Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan….Tiran…Taharth….Pyaar….Ki…) Super Long Maha/Special Episode 19

Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan….Tiran…Taharth….Pyaar….Ki…) Super Long Maha/Special Episode 19
Sorry guys for the delay… I write three other Fan-Fictions and it takes me time aha. But anyways hi guys it’s me Nusz…. Yes the name is changing because I want all the couples to rock this story!!!. (I hope you guys don’t stop reading my ff after this.) Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me reach to 200 Comments!!! And we have reached nineteen episodes!!!!.. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars. Nusz (Love you guys aha)
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Tiran known has- Asya (from Qubool Hai) & Taharth known has- Sidni (from Jamai Raja)
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Now let’s start
At Karan’s house (During night at 9pm)
Neha and Ria came home earlier than Tiran… So they can give them a surprise….
Karan: Why did you leave the house?
Tia: Because I didn’t want you to ruin your life….
Karan: Ruin my life for what??
Tia: Because…. (He covers her mouth before she could say it)
Karan: Don’t you ever say that Tia
Tia: I am sorry but I really can’t see you hurt because of me…
Karan: I will be hurt if you leave me….
Tia: I am sorry Karan I won’t do this ever again (Pulling her ears)
Karan: Please don’t pull your ears in front me… It makes me sad…
Tia: I am still sorry
Karan: Tia can I tell you something??
Tia: Yea Karan what is it?
Karan: Tomorrow I want you to meet your T……. (All of a sudden the door opens)
Ria: So where were you guys??

Tia: Oh we went shopping
Neha: Oh really what did you guys buy?
Tia: Oh there wasn’t anything at shop
Ria: Wow in a entire mall you didn’t find or get anything….
Karan slaps his head
Tia: No it’s so crowded
Karan: The excuses you make Tia are very lame…
Tia: Then why don’t you say one
Karan: Um they already know we went to the airport….
Tia: What they did??
Karan: Yes they knew all about it
Ria: Why would you leave us like this Tia?
Tia: I just left because…
Neha: Saying you’re not worth doesn’t help Tia
Tia: No tomato it’s not… I just don’t want my past to affect you guys
Ria: You’re everything to my son and us
Tia runs towards Ria and hugs her…
Ria: I would love you to be Karan’s wife…
Karan smiles seeing this…
Neha: Yes at least I have a cool sister-in-law
Tia: Aw tomato I am lucky to have a sister like you
Neha: Hey you’re my best friend
Tia: Well say tomato
Ria: I am very happy today… I want Tia and Karan to get engaged soon
Neha: Oh come on Ma did you see the way Bhai propose to her at the airport…
Ria: Yes I did
Neha: It was like he was superman and she was superwoman
Karan: Really now?
Ria: The engagement will take place this Friday
Neha: That’s the best day
Ria: Neha let’s go prepare some stuff (they leave)
Karan: So Tia are you ready to become Ms. Tia Karan Rajput
Tia: I am not quite sure about that
Karan: What do you mean??
Tia: If you’re the prefect man for me
Karan: Oh really (He carries her)
Tia: Hey Karan let me go
Karan: Nope now you only belong to me (kissing her on the forehead)
Tia (in mind): I need to go later and meet my so called brother…
At Durga’s house
Durga: Tanya come here….
Tanya enters the house crying….
Durga: Where the hell did you go (Pulling her hair)
Tanya: Let me go you fool (Pushing her)
Durga: Well you can say that
Tanya: Now listen Durga let my Nani go or else I will go back to Siddharth and tell him everything…
Durga: I don’t think you can do that anymore… Bihaan’s family accepted the relationship….
Tanya: You’re not only ruining two love stories… You’re actually ruining four love stories
Durga: But I don’t care… I just need the money that’s all
Tanya: You’re the biggest fool I have ever known… I hope my dad was still alive to see what a retarded women he married
Durga: You’re crossing your limits
Tanya: No Durga your name is an insult…
Durga: Do you know what you’re saying (getting so damn angry)
Tanya: Durga is a god who always keeps everyone safe… But you actually harm people and try to kill them… The prefect name for you is Devil….
Durga: HEY (She was about to raise her hand at her…. But Tanya stops her)
Tanya: You think I am that weak?? No way Devil (Tanya slaps her instead)
Durga: How dare you??

Tanya: Just because I am marrying Bihaan doesn’t mean I will listen to you… One day you will be punished for your sins… (She leaves to her room)
Durga is stunned after the slap…
Tanya (in mind): Thank you Siddharth… I have become braver then before… Just because of you… I can’t let anyone get harmed so I need to marry Bihaan… I honestly feel so disgusted and sad…
At Pandey family’s/ Thapki’s house
Bihaan is in his room crying… and starts throwing things… Dhruv watches everything outside his room…
Bihaan: I hate you so much Thapki… you did the same thing like Tanya did but even worse…
Thapki is in her room…. She starts crying heavily…. She looks at the beautiful pictures of them together…
Bihaan: Thapki… (He sees her in the room)
Thapki: Hi Bihaan!!
Bihaan: Why did you do this to me?
Thapki: I didn’t because I only loved you…
Bihaan: LIES IT’S ALL LIES (He breaks the glass)
Dhruv watches this and leaves the place…
Baaton Ko Teri plays in the background… from the movie (All Is Well)
Link for the song

Thapki starts remembering how Bihaan taught her how to use a gun properly…
Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Thapki: Bihaan why do you have a gun with you??
Bihaan: Hey Thapki if I am not there for you… But I always will… incase I am not… This is how you use a gun…
Thapki: Bihaan…
Bihaan: Yea Thapki?
Thapki: I know you will always be with me…
Bihaan: I know but look at the apple…
Thapki: She stares at the apple and targets….
Bihaan: Well that was really good Thapki
Thapki: It’s because you’re doing it with me….
Bihaan: Okay do it alone
Thapki does it alone and it worked properly
Bihaan: Wow my Thapki learns everything so fast
Thapki: It’s because you’re always with me (smiling at him)
Bihaan: I always will Thapki (smiling at her)
Flashback ends
Kitni chahat hai dil mein tu jaane na
Kaise dil ko samjhaaye dil maane na

Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Bihaan hits a glass with his hand… It starts bleeding… Thapki feels the pain go through her heart… Dhruv enters Bihaan room and sees his hands bleeding…
Meri tammanaao ka ehsaas tum
Main kahin bhi rahun mere aas-paas tum
Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane..
Ek pal bhi tumse door jaa na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Thapki touches her neck and sees the locket that Bihaan gifted her… She takes it off… and looks at the picture of them inside… Dhruv stops Bihaan and he starts crying on him…..
Bihaan: Dhruv… Thapki did the same thing to me…
Dhruv: Bihaan stop crying (He starts getting tears in his eyes too)
Bihaan: I can’t believe she already had another guy and was cheating me too…
Dhruv: Bihaan please don’t cry…
Ajnabi silsila mere saath hai
Bheed mein tanhaai ka ehsaas hai
Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane..
Yaadon ko teri hum mitaa na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Thapki in her room is thinking about all the moments she enjoyed with Bihaan… Thapki screams saying I hate you Rohan for making me and Bihaan apart….
Dhruv gets thinking how Thapki can hurt Bihaan….
Bihaan and Thapki are remembering each other really badly…
Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake

The song ends….
At Siddharth’s house
Siddharth is drunk and is breaking everything in his house… He sees a picture of Tanya on his wall and goes near it…
Sid: Tanya!!! I know you’re still here
He touches her picture and says…
Sid: What did I ever do to you?? I loved you so much… why did you leave me… Then Tia enters his house… but before she could fully enter Karan calls her…
Tia: Oh my god Karan stop screaming… I promised you I am not leaving you… I just went to visit and old friend
Tia: Can you please stop screaming… I am going to go deaf before marriage
Karan: oh I am sorry
Tia: I was joking, but anyways I will be back soon
Karan: It’s night Tia
Tia: I know the driver is here with me… I promise I will be back soon
Karan: Okay you have to text me every five minutes
Tia: Do I look like a grade one student?
Karan: Actually you do (starting to laugh)
Tia: Goodbye (getting angry at him)

Tia hangs up the phone…. She finally enters the house and sees everything broken into pieces…
Tia: What the hell happened in this house…? (She hears more breaking stuff noises)
Tia quickly runs upstairs and sees Siddharth room…. She opens the door and sees him drinking and screaming….
Sid: Why did you leave me Tanya?
Tia enters the room and Siddharth sees her…
Sid: Tia… (He gets more emotional)
Tia: Why are you crying??
Sid: Please don’t leave me either (feeling dizzy)
Tia: Look you’re very dizzy… I think you should rest…
Sid: I had enough rest already and I want to meet Tan……. (He faints)
Tia: Oh my god I need to take him to his bed….
Tia takes Siddharth to his bed and lays him down… She goes downstairs and sees a picture of her and their mother….
Tia: Isn’t this Ma and I? (She goes near it)
Tia opens the drawer and sees pictures of her has a child… She goes near the sofa and sits there… Tia starts looking at the pictures, art and letters… After twenty minutes later… Tia starts crying….
Tia: I never knew I had such an honest brother… He was looking for me… I didn’t even let him speak… I just trusted a selfish lady… Now my brother is hurt because of that Tanya… I will destroy her for hurting him… I need to meet Thapki tomorrow morning and tell her everything… But right I need to call Karan up and tell him I am staying at my friend’s house… But how about if he asks me… who is my friend… Don’t worry I hope he will understand me for now… I will tell everything when I figure out why did that Tanya hurt my brother (she wipes her tears and runs back upstairs)
Tia fixes everything in the house and it takes her three hours to finish cleaning… She then gets a call from Karan… She picks it up and he starts screaming at her…
Tia: Why are you screaming?

Karan: I am honestly scared right now
Tia: I am coming Karan…
Tia: Karan relax I am fine… I will be on my way…
Karan: What do you mean relax…? You have been out for the past five hours…
Tia: Didn’t you sleep?
Karan: How can I sleep if you’re not here?
Tia: Karan you need proper sleep
Karan: Like you’re getting any sleep… I want you back within ten minutes… Or I am coming there…
Tia (in mind): Oh god I need to go home quickly… or he will find out I came to meet my brother…
Karan: Okay Tia?
Tia: Yes Karan I am on my way (She hangs up the phone)
Before Tia left the house… She says something…
Tia: Bhaia…. I am really sorry… You’re the sweetest brother in this whole entire world… I will get your happiness back… I promise you… Love you a lot my sweetest brother… She leaves him a beautiful letter… (Tia leaves the place crying)
At Rohan’s house
Razeeni comes to meet Rohan and they both start laughing together….
Rohan: Wow you’re planning is the best
Razeeni: Well Razeeni is the best
Rohan: I am going to destroy their love story….
Razeeni: Well now you need to find out whom is that guy marrying now….
Rohan: Are you talking about Thapki’s lover??
Razeeni: Yea him, by the way what’s his name?
Rohan: His name is Bihaan Pandey the richest business man or something…
Razeeni: Well listen to me carefully about my new plan (Razeeni explains the whole plan to Rohan and he smirks)
Rohan: Wow you’re honestly so smart
Razeeni: I know and now I will ruin them all (She gets up and smirks too)
At Karan’s house
Karan: Where is this Tia??

