Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan….Tiran…Tarharth aka (Sidni)….Pyaar….Ki…) Promo for upcoming episodes

Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan….Tiran…Tarharth aka (Sidni)….Pyaar….Ki…) Promo for upcoming episodes
So sorry I can’t post an episode right now, Ramadan is this Tuesday for me and I will be posting the Thapki Pyaar Ki and Ragsan Fan-Fiction tomorrow. Also my exams are coming so I am really busy nowadays!! Love you guys hope you understand aha!!
Well today we have finally reached episode 20!!! Oh my god I am really proud!! Thank you so much for your love!! aha
Thank you so much for 100 comments again and sorry I couldn’t comment back my love ones..
Link for my ff (all the episodes)
Tiran known has- Asya (from Qubool Hai) & Taharth known has- Sidni (from Jamai Raja)
(Also Guys do read Fan-Fictions by my awesome friends.)
(Asya and Huyaan: A delicate relation, by Zuha), (My bestie)
(Beintehaa….Qubool Hai) (My bestie) (It’s her new Fan-Fiction! It’s awesome aha)
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(Thahaan and Asya-pyaar ki Daastan suno, by Rafaya) (My awesome friend)
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(Twinj-Journey from revenge to love (by Anu) (My awesome friend)
(Swasan- Mr manheshwari and I,(by Anjali) (My awesome friend)
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(#Qubool hai I do forever, by Alexis) (My bestie)
(The strange and full of Krazyness, by Fatarajo), (My bestie)
(Thahaan teri meri kahani, by truelove) (My bestie)
(Infinite, by Angel) (An awesome friend)
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Thapki Pyaar Ki (Anjaana Anjaani by Anu) (An awesome friend)
Recap for episode 22: Bihaan and Tanya’s Mehndi ceremony…. Tia and Karan tell Tanya and Siddharth to act like a couple… They all come to there… Thapki and Siddharth pretend to act like a couple while Tanya and Bihaan fume in anger… Tia sees Tanya going somewhere and follows her something shocks Tia and she stops Tanya… Thapki goes to Tanya’s changing room and Bihaan reach there the door gets locked… They spent some really cute romantic moments… (He also gets lost into her beauty in episode 22) Siddharth and Karan sees Rohan talking to a lady so they can kill Tia… They both plan to stop them… Razeeni was about to shoot Tia but she shoots Rohan instead… New secrets revealed…. (Just to let you Thahaan and Taharth will have full on romance on episode 22… Also a secret will be revealed about Tanya’s past)
Promo for episode 23 and 24: Bihaan and Tanya’s marriage is happening… some goons beat up Siddharth really badly when him and Thapki were going there… Thapki cries and says stop beating him… She then takes a stick with fire on it and warns them to stay away… She holds Siddharth and reaches the wedding place… Bihaan and Tanya stand up and were about to get married when Tanya remembers her moments with Siddharth…. Tia and Karan are depressed because Sid and Thapki didn’t show up… All of a sudden they enter the place… and stop the marriage…A big secret is revealed. Rohan will try to marry Thapki in a harsh way… Bihaan reaches there and beats him up really badly he gets Rohan arrested with the help of Kabir (Karan’s brother)… Thapki runs towards him and she hugs him… He carries her and says I love you… and I promise I will never break your trust… She forgives him and they get back together…. Tanya confesses her love for Siddharth at the hospital… He then says your real name is Roshni….. Everything is back to normal and everyone is preparing for Tiran’s marriage decoration.. Tanya and Thapki are practicing dance moves for them…. Tia finds out something shocking and faints… (More stuff will be revealed soon)
Well guys I wish you a great summer and an amazing Ramadan!!! Lots of love from Nusz because I am going to do fasting and do my exams waaa!!!
Love you my SuZuRahLima and Jo!!! Anu and Sarika, Sanjana, Saya and all my friends who always supported me!!! I love you a lot and keep smiling like stars!!
Here’s the links (Other Fan-Fiction by me)
Destiny vs love (Based on Thapki Pyaar Ki, Qubool Hai and Jamai Raja)
A one shot on Ragsan (Based on Swaragini)
Sanskar: Will you marry me, Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will (Based on Swaragini) (I will be ending this soon)
Qubool Hai love like Beintehha (Based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai)
The dark side that everyone sees but not the light side (Based on The Vampire Dairies with shorts stories of Ragsan, Thahaan and Asya at the ending for a treat)
My heart belongs to yours… But why are you hiding from me? (Based on Ragsan only a few shots)
I know I seen you…. But it took me forever to find you…. (Based on Thahaan only a few shots)
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys we have completed Twenty one episodes. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode when I am free aha!!

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