Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 2


Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 2
Hi guys I’m new aha. Well I’m going to try writing stories about Bihaan and Thapki 🙂 So please bear with me. I like many couples in Telly-wood. But I will start off with Thahaan. This story is nothing like the ongoing track. So enjoy a different twist in this Fan-Fiction. Also there will be more romantic couples in this ff I hope you will love them also aha! There are many characters in this ff. But I added three for now. I will add the rest between the paragraphs when a new name appears. I’m planning to do at least 25-30 episodes it depends. I’ll post every episode Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. I’ll try to be on every day. Btw I changed the picture for episode one, but it didn’t change. But no worries hopefully it will change this time.
At Thapki’s house everyone was happy to see her back and started asking her questions about the interview. Thapki was really tired and sleepy due to the lack of problems that happened while going to the interview. Her mother was making dinner for everyone while she started talking to her family.
Thapki: Ma I’m extremely tired today, I don’t feel like eating anything.
Poonam: Thapki Beti at least have some pasta, it’s your favorite kind
Thapki: No thank you mom, I am going to sleep
Poonam: Thapki you haven’t eaten anything, at least have some fruits
Thapki: Mom I am not hungry, I am fine
Aditi: Dii is there something wrong?? When you say you don’t want to eat anything it means something is bothering you.
Thapki: Aditi, I was late today for the interview because Tia and I got into a fight with this guy.
Poonam: Why were you guys fighting??
Thapki: He came out of nowhere and pushes Tia with his car.
Aditi: Oh my god is Tia okay??
Thapki: Yes, her hand was hurt but it’s all better now
Poonam: Thank god, But what about your job Thapki Beti??
Thapki: I’ve to go for an interview tomorrow morning at 9am sharp, and Tia is coming with me too.
Aditi: Okay Dii at least eat something. By the way Shubh (Shubh Kalra) our little brother is coming back tomorrow from the school camp trip. So I’ve to fix his room up. So I’ll talk to you later. Goodnight Dii.
Thapki: I can’t wait to see Shubh and Goodnight Aditi
Poonam: Okay Thapki now eat something before going to sleep.
Thapki: Ma, Where’s Papa?
Poonam: Oh yea he left to Delhi for a two days for some money he needed to get back.
Thapki: Oh okay mom
While Thapki was eating the phone rings and she runs to get the phone. Dhruv called Thapki to let her about some stuff not to do during the interview.
Thapki: Hello who’s this??
Dhruv: Hi Thapki it’s me Dhruv, I just wanted to let you know some stuff not to do during the interview.
Thapki: Hello Dhruv sir, and sure may you please tell me??
Dhruv: First of all don’t be scared, secondly don’t argue with him and thirdly if you start fighting with him he will not register you for this job.
Thapki: Wow his really strict… I hope I do well during the interview tomorrow…
Dhruv: Don’t worry Thapki just be strong and understanding in front of him.
Thapk: Thank you Dhruv sir, by the way did you tell Tia about this?
Dhruv: Yes don’t worry, so I’ll see you at the officer tomorrow. Bye Thapki
Thapki: Thank you Dhruv sir and bye
Thapki put the phone back. She walked towards the window and looked at the moon thinking about how she will prove it to the people that hurt her and called her useless. While the moon was shining so bright outside that everywhere it goes anyone could see it and she can also feel that true love is nearby her.
At Pandey family’s house
Vasu: Bihaan!!! Dhruv!!!!
Bihaan and Dhruv race toward their mother and both reach there at the same time. Vasu loves both her sons equally she trusts them and knew they were everything to her.
Bihaan: Maaaa is there something wrong?? I’ve a business meeting tomorrow.
Dhruv: Bihaan can’t you be fun for once
Bihaan: Oh shut up I’m not in the mood for any fun.
Vasu: Okay okay will you two stop fighting??
Bihaan: Ma I am just really pissed off because two girls were late for their interview
Dhruv: Ma those girls had issues while getting here. His so stubborn.
Vasu: Bihaan try to take things lightly, not everyone could get anywhere on time, sometimes they might get into trouble.
Bihaan: Sure Ma
Dhruv: you’re stupid hah haaa
Bihaan: You called me stupid, At least I’ve my bat on my hand, watch me Dhruv Pandey
Dhruv: Yea right
Vasu( in her mind): I’m really proud of my sons. They could do anything for our family. I just hope my sons achieve their goals.
Dadi ma( bihaan and Dhruv grandmother): Vasu don’t start crying you raised your sons really well and I am proud to have you has my daughter in law.
Vasu: Thank you Ma, by the way did you see Balvinder jj anywhere??
Dadi Ma: He went out Sanjay (Ankit Bhardwaj) for some business problems
Vasu: Okay Ma Suman, preeti and Kiran will be back soon, I’ll so make some food till then.