Tia runs towards the door and knocks… Karan opens it and sees her…. He gets mad and leaves the place….
Tia: Great now his mad at me… I need to cheer him up… I know where he will be at the backyard….
At the backyard
Tia: I am so sorry for coming super late…
Karan: I don’t want to talk to you…
Tia: I am really sorry Karan…
Karan: You’re always asking for forgiveness… I waited for you at least six hours… So I can spend time with you…
Tia gets sad and was about to leave the place while Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam plays from the movie (Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam)

Karan pulls her back whiles roses from the top…. Karan starts dancing with her…
Tune plays (0:01- 55 secs)
Karan: Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam…(2) Jaaneman mohabbat ki har kasam ki kasam Na juda honge hum (He pulls Tia closers and spins her around)
Tia smiles seeing this… She covers her eyes and starts singing too…
Tia: Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam…(2) Jaaneman mohabbat ki har kasam ki kasam Na juda honge hum
Tia and Karan: Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam
Tune plays…
Karan hits Tia with a pillow… Tia gets angry and throws water on him… Tia sees a swing and runs towards it… Karan starts running after her….
Karan: Yeh suhane pal yeh mulaakaate Hum na bhulenge pyaar ki baatein Yeh suhane pal yeh mulaakaate Hum na bhulenge pyaar ki baatein
Karan starts pushing Tia on the swings… They both see the stars during (1am at night)
Tia: Din hai mushkil raat bhaari har gadi hai bekarari Chaahte ho ke na tum
Tia looks up at him and smiles
Karan: Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam…(2) Jaaneman mohabbat ki har kasam ki kasam
Na juda honge hum

Karan comes closer to Tia and kisses her on the forehead and Tia pinches his nose….
Tia: Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam…
Tune plays
Karan starts chasing Tia… She hides behind a tree… Karan finds her… She screams… He covers her mouth and starts carrying her….
Tia: Tum ko dhadkan mein yun basana hai Apni palkon mein yun chupaana hai Tum ko dhadkan mein yun basana hai Apni palkon mein yun chupaana hai
Tia and Karan sit down under the moonlight… They both start smiling while looking at the stars…
Karan: Jab uthayen hum nighaein Tum ko dekhe tum ko paayen Door jaaye ab na hum
He touches her face and hugs her tightly after
Tia: Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam…(2) Jaaneman mohabbat ki har kasam ki kasam Na juda honge hum
Tia and Karan both get up and start walking… Karan pulls her back… He hugs her tightly… She hugs him back…
Karan Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam…(2) Jaaneman mohabbat ki har kasam ki kasam
Na juda honge hum (Tune plays)
Karan starts carrying and spinning her around
Karan and Tia: Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam…(6)
They both start dancing under the moonlight and he pulls her back… She smiles at him… They both hug each other very deeply… Forgetting everything that is happening in their lives….
This was all planned out by Karan… So he can cheer up Tia aha….
Tune ends with the song…
Morning at Thapki’s house
Aditi: Ma… Thapki’s door was closed like this from yesterday?
Poonam: Oh Aditi she’s only tired
KH: That’s true… Thapki is a hard working child…
Poonam: I have a prefect guy for her
KH: Really who is it??
Poonam: Remember Rohan?

KH: Oh yes his a very sweet guy
Aditi (in mind): Oh my god I hate him so much… Rohan is annoying like hell….
Thapki comes out looking depressed and she looks like she didn’t sleep the whole night either…
Aditi: Dii are you okay?? It looks like you didn’t sleep the whole night…
Thapki: I am fine… I need to leave because I have a meeting with someone…
Aditi: Are you sure?
Everyone gets shocked…
Poonam: Thapki why are you screaming?
Thapki: Because I am tired…. I need to leave right now Ma… I will see you later….
KH: Is everything alright with Thapki?
Poonam: I think she’s just mad because of the lack of work she gets….
Aditi (in mind): I think something is bothering her…. I need to find out…
Poonam: Aditi did you have your breakfast??
Aditi: Yes Ma…. I need and now I have to leave for college…
Poonam: Oh okay I will see you later…
Poonam (in mind): Thapki I know you’re hiding something… You would never scream like this… I know my Thapki really well….
At Pandey Family’s house
Vasu: Dhruv did you see Bihaan?
Dhruv: I think his still sleeping
Bihaan: No I am right here

Dhruv: Oh god… if Bihaan says anything…
Vasu: Bihaan Beta I need to tell you something
Bihaan: What is it Ma
Vasu: Are you ready to marry Tanya?? I asked you that question yesterday… But I think you didn’t take it seriously…
Bihaan: I don’t play jokes…
Dhruv: Bihaan I think you should listen to Thapki first
Bihaan: Bihaan Pandey doesn’t change his mind and you know that Dhruv….
Dhruv: Oh god…
Vasu: Is there something wrong?
Bihaan: No there is nothing wrong…
Vasu: That’s great, so are your ready to marry Tanya??
Bihaan closes his eyes and remembers Thapki… Also he doesn’t forget how she hurt him… He then says his final answer
Bihaan: I am ready to marry Tanya

