Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 15


Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 15
( FF about Thaahan+Tiran+Taharth )
Hi guys its nusz back with your favorite story Destiny vs. love. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me reach to 200 Comments!!! And we have reached fourteen episodes!!!!.. Also I am making this Ff at least 110-120 episodes now!! By the way guys I will be adding some lyrics in the episode from every song I add, so you could understand the feelings through the ff. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars. Nusz ((Also RIP Nivi…. Aka (Nanditha sister)
(Also Guys do read Fan-Fictions by my great friends.)
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Now let’s start.
Outside Siddharth house
Sid: I know she won’t come… I should go back inside… I have been waiting for the past 2 hours for her…. I hurt her anyways… I deserve all this hate…
Tanya: SIDDHARTH! (Crying)
Sid: Tanya??? (Crying too)
Tanya runs towards him and jumps and he carries her and they have a head touch and cry in tears…
Sid: Tanya please forgive me… I promise I will give you all the happiness in your life…
Tanya: Hush let me speak now… I didn’t realize the love you had for me… I just didn’t want you ruin your life because of me Siddharth… It took me hours to notice everything….
Sid: Tanya I don’t care what happened in your past because I won’t let our future get ruined… I will fight for you forever.
Tanya: I love you Pagal
Sid: I love you too my Bugshree (Mentioned in Jamai aja episode 1, I hope I spelled it right)
Tanya: Bugshree?? What is that??
Sid: I have no idea
Tanya: Oh my god Siddharth (hitting him)
Siddharth: Please don’t leave me… and don’t say you’re alone anymore…
Tanya: I won’t leave you ever I promise…
Sid: If anyone tries to harm you… I will break their bones into pieces
Tanya: Really now you’re acting like superman??
Sid: Yes because I am your superman
Tanya: I am so sorry Siddharth for hurting you…
Sid: Sorry for what??? I am the one who should be sorry (he lets her go and sits on the ground and pulls his ears)
Tanya: What are you doing on the ground?
Sid: I am punishing myself because I hurt my Tanya
Tanya: You don’t have to do this anymore…
Sid: Yes I do… I insulted you and hurt you so badly… I also made you get slapped by Bihaan
Tanya: I deserved that…. I really did… but I didn’t send the goons to kill Thapki again
Sid: What do you mean? Didn’t you do it twice?
Tanya: No it wasn’t me, I swear to god
Sid: Then who would try to kill Thapki again???
Tanya: Wait I don’t think she was trying to kill Thapki…. (Remembering something at the party)
Sid: Then who was she trying to kill
Tanya: It seems like she was pointing the gun at Tia…
Tanya: I swear to god, remember at the party when you invited us to your house
Sid: Yes what about the party??
Tanya: I saw a lady there
Sid: Okay tell me the whole story
Tanya: Oh my god this Thapki is always after Bihaan…. But I shouldn’t care anymore
Sid: Wait Tia did you see Bihaan?
Tia: I think he went upstairs
Sid: Okay I will talk to you in a bit
Tia: Wait where’s Thapki???
Sid: She went outside, near my garden I think
Tanya: I wonder what that Tia will tell Thapki about me… I need to follow her…

