Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 11


Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Episode 11
Hiiiiiii guys its nusz back with your favorite story Destiny vs. love. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me reach to 100 comments (Again) and we have reached ten episodes!!!!. I love you all so much. Also I am making this Ff at least 80-90 episodes!!~nusz. I also want to mention thank you so much for enjoying my ff and already supporting me, please do like always ~nusz. By the way guys I will be adding some lyrics in the episode from every song I add, so you could understand the feelings through the ff. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars :>~Nusz). But guys if you do read my ff… Please do comment your ideas! ~Nusz aha.
Also I am honestly getting so pissed off now of the discourteous… Just because I am from British or Canadian or whatever, does a person have to judge me? But just because I add something which is not in India it’s not because I don’t know… It’s because I felt like it… If I keep seeing people judging me for being a British person or whatever I might stop my ff. I just want people to enjoy my ff… I really love all your comments and it makes me delighted and overjoyed … Also if I do add something wrong just let me know and I will fix it… But you don’t have to say something so rude or whatever… Also to let you know it hurts when someone judges because “Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them the truth might surprise or hurt you badly”

Outside Thapki’s house
Thapki: Sometimes I feel like… I am nobody… why can’t I ever be happy… I fell in love with Bihaan…. But he already loves another girl… I need to forget him… I don’t deserve him and wait why would be fall in love with me… I am a girl who stammers…. No guy would ever love me… (Crying so much)
Thapki wipes her tears and goes near her door.
Aditi: I will get the door (quietly)
Thapki: Hey Aditi (showing a fake smile)
Aditi: Hey Dii, why did you take forever?
Thapki: Oh I needed to talk to Bihaan sir about some file
Aditi: Oh, why are you still outside?
Thapki: Because you’re blocking the door
Aditi: Sorry Dii
Thapki: By the way when are Papa and Shubh coming back?
Aditi: The day after tomorrow
Thapki: But they were suppose to come today
Aditi: Yes but the trip date got extended for a day
Thapki: Oh wow, by the way is everyone is sleeping already?
Aditi: I think Ma fell asleep by now
Thapki: Okay I am going to bed, goodnight Aditi
Aditi: Dii, what’s with the fake smile?
Thapki: What fake smile??
Aditi: It seems like you cried
Thapki: because I am tired… I will see you tomorrow
Aditi: Okay then
All of a sudden Aditi gets a phone call
Aditi: Hey!!! I was waiting for your call
Guy: Sorry, I was finishing up something (face is shown and it’s Dhruv)
Aditi: Dhruv!!! When are you going to tell everyone about me?
Dhruv: Not yet Aditi, there is many problems going on
Aditi: Oh I understand
Dhruv: Aditi don’t get sad, you know that I only love you
Aditi: I am not sad
Dhruv: Yes you’re
Aditi: How would you know that? You can’t even see my face
Dhruv: I know you’re wearing blue pajamas
Aditi: How do you know that?
Dhruv: I just do
Aditi: Okay I have to go to sleep now because I have college tomorrow
Dhruv: Goodnight I love you (smiling)
Aditi: I love you too (smiling)
Dhruv and Aditi have been in a relationship for almost a year and they met at college. Aditi is two years younger than Dhruv and he was graduating from college but they eventually fell in love because they were in the same classes and they got along with each other very well. Now Aditi is in her last year of college and Dhruv works with Bihaan for their father’s business.
In the morning at the beach house
Neha: Ma, This Delhi beach is so much fun (confused)
Ria: This is not Delhi it’s Goa
Neha: You said it was Delhi and I was confused because they don’t have beaches
Ria: Ya and I was joking
Neha: Joking?
Ria: Let me tell you the story
Karan: So you want me to prank Neha?
Tia: Yes Karan pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Karan: You’re insane
Ria: I already changed the sign so it’s say Delhi
Karan: Why exactly are we doing this??
Tia: Because tomorrow is Neha’s birthday
Ria: So we wanted prank her
Karan: Really now?
Tia: Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ria: Just for once Karan
Karan: Fine!
Neha: That was the dumbest prank
Ria: Tia wanted to do this prank on you
Tia: Hey tomato
Neha: I am not talking to you
Tia: Auntie did you tell her about the prank?
Ria: Yes but did you organize everything for her birthday??
Tia: Yes don’t worry
At Pandey family’s house
Bihaan: DHRUV
Dhruv: Why on earth are you screaming?
Bihaan: Where did the hell is my file?
Dhruv: How would I know?
Bihaan: Because you idiot I gave it to you
Dhruv: Oh yea, I gave it to Thapki
Bihaan: What’s wrong with you?
Dhruv: What did I do?
Bihaan: Why did you give it to Thapki?
Dhruv: Because she was going to give it to you at the office
Bihaan: Oh okay, I will see you later
Dhruv: by the way everyone is coming back tonight
Bihaan: Yes you told me yesterday
Dhruv: Alright I will see you at the office soon, I’ve to meet someone
Bihaan: Who your girlfriend?
Dhruv: No your mother in law
Bihaan: Oh really?
Dhruv: Yes really
Bihaan: If you don’t leave in 3 seconds I will beat you up so badly
Dhruv: Bye annoying brother
Bihaan: You idiot (smiling)
At Thapki’s house
Aditi: Dii wake up
Thapki: Sorry I didn’t sleep properly last night
Aditi: Are you okay?
Thapki: Yes I am fine
Aditi: It’s almost 8:00am
Thapki: Oh great, I am going to be late for work again
Aditi: Okay you get ready and I will go help Ma with breakfast
Thapki: Okay thanks

