Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 4


Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 4 (Special/Maha Episode)

Hi guys I’m new aha. Well I’m going to try writing stories about Bihaan and Thapki and Tia and Karan 🙂 So please bear with me. I like many couples in Telly-wood. But I will start off with Thahaan and Tiran (Also known has zoya and asad from qubool hai). This story is nothing like the ongoing track. So enjoy a different twist in this Fan-Fiction. Also there will be more romantic couples in this ff I hope you will love them also aha! There are many characters in this ff. But I added three for now. I will add the rest between the paragraphs when a new name appears. I’m planning to do at least 30 -36 episodes it depends. I’ll post every episode Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. I’ll try to be on every day. Btw I changed the picture for episode one, but it didn’t change. But no worries hopefully it will change this time.
At the Indian reporting centre
Tia starts walking through the hallway and many guys stare at her. She smiles and starting singing to (High heels movie: Ki and Ka) and dancing like a crazy girl. Tia was a crazy and fun girl. Then Dhruv comes there.
Dhruv: Tia you’re so energetic
Tia: Sorry sir, I am just nervous to meet this new boss, so I am trying to do other things so I can get my mind of my nervousness.
Dhruv: It’s okay and also it seems like the guys in this office like you
Tia: I realized ha-ha
Dhruv: Well good luck with your new boss
Tia: Thanks by the way, do you know where his cabin is??
Dhruv: Oh yea, I almost forgot to tell you. Go straight and turn right, you will see his cabin.
Tia: Thank you sir,
Dhruv: Good luck Tia, and talk to you later, bye
Tia: Bye Dhruv sir and thank you once again.
Tia starts walking straight and then turns right. She stands in front of the door praying to god before going in the cabin.
Tia: Oh god, please support me, while I’m in there.
Tia knocks at the door.
Tia: May I come in sir??
Guy: Of course Tia I’ve been waiting for you.
Tia: (In mind): His voice sounds so similar to that guy I met beside the ice-cream cart.
Tia: Hello sir… (Shivering)
He turns around and Tia is extremely shocked to see Karan. She is remembering all the flashbacks how they met and always fought with each other. Karan was smiling like a total creep. She was angry like a red pepper.
Karan: So Tia Sharma, How are you??
Tia: So this is how you found my number?
Karan: Destiny
Tia: Destiny??
Karan: Well Tia, Destiny made us meet before you became an employee at my company.
Tia: That’s not called Destiny.
Karan: Trust me it is.
Tia: You better watch your mouth, just because I am working here doesn’t mean you treat me like a maid.
Karan: I didn’t even say anything like that, all I said destiny.
Tia: Shut up you idiot.
Karan in angers gets up from his seat and comes near Tia and pushes her towards the wall.
Karan: You think you know everything about me??
Tia: Let me go… I just came here to talk to you….
He puts his hand on her mouth…
Karan: Tia you talk a lot have you realized?
Tia pushes his hand of her mouth and he holds her hand against the wall.
Tia: Why do you hate me so much??
Karan: I needed to make you become quiet, so I had no other choice but to push you against the wall. You will be working with me at the Indian reporting centre.
Tia: I think I do talk a lot… But you were making me mad and also please let me go.
Karan: Okay, take your files and I’ll see you tomorrow at 9am sharp.
Tia: Okay sir.
Karan: Bye Tia.
At Thapki’s house
Thapki: Mom I finished making the cake, I’ll put it in the fridge.
Poonam: Thapki, is Tia coming over?
Thapki: She is coming. She just left the office
Aditi: Hey guys, what’s cooking??
Thapki: I made cake today
Shubh: Is there something special today Dii?
Thapki: Yes, I and Tia finally got what we always wanted, so I wanted to celebrate with my whole family.
Shubh: That’s amazing Dii, I love cake and also papa called earlier
Thapki: Really is he coming back today??
Shubh: He said his coming back tomorrow
Aditi: Yep he still has to finish up some extra work.
Poonam: I’ll be right back; I’ve to give this bowl of salt back to our neighbor.
Thapki: Okay mom
Shubh: I’m going to my room and playing with my video games
Thapki: Okay Shubh
Tia: I am back guys!!!!!!!! Tia the superstar is back!!
Aditi: welcome back smarty pants
Tia: Hey my teddy bear
Thapki: Tia your back, how was your first meeting with your new boss?? Is he nice??
Tia (smiles): Yes his nice, I hope I can get along with him…
Thapki: That’s great, I’ll be right back, I just need to check on the cake
Aditi: Yes crazy girl. CAKE!!!
Thapki: Okay I am back let’s go to my room and talk about stuff till Ma gets back.
Tia: Okay he-he
In Thapki’s bedroom
Tia: I don’t know what to talk about
Aditi: I know let’s talk about our dream guy
Tia: Yes that’s an amazing topic to talk about
Thapki: Really guys out of all the topics?
Tia: Thapki tells us about your dream guy
Aditi: Yes Dii tell us
Thapki: Fine
Aditi and Tia: Yippee
Thapki: My dream guy should be good hearted. A guy who will always support the girl he loves. Every step I take I want him to be there with me. I want him to trust me and love me like I am. I want him to accept me even though I stammer. That’s how I want my dream guy to be (referring to Bihaan).
Tia: That’s a prefect dream guy
Aditi: It truly is
Thapki: How about you Aditi
Aditi: Not ready for a guy yet, but your idea is the same compared to my dream guy.
Thapki: Okay Aditi, How about you Tia?
Aditi: Ya, Tia Tia how about your dream guy?
Tia: I want my dream guy to be caring and romantic just like…
Thapki: Just like who??
Poonam: Thapki beti come to the kitchen and help me set up the table
Thapki: I’m coming Ma
Aditi: Tia I am gonna help Ma too
Tia: Okay…
Tia (In mind): I almost said Karan sir’s name… She closes her eyes and sees Karan sitting right next to her and saying I love you. She opens her eyes and it was a dream. She is confused thinking is she in love with Karan or not… All of a sudden Aditi calls her for dinner.
Aditi: Tia you coming for dinner or what? I’ve been calling you for the past two minutes
Tia: Sorry I was thinking about something, yea I am coming
At Karan’s house
( Ria)Shalini Kapoor Sagar is Karan’s mother
Ria: Karan, how was your day?
Karan: It was great Ma
Ria: Neha (Neha Lakshmi Iyer) come down dinner is ready
Neha: Coming Ma
Karan: Ma, how was Neha’s exams??
Ria: The results will be out tomorrow
Neha: Hi bhai
Karan: Hello Neha, how was your exams?
Neha: The exams were alright
Karan: That’s good
Ria: I made kheer today, you guys want some?
Neha: Yes Maaa
Karan: Ma, I am not in the mood to eat kheer today.
Ria: Okay Karan, you get some rest you have a meeting tomorrow right?
Karan: Yes Ma, take care Neha and Ma
Neha and Ria: You too
At Karan’s bedroom
Karan (in mind): Tia is really innocent… She’s really sweet (Mitwa ishq pe play)