The next day Thapki wakes up from and bed and goes towards the window. She looks at the sky and knows today will be a new day and a year for everyone in this world.
Aditi: Dii It’s already 7:50am get ready you’re going to be late
Thapki: Oh god I almost forgot, I’ve to start getting ready
Poonam: Thapki beti are you ready it’s already 8:00
Thapki: Yes mom I’m coming just a sec
Aditi: Dii, Ma I’ve to go pick of Shubh I’ll talk to you later, bye dii and also good luck for the interview and tell Tia too
Thapki and Poonam: Bye Aditi
Tia: Hey guys it’s me Tia!! I’m here without me there is no joy
Thapki: Really Tia ha haha
Poonam: Tia beti, do you want to eat something??

Tia: No auntie, I already had breakfast
Thapki: Okay mom we are leaving I’ll see you at 7pm
Poonam: Bye Thapki and Tia, good luck for your interview.
Tia and Thapki: Bye and thank you!
While Thapki and Tia were walking and Thapki gets a phone call and she tells Tia she will be right back.
Thapki: My phone is ringing I’ll be right back
Tia: Okay
Tia was waiting till Thapki comes back and she bumps into someone when she was about to fall.
Tia: Oh god this Thapki is taking forever, I bumped into a random stranger, thinking it was Thapki.
While Karan starts walking through the garden, Tia trips because of the rock. Karan catches Tia on time.
Tia: Oh god I am going to fall
Karan: Whoa watch out
Karan catches Tia on time; they stare at each other for exactly one minute background music is also playing (Mitwa)
Tia: Oh my god you’re that idiot from yesterday let me go
Karan drops her on the ground because of her selfish behavior from yesterday.
Tia: How dare you? Why did you drop me on the ground? What’s your problem you idiot
Karan: You have no manners
Tia: I’ve no manners?? Ha ha you’re very funny and you’re stupid
Karan gets angry and pulls her closer to him
Tia: What… are you doing?…
Karan: Don’t you dare call me stupid, yesterday was a mistake but you were walking on the road not by the sidewalk
They were really close she could hear his heartbeat pounding.
Tia: Let me go
Karan: You better watch your mouth
Thapki: Tia let’s go.. Wait what are you doing here and why you near Tia
Karan: Tell your friend to watch her mouth
Thapki: You should watch your own mouth
Karan: Me? You can’t even say a single word without stammering
Tia: MR.KARAN next time you insult my friend, I will slap you so hard you will forget your own name.
Thapki always gets insulted everywhere she went. People hated her because of her stammering but why blame her she’s still a human like others.
Tia: Thapki let’s go
Karan in mind: This Tia is messing with me Karan Rajput, now you started this game you will watch my next move.
Thapki and Tia had ten minutes before their interview started. So they waited near the benches outside the reporting center building.
Thapki: (In tears) Tia, I am really happy you always trusted me. Since I was a child everyone in school hated me but you were the one who only stood by me.
Tia: Thapki I knew you for at least eighteen years, you are like my sister and my best friend.
Thapki and Tia gave a hug to each other and saw an ice-cream cart and ran towards it. They both loved chocolate ice-cream.
Thapki: I love ice-cream with my Tia bestie
Tia: Anything my ice-cream princess
Thapki and Tia finished having their ice-creams and started going into the reporting center and there they see Dhruv.
Dhruv: Hi girls, you’re not late today, ready for the interview with Bihaan??
Thapki: I hope, just a bit scared
Dhruv: Tia how about you??
Tia: Yes sir! I’m ready ha
Dhruv: okay girls’ good luck and remember to smile and be brave
Thapki: Sir?? When does the interview start?
Dhruv: In five minutes, just have a seat for now
Tia: Thanks Sir
Dhruv: Okay guys I’ve to go, its argent
Thapki: What happened sir? Is everything fine??
Dhruv: My dad is coming back today; I’ve to pick him up from the airport, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow
Thapki and Tia: Oh okay sir, bye
Dhruv: Bye Thapki and Tia also good luck for the interview.
While waiting for a long time. Tia is called in for the interview and she gets selected for her work.
Tia: Thapki!!!!! Thapki!!! I got expected for the job. I am so happpyyyyyyy
Thapki: Really Tia?? I am so proud of you
Man: Thapki??
Thapki: Yes?
Man: Bihaan sir is calling you in for your interview
Tia: Good luck Thapki and please don’t be scared!! Be brave
Thapki thanks Tia