At the dining table
Poonam: Good morning Thapki Beti
Thapki: Good morning Ma
Poonam: I made your favorite pasta for lunch today
Thapki: Thanks Ma
Aditi: Okay Ma and Dii, I am off to college
Thapki: You’re leaving so early?
Aditi: I’ve to hand in an assignment and I am already late
Thapki: Oh okay, I will see you later
Poonam: Bye Aditi
Aditi: Bye Ma and Dii.
Thapki: Okay Ma, I am going to leave too or I will be late for work
Poonam: Okay Thapki, I will see you later
Thapki: Bye Ma

The beach house
Karan: Happy Birthday Neha!!!
Neha: Bhai, you remembered my birthday?
Karan: Excuse me, you’re my little sister and why won’t I remember your birthday
Neha: Thank you so much Bhai (hugging him)
Karan: Tia planned all this out
Neha: Tia?
Karan: Yes she wanted to prank you first then give you this beautiful birthday surprise
Neha: Tia I am sorry if I hurt you’re the sweetest girl I know
Tia: No tomato, I am sorry if I hurt you…
Neha: I wasn’t mad at you
Tia: Well Happy Birthday Tomato
Ria: Happy birthday my little Neha
Neha: Thank you Ma and Tia (hugging them)
Tia: Let’s take a selfie
Everyone poses and takes a selfie and enjoys by feeding cake to each other and playing games…
Somewhere in the streets
Thapki was walking through the streets remembering the good moments she had with Bihaan and all of a sudden she bumps into someone.
Thapki: I am so sorry
Girl: You stupid girl are you blind? (the girl is Tanya)
Thapki: I said I am sorry
Tanya: Oh it’s you
Thapki: You know me?
Tanya: Of course I know you
All of a sudden Thapki remembers Tanya because of the picture she saw in Bihaan’s room.
Thapki: Wait I know you too
Tanya: How do you know me? (Angry and confused)
Thapki: You’re Bihaan’s girlfriend
Tanya: Actually I am his ex girlfriend
Thapki: Oh I am sorry to hear about your break up
Tanya: Excuse me, who the hell do you think you’re?
Thapki: Did I say something wrong?
Tanya: You better stay away from Bihaan because you’re the problem in our lives
Thapki: What are you talking about, his only my boss
Tanya: Oh really?? So a boss and an employee romance in the office? This is my first time hearing that
Thapki: Look you’re misunderstanding me
Tanya: Shut up girl you’re so stupid. You can’t even say a word without stammering… I know you like Bihaan… But do you think he will fall in love with someone who stammers?
Thapki: Look I only asked you something and you’re making it a big problem
Tanya: How dare you talk to Tanya like this?
Thapki: Look you’re getting angry with me without any reason
Tanya: Without any reason?? After you came into his life you changed everything… He would only think and care about me… But you stupid girl ruined everything
Thapki: You know what I think about you?
Tanya: Excuse me (fuming in anger)
Thapki: Good Bihaan broke up with you, you’re the selfish girl and you’re so mean
Tanya: You’re crossing your limits Thapki
Thapki: No Tanya I am not crossing my limits, you’re crossing your limits
Tanya: You shouldn’t mess with me
Thapki: I don’t have time to talk to you; I have to get to work
Tanya (in mind): You insulted Tanya and now you’re going to pay for this. (She smirks)