Dhruv is extremely shocked
Vasu: That’s great the engagement is tonight
Bihaan: That’s even better… I will go tell everyone at the company…
Vasu: Are you going to invite them?
Bihaan: Ofc I am…
Vasu: That will be great…
Bihaan: I will see you later Ma…
Dhruv: What is this?? How did all this mess happen?? Who the hell is this other guy because I know Thapki would never hurt anyone… I need to find out the truth…
In the middle of the roads
Thapki is walking to work and she bumps into Rohan…
Rohan: Thapki my Jaan
Thapki slaps him so hard… that he is totally shocked
Thapki: Look you fool… you better stay away from me… Or I will ruin you myself… You have already made problems in my and Bihaan’s relationship…. But please stay away from me…. I don’t want to see your face ever again…
Rohan: How dare you slap me?
Thapki: Oh I am sorry (slapping him six times)
Rohan: Hey how dare you? (He holds her)
People see this and come there
Guy: Hey let the girl go
Guy: Yea let her…
Women: You should insult a women like…
Girl: Hit him
Everyone start hitting him with their shoes and stuff…
Thapki: Remember Rohan…I never loved you… and never will… you better stay in your limits (She leaves the place)
Rohan gets angry and says
Rohan (in mind): Now watch what I do with you Thapki (he smirks) while getting beat up aha
At Siddharth’s house
Siddharth slowly gets up from his bed and sees it’s already 9am in the morning… He touches his head because it’s paining…. (Because he was drunk yesterday)
Sid: Oh god my head is hurting so badly
Siddharth looks around the room and sees everything is cleaned…
Sid: How on earth is this possible? I broke everything into pieces yesterday…
Siddharth sees a letter beside him and starts reading it…
Sid: whose letter is this? Oh god my head is killing me… I don’t remember anything…
Siddharth thinks about yesterday but doesn’t remember everything…
Sid: I need to find where Tanya is…. I know there is something she’s hiding from…
At the Indian reporting building…
Thapki enters the place and sees everyone screaming and happy…
Thapki asks Sasha why everyone is so happy today…
Thapki: Sasha why is everyone celebrating all of a sudden??
Sasha: Didn’t you hear the news
Thapki: What news are you talking about Sasha?
Sasha: That Bihaan sir is getting engaged today and he invited us all tonight…
Thapki is shocked to hear this news…
Thapki: What are you saying Sasha?
Sasha: I am saying the truth… Isn’t that awesome though…
Thapki holds her tears in and then Bihaan comes there…
Bihaan: Oh great everyone is here now including Thapki…
Sasha: Yes were all here…
Bihaan: Well guys I am getting engaged today and I want everyone to come to my engagement tonight….
Sasha: Congrats Sir
Bihaan: Thank you sir
Thapki holds her tears in and Bihaan tells her something
Bihaan: I would love to see you there too Thapki…
Bihaan leaves to his cabin and Thapki goes after him but Dhruv stops her…
Dhruv: Thapki we need to talk (pulling her hand)
Thapki: Dhruv sir what are you doing?
Dhruv drags Thapki outside and let’s her go in an angry way…
Thapki: Dhruv sir what are you doing?
Dhruv: What’s your problem Thapki?
Thapki: What did I do?
Dhruv: Why are you cheating on Bihaan??
Thapki: Do you have any idea what you’re saying Dhruv sir…
Dhruv: Stop calling me Sir like honest to god
Thapki: But you’re my boss
Dhruv: I am with your sister and she’s younger then you remember that
Thapki: Yea… I know…
Dhruv: Thapki I know you wouldn’t hurt Bihaan or lie to him
Thapki: Dhruv I don’t want to talk about this…
Dhruv: Listen to me Thapki… you need to tell me what exactly happened
Thapki: Nothing happened okay… just please leave me alone for now…
Dhruv: Fine you really wanna know who he is getting married too… then come to the engagement tonight and see yourself (He get mad and leaves from there)
Thapki: I am sorry I can’t say anything right now… I need to talk to Bihaan first…
At Karan’s house
Karan: Tia I need to tell you something?
Tia: Is everything alright (waking up from her sleep)
Karan: Wow Tia wakes up at 11am in the morning
Tia: Well you see yesterday your romance was so cute… I couldn’t sleep until now….
Karan comes and sits near her… He kisses her on the forehead
Karan: I would do anything to cheer you up
Tia: I know (She smiles at him)
Karan: But did you sleep properly last night?
Tia: I think the romance was my sleep
Karan: Really now (making a face at her)
Tia: No I mean it… the way you decorated everything yesterday made me so happy… But I am still sorry about yesterday…
Karan: It’s okay I am already over that… anyways I got this beautiful sari for you
Tia: Why do I have to wear a Sari?
Karan: For the engagement party tonight
Tia: Yea but who’s engagement (she starts drinking water)
Karan: its Bihaan engagement and they invited us… remember we’re business partners
Tia spits water out on Karan… He stares at her like what the hell is wrong with you…
Karan: Yes I did
Tia: You’re not joking right
Karan: Does this look like a joke?
Tia: Do you know the girl
Karan: I have no idea… I heard it’s a surprise…
Tia (in mind): Stupid Thapki getting married before me and she didn’t even tell me… I will teach her a lesson
Karan: Hello Tia??
Tia: Yes I am coming with you
Karan: Okay get ready quickly and have breakfast I need to go outside today for an important meeting…
Tia: Karan wait is Auntie and Tomato home
Karan: No they went outside for some reason
Tia: Oh okay…
Karan: Why did you need something?
Tia: No I was only asking
Karan: Okay but do you know how to make breakfast… If you can’t I will help you out
Tia: Yes Karan I can… I will see you later
Karan: Bye Tia (kissing her on the forehead before leaving)
Tia (in mind): I need to go meet my brother today and ask what exactly happened… Then I will call up Thapki and start screaming at her… for not telling me about Bihaan….
At Durga’s house
Tanya is in her room crying while remembering the moments she had Siddharth… Then Durga walks in with her engagement dresses…
Durga: Aw you poor thing… stop crying and look at each engagement dresses… Choose the best one
Tanya: Just because I am listening to you doesn’t mean I will do everything you say
Durga: What do you mean?
Tanya: I am not wearing any of the dresses you gave me… I will wear the dress that Siddharth gifted me…
Durga: Oh so you can make him jealous while dancing with Bihaan
Tanya: Firstly get your facts right… I never liked Bihaan and you know that… the person I only loved was Siddharth and always will be…
Durga: I don’t care… just get your makeup done… because we have at least seven hours left till the engagement and we need to reach the Pandey family’s house soon
Durga: You better stay in your limits
Tanya: Remember what I said yesterday night
Durga: You know what screw you…
Tanya: That’s what I want now get out of my room…
She leaves the room while Tanya is confused what to do….
Indian reporting building
Bihaan’s cabin
Bihaan is his cabin thinking about Thapki while trying to forget her… But it’s hard at the same time… All of a sudden there is a knock at the door…
Bihaan: I don’t want to meet anyone… leave please
Thapki opens the door even though Bihaan said that…
Bihaan: Didn’t I say I don’t want to meet anyone (He turns around and sees Thapki)
Thapki: Bihaan it’s me…
Bihaan: What are you doing here??
Thapki: I need to talk to you about yesterday?
Bihaan: But I don’t want to talk to you…
Thapki: Bihaan look whatever happened yesterday wasn’t true…