At the garden
Tia: Thapki why are you sitting here alone?
Thapki: I just needed fresh air
Tia: Did Tanya do something to you??
Thapki: No… it’s nothing like that
Tanya: Here we start with their drama
Tia: Then why are you so sad?
Tanya: Who’s that lady there….?
Tia: Come let’s go inside
Tanya: Oh god dammit she has a gun on her and she’s going to shoot someone… I have a feeling its Thapki….
Thapki: Just leave without me Tia
Tia: No I said you’re coming with me and that’s final
Tanya: Wait a minute she’s pointing the gun at Tia… I need to do something
The lady was about to shoot her but Tanya throws something at her and she runs away
Tia: Did you hear that???
Thapki: I think someone was watching us the whole time…
Tia: There is someone behind the bushes
Tanya: I have to leave quickly
Thapki: Why do I have a feeling someone was trying to do something
Tia: Forget it and let’s go inside
Thapki: Fine Tia
Tanya: Why would someone point a gun at Tia…? This is really fishy… I need to find out myself.
Flashback ends
Sid: Why would someone point a gun at Tia??
Tanya: I’ve no idea… But there has to be a reason
Sid: Look Tanya I need to tell you many things about my past too…
Tanya: What about your past??
Sid explains his life story and Tanya is really shocked to hear about it…
Tanya: Don’t worry Siddharth, now I am with and always will be
Sid: Thank you (kissing her hands and forehead)
Tanya: But do you know how your sister looks like???
Sid: No I don’t… That’s the worst part…
Tanya: Don’t worry we will solve all the problems together… But first I need to ask forgiveness from Thapki and Tia
Sid: We will tomorrow I promise, but first you need rest
Tanya: Okay I will see you tomorrow
Sid: Hey Bugshree, where are you going??
Tanya: To my house….
Sid: This is your house Bugshree… you’re my life and you will be living with me forever….
Tanya: But…
Sid: Hush (carries her in his arms)
Tanya: Siddharth what are you doing??
Sid: I won’t let you live around places anymore… You will be living at my house… I know you’re mine and I love you Tanya
Tanya: I love you to Siddharth
Sid: Now let’s go home because the doctor said you need rest
Tanya and Siddharth are walking towards his house and she plays around with his head and he starts laughing saying she’s really heavy… He hits him and laughs too…

At Thapki/Bihaan house
Phone conversation
Thapki: So did you reach home??
Bihaan: Yes Thapki I did
Thapki: Good I was making sure
Bihaan: Oh my god Thapki, you’re so over protective
Thapki: Well you see now you belong…
Bihaan: Belong what?
Thapki: Did I say belong I think I meant to say balloons are amazing
Bihaan: Well Thapki changing your words are not going to do anything (laughing evilly)
Thapki: What do you mean??
Bihaan: You belong with me
Thapki: Oh so now you made that sentence up
Bihaan: Nope you were going to say that
Thapki: Oh really
Bihaan: Yes Thapki and I am never wrong about anything
Thapki: Alright then and I will see you at work tomorrow
Bihaan: Okay Thapki
Thapki: Goodnight Bihaan (smiling and blushing)
Bihaan: Goodnight Thapki (smiling)
Phone call ends
At Thapki’s house
Thapki: I just hope everything is fine and nothing bad will happen from now on….
All of a sudden Thapki hears Aditi laughing so much
Thapki: That’s odd why is Aditi laughing so much?? (She goes outside and near her room and hides)
Aditi: Acha (really) I wanna see you that
Thapki (In mind): Who is Aditi talking too?
Aditi: No I haven’t told Ma or anyone about our relationship
Thapki was shocked to hear what Aditi said
Aditi: Okay I will meet you at the café in a couple days.
Thapki (In mind): Oh my god and Aditi never told me about it… (All of a sudden she sees Aditi coming and runs from there)
Thapki: I need to follow her within those couple days and see what she’s hiding from me. (Determined to know the truth)

Two weeks later
At Karan’s house in the morning
Karan was still shocked about two weeks ago incident… Tia sees him in pain and enters his room
Tia: Mr. Karan are you okay???
Karan: I am fine, why are you asking? (Giving a fake smile)
Tia: Please don’t try to give me a fake smile… I know you’re still hurt about two weeks ago incident because you met your brother…
Karan: I can’t tell Ma anything about this…
Tia: Why can’t you tell Ma?
Karan: I can’t Tia, you have to understand
Tia: But she’s your Ma… And you should tell her everything
Tia got scared because of Karan screaming
Tia: Why are you always screaming at me? I was only trying to help you…
Neha: Hey why were you guys screaming?? Is everything okay??
Tia: Of course Tomato, everything is always okay (she leaves the place trying to hide her tears)
Karan: Tia wait….
Neha: Bhai did you do something??
Karan: No I just got mad at her for something
Neha: Bhai why are you always screaming at her?? Don’t forget the incident that happened two months ago…
Karan: I haven’t and I didn’t mean it this time
Neha: Okay Bhai go talk to her about it and come down for breakfast
Karan: Ugh I always lose my temper and now I need to cheer her up…