While Thapki was walking towards Bihaan’s cabin she was freaked out and shivering with nervousness.
Thapki: May I come in sir??
Bihaan: If I called you in?? It’s obviously means you can come in.
Thapki: Thank you sir.
Bihaan: So Thapki are you right for this job?
Thapki: Yes sir, I am right for this job, I always wanted to become a reporter and show everyone just because I stammer doesn’t mean I can’t do anything
Bihaan: Ha do you think anyone here will accept you??
Thapki: It’s okay if they don’t. I’ve only come to work
All of a sudden the lights in the whole building go off. Thapki is really scared of the dark and she starts panicking. Bihaan fumes in anger and walks towards the door but sees it’s locked.
Bihaan: What is wrong with these people in this job?? Are they stupid and blind.
Thapki: It’s not always there fault, maybe there is something wrong
Bihaan: Oi you shut up, no one asked you
Thapki: Mouseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I hate them
Bihaan: Why on earth are you screaming??
Thapki: Sir there is a mouse
Bihaan: So what they’re not going to kill you. Are they?
Thapki jumps on the table because of the mouse. Bihaan is shocked seeing this.
Bihaan: Are you insane?? Get of my table you little brat
Thapki slips and Bihaan catches her. They stare deeply towards each other. (Na na Music plays). Thapki is staring at Bihaan nonstop and he looks away.
Bihaan: Thapki have you lost your mind?? If any of my stuff gets ruined. Then watch.
Thapki (in mind): Oh my god his so mean. Why does he always scream at me? I just hope the lights go back on and this stupid mouse is gone.
Thapki was standing waiting for the lights to come on. So she could do her interview and get the job. Bihaan was sweating because of the heat and started screaming so somebody could open the door. Then the mouse was on Thapki’s foot and she started running towards Bihaan and gave him a tight hug.
Thapki: Bihaaann sirrr please don’t let me go the mouse is going to hurt me
Bihaan was shocked when Thapki hugged him. But then the lights finally went back on and the mouse ran away. Then Bihaan pushes Thapki away.
Bihaan: It’s a mouse, Okay you didn’t have to hug me… Just please leave my cabin…
Thapki: But sir I am sorry… I was really scared… I didn’t do it intently.
Bihaan: Thapki please leave. The door is open. You can leave…
Thapki: But sir how about my interview??
Bihaan: You’re hired. See you at the office tomorrow at 9am sharp.
Thapki: Thank you sir. Thank you very much.
Bihaan: Leave the cabin.
Thapki: Sorry sir and okay.
Bihaan was shocked when Thapki hugged him and how they were really close. Even though Bihaan hated girls he still had feelings… He was already hurt in his past because of someone he really loved… But he doesn’t believe in love. Thapki was really happy with joy. She sees Tia waiting for her and runs towards and gives her a big hug.
Thapki: Tia I got accepted for the job!!
Tia: Really, Bihaan sir actually did??
Thapki: Yes I am so happy, I can’t even explain
Tia: Let’s go buy some sweets on the way and share it with our family.
Thapki (in mind): Thank you Bihaan sir. You’re really sweet inside. I know you didn’t wanna accept me but I knew when you were writing stuff down saying Thapki is right for this job. I was incredibly happy. I just hope I can make my family proud of me and I always wish my best friend Tia is here for me I love her much.
Tia: Thapki you coming or what???
Thapki: Yes Tia, I’m coming.
Thapki and Tia ran through the garden with joy. Finally they reached home on time and shared sweets with everyone and it seemed like happiness was all around them.

Recap: Bihaan punches his punching bag in anger thinking of what Thapki reminded him. Meanwhile Thapki is making a cake for her first day at work. Also Karan calls up Tia which totally shocks her.

So guys this is my second episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. Trust me the story will get better then the first episode. By the way, I’m sorry if I don’t write many Hindi words it’s because I am not from India, I am from England but I do watch so many Indian dramas aha! I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((:
Btw I’ll try to post the next episode on Friday March 18th 2016 or Saturday March 19th 2016. But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye ((:

Credit to: nuszzz

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