Thapki: Bihaan I don’t know where he got those pictures or videos from but trust me I would never hurt you like this…
Bihaan: So you’re saying those pictures and videos he showed me are those fake?
Thapki: Bihaan how I make you believe that… His a liar I known him for years already… He can do anything to ruin anyone’s happiness
Bihaan: Oh my god Thapki you’re the most fakest girl I know
Thapki: Bihaan I would never do such a thing…

Bihaan gets angry and pushes her against the wall… He pins her hand against the wall… She has tears falling from her eyes… Bihaan holds her tightly…
Bihaan: Now listen to me Thapki (looking at her angrily)
Thapki: Bihaan you’re hurting me…
Bihaan: Oh like you’re not hurting me… I loved you so much… and now you do this with me…
Thapki: I didn’t even do anything (crying in pain)
Bihaan: Yes you did hurt me…
Thapki: Let me go Bihaan….
Bihaan: Tell me why did you play with me too?
Thapki: Bihaan stop saying foolish things….
Bihaan: Answer the question first…
Thapki: I said let me go Bihaan….
Bihaan: Until you don’t tell me
All of a sudden there this a knock at the door
Bihaan: There I let you go….. (Pushing her away)
Thapki wipes her tears quickly so nobody could notice that she was crying…
Sasha: Sorry sir for disturbing you…
Bihaan: Ofc not I was just telling Thapki that my engagement is going to me a bomb….
Sasha: Yes I know
Thapki was about to leave but Bihaan calls her…
Bihaan: Thapki don’t forget to come…
Sasha: Don’t worry Thapki will come…
Thapki leaves the place quickly…

At Siddharth’s house
Sid tries calling Tanya but her phone is switched off… He gets angry and throws it on the floor… Siddharth doesn’t know what to do… He feels confused while someone is knocking at the door… (He opens the door)
Tia: Can I come in??
Sid: Tia what are you doing here??
Tia: I came to meet you…

Sid: I don’t think this is the right time…
Tia: Bhaia… I need to tell you something… I am came to your house yesterday night….
Sid: What?
Tia: Yes I came to your house yesterday… I saw you in were breaking everything and I cleaned the house before leaving…
Sid: What did you just call me before??
Tia: Bhaia….
Sid: Say it again…
Tia: Bhaia….
Sid: I have been waiting to hear something like this in years (giving her a tight hug)
Tia: I am so sorry for not believing in you (hugging him back)
Sid: No my little sister at least something good happened…

Tia: Bhaia can you tell me what Tanya did to you?
Sid: What how you know about that?
Tia: You were talking about her yesterday night… saying she hurt you…
Sid: It’s nothing Tia…
Tia: Bhaia you can’t lie to me… I am your sister remember
Sid: Look Tia I don’t want to talk about it…
Tia: Please Bhaia; don’t you trust your sister?
Sid: I do trust you… but there is nothing to say Tia
Tia: Tell me what exactly Tanya did… Please Bhaia just for your little sister…
Sid explains the whole story to Tia and she gets shocked after hearing it….
Tia: That stupid girl how dare she do that to you… Bhaia I told you not to be with her….
Sid: I don’t I feel like there is something wrong…
Tia: No there isn’t anything wrong… she’s just a girl who only uses people for money and stuff…
Sid: Tanya would never do something like… I know she can’t….
Tia: Just because she acts innocent doesn’t mean she is…
Sid: I don’t know Tia but I need to find out what she’s actually hiding…
Tia: Just forget about her… did you get a text from Bihaan…
Sid: Um I don’t know (she sees the phone on the ground)
Tia: You broke your phone too?
Sid: No it’s just…

Tia: It’s okay Bahia… But yes Bihaan is getting engaged tonight
Sid: Do you know what you’re saying right now?
Tia: I know Bhaia I was shocked myself that Bihaan and Thapki are getting married
Sid: Bihaan and Thapki getting married? When did this happen?
Tia: I don’t know myself but she didn’t tell me either
Sid: So the engagement is tonight??
Tia: Yes and I am going there to scream at Thapki
Sid: Scream at Thapki for what? Didn’t you want them to get married?
Tia: Yes I do but she didn’t tell me
Sid: Maybe she wanted to give you a surprise
Tia: Bhaia I know Thapki really well she wouldn’t hide anything from me…
Sid: Okay but have you talked to her yet?
Tia: No I am going to when I meet her today tonight….
Sid: Oh okay…
Tia: Bhaia I know you’re hurt right now… But can you please come tonight…
Sid: I don’t feel like it Tia
Tia: Please Bhaia just for your sister….
Sid: Fine just for you…
Tia: Thank you so much Bhaia I need to go home before Karan gets back
Sid: Okay

Tia: By the way please don’t be sad (giving him a big hug)
Sid: Thank you for coming Tia
Tia: Anytime Bhaia
Tia leaves and Sid gets thinking…
Sid: How did all this happen?? Bihaan getting married and Tanya where is she right now… I need to talk to Dhruv at the party today….