At Siddharth house
Sid: Good morning Tanya (kissing her on the cheeks)
Tanya: Good morning Siddharth and did you make breakfast today??
Sid: Well you see, I am an awesome chef and yes I did
Tanya: Oh really since when??
Sid: Since forever… My mom would teach me every time when I was a little kid
Tanya: Don’t worry Siddharth she is really proud of you
Sid: I know she will be until I find my sister
Tanya: I promise you will find your sister ASAP (As soon as possible)
Sid: I really hope I do and my family will be completed
Tanya: Also I needed to talk about that lady from that party
Sid: What about her???
Tanya: I remember she was wearing a black Burqa and covering her face
Sid: There is something wrong though Tanya…
Tanya: What do you mean??
Sid: I don’t know but I have a feeling I know this lady
Tanya: Firstly I am not even sure if it’s a lady or a man… She/he was all covered in black
Sid: But why would they point the gun at Tia?? She’s so innocent and sweet
Tanya: I think we should tell her about this incident
Sid: I don’t think we should Tanya
Tanya: No Siddharth we can’t risk it anymore… How about something happens to her like this again?? Then what will we do???
Sid: I know but she will be totally freaked out… What about Karan if he finds out… That will cause many problems
Tanya: Oh great I forgot about him, her so called bodyguard
Sid: Bodyguard??
Tanya: Yea isn’t that her bodyguard??
Sid: Oh my god Tanya you just made me laugh so much (laughing so much)
Tanya: What’s so funny??
Sid: That’s not her bodyguard Bugshree
Tanya: Really that’s not her bodyguard?? Oh is it her servant??
Sid: Oh god it’s her fiancé/boyfriend
Tanya: Oh really I never knew that
Sid: Tanya you’re hilarious
Tanya: Hey quit making fun of me
Sid: Okay sorry Bugshree
Tanya: We have to meet Tia and tell her everything… (about the leave)
Sid: Tanya when did you start caring about her??
Tanya: Siddharth, I have already hurt people and I really need to fix all the mistakes I caused
Sid: But aren’t you going to talk with Bihaan about everything…
Tanya: Not now Siddharth first I need to ask forgiveness from Tia and Thapki
Sid: Wait but before we do that (pulling Tanya and making her sit on his lap)
Tanya: What are you doing Siddharth??
Sid: Why don’t we go on a romantic date today??
Tanya: What is this Siddharth??
Sid: Please Tanya just me and you
Tanya: Okay then we have to go meet Thapki and Tia after…
Sid: Okay I promise we will and now I am going to be late for work
Tanya: Wait Siddharth
Sid: Yes??
Tanya: You forgot your tie (putting it around him)
Sid: Tanya I love you (pulling her waist and bringing her closer)
Tanya: I love you too (pinching his nose and leaves from there)
Sid (in mind): I am sorry I lied to you… I can’t risk you go to outside anymore without me because I think someone is spying on you instead and I have to keep you safe… So I will have to meet Tia and Thapki myself…

At Karan’s house
Neha: Hey pass me the bread Tia
Tia: Here Tomato
Karan: Tia may you pass me the jam
Tia: I think you can get yourself because it’s right beside you (making an angry face at him)
Karan: Oh I didn’t see that
Tia: yea right (making an angry)
Ria: Please don’t tell me you two are fighting again
Neha: Well Bhai screamed at Tia again
Ria: What?? Why??
Karan: I did not
Tia: Stop lying Mr. Karan
Karan: I don’t lie
Tia: Oh really (stepping on his foot so dam hard)
Ria: Have you lost Karan??
Tia: What the hell are you doing? (Laughing so much)
Karan by accident bumps into the table in the kitchen and puts his hand on the spoon and the flour falls on his face
Neha: Nice makeup Bhai (laughing so much)
Tia: Let me tell you guys a beautiful praise
Neha: Yes go ahead
Tia: When someone face turns black, when someone face turns black that means they deserved it but when there face turns white they look like a seagull at the beach.. Thank you thank you
Neha: Wha Wha beautiful praise
Ria: Well Karan you should get washed up you look like a totally freak
Tia: You meant monkey right??
Karan: Not funny (making an angry face at Tia)
Tia: It’s totally funny
Neha: Okay guys enjoying fighting and I and Ma are off to shopping
Tia: Okay bye tomato
Karan goes to his room while Tia is still dying of laughter

