Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 1


Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 1
Hi guys I’m new aha. Well I’m going to try writing stories about Bihaan and Thapki 🙂 So please bear with me. I like many couples in Telly-wood. But I will start off with Thahaan. This story is nothing like the ongoing track. So enjoy a different twist in this Fan-Fiction. Also there will be more romantic couples in this ff I hope you will love them also aha! There are many characters in this ff. But I added three for now. I will add the rest between the paragraphs when a new name appears. I’m planning to do at least 25-30 episodes it depends. I’ll post every episode Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. I’ll try to be on every day.
Here in Agra Thapki is waking up from her sleep. Her mother Poonam starts calling her. She wakes up and looks outside through the window and she says today is a new day a new year and a new happiness for everyone. Aditi comes in the room and gives Thapki a big hug.
Thapki: Hi, Aditi why you hugging me all of a sudden??
Aditi: Dii!!!!, Oh my god, I’m super happy today you and Tia got expected at the Indian reporting centre.
Thapki: Aditi are you serious?
Aditi: Yes Diiiii
Thapki couldn’t believe her eyes. She started crying with joy and hugged Aditi with happiness. She ran to her mom and dad and told them she got expected to the Indian reporting centre.
Poonam: Yes Thapki Beti, I’m really happy this is why I made all your favorite dishes.
Krishnakanth: Thapki Beti. I’m really proud of you today. Like I said my Thapki won’t do anything wrong. I don’t care what others say about you. But I am really proud to have a daughter like you.
Thapki: Papa it’s all cause of you and this family without any of you I couldn’t stand up and say I’m Thapki and I’m proud to be who I am.
Aditi: Dii, without you we are nothing
Poonam: I’m really proud of myself having such beautiful daughter like Aditi and Thapki.
Thapki, Aditi, Poonam and Krishnakanth all have a family talk and show there love towards others. But then someone walks in.
Tia (Surbhi Jyoti): Uncle! Auntie! Not again, don’t you guys love me!??
Everyone starts laughing, Thapki runs up to Tia and gives her a big hug and Tia hugs back with Joy.
Thapki: Oh my god Tia we are finally expected to the Indian reporting centre I’m so happy I can’t even explain.
Tia: Thapki now we are both going to become reporters and make everyone proud of us.
Krishnakanth: Tia Beti, thank you for always supporting my Thapki Beti.
Tia: Uncle, you always helped since I was a kid and Thapki is like a sister to me and I will always support her.
Aditi: How about me? I am not your best friend??
Tia: You’re my teddy bear little idiot
Aditi: Hey now watch me hit you with this pillow!!
Poonam: I’m so happy today Krishnakanth, My daughters are becoming what they wants.
Krishnakanth: I’m happy too.
While everything was over Thapki gets ready and leaves with Tia to the Indian reporting centre.
Tia: Thapki let’s eat some ice-cream before we go!.
Thapki. No Tia we are going to get sick.
Tia: Oh my god Thapki, you’re so over protected, were not going to die, please let’s eat ice-cream.
Thapki: Fine!
While Thapki and Tia were walking towards the ice-cream cart and a car comes out of nowhere and Tia falls down. The guys come out of the car and stares.
Thapki: Tia! Tia! Are you okay did you get hurt?
Tia: No I’m fine
Thapki: your hand is bleeding; we shouldn’t go to work today.
Tia: Have you lost it’s the first day of work. I’ll bandage it.
Guy: Are you girls’ blind, Why are you walking towards the road, can’t you see the sidewalk.
Tia: Hey you, Shutup, don’t make up stories, I was crossing the road with her and your stupid car came out of nowhere.
Guy: How dare you tell me to shutup, Do you know who I’m??
Thapki: No one wants to know, you made my friend’s hand bleed.
Guy stands there and starts laughing when he heard Thapki’s voice.
Tia: Excuse me why are you laughing, I don’t see anything funny.
Guy: This girl is stammering and you’re friends with her?
Tia: Don’t dare to make fun of her.
