaan: Alright.
Thapki waves bye to Bihaan and he leaves. Meanwhile Karan is taking care of Tia at the hospital.
The episode ends

“Moral” “If your friendship is strong like Thapki and Tia you will realize that’s your true friend. Sometimes you need to see a true love story just like Thahaan and Tiran…”

Recap: Bihaan screams at Thapki. Meanwhile Karan brings Tia home and takes care of her. On the other hand Tanya calls up someone and tells her plan. Lastly new entry!!!

Spoilers: Karan will realize his love for Tia during the rainfall outside his backyard. In the upcoming episodes Thapki will go missing because of the goons who want the evidence. Bihaan will be saving her. Also the new entry will bring Bihaan and Thapki closer!!! (But remember when Thapki goes missing she will slowly fall for Bihaan) (Episode 10, 11 or 12)

Will Bihaan and Thapki fall for each other?
Will Tia and Karan fall each other?
Will Tanya’s revenge from Thapki bring them together?
Who’s the new entry?
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys this is my seventh episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. By the way, I’m sorry if I don’t write many Hindi words it’s because I am not from India, I am from England but I do watch so many Indian dramas aha! I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you.)
Btw I’ll post the next episode on Tuesday March 29th 2016 or Wednesday March 30th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye ((:

Credit to: nuszzz

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  1. hey dear… The episode was really nice and please don’t let Tanya come between thahaan ?

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    1. Okay but family drama brings love closer, I just hope you guys could understand that. Thank you for loving Tia and Thapki’s friendship. Also I will shorten the family drama but focus on Tia and Thapki’s friendship and Thahaan and Tiran.. But the family drama is going to bring some twists into the ff..~Nusz

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