At Thapki’s house
Aditi: Okay Ma I am leaving!! I will see you later
Poonam: So early??
Aditi: I know I still have to hand in a project
Poonam: Oh okay, I will drop of Shubh today because I need to buy vegetables today
Aditi: Okay Ma I will see you later
Thapki: Good morning Ma (rushing quickly)
Poonam: Why are you leaving early too??
Thapki: I need to meet someone important at work today
Poonam: But have breakfast before you leave
Thapki: I can’t Ma; I will eat my lunch on the way
Poonam: But what will you have for lunch??
Thapki: Don’t worry my lovely Ma… I will be totally fine
Poonam: Okay and your dad is coming back today
Thapki: Yes I will be home early
Poonam: Did you do puja?
Thapki: Yes Ma (in mind): This Aditi is going to leave and I need to go quickly
Poonam: Okay be home by 7pm
Thapki: Okay Ma (kisses her on the cheeks and leaves quickly)
Poonam: Shubh let’s go you’re going to be late for school
Shubh: I am coming Ma
Thapki: I should call Bihaan and tell him I am going to be late for work

At Karan’s house
Karan: Tia I am really sorry for screaming at you
Tia: No I am not forgiving you this time
Karan: Oh come on, do you know how many problems you caused??
Tia: I didn’t
Karan: When you dropped me in the mud puddle and threw a ball at me
Tia: That was an accident (lying)
Karan: Yea right Tia
Tia: Still you always screamed at me and remember last time
Karan: I know and I am really sorry about that Tia
Tia: You have to bring a smile back on my face
Karan: I think I can do that
Tia: Prove it
Karan puts the song Jadoo teri Nazar (from the movie Daar and now I am going to add the links in the ff so you guys can read it while listening to it (Also instead of saying Tu hai meri Kiran it’s Tu hai meri Tia aha)
Karan: Jadoo Teri Nazar, Khushboo Tera Badan Jadoo Teri Nazar, Khushboo Tera Badan Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Hai Meri Tia Tu Hai Meri Tia Jadoo Teri Nazar, Khushboo Tera Badan Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Hai Meri Tia Tu Hai Meri Tia (bending down and begging for forgiveness while Tia starts laughing)
Tia: Well Mr. Karan you have to try harder (tune is playing)
Karan: Mere Khwaabon Ki Tasvir Hai Tu Bekhabar Meri Taqdeer Hai Tu Mere Khwaabon Ki Tasvir Hai Tu Bekhabar Meri Taqdeer Hai Tu Tu Kisi Aur Ki Ho Na Jana Kuch Bhi Kar Jaaonga Main Deewana Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Hai Meri Tia Tu Hai Meri Tia (carries her and takes her to the backyard while spinning her around… Tia starts laughing and starts piniching his nose)
Tia: Oh the way you sing though Mr. Karan (tune play)
Karan: Faasle Aur Kam Ho Rahen Hain Door Se Pas Hum Ho Rahen Hain Faasle Aur Kam Ho Rahen Hain Door Se Pas Hum Ho Rahen Hain Maang Loonga Tujhe Asaman Se Chheen Loonga Tujhe Is Jahaan Se Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Hai Meri Tia Tu Hai Meri Tia (drops her on the ground and she makes an angry face at him… He puts the water sprinkle on and they both get wet and starts dancing around her throws flowers at her and she smiles and laughs while he slips and then she slips on him and they have an eye lock (while the tune was playing) (Also this was planned out by Karan to make Tia happy from yesterday)
Tia: Well when did you get so romantic?? (Tune plays)
Karan: Jadoo Teri Nazar, Khushboo Tera Badan Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa KarTu Hai Meri Tia Tu Hai Meri Tia (They are both lying down the ground while the sprinkle is sprinking water on them… He kisses her the forehead and hugs her)
Tia: I never knew my future husband was romantic
Karan: Well now you do and because of you my clothes are wet
Tia: Excuse me you’re the one who put it on
Karan: So what?? I planned out this beautiful date for you
Tia: So what
Karan: Like you can ever do it
Tia: Of course I can and also you’re going to be late for work love you Mr. Karan
Karan: No fair, I am always the romantic one
Tia (in mind): Now watch my romantic style Mr. Karan.
At the café
Thapki: I think they were suppose to meet here
Aditi: Hey I missed you… (Hugging him)
Dhruv: I missed you too Aditi (hugging her back)
Thapki: Who’s that guy…? I can’t see his face and great Bihaan is calling me
Dhruv: We have to wait till they come back
Aditi: But I am worried about how our relationship will shock everyone…
Thapki: Stupid guy turn your face around
Dhruv: I know but my family isn’t back yet Aditi
Thapki: Okay this guy is really pissing me off (she takes a piece of bread and throws it on his head)
Dhruv: What the hell
Aditi: Are you okay??
Dhruv: I am fine, but some idiot threw a piece of bread on me
Thapki gets up and is shocked to see Dhruv being Aditi’s guy she likes
Thapki: Dhruv and Aditi??? Oh my god….
Aditi: That girl stupid I will go teach that person a lesson
Thapki: I never knew Aditi would lie to me like this…
Aditi: Hey you, how dare you throw a piece of bread on him??
Thapki: How dare you lie to us for almost six months (giving her a tight slap)
Aditi: Dii…..
Unwanted place
Lady: Listen you old lady I want them dead
Old lady: Please don’t kill her… She’s an innocent girl
Lady: I don’t want her to be part of our family
Old lady: She’s an honest and sweet girl… She has a horrible past and you know this is all caused by… So let her enjoy the rest of her life….
Lady: This secret will be out if we don’t find the son…
Old lady: Yes your truth needs to come out
Lady: How dare you old crappy lady (slapping her hard)
Lady: Nobody knows what happened that night… I was so close to kill her but some foolish girl stopped me… But next time she will be dead or kidnapped by me… (She smirks while the old lady is crying)