Thapki was hurt inside, anywhere or everywhere she went people would taunt her and say harsh words because she would stammer and people hated that.
Thapki: Tia let’s go
Tia: No Thapki I’m not done
Tia push the guy and he fall and slips in the mud puddle. Everyone around that place started laughing. Tia was also laughing. Thapki was shocked and looked at Tia in a mean way.
Thapki: What did you do Tia??
Tia: He deserves that.
Guy: Do you know who I am?? I am a business man. My name is karan (Karan Singh Grover) Did you see what you caused right now??
Tia: You deserve that. You’re selfish and ignorant
Guy: Oh you watch what I do.
Tia: Thapki let’s go
Thapki and Tia leave from there. The man stands there in shock and calls his guards to clean up the car and leaves from there. While Thapki and Tia are half way towards the Indian reporting centre. Thapki stops Tia and confronts her.
Thapki: Tia, why did you need to do that??
Tia: Thapki everywhere we go people insult you, I am tired of this
Thapki: But you didn’t have to push him.
Tia: Thapki stop always defending people who try to hurt you. It’s annoying now.
Thapki: Okay….
Tia: Just forget about this and let’s go we only have five minutes to get there.
Thapki and Tia reached their destination and were shocked how beautiful the place looked. They smiled at each other with joy.
Thapki: This place is beautiful
Tia: Indeed it is
They both enter the reporting centre and are two minutes late and they both start running towards to the meeting room. On the way they both bump into a guy.
Guy: Are you guys okay?? Wait you guys are here for the interview??
Tia: Yes we are
Guy: Thapki and Tia??
Tia and Thapki: Yes
Guy: Hi I’m Dhruv, I’m the owner of this centre
Thapki and Tia: Hello sir
Dhruv: You girls are really late, and my brother. Oh wait his name is Bihaan, his really strict if your late, you better get there quickly.
Thapki: Were sorry my friend Tia almost got hit by a car and the guy wasn’t letting us go.
Dhruv: Okay, I hope you guys are fine, and good luck!
Tia and Thapki: Thank you sir.
Thapki and Tia ran has fast as they could and while Thapki was running she slips and Bihaan catches her.
Bihaan: You girls are Thapki and Tia??
Tia: Yes sir, were sorry, we both had some issues on the way.
Bihaan: Do you think this is funny; I wasted two extra minutes of my time waiting for you guys.
Thapki: were sorry sir, this won’t happen again.
He stood there in shock realizing she stammers when she talks.
Bihaan: Thapki, do you think your prefect for this job??
Thapki: Yes sir, indeed I am.
Tia: Sir I know she stammers but Thapki is amazing she can do anything, Trust me I known her for ages.
Bihaan: Ha sure.
Thapki: Please sir, give me a chance to prove it
Bihaan: I want to see you both tomorrow at 9am sharp.
Thapki and Tia: thank you sir.
While Tia and Thapki start leaving, Thapki and Bihaan look back at each other while leaving the office.
Thapki:(In mind): Now I just hope, I can achieve my goals to a higher level, Thank you Bihaan sir for giving me a chance.
Bihaan (In mind): I want to see how good you’re at this job. You better prove it Thapki or I will kick you out myself.
Thapki: Tia I am really proud, I am finally going to get this job
Tia: Yes Thapki we are.
Thapki and Tia went to the beach and started playing a day before when they become what they want!!!.

Recap: Dhruv calls up Thapki, Tia and Karan bump into each other again. Meanwhile Bihaan interviews Thapki and Tia.

So guys this is my very first episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. Trust me the story will get better then the first episode. By the way, I’m sorry if I don’t write many Hindi words it’s because I am not from India, I am from England but I do watch so many Indian dramas aha! I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((:
Btw I’ll try to post the next episode tomorrow or on Friday March 18th 2016. But please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye ((:

Credit to: nuszzz

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    1. Thank you maya ((:: I’ll try my best to make it longer

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