Rohan’s house
Rohan: Well now watch me tonight….
Razeeni: Oh so you know already…
Rohan: No way Thapki can escape me now… because her so called Bihaan lover won’t be there for her…
Razeeni: You’re honestly so smart…
Rohan: Yes I was born to be smart….
Razeeni: Listen to me carefully I want Tia
Rohan: Don’t worry that will be done after I get Thapki
Razeeni: I can’t wait that long because Tia is someone I need to get badly
Rohan: Why do you even hate her?
Razeeni: Her past is connected to mines… She might know many things that happened…..
Rohan: So you’re just going to kill her?
Razeeni: Yes I am… but not just yet
Rohan: I don’t want to get involved in this… All I need this Thapki (He smirks)
At Thapki’s house

Thapki comes home and sees she only has two hours to get to the engagement tonight… She tries to hold her tears in… Aditi sees her coming in and questions Thapki…
Aditi: Di are you alright?
Thapki: Yea I am fine…
Aditi: Are you going to stay home tonight?
Thapki: No I am going somewhere…
Aditi: Is it a party?
Thapki: No it’s an engagement…
Aditi: Really who’s getting married?
Thapki: Bihaan sir is getting married…
Aditi: That’s awesome Dii can I come there because Dhruv is going to be there…
Thapki: I guess but I am going earlier… but you can tell Dhruv to pick you up…
Aditi: Di it seems like you’re sad
Thapki: I am not sad… I am just tired…

Aditi: Are you sure Di because you were screaming in the morning…
Thapki: Yea and I am sorry for screaming at you in the morning…
Aditi: No it’s okay Dii…
Thapki: Okay is Ma home…
Aditi: No she went to Shubh’s school performance today…
Thapki: Oh yea I forgot…
Aditi: Do you have a dress to wear?

Thapki: Yea I will see you later… because I need to change…. And also is Ma going to be back soon…
Aditi: Yea I will call Dhruv when Ma is back okay…
Thapki: Alright I will be in my room…
Thapki goes to her room and starts crying… but she thinks to herself about something…
At Karan’s house

Karan: Tia I am back, are you ready for the engagement? We have thirty minutes to get there…
Tia comes out wearing pink and blue mixed colored sari…. Karan drops his stuff on the floor and some fall on his foot…. He mouth is wide open and he starts screaming while Tia starts laughing….
Karan: Ouch my foot…
Tia: I think you will never forget this look
Karan: You look stunning
Tia: I know
Karan comes closer to her and says
Karan: but you’re wearing two different kinds of earrings (and he starts laughing)
Tia: This is a new fashion style (making an angry face at him)
Karan: yea in your dictionary (He starts laughing more)
Tia: I think you should go
Karan: I will until I finish laughing
Tia: I am going to go change the earring but before I leave I need to do something

Karan: What?? Wear two different sandals now (laughing even more)
Tia steps on his foot with her heels and he screams even more
Karan: OUCH OUCH MY LEG IS KILLING ME (jumping up and down like a rabbit)
Tia: I hope you enjoy your gift for now…
Karan: I hate you for this
Tia: I am going to go change now (smiling while leaving)
Karan: Stupid witch hurt my foot so badly… But dang it I need to go get ready quickly…
At Pandey family’s house
Kiran: This wedding is going to be a bomb!!
Vasu: I wish your dad was here… But he had an important business meeting
Kiran: He will be back tomorrow or something
Vasu: Where are Preeti and Suman??
Kiran: I think there in the kitchen
Suman: We’re here
Preeti: Do you need anything
Kiran: Not at this moment….
Preeti: Okay I need to call someone
Suman: Wait for me
Kiran: They act like sisters…

Vasu: Don’t get me started on them…
All of a sudden Durga walks in with Tanya…
Kiran: Great Tanya is here….
Vasu: Did you say something Kiran?
Kiran: Yes Ma I did…
Vasu: What did you say?
Kiran: Look Tanya and her mother are here…
Vasu: That’s awesome, let’s bring them in…
Durga: Ms. Pandey how are you? (Giving her a hug)
Vasu: Hello Ms. Patel a pleasure to meet you…
Durga: Tanya get blessing from your mother-in-law…
Tanya bends down but Vasu stops her…
Vasu: You’re already like a daughter me…
Kiran gives Tanya a dirty look…
Vasu: Okay Tanya come inside… Bihaan will be down in a bit…
Durga: I am very happy to get my daughter married with your son…
Vasu: Yes I am happy too… Let’s go inside…
Vasu and Durga leave but Kiran stops Tanya
Kiran: I am happy you’re marrying my brother….
Tanya: I don’t love your brother… I love someone else (she pushes her hand and walks away)
Kiran: She likes someone else?? I need to tell Dhruv Bhai this…
Siddharth’s house/ Karan’s house

Tia calls up and Siddharth tells him something…
Tia: Bhaia are you coming?
Sid: Yes just because you asked me
Tia: Thank you so much Bhaia I love you lots
Sid: Where’s are you right now
Tia: Waiting by Karan’s car and his coming… how about you?
Sid: I am right outside Bihaan’s house….

Tia: Okay I need to go… I will see you there
Sid: Okay….
At Thapki’s house
Aditi: Wow Di you look so pretty in red and blue….
Thapki: Thank you Aditi… I will see you later
Aditi: Okay bye Di…
Thapki: I don’t know the girl that Bihaan is marrying… but I need to tell him I would never do something like this ever…
At Pandey family’s house
Siddharth enters the place and sees Dhruv…
Sid: Hey Dhruv
Dhruv: Hey Sid (giving him a hug)
Sid: Hi Dhruv (hugging him back)
Dhruv: I tried calling you… what happened?
Sid: I kinda broke my phone…
Dhruv: Oh wow….
Bihaan comes down and sees Siddharth…
Bihaan: Welcome Sid I have been calling you for the past couple of days…
Sid: Sorry I kinda broke my phone…
Bihaan: Well I am happy you made it here…
Sid: Congrats to you and Th—(before he can say it Tia and Karan come there)
Tia: Hey guys

Dhruv: Hey Karan and Tia I am happy you guys made it…
Bihaan: Welcome Tia (giving her a dirty look)
Tia (in mind): Why is this idiot giving me a dirty look?
Karan: Congrats for your engagement Bihaan

Bihaan: Thank you so much
Tia: So where’s the bride…
Bihaan: It’s a surprise… you guys will have to wait till everyone shows up…
Sid (in mind): I wish Tanya was here with me…
Vasu: Attention everyone
Everyone gathers up the place…
Vasu: Today my son Bihaan is getting engaged….
All of a sudden Thapki walks into the place…
Sid: Well at least something good happened…
Tia: Where is Thapki?
Tanya starts coming downstairs… Then Thapki comes there… Siddharth sees Thapki… and Tia sees Tanya coming downstairs…
Tia: What the hell is Tanya doing up there?
Vasu: My future daughter-in-law is Tanya Patel
Everyone starts clapping… while Tia is shocked… Thapki is extremely shocked and tears start falling from her eyes… Siddharth’s heart is broken into pieces after hearing this…
Tanya comes down and Bihaan stands near her… Tanya sees Siddharth and tries to hide her emotions and gives a fake smile… Tia sees Thapki and goes near her…
Tia: Thapki you didn’t tell me this happened??