At the reporting centre
Bihaan: Oh my god where’s this Thapki
Sid: Hey Bihaan….
Bihaan: Hey Sid where were you for the past three days?
Sid: Oh I was busy with things and by the way is Thapki here
Bihaan: No dude… I have waiting for her for the past two hours
Sid: So did you confess your feelings (joking around with him)
Bihaan: Hey cut that out
Sid: Aw why are you blushing?
Bihaan: Excuse me?? Bihaan Pandey doesn’t blush
Sid: I can see it on your face it’s fully red
Bihaan: I will kill you
Sid: You can’t because you’re my best friend
Bihaan: Ha-ha very funny Sid
All of a sudden Sid gets a phone call
Sid: I need to take this phone call I will be right back
Bihaan: Alright and I have to stand alone here again….
Sid: Do you know who’s after Tanya??
Unknown person: I having a feeling it’s someone from her family
Sid: Okay thank you for letting me know (in mind): This Tanya’s family won’t leave her alone… But I promise I will fight for her…
Unknown person: Also I have some proof about your sister
Sid: Really you do?? Please tell me
Unknown person: She use to live in America, but I don’t know where…
Sid: Thank you so much for the information and let me updated if you find any more clues about my sister or Tanya
Unknown caller: Yes sir I will
Sid: Now I need to find that lady who ruined my family’s happiness…
At the café
Dhruv: Hey Aditi forget it Na (Super shocked to see Thapki)
Dhruv: Th—apppppki………………THAPKI
Thapki: Dhruv sir….
Aditi: You guys work with each other
Dhruv: Yes she works at our company
Thapki: Aditi how dare you hide this from me
Aditi: I am super sorry Diii
Thapki: I don’t want to hear your stories
Dhruv: Thapki listen to me
Thapki: Look Dhruv you need to stay out of this matter
Aditi: Dii I am really sorry but I and Dhruv were in a relationship for almost 6 months but I promise I was going to tell you everything
Thapki: When??? Let me guess next year… Okay I get it you didn’t have tell Ma but you could have told your sister
Aditi: I know and I am really sorry Dii
Thapki: I don’t wanna hear your nonsense
Dhruv: Thapki wait
Thapki: What??
Dhruv: I am the one who told her not to tell anyone about our relationship because I was scared
Thapki: Oh so you’re scared to be with my sister
Dhruv: No I didn’t mean that
Thapki: Then what did you mean??
Dhruv: My family is already facing problems and I didn’t wanna cause anymore…
Aditi: Di I am really sorry (crying so much)
Thapki: Fine I forgive and please don’t cry
Dhruv: Please Thapki don’t tell anyone about our relationship
Thapki: You should have told me earlier Aditi…
Aditi: I know and I am really sorry Dii… Please forgive me
Thapki: Okay I forgive you
Aditi: Thank you so much, (giving her a big hug)…
Thapki: Dhruv you better keep my sister happy
Dhruv: I promise I will and always have
Thapki (in mind): Oh god it’s already 6pm and I wasted like three hours here… I was suppose to meet Bihaan at his garden by his farmhouse…
Aditi: Is everything okay Dii??
Thapki: Yes and I need to leave
Dhruv: Oh okay, do you need a lift
Thapki: No I am fine, just drop of Aditi on time… Bye
Bihaan’s text to Thapki
Bihaan: I have been waiting for you at the Indian reporting center and I am not talking to you anymore….
Thapki: Oh god look what I caused… But I should reach the farmhouse before he does and I will give him a surprise and cheer him up
Near the court
Karan: Yes the file is with me right now?? Okay I will meet you there in 10 minutes
Kabir: Bhaijaan
Karan: Look Kabir I don’t have to talk about this nonsense
Kabir: Whats wrong with you Bhaijaan can’t you see my tears….
Karan: Don’t emotionally blackmail me
Kabir: Bhaijaan I am really missing you a lot… Without you my family is incomplete
Karan: Kabir you need to leave right now
Kabir: Then why are you always hiding your face from me
Karan: Kabir get out
Kabir: Say it to me directly
Karan: I can’t just leave (in tears)
Kabir: You can never forget me Bhaijaan and now you’re crying because I know you still love me a lot like you did when we were children…. Remember Bhaijaan I always followed your footsteps
Karan: I don’t want to talk about this anymore
Karan: Look Kabir get out of here right
Kabir: Fine Bhaijaan but I know you still love me (He leaves in tears)
Karan: I can never forget you my little brother (crying so much)
At the reporting centre
Sid: Great now Bihaan left because Thapki pissed him off… But how do I find out where exactly that lady is who killed my mother and ruined my whole family’s happiness …. How about she harms my sister again…. How about Tanya… I am worried about everyone… I can’t let anyone die in front of me… They will have to go through me… I should go home quickly before anything happens to Tanya….