Near the beach house
Tia: Let’s go surfing
Neha: Yes let’s go surfing
Karan: Have you lost it?
Tia: Come on Mr. Karan it will be so much fun
Karan: NO
Neha: Please Bhai, surfing is so much fun
Ria: I am not surfing, I will set up things for the picnic
Karan: I will help you Ma
Tia: No fair Mr. Karan (making a sad face)
Neha: Please Bhai!!
Karan: Ugh fine, just this once
Tia and Neha: Yippee!!!

At the Indian reporting centre
Thapki (in mind): I think Tanya really loves Bihaan… Maybe I am the problem in their relationship
Thapki knocks at Bihaan’s cabin
Bihaan: Hey Thapki
Thapki: Oh hi Bihaan sir…
Bihaan: Bihaan sir again?
Thapki: Look this is an office so I have to call you Bihaan sir
Bihaan: you can still call me Bihaan
Bihaan: Why are you screaming at me?
Thapki: Because you’re forcing me
Bihaan: Okay geez you don’t have to scream
Thapki: I am sorry… It’s just I am having a bad day…
Bihaan: Why what happened?
Thapki: Nothing really, by the way here’s your file
Bihaan: Thanks…
Thapki: Okay I have to do some extra work, just call me if you need anything Bihaan sir
Bihaan (in mind): What’s wrong with Thapki all of a sudden?
Near the beach house
Karan: Ready Tia
Tia: Yes Mr. Karan
Karan: Well this your first time, so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you

All of a sudden they start surfing and Tia starts screaming
Karan: Ha-ha now you’re scared
Neha: Thank god I didn’t go
Ria: They look so cute together
Neha: They truly do Ma
Tia: Okay you win, just stop
Karan: Tia, nothing will happen to you when I am here
Tia: Are you insane
Karan: Hold on me and let’s surf through this beautiful place
He holds her and they surf while (Teri ore is playing)
Dil kho gaya, Ho gaya kisi ka, Ab raasta mil gaya, Khushi ka.. Aankhon mein hai khwab sa, Kisi ka.. Ab raasta mil gaya, Khushi ka..Rishta naya rabba, Dil chu raha hai, Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore…Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore, hai rabba Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore Aaa.. Aaaaa Khulti fizaein, khulti ghatayein, Sar pe naya hai aasaman, Chaaro dishayein, hass ke bulaye,Yu sab hue hai meharbaan..,