Thapki: I don’t want to talk about it…
Tia: How did this happen??
Thapki: Stop asking me Tia…
Karan comes there and sees Thapki…

Karan: Hey Thapki how are you?
Thapki: Fine…. (She walks away after)

Karan: Is Thapki okay?
Vasu: Everyone today my daughter-in-law Tanya will be doing a dance performance….
Bihaan looks at Thapki… Thapki starts crying while looking at him… Bihaan tries his best to fake smile but he can’t….
Tanya comes on the dance floor and starts dancing to Maar Dala from the movie (Devdas)

Tune plays
Tanya: Yeh kiski hai aahat yeh kiska hai saaya Huvi dil mein dastak yahan kaun aaya
Tanya cries while dancing… Siddharth looks at her in pain….

Tune plays
Tanya: Hum par yeh kisne hara rang dala Oh hum par yeh kisne hara rang dala Khushi ne hamari hame maar dala oh Maar dala maar dala maar dala
Tanya starts spinning around…. Siddharth sees Tanya in pain while crying…
Background people: Hum par yeh kisne hara rang dala Khushi ne hamari hame maar dala
Tanya: Hame maar dala hame maar dala hame maar dala Allah maar dala allah maar dala allah
Tanya dances faster… Siddharth hold a rose on his hand with thrones on it… His hand starts bleeding…
Tune plays
Tanya: Na chand hatheli par sajaya Na taaron se koyi bhi rishta banaya Na rab se bhi koyi shikayat ki …(2) Har gham ko humne chupaya Har sitam ko haske uthaya Kaanto ko bhi gale se lagaya Aur phoolon se zakhm khaya
Tanya dances around Siddharth and starts remembering the moments she had with him…
Tanya: Haan magar dua mein jab yeh haath uthaya…(2) Khuda se dua mein tumhe maang dala Maang dala Allah maang dala allah maang dala
She looks at him while crying… Siddharth feels even more hurt seeing this…
Background people: Oh hum par yeh kisne hara rang dala Khushi ne hamari hame maar dala
Tanya and background people: Hame maar dala hame maar dala hame maar dala Allah maar dala allah maar dala allah
Tanya: Maar dala maar dala maar oh dala maar dala…(2)
Background people: Yeh kiski hai aahat yeh kiska hai saaya Huvi dil mein dastak yahan kaun aaya
Fast tune plays….
Tanya spins faster… Thapki runs from there… Bihaan sees her and follows… Tia feels hurt while seeing all this… Tanya dances even faster… she feels dizzy and was about to fall about Siddharth catches her… Everyone watches this…
Outside Pandey family’s farmhouse

Thapki runs outside and Bihaan runs after her… Bihaan pulls Thapki to his farmhouse…
Thapki: Bihaan let me go…
Bihaan takes her there and pins her against the door…
Bihaan: Now do you see my pain…
Thapki: Let me go Bihaan you’re hurting me…
Bihaan: No one can come here…
Thapki: I don’t care who you marry now…
Bihaan: I know you do…
Thapki: I don’t now leave my arm….
Bihaan pushes her against the door even more… Bihaan comes closer to her…. He touches her face and he sees tears in her eyes…
While Wajah Tum Ho plays from the movie (Hate story 3)
Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main

Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main (x2)
Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)
Bihaan wipes her tears and kisses her on the cheeks… She doesn’t do anything and feels safe around him….

Bihaan: Thapki why did you do this to me… I love you so much…
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
(Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein)
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
Kab se adhuri hai ik daastaan
Aaja usey aaj anjaam dein
Tumhe bhuloon kaise main
Meri pehli khata tum ho

Thapki: Bihaan please let my arm go…
Bihaan: First tell me why you did this… don’t you see the love I have for you…
Thapki looks into his eyes and starts crying… She hugs him tightly… He hugs her back…
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)
Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke
(Saansein chura ke)

Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke
Bihaan let’s Thapki…. Thapki pushes Bihaan but he pulls her back… Bihaan hugs Thapki from the back…
Dil keh raha hai gunehgaar ban ja
Bada chain hai inn gunaahon se aage
Main gumshuda si raat hoon

Meri khushnuma subah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)
Thapki: Bihaan look you’re not in your senses…
Bihaan: I am in my senses…

Bihaan then turns Thapki and hurts her arm…
Bihaan: You hurt me so badly Thapki and now you will see my bad side…
Thapki: Let me go Bihaan
Bihaan: I hate you Thapki… I hate you so much
Bihaan leaves the place while Thapki starts crying on the floor….
Wajah tum ho… (x4)
Music ends…

At Pandey family’s house
Vasu: Oh my god is Tanya okay…
Kiran: Let’s take her into the room…

Vasu: Thank you so much….
Tia leaves the place crying and Karan follows her….
Siddharth sneaks into Tanya’s room while she’s sleeping… because the doctor came to check on her… Siddharth comes near her and kisses her… Tanya sees him and they hug each other…. But it was a dream of Tanya and Siddharth… Siddharth leaves the place in pain…
In the middle of the roads

Thapki is crying while walking back home then a batch of goons come that are sent by Rohan…
Goon2: Hey want to spend the night with me (holding her hand)
Thapki: Please let my hand go

Goon3: Oh come on baby don’t be afraid
Thapki: I said let me go
All of a sudden Siddharth comes there and beats up the goons badly… They all run away and Rohan sees this…
Rohan: Now who’s this idiot?
Sid: Thapki what are you doing out here??