At Siddharth house
Tanya: I will plan a cute date…to cheer up Siddharth… (She smiles cutely)
At Karan’s house/Bihaan’s farmhouse/Siddharth house (All the girls will try to make the boys go high aha)
While Karan is entering his house…He goes to his room and sees everything is decorated so nicely… (So Tia wearing a nice blue sari and it’s sleeveless)
While Bihaan is really angry and remembers he called Thapki for a date at the farmhouse and thinks of telling her… How long he waited for her… (Thapki is wearing a beautiful sleeveless red salwar kameez)
Siddharth is stressed out thinking about his family… The driver is driving the car really fast so he can take care of Tanya… Also he is stressed out about if his sister would be harmed again by that crappy lady. (Tanya is wearing a beautiful short dress that is black)
Karan enters his room and is shocked to see Tia in this beautiful style… His mouth is wide open and he drops his bag on his foot…Tia is dying of laughter and he enters inside…
Bihaan is fuming in anger and it starts raining and he gets angrier…he sees glowing lights and fireflies… He sees Thapki coming out wearing a beautiful salwar Kameez and smiles but tries to be angry… She gets thinking and smiles…
Siddharth is really depressed while he enters his house… he sees the living room decorated with candles and saying “I love you forever and don’t be sad because you’re not alone” He sees Tanya standing there in a cute pose with her dress on… He stares at her nonstop…
Three parts of this will be shown of their true love (they will be dancing to crazy kiya re to make the boys happy aha) (Honest to god this made me laugh writing it) (Also I don’t like dirty languages so I changed the words… I hope you guys don’t mind and also… I hope you guys enjoyed these scenes… I don’t like nasty scenes… So I make them cute and funny)
Tia: Yeah! Pretty pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more ( she pulls Karan’s tie and pushes him on the bed and brings a bunch of flowers and throws it on him, also a bucket of water and she starts laughing…while he makes an angry face)
Thapki: Yeah! pretty pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more (It’s raining and Bihaan is shocked to see Thapki dance with her dupttaa)
Tanya: Yeah! Pretty pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more pretty lady on the floor keep you coming back for more (She whispers in Siddharth’s ears and he smiles and she opens her hair and he stares at her)
Tia: Chori Chori Kiyaa Re Dil Ye Dil Liyaa Re… (2) Jaadu Se Jaadu Kiyaa… Kiyaa Re Jaagi Soyi Rahoon Khoyi Khoyi Rahoon (dancing and trying to make Karan happy)
Thapki: Uski Yaadon Mein Uske Khwaabon Mein Jhoome Jiyaa Re Crazy Kiyaa Re…..
Crazy Kiyaa Re… (7)( She dancing, spinning and Bihaan comes closer to her)
Tune plays
Tanya: Naa Usko Pataa Naa Uski Khataa Main Uspe Mar Gayi Zaraa Usko Bataa )… (2) Dheere Dheere Ikraar Mein Kabhi Kabhi Intezaar Mein Uske Hi Pyaar Mein Jhoome Jiyaa Re… (She pushes Siddharth on the sofa and starts dancing so amazingly he stares at her nonstop)