Outside of college
Aditi: This Dhruv is taking forever I only have ten minutes before class starts
All of a sudden Dhruv comes from the back and hugs her
Dhruv: Hi Aditi
Aditi: I hate you
Dhruv: What did I do?
Aditi: You came so late and class is starting soon
Dhruv: Well at least I came
Aditi: But still
Dhruv: Sorry Aditi, I was really busy
Aditi: its okay, I understand
Dhruv: After everything is sorted out, I promise I will tell Ma and Papa about our relationship
Aditi: I know you will
Dhruv: Did you tell your family yet?
Aditi: No I haven’t told them yet
Dhruv: Oh and you’re rushing me
Aditi: Dii isn’t even married yet and you’re telling me to marry before my sister
Dhruv: Trust me your Dii will get married before us
Aditi: Hopefully this time she will
Dhruv: Okay tomorrow we are going out for a movie
Aditi: Finally after such a long time
Dhruv: Yes Aditi and this time I won’t break my promise
Aditi: Okay, I have to go for class
Dhruv: Alright I will call you later
Aditi: Bye (smiling) (kissing him on the cheeks and leaves)
Dhruv: Bye my Aditi (smiling)
Near a beautiful hotel
Guy: Sir are you sure you want to meet Bihaan Pandey today?
Sid: Yes I want to meet him today
Guy: Okay I will get the car ready
Sid: Thank you
While Sid is leaving the hotel he bumps into Tia she slips due to water near the swimming and he catches her… They have an eye lock
Sid: Hello beautiful
Tanya: You again!!!!
Sid: Yes and you’re on my property this time
Tanya: Your property?
Sid: Yes I own this hotel
Tanya: You’re joking right?
Sid: No I am not and what are you doing here?
Tanya: Why do you need to know that?
Sid: Because this is my hotel
Tanya: Very funny
Guy: Everything is ready
Sid: Thank you again
Guy: Are you ready to go
Sid: Yes
Tanya: Excuse me, does this guy own this hotel?
Guy: Yes he owns at least 26 hotels
Tanya: 26 HOTELS
Sid: Yes beautiful 26 hotels
Tanya: That’s a lot of hotels
Sid: Yes and I need to go, nice meeting you again beautiful
Tanya (in mind): 26 hotels… His richer then Bihaan… (She smirks)
Near the beach house
Ria: So are you guys done surfing?
Tia: I hate surfing so much
Neha: Well you wanted to surf so badly
Tia: I know tomato but I didn’t know it was that bad
Karan: Well you see you’re just a weak little girl
Tia: Me and weak?
Karan: Yes you’re very weak
Tia: Just because you have six packs doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight too
Karan: Very funny Ms. Sharma
Ria: Okay stop fighting you two and let’s have lunch
Neha: Yes please we have to leave the place in a while
Tia: Where are we going?
Ria: We are going home remember
Karan: Ma I think you’re mistaken we are going to China
Tia: Really now (showing an angry face)
Karan: Look at your face (laughing)
Tia: Mr. Karan is hurting my feelings
Ria: Okay stop hurting her and let’s eat
Neha: Yea I am starving

At the Indian reporting centre
Outside the building
Guy: We’re here sir
Sid: Thank you so much
Guy: I will come pick you up in a bit
Sid: Okay thank you
All of a sudden Sid is walking into the building he bumps into Thapki
Thapki: I am so sorry, I didn’t see you
Sid: No it’s alright; by the way do you work here?
Thapki: Yes I do
Sid: Do you know where Bihaan’s cabin is?
Thapki: Yes I do know where his cabin is
Sid: May you show me
Thapki: I will take you there
Sid: Thanks

At Bihaan’s cabin
Thapki: May I come in sir
Bihaan: Yes, do you need anything Thapki
Thapki: No actually someone is here to meet you
Bihaan: Sure let him in
Sid: Hello Bihaan Pandey
Bihaan: Siddharth???
Sid: Did you miss me??
Bihaan: Man I missed you so much, when did you get back from London? (Hugging him)
Sid: I came back a few ago
Bihaan: Why didn’t you tell me and Dhruv you were back?
Sid: I wanted to give you a surprise (Siddharth and Bihaan are childhood friends.)
Bihaan: I am happy you’re back
Sid: How are you and your family?
Bihaan: There totally fine