At Pandey family’s house
Dhruv: Hey, Bihaan could I borrow your files for a while?
Bihaan: Sure, and tell Ma not to make carrot cake for dinner next time
Dhruv: You basically like nothing, but okay
Bihaan went to take a shower he came out and suddenly he gets a phone call
Bihaan: Hello?? Who’s this speaking?
It was girl she was crying and sad while talking to bihaan
Girl: Bihaan, I miss you so much…
Bihaan: Why are you calling me, you know I will never forgive you after what you did.
Girl: Bihaan please, I know I made mistakes, but I still love you, please forgive me
Bihaan: I’ll never forgive you
Bihaan hangs up on the phone and angers and breaks it. Dhruv was nearby and hears Bihaan screaming and runs to his room
Dhruv: Bihaan you okay?
Bihaan: She’s back, she just called me
Dhruv: Don’t worry Bihaan, you will move on (giving Bihaan a hug)
Bihaan: Move on, I am never falling in love with another girl ever again
Dhruv: Bihaan one day you will find a better girl then the one you loved so much
Bihaan: I don’t want to talk about this topic and anymore, I am not in the mood to eat tell mom I already ate, now please leave my room.
Dhruv(In mind): Don’t worry Bihaan, one day you will fall in love with another girl who will change your world and lifestyle I know that girl ruined your past, but you will move on.
Thapki’s house in the morning
Thapki: Good morning Ma, Where’s Aditi?
Poonam: She went to drop of Shubh at school
Thapki: Oh okay, Ma did you take your medicine yesterday?
Poonam: Yes Thapki, I did
Tia: Hey, Thapki are you ready to go to work or what?

Thapki: Wait Tia I have to make soup for Ma she’s not feeling well from yesterday
Poonam: I am fine, you’re going to be late, go to work
Thapki: are you sure Ma?
Poonam: Yes Thapki, bye
Thapki: Bye Ma
Tia: Bye Auntie, take care

Thapki and Tia take the auto to the Indian reporting centre.
At the Indian reporting centre.
Thapki: Okay I’ll see you at lunch Tia
Tia: Bye Thapki
Bihaan’s office
Thapki: Hello sir
Bihaan: Take yours files and starts reading them, today were going out to this old building.
Thapki: Why sir
Bihaan: To play hide and seek, what do you think?
Thapki: I have no idea
Bihaan: You’re joking right?? We’re going to find clues about the place, where the murder happened.
Thapki: Oh okay sir
Bihaan: Thapki think again?
Thapki: Think about what?
Bihaan: If you’re actually right for this job?
Thapki: I’ll prove it, trust me I can
Bihaan: Okay let’s go before it becomes dark
Thapki: Okay sir