Tia: Crazy Kiya Re 3 kiya re Crazy Kiya Re 3 o crazy Crazy Kiya Re Yeah! Pretty pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more (Karan comes closer to her and kisses her on the cheeks and she pushes him back on the bed and runs out of the room)
Tanya: Crazy Kiya Re 3 kiya re Crazy Kiya Re 3 o crazy Crazy Kiya Re Yeah! Pretty pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more(Siddharth carries Tanya and they have a romantic dance)
Thapki: Crazy Kiya Re 3 kiya re Crazy Kiya Re 3 o crazy Crazy Kiya Re Yeah! Pretty pretty lady on da floorkeep you coming back for more pretty lady on da floor keep you coming back for more (They both are dancing on the rain and Bihaan is really fallen in love with Thapki)
Tune plays
Tia: Crazy Kiyaa Re… (4) ( Main Yahaan Bhi Gayi Main Wahaan Bhi Gayi Sochaa Pal Pal Use Main Jahaan Bhi Gayi )… (2) Din Ho Yaa Raat Ho (they both are dancing in the living room, while he carries her around and she screams and hits him…)
Thapki: Woh Mere Saath Ho Jab Uski Baat Ho…Jhoome Jiyaa Re Crazy Kiyaa Re…… Crazy Kiyaa Re… (4) Chori Chori Kiyaa Re Dil Ye Dil Liyaa Re… (2) Jaadu Se (While they dance under the rain he carries her and she smiles seeing him smile, she pulls her ears for forgiveness)
Tanya: Jaadu Kiyaa… Kiyaa Re Jaagi Soyi Rahoon Khoyi Khoyi Rahoon Uski Yaadon Mein Uske Khwaabon Mein Jhoome Jiyaa Re(They both still dance romantically and smile)
Tia: … Crazy Kiyaa Re (2) (smiling and dancing)
Thapki: … Crazy Kiyaa Re (2)(smiling and dancing)
Tanya: … Crazy Kiyaa Re (2) (smiling and dancing)
Tune plays then music ends
Karan’s house
Karan: You call this romance?? You threw water at me
Tia: This is my style of romance
Karan: Very stupid but you look beautiful
Tia: Thank Mr. Karan (starts laughing)
Karan: Why are you laughing Tia?
Tia: Sorry Mr. Karan (and a bunch of flour drops on him)
Karan: TIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT AGAIN
Tia: Anytime Mr. Karan (pinching his nose and leaves)
Karan: I am sorry… I am trying to hide the pain from you Tia…. I just can’t make you sad because of me….
At Siddharth house
Siddharth: When did you get so talented at doing this?? (Holding his tears in)
Tanya: I saw you in the morning… you seemed sad and I wanted to cheer you up (sitting near him on the sofa)
Siddharth starts crying
Tanya: Siddharth why are you crying??
Siddharth: I really miss my Ma… She must be really pissed at me for not finding her killer and my sister…
Tanya: Hey don’t cry please (she has tears in her eyes too) (
Humnava plays Hey Humnava mujhe apna bana le Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de hmm.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de Kab se main dar dar phir raha Musaafir dil ko panaah de Tu awaargi ko meri aaj thehra de Ho sake toh thoda pyaar jataa de Sookhi padi iss dil ki zameen ko bhiga de
Siddharth: I didn’t even do anything right ever… People will always die around me….
Tanya: Don’t say that Siddharth (consoling him and crying in pain remember her father’s words “ Hey Taniii my little princess I bought this beautiful doll” “ Daddy you’re the best in this whole world”