All of a sudden Thapki comes in
Thapki: Sir which file do I send to them?
While Thapki was coming she was about to slip. But Bihaan catches her and they have an eye lock. Siddharth starts laughing.
Bihaan: You should watch where you’re walking
Thapki: Sorry…
Bihaan: Thanks for the file
Thapki: You’re welcome
Bihaan: By the way Thapki are you okay?
Thapki: I said I am fine, I have to go now
Sid: So when did you fall in love again?
Bihaan: What do you mean?
Sid: The way you stare at her… looks like love
Bihaan: Have you lost it
Thapki is hearing all this
Sid: What’s so bad about her? She’s seems like a nice girl
Bihaan: She’s not my type okay, she just an employee and a friend too me.
Sid: Okay I was only joking
Bihaan: Alright
Sid: Wanna go out to a party later on
Bihaan: Man I would love too
Thapki starts crying but she holds it in and runs out of the building and goes somewhere…
Thapki (in mind): I knew it…. Bihaan sir… can’t love me… I am just a girl who stammers… I am nothing…
(awari plays) (Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main Tere ishq mein hui Awari main Haaye, tooti saari ki saari mainTere ishq mein hui Awari main…)
In the car leaving Goa
Tia: I am so bored, someone put some music on
Karan: We are almost home
Tia: Mr. Karan you’re so boring
Karan: Good for me
Ria: Please don’t start again
Neha: You guys fight like Husband and wife
Ria: That’s correct
Karan: Ma!!!
Tia: Well I will be the best wife
Karan: Is that so??
Tia: Yes Mr. Karan
Karan: We will see about that
At the Indian reporting centre
Bihaan: Sasha did you see Thapki?
Sasha: She left the office a long time ago
Bihaan: What do you mean?
Sid: Maybe she’s having some problems
Bihaan: But she can’t leave without any reason, I know her really well
Sid: Don’t worry she will be totally fine
Bihaan: I am not leaving until I talk to her
Sid(in mind): I know you love her but you can’t tell… I have seen the love for you in her eyes… I hope you realize the love for her…
Couples hours later
At Karan’s house
Tia: Oh finally we are home, this car ride was a pain in the butt
Karan: Ha-ha, no it wasn’t you’re the pain in the butt
Ria: I think I am going inside so they could enjoy fighting
Neha: I am coming with you, I wanna open my gifts
Karan: I said you’re a pain the butt
Tia: No I am not
Karan: Really??
Tia: I will kill you with my dimples
Karan: I wanna see you do that (coming closer to her)
Tia: I am going to scream
Karan: I dare you to scream
Tia: I will scream I swear to god
Karan: Then scream Tia
Tia: What are you doing?
Karan (whispering in her ears): You’re a scary witch
Tia: What did you say, YOU’RE SO DEAD
Karan: Okay Ms Sharma (running away)
Tia: Pagal Mr. Karan (smiling)
At Thapki’s house (6pm)
Poonam: You’re home so early
Thapki: Yea worked finished early
Poonam: Are you okay?
Thapki: I am really sleepy
Poonam: Okay you get some rest
At Thapki’s room
Thapki closes her door and sits in front of her door…
Thapki(in mind): I think I should make Bihaan and Tanya a couple again… I can’t believe it in two months I fell in love with Bihaan…. He would always care and support me… I know he doesn’t like me…. But I will try my best to forget him…
while (Awari still plays) Haaye andar andar se toota main Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main Haaye andar andar se toota main.. Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main
All of a sudden Thapki gets a call. It’s from Bihaan, so she wipes her tears and picks it up.
Bihaan: Where the hell did you go? I was so scared
Thapki: I am fine (feeling awkward)
Bihaan: I want you to come to my house right now
Thapki: At 7pm??
Bihaan: I said come now
Thapki: But you’re going to that party
Bihaan: I canceled it, so I want you to come with that file
Thapki: Okay sir… I am coming…

At Karan’s house
While Tia was unpacking a frame falls on the floor and she sees it
Tia: Oh no my picture of me and my mom broke
All of a sudden Karan walks in
Karan: What happened?
Tia: My photo frame broke (crying)
Karan: Don’t worry we will get it fixed
Tia: No this thing is from my mother….
Karan: Tia come with me…
At the backyard
Karan: Look at those stars
Tia: Why??
Karan: because ometimes I feel depressed too…
Tia: What do you mean?
Karan: I had a brother once but we were parted away from each other
Tia: Why?? What happened?
Karan: Many things and I was hurt… This is why I am always mean to others
Tia: Karan…( Crying)
Karan: Tia please don’t cry
(awari plays) Main jee bhar ke ro lun Teri baahon mein so lun
Aa phir se mujhe mill Main tujhse ye bolun: Tu anmol thi Pal pal bolti thi Aisi chup tu laga ke gayi Saari khushiyaan kha ke gayi.. Haaye, andar andar se toota main.. Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main)
Tia: I really miss Ma…. And she was everything to me…
Karan: Tia please don’t cry… I can’t see tears in your eyes (he starts crying)
Tia: Karan why are you crying
Karan: Because you’re crying
Tia: I am so sorry… I just really miss her… and I feel like she was everything to me…
Karan: I know you do… But I promise you… I will give you all the happiness in your life
Tia: I am happy you’re my life (putting her head on his shoulder)