Karan’s cabin
Tia: Hello sir, may I come in??
Karan: You don’t have to ask Tia
He gets up from his seat and comes towards her and pushes her against the wall
Tia: What are you doing??
Karan: You like me??
Tia: (“blushing”) No you’re out of your mind, let me go…
Karan pulls her closer towards his body
Karan: I know you like me
Tia: No I don’t…
Karan: Why are you stammering?
Tia: Uhhhhh
Karan pulls her closer and kisses her on the forehead
Karan: Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow??
Tia was blushing like a tomato
Tia: Sir…
Karan: You can call me Karan, so is that a yes or?
Tia: Okay
Karan: I’ll see you tomorrow at 6pm?? I’ll come pick you up
Tia runs out of the office with happiness, and Karan calls up someone and tells them about their plan.
Karan: I think this planning is working just right
At the Old Building
Bihaan: Okay Thapki we need to take pictures of any clues we find
Thapki: Okay sir
Bihaan: Thapki come here, do you see the person was murdered by a car, they ran over him
Thapki: Yes sir, I can see that, we need to take a picture and show the people
Bihaan: Okay I’ll take pictures of this
Thapki: I’ll go inside the building and find some more clues
20 minutes
Bihaan: Oh god, where’s this Thapki, she’s taking forever
Bihaan: Thapki, Thapki!!!!!!!!!!!! Thapki where are you?
Some goons have caught Thapki
Bihaan: Let Thapki go
Goon#1: What are you both doing here?? You want everyone to find out about us
Goon#2: Give us the evidence or we will kill this girl
Bihaan: Okay but let her go
Goon#1: Okay come here and give me the evidence
Bihaan comes towards them and starts hitting them and he takes Thapki and runs has fast as they can.
Goon#1: Get them, or they will get away with the evidence
Bihaan and Thapki run through the forest and hide behind the bushes
Thapki: Bihaan sir, you’re bleeding
Bihaan: It doesn’t matter, be quiet
Goon#1: Where did they go?
Goon#2: I’ve no idea
Goon#1: They can’t hide for long, let’s go this way
Bihaan: Oh thank god they left
Thapki: Bihaan sir, you’re bleeding a lot
Bihaan: Oh shut up, who told you to go into the building? You think you know everything? You could have got killed and I would have died with you today, I shouldn’t have given you this job in the first place.
Thapki (in tears): You know everyone in this world hates me, I had three marriage breaks ups because I stammer. But I wanted a change in my life by working. But everywhere I go everyone says harsh things about me. I am a human being; I get hurt a lot but doesn’t mean you have to hurt me like every single day. I am leaving
Bihaan: Let’s add another thing into your story, you like getting people into trouble. I don’t have time to fight with you anymore; I want to get out of this mess.
While Bihaan and Thapki were walking the goons sees Thapki and Bihaan.
Goon#2: I see them
Goon#1: Then run after them
Bihaan: Oh great, Run!!!!!!!!!!!
Thapki: Hide in the hole
Bihaan: Have you lost it
Thapki: No, you wanna die?
Thapki and Bihaan fall into the hole.
Goon#1: Where did they go??
Goon#2: They went straight, I saw them
Thapki: See their gone now
Bihaan: Yea and now my clothes are dirty
Thapki: You worry about your clothes more than living??
Bihaan: Oh my god, stop changing the subject, now let’s get out of here
Bihaan and Thapki are walking through the forest and see an abandoned house, where no one lives there
Thapki: Look there’s a house, they won’t find us here
Bihaan: Have you lost it, I am not hiding here
Thapki: Bihaan sir, there is other place to hide it’s going to rain soon
Bihaan: Ugh, fine
Thapki: Bihaan sir, your head is bleeding a lot
Bihaan: So what? It’s your fault
Thapki: I’ll bandage it
Bihaan: No I’ll manage
All of a sudden it starts raining, Thapki runs outside and plays in the rain
Bihaan (In mind): Is this girl crazy? Who plays in the rain?
Thapki: Bihaan sir come out, it’s really fun
Bihaan: Are you crazy, you’re going to get sick, come inside
Thapki: No Bihaan sir, this is the fun part of life
Bihaan: You’re stupid, were already in a big problem and you think this is fun??
Thapki: Just forget about the problems that is going on right now in your life because rain cleans it all
Bihaan: You’re insane
Thapki was about to slip and Bihaan runs out and catch hers (hua hai aaj pehli baar plays) They have an eye lock and Thapki was staring at Bihaan nonstop. He looks away
Bihaan: This is why we don’t play in the rain youwere going to slip, now let’s go inside
Thapki (sneezing): I am freezing
Bihaan: Good job! Let’s go play more in the rain, I’ve an idea let me dress up like a clown and play in the rain
Thapki: You’re so mean; I was trying to forget things
Bihaan: Whatever, I am gonna look for some clothes
Thapki: I should have listened to him
Bihaan: Why are you talking to yourself?