At Thapki’s house
Thapki: I am sorry not showing up four hours ago
Bihaan: You worked on this for ten minutes
Thapki: I didn’t want you to be sad
Bihaan: Thapki your hand is bleeding
Thapki: Yea I was rushing that’s why
Bihaan: What foolish behavior… you would have hurt yourself…
Murjhaayi si shaakh pe dil ki Phool khilte hain kyun Baat gulon ki zikr mehak ka Acha lagta hai kyun Un rango se tune milaaya Jinse kabhi main mill na pay Dil karta hai tera shukriya Phir se bahaare tu laa de Dil ka soona banjar mehka de Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de hmm.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
Thapki: I am sorry Bihaan; I just wanted you to me happy
Bihaan: By hurting yourself that’s not making me happy… it’s making me in more pain
Thapki: I won’t do this anymore I promise
Bihaan: I am sorry for getting mad at you too (hugging her and kissing her on the forehead)
Karan’s house
Karan is crying in his room
Tia: You met your brother again??
Karan: No I didn’t Tia
Tia: Then why are you crying Mr. Karan
Karan: I wasn’t crying
Tia: You can’t lie to me
Karan: I can’t tell him anything (crying on Tia’s lap)
Tia: You should talk to him
Karan: I can’t Tia
Waise toh mausam guzre hain Zindagi mein kayi Par ab naa jaane kyun mujhe wo Lag rahe hain hasee Tere aane par jaana maine Kahin na kahin zinda hoon main Jeene lagaa hoon main ab ye fizaayein Chehre ko chhooti hawaayei Inki tarah do kadam toh badha le Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de O.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
Tia: If you do… you will forget about the past I promise Mr. Karan
Karan: Thank you Tia for always supporting me
Tia: I will always do
Unwanted place
Lady: Time has come old lady… Now it’s my next move
Old lady: You won’t be able to do anything to them
Lady: Watch me (burning her picture)
Old lady: You’re a horrible lady just like your sister
Lady: Oh shut up or I will kill you too
Old lady: What are you going to get by doing this??
Lady: You will see (she turns around and sees someone)
Man: It’s time
Lady: Finally this will work
Man: Yes
Lady: I was really close to kill her
Man: Don’t worry there is party at the chopra family and then we will kidnap her
Lady: Well this old lady will open her mouth up and we need to do something about it
Man: Her husband’s dead body in front of her
Old Lady: No please I won’t say anything I beg you
Man: You better not or you will die and so will your husband
Lady: Now we need to start planning for tomorrow
Man: We sure have to
They both smirk while the old lady is crying
The episode ends
Moral-“Life is something you shouldn’t give up on… I seen it happened before and it hurts me… I have lost people and hurts me even more… But trust me… If you’re with them for the rest of their life they will be filled with happiness”
Alright guys next will be Maha/Special episodes for 16-20 and there will be many interesting things happening.

Recap: Yes finally Siddharth will meet Tia and they will have some talk about childhood their memories…. (He doesn’t know yet) Thapki wants Aditi and Dhruv to tell their families about their relationship. The chopra/Rajput family will be entering and they will be having a grand party. Tia and Karan will be going to that party…. Also Tia is kidnapped by the lady…. (Bihaan wants Thapki to meet his family too) (Kidnapping drama will start on episode 17)

Spoilers: A women and her daughter talk about where the marriage should happen and where Bihaan’s house is. Thahaan, Thaharth and Karan will team up together and find Tia… While this is happening Siddharth will find out Tia is his sister…. Lady’s and Man’s faces will be revealed… Also I will give you a special spoiler… Tiran to get engaged soon aha!!!!
Also shocking Spoilers: A couple split up will happen on episode 19-20…. A man will enter the show too… Unwanted engagement will be happening.
Well guys I hope you don’t hate on me for this… I promise when all this happens… There will full on romance…. Trust me I hate dragging too…
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys this is my fifteenth episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe(Thursday April 21st 2016) Friday April 22th 2016 or Saturday April 23th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

Credit to: nusz(T!B!H)

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  4. Mina(Nusz best friend and loves her ff a lot)

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