At Pandey family’s house
Bihaan: Finally you’re here
Thapki: What do you need Bihaan sir??
Bihaan: Why are you upset?
Thapki: Did you just call me here for this?
Bihaan: No, first you have to tell me
Tanya is watching all this
All of a sudden Tanya comes there
Tanya: Oh will you look at that Thapki is here
Bihaan: Tanya, what are you doing here?
Tanya: Well you see you’re my fiancé.
Bihaan: Fiancé?
Tanya: Yes remember we’re getting married soon
Bihaan: Have you lost it?
Tanya: Remember what Ma said before leaving?
Bihaan: She just said that okay
Thapki: I think I should leave

All of a sudden Tanya drops tea on Thapki’s hand
Tanya is shocked
Tanya: Ouch my hand is burning (crying in pain)
Bihaan pulls Thapki outside and puts the water sprinkler on
They both get wet due to the water sprinkling out of the water… They have an eye lock for a long time… Bihaan blows on her hand and she stares at him the way he is caring for her.
Tanya (in mind): Oh my god not again…
Bihaan: Thapki are you okay???
Thapki: I am fine, thanks again
Bihaan: Your clothes are wet
Thapki: I know I can see that
Bihaan: Thapki why are you talking to me like?
Bihaan: You know what you’re so selfish and I am always helping you for no reason
Thapki: Good and I don’t care
Bihaan: Now you will see my bad side, just wait and watch.
Bihaan leaves the place in anger and then Tanya comes there.
Tanya: AW Thapki don’t cry
Thapki: Just leave me alone
Tanya: I know you love him
Thapki: Tanya you got what you wanted
Tanya: Yes I did
Thapki: Now please leave me alone
Tanya: If you even come near Bihaan one more time
Thapki: I WON’T OKAY
Tanya: Don’t shout at me
Thapki: I just did, you’re so selfish
Tanya: You’re a girl who stammers at least I don’t
Thapki: So what if I stammer at least I have good heart
Tanya: You’re messing with the wrong person and also I bet your family regrets having you has a child
Thapki gets really angry and slaps Tanya
Thapki: You’re crossing your limits (she leaves)
Tanya: Oh my god she slapped me
Sid sees all this
Sid (in mind): I won’t let her destroy this love story and I need to make her fall in love with me and then I will teach her a lesson.
At Karan’s backyard
Karan: Well everyone is sleeping now and here I made coffee for you
Tia: Thanks….
Karan: What’s wrong??
Tia: I haven’t met Thapki for a long time and I really miss her…
Karan: Why don’t you go meet her right now?
Tia: Really you will allow me?
Karan: Yes you can
Tia: I love you so much (kisses him on the cheeks)
Karan: Tia (pulling her hand)
Tia: Yes Karan?
Karan: Will you promise me something?
Tia: Yes (showing her hand)
Karan: Look at the moon
Tia: Okay??
Karan: The moon brought us together
Tia: How would you know that?
Karan: I know that because, I made you wear this ring and I will marry you under this moon
while ( Kaise ye ishq hai plays)Koi sone sa tole reKoi maati sa bole re Koi bole ke chandi ka hai chhura Hota aise ye mauke pe Roka jaaye na roke se Achha hota haiHota hai ye bura Kaisa ye isq hai…Ajab sa risk hai Kaisa ye isq hai…Ajab sa risk hai.. Ajab sa risk hai… Kaisa isq haiKaisa isq hai Kaisa isq hai Iska uska na iska hai Jaane kitna hai kiska hai Kaisi bhaasa mein bhasa mein hai likhaIske uske ye hisse meinTere mere ye qisse mein Maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikhaKaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai…
Tia: Thank you for always being there for me (hugging him)
Karan: I will always be there for you Tia (kissing her on the forehead)
Tia: Okay Mr. Romantic, I am going to go meet Thapki
Karan: Okay I will see you later
At Pandey family’s house
The door bell rings and Tanya gets the door
Sid: Hello Beautiful
Tanya: How do you know I live here?
Sid: Excuse me, Bihaan is my best friend and I know where he lives.
Tanya: Yea right
Sid: I am not lying (pulling her closer)
Tanya: What are you doing?