Thapki: No I wasn’t
Bihaan: Okay whatever, here take these clothes and change into them before you get sick
While Thapki was changing, Bihaan was remembering his old lover how they always trusted each other and how much they loved each other. He gets mad and screams.
All of a sudden Thapki comes out
Thapki: Why are you screaming and stop blaming girls for everything, you’re so rude
Bihaan gets mad and pulls her against him and holds her.
Thapki: What are you doing, you’re hurting my hand
Bihaan: Who are you? Why you interfering in my life
Thapki: Let my hand go, you’re always judging everyone, what’s your problem?
Bihaan: Oh I judge everyone??
Thapki: Stop it, let me go
Bihaan pushes her against the wall and was about to kiss Thapki thinking it was (the girl he loved) But he stops
Bihaan: I am sorry…
Thapki was in shock when Bihaan was about to kiss her.
Bihaan: You should go to sleep, we have to leave in a bit.
The next day
Bihaan and Thapki take their leave and find an auto on the way, the auto man drops of Thapki at her house.
Outside Thapki’s house
Thapki: Thank you Bihaan sir.
Bihaan: I’ll see at the office tomorrow, bye…
Thapki: Wait Bihaan sir
But the auto was gone
Thapki: I’ll talk to him about this tomorrow
Tia’s house
Tia in front of the mirror
Tia: This sari is beautiful, Karan really knows my taste
All of a sudden she hears the car and thinks its Karan and rushes to the door. She opens the door and he was standing there with a bunch of flowers in his hands.
Karan: These flowers are for you
Tia: Thank you
Karan: Are you ready to go
Tia: Yes
Karan: By the way you look beautiful in this sari.
Tia (blushing): Thank you…
Karan and Tia reach the restaurant
Tia: This place is really pretty
Karan: Let’s go to our table
Tia: Oh my god it’s right by the sea
Karan: I know the view is beautiful
Tia: I love the sea, when I was little me and family would go play there.
Karan: Where’s your family, I didn’t see them at your house?
Tia: My mom died and my father I heard he died too but I have no idea, so I live with my uncle and auntie but there at New York right now.
Karan: I am sorry…
Tia: It’s okay… I always try to forget it…, How about you?? Who’s in your family?
Karan: I live with my Mother and my younger sister
Tia: How about your father?
Karan: I don’t know let’s order something? Should we?
Tia: Sure
Five minutes later
Karan: Waiter,
Waiter: Yes
Karan: This is what we ordered
Waiter: Okay the food will be ready in 20 minutes
20 minutes later
Waiter: Here’s your food sir, enjoy
Karan: Thank you
Tia: The food taste good
Karan: Yes, I love eating here
Tia and Karan finished eating their food and left the restaurant near the seaside. Tia runs through the water.
Tia: I love playing with the water; my mother would always bring me here, I really miss her, I really loved her Karan (in tears)
Karan: Tia I am here for you, I always will be
Karan kisses Tia on the head and says
Karan: You’re beautiful and a strong girl
All of a sudden he gets a phone call
Tia: Your phone is ringing
Karan: Oh I’ll be right back
Karan: Yes the planning is working just fine, She thinks she can embarrass me in front of everyone by pushing me, I’ll have to take revenge from her, Okay I’ve to go or she’s going to find out.
He turns around and is shocked to see Tia standing there. He is extremely shocked.
Tia: You did this just to take revenge from me??
Karan: No let me explain
Tia: There’s nothing to explain, I heard every single word. I hate you Karan, I hate you so much
She runs away and Karan stands there in shock
The episode ends

Recap: Tia and Karan are fighting near his car. Tia says “I thought you were a nice guy and I starting liking you but all you wanted is revenge” She leaves the place and he breaks his car glass in anger. His hand starts bleeding and then he realizes what he did wrong. Meanwhile Thapki is smiling and remembering how Bihaan and she were really close. She realizes she likes Bihaan.
Will Tia forgive Karan even though he wanted to take revenge from her?
Will Bihaan fall for Thapki too?
Do you think destiny will bring Thahaan and Tiran closer to each other and turn this into love?

So guys this is my fourth episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. Trust me the story will get better then the first episode. By the way, I’m sorry if I don’t write many Hindi words it’s because I am not from India, I am from England but I do watch so many Indian dramas aha! I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((:
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you.)
Btw I’ll post the next episode on Friday March 25th 2016 or Saturday March 26th 2016. But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye ((:

Credit to: nuszzz

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