Thapki falls on the ground… and starts crying even more…
Sid: Thapki are you okay?
Thapki: I am so sorry Siddharth…
Sid: Why are you saying sorry?
Thapki: You lost Tanya because of me
Sid: No I didn’t… look I know that Bihaan is getting married with Tanya… But I promise we will find a way to solve it (He hugs Thapki)
Thapki: Everything happens to me because I am not worth…
Sid: No Thapki this is just Destiny vs love and we need to fight for it….
Rohan: This stupid guy (He leaves the place in anger)
Thapki: I have already lost Siddharth…
Sid: Do you trust me like a brother?
Thapki: Yes I do… (She hugs him)
Almost near Pandey family’s house
Karan: Tia wait…
It starts raining… Tia falls on the ground and screams…
Karan comes near her….

Karan: Tia why are you saying this…
Tia: I am not a good friend or a sister…

Karan: What do you mean?
Tia explains the whole story… to Karan and his shocked…

Karan: Tanya plus Siddharth and Thapki plus Bihaan??
Tia: yes and this is all my fault…
Karan: No Tia it’s not…

Tia: I want to help them…

Karan: I will help you… just don’t cry please (crying harder)
Every couple scenes while Awaari plays from the movie (Ek Villian)
Bihaan is near his backyard sitting under the raining crying….
Thapki and Siddharth console each other and remember the moments with their loved ones…
Teri baahon mein jo sakoon tha mila
Maine dhoondha bahut par
Phir na milaa… aa..
Karan kisses Tia on the forehead… He also starts crying because of seeing Tia in pain…
Duniya chhoona chaahe mujhko yun
Jaisay unki saari ki saari main
Duniya dekhe roop mera
Koi na jaane bechari main
Tanya gets off her bed and starts breaking the bangles and wipes her makeup… She remembers dancing at party making Siddharth’s hand bleed… Tanya starts throwing things on the floor and cries even harder…
Bihaan starts saying “I hate you Thapki” and looks at the locket she gave him…
Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hui Awari main
Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hui Awari main…
Koi shaan bulaaye
Koi daam lagaaye
Main bhi upar se hansti
Par andar se haaye..
Siddharth takes Thapki into the car and they both are in pain…
Tanya starts looking at the pictures of Siddharth and her… She burns the dress she wore today in anger…
Tia starts crying even harder…

Tia: I lost my Ma and now I am going to lose my best friend Thapki…
Karan: Hush Tia I am always here for you…
Kyun dard chupaye baithi hai
Kyun tu mujhse kehti hai
Main toh khud hi bikhra huaa
Haaye andar andar se toota main
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main
Haaye andar andar se toota main..
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main
Bihaan hold the locket away…
Bihaan: Why didn’t you trust my love Thapki… I loved you so much… Did you really have to play with my feelings too….
Sid takes Thapki out of the car… Thapki tells Siddharth I can manage myself… She starts walking… closing her eyes remembering those cute moments… She touches her locket… and remembers Tia at the same time…
Main jee bhar ke ro lun
Teri baahon mein so lun
Aa phir se mujhe mill
Main tujhse ye bolun:
Tu anmol thi
Pal pal bolti thi
Aisi chup tu laga ke gayi
Saari khushiyaan kha ke gayi..
Siddharth remembers Tanya’s letters and hugs them…
Tanya sits near the corner and says to herself…

Tanya: I won’t lose hope dad… I know you’re on my side… please COME DAD I NEED YOU… I NEED YOU A LOT…. NO I CAN’T I LOSE HIM TOO…
Karan carries Tia to the car and she hugs him tightly in pain…
Karan: When I am with you… nothing can happen… we will work together and fix everything…
Tia sees tears in his eyes too… She wipes it and kisses him on the forehead…
Ending scene is…
Thapki remembering how Tia and she fought… She also remembers Rohan’s words to stay away from Bihaan or else… Tanya is remembering her father while she starts breaking stuff because she hurt Siddharth… Bihaan wipes his tears and says “I will make you suffer Thapki… because you hurt me so badly… I know I loved you so much but I don’t know why you did this with me… Karan and Tia sharing their love moments together…. Lastly Siddharth throws the rose in the water and makes a wish…
Episode ends…
Moral- “It hurts right… I know it does… I remember something too… but please don’t say you don’t feel it too”

Recap: Bihaan makes Thapki do everything he wants… Flashbacks will be revealed that happened at the party…. Tiran team up together so they can make all the couples together again… Razeeni was so close to shoot Tia but instead she shoots Rohan… Karan and Kabir finally meet and they tell each other what they’re going through… Tia plans to visit Tanya… She goes there and sees Durga beating Tanya up… Tia stops her and pushes Durga… Siddharth is beaten up by some goons… Thapki comes and saves Siddharth on time… Ria and Neha finally got a marriage date mixed for Tiran… Siddharth tells Thapki to annoy Bihaan… Thapki will be dancing to Iss dewana lakha and try to make Bihaan happy again… Tiran make Tanya and Siddharth meet again… Tanya slaps Siddharth and says she loves Bihaan… Tiran are shocked to hear this…

I have never written something so long like this within 3-4 hours like 10,000 words… Next episode will be shorter because this is way too much aha… Anyways I am happy you guys are always enjoying my Fan-Fiction though aha…

Remember guys some parts are not proof read… Man I am not going to read over 10,000 words… But hopefully you guys will understand aha… This probably the last longest update… Now my Fan-Fiction will have at 5,000 -6,000 words… Aha

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Love you guys!! (I get so happy hearing the song Like I Would by Zayn Malik)

Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys this is my Nineteenth episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends

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Credit to: Nusz(T!B!H)


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