Sid: You’re beautiful and a sweetheart
Tanya: Um can you let me go
Sid: I know you like me
Tanya: What no?
Sid: You don’t like me?? Then why are you staring at me nonstop
All of a sudden Tanya remembers he is a very rich guy.
Tanya (in mind): If I get him, I will get his property and become rich
Sid (in mind): I won’t let you ruin Bihaan and Thapki’s love story
Tanya: Can you let me go?
Sid: Okay beautiful
All of a sudden Bihaan comes there
Sid: Bihaan why are you angry?
Bihaan: I hate Thapki so much, what does she think of herself??
Tanya: She’s a stupid girl
Sid: What do you mean??
Tanya: I hate her much; she’s ruining mine and Bihaan’s relationship
Bihaan: Look I don’t wanna talk about this stupid topic anymore
Sid: Bihaan are you okay dude?
Bihaan: Look Sid I am not in the mood to talk
Sid: Okay I will see you tomorrow
Tanya: Yes you should leave
Sid: Okay beautiful
Sid (in mind): I have never met someone so selfish like her…
All of a sudden he gets a call
Sid: I can’t believe this girl stood so low
Guy: I know and she almost killed Bihaan and Thapki.
Sid: I will ruin her life now because she’s ruining my best friend’s life
Guy: I will help you out (face is shown it’s Dhruv)
Sid: Dhruv listen to me, we have to meet up like right now
Dhruv: I have one of the goons that worked for Tanya
Sid: Don’t do anything yet. I want her to fall for me first then I will teach her lesson
Dhruv: Okay, I will tell you where to meet me.
In the middle of the road
Thapki was walking and crying so much… All of a sudden a car was about to hit her… But someone saves her…
Tia: Have you lost it?
Thapki: Tia??
Tia: Thapki, why are you crying?
Thapki: Tia, I lost everything
Tia: What do you mean?
Thapki: I am good for none thing
Tia: Why are you crying Thapki?
Thapki: Leave me alone, you don’t deserve a friend like me
Tia: What the hell is wrong with you
Tia: You’re not in your senses
Thapki: Why do you care?
Tia: What are those papers on your hand?
Thapki: Mind your own business
Tia: No let me see it (grabs it from hand)
Tia is totally shocked
Thapki: Tanya told me if I insult her again… She will buy my house….
Tia: What the hell and you haven’t told me anything
Thapki: Look Tia I don’t wanna talk about me
Thapki: I don’t know… (Thapki feels dizzy and faints)
Tia: THAPKI!!!! Oh god I will call Karan (crying)
Unwanted place
Dhruv: Sid finally you’re here
Sid: Dhruv Tanya doesn’t love Bihaan
Dhruv: What do you mean?
Dhruv: I knew this selfish girl was like this but Ma doesn’t ever listen to me
Sid: Where’s the goon?
Dhruv: Here he is
Sid: Okay, now tell us everything you know (holding his collar in anger)
Goon#3: Please I will tell you everything but please let me go
The goon tells Sid and Dhruv everything
Dhruv: How on earth did she get all this information?
Sid: I am trying to figure this out
Dhruv: I think I should tell Aditi about this
Sid: Who’s Aditi?
Dhruv: Aditi is Thapki’s sister and were in a relationship
Sid: Wow and we can’t tell anyone about it
Dhruv: We have to tell Bihaan at least
Sid: No because I know what I am going to do
Dhruv: So you want Bihaan and Tanya to get engaged?
Sid: Yes, and you will see what will happen on the engagement day
Dhruv: Do you think she fall for your trap
Sid: Trust me she will… Why do you think I am back to India?
Dhruv: Thanks for coming back and helping me out
Sid: Dude I am always here to help my friends and my sister…
Dhruv: What did you say?
Sid: I said we have to take this goon to the police station
Goon#3: please let me go I will never do anything like this ever again
Dhruv: Aw you’re so pity but you’re not going anywhere, other than jail
Sid (in mind): I really wanna find my sister… But I can’t risk my friend’s life either… I just hope my little sister Tia is fine….
In the middle of the streets
Karan: Tia are you okay?
Tia: I am fine; we have to go to the hospital right now
Karan: Okay let’s go

At Pandey Family’ house
Tanya: Bihaan please don’t be sad (hugging him)
Bihaan: What are you doing?
Tanya: I love you a lot and I always will
Bihaan: Tanya you’re acting like a stupid girl
Tanya: What’s your problem? You changed so much after Thapki came into your life?? Do you love her or something?? Oh wait she loves you and you’re trying to avoid her
Bihaan: Do you even know what you’re saying right now?
Tanya: Yes I clearly do know what I am saying right now, Thapki likes you and you’re scared to say it too
Bihaan: I don’t like Thapki…. And what nonsense are you talking about?
Tanya: You don’t??
Tanya leaves the room
Tanya: What’s wrong with me?? Why did I say that…?
Bihaan (in mind): Thapki likes me??? I am so confused right now….
At the hospital
Karan: Doctor how is Thapki?
Doctor: It looks like she hasn’t eaten anything for the past two days or something?? She needs to ear properly
Tia: Don’t worry doctor; I am here for my sister
Doctor: Okay you can take her home in a bit
Tia: Thank you
Karan: Tia (holding her hand)
Tia: Yes….
Karan: Look I don’t want you to cry… Thapki will be fine…
Tia: I hate when someone insults my sister (hugging him)
Karan: Don’t worry; she is really happy you’re her friend (kissing her on the forehead)
Entering the room
Tia: How are you feeling Thapki?
Thapki: Tia?? I am so sorry for screaming at you… I didn’t mean it…
Tia: No it’s okay… but first tell me how did she get your house papers?
Thapki: I don’t know
Tia: Tell me everything about her
At Pandey family’s house
Bihaan punches his punching bag in anger
Bihaan: Why would Thapki like me?? Why do I always worry about her so much… I am so confused… I can’t do this anymore…
Back at the hospital
Tia: That idiot girl hurt my Thapki
Karan: This is a foolish move
Tia: I will teach that Bihaan a lesson
Thapki: Tia please don’t do anything
Tia: Stop always helping others out and think about yourself for once
Karan: Okay guys I think we should go home
Tia: Yea, are you ready to go home Thapki?
Thapki: Yes I am fine…
Karan: Okay let’s go
They drop Thapki off home
Karan: Look Tia please don’t cry
Tia: I am not going to sit quietly… She hurt my best friend Thapki and wait I will teach that Bihaan Pandey a lesson too
Karan: But you should take things lightly
Tia: No Karan, Thapki is the only person I have… after my Ma left me…
Other side is shown
Sid (in mind): I will find you Tia and give you all the happiness that you wanted has a child because your brother is back
Tia: Karan
Karan: Yes Tia?
Tia: Will you always support me?
Karan: Till the day I die, I promise
Tia: I don’t want to lose you and Thapki like I lost my Ma
Karan: I am always here for you and now let’s go home (hugging her)
Bihaan is confused about Thapki… Sid is looking at a childhood picture of Tia and his mother. While Dhruv is finding more evidence against Tanya and Tia and Karan are talking about stuff through the car ride and lastly Thapki is sleeping in her room remembering all the memories with her family…

The episode ends

Moral- “How would you feel when someone is hurt badly? I know… you will cry thinking that you hurt the wrong person”.

Recap: Sid and Dhruv find out something really shocking about Tanya. Also Tanya is trying her best to get close to Sid for his property. On hand Tia screams at Bihaan for hurting Thapki. Lastly Bihaan will feel something for Thapki…

Spoilers: Sid and Tia will be meeting soon. Karan will be taking Tia out for dinner so she can forget all the stress in her life. Bihaan will be slapping Tanya… Lastly Bihaan realizes his love for Thapki… (New entry will also come soon)
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys this is my Eleventh episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. By the way, I’m sorry if I don’t write many Hindi words it’s because I am not from India, I am from England but I do watch so many Indian dramas aha! I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you.)
Btw I’ll post the next episode on Friday April 8th 2016 or Saturday April 9th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye ((:

Credit to: nuszzz

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