Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan….Tiran…Taharth….Pyaar….Ki…) Must comment promo

Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan….Tiran…Taharth….Pyaar….Ki…) Must comment promo
Guys Thank you so much for your comments on episode 20…. I know many couldn’t comment or I couldn’t comment back because they blocked… the comment thing… I want you guys to comment on the promo instead… It will be awesome because… the next episode is going to be super long….!! Please do!! Thank you…. But remember I write four other Fan-Fictions and it takes me time aha. But anyways hi guys it’s me Nusz…. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me always reach to 200 Comments!!! And we have reached twenty episodes!!!!.. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars. Nusz (Love you guys aha)
Well today we have finally reached episode 20!!! Oh my god I am really proud!! Thank you so much for your love!!
Link for my ff (all the episodes)
Tiran known has- Asya (from Qubool Hai) & Taharth known has- Sidni (from Jamai Raja)
(Also Guys do read Fan-Fictions by my awesome friends.)
(Asya and Huyaan: A delicate relation, by Zuha), (My bestie)
(Swaragini (Yevadu) by Halima) (My bestie) (It’s her new Fan-Fiction! It’s awesome aha)
(Sanam Aur aahil- ek kahani hai 2 lafzon hi, by sunheri) (My bestie)
(Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool hai, by Sarah) (My bestie)
Tu Ishq mera (Swalak & Ragsan) (My bestie)
Red strings of fate (Ragsan) (My awesome friend)
(family bonding/dosti/ dil, and perm deewana by Sindhu rm)!!!!!!) (She’s like a sister of mine)
(Swaragini Zehnaseeb ,by Sarika) (My bestie)
(Thahaan and Asya-pyaar ki Daastan suno, by Rafaya) (My awesome friend)
(My layered demeanor, by saya) (My awesome friend)
(Twinj-Journey from revenge to love (by Anu) (My awesome friend)
(Swasan- Mr manheshwari and I,(by Anjali) (My awesome friend)
Ragini you will find your soulmate (by Miya) (My awesome friend)
(TEI- Fan-fiction,by Joshika), (My awesome friend)
(Tashan Wali Mohabbatien,by Snehal), (My awesome friend/sister)
(#Qubool hai I do forever, by Alexis) (My bestie)
(The strange and full of Krazyness, by Fatarajo), (My bestie)
(Thahaan teri meri kahani, by truelove) (My bestie)
(Infinite, by Angel) (An awesome friend)
Love is really blind, by Aiza) (An awesome friend)
Thapki Pyaar Ki (Anjaana Anjaani by Anu) (An awesome friend)
Before I start with the promos, spoilers and new Fan-Fiction idea I want to say my Culminating Activities start from Wednesday June 8th to Monday June 13th. Then I have my Moratorium (Studying for exams) that starts on Tuesday June 15th to Monday June 20th. My exams run from June 21st to June 27th. Then my last day of classes is Tuesday June 28th. It’s very different because in England and Canada our timetables are very different and confusing at some points… So I will try my best next week two post two episode which will lead up to 22 episodes… Then after June 8 I am not sure when I am going to write but I will try my best aha.
Must Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Guys Thank you so much for your comments on episode 20…. I know many couldn’t comment or I couldn’t comment back because they blocked… the comment thing… I want you guys to comment on the promo instead… I t will be awesome because… the next episode is going to be super long….!! Please do!! Thank you….
Recap of episode 21: Recap: Flashback what exactly happened between the couples at Siddharth’s house. Point of View of Tia, Karan, Siddharth, Tanya, Thapki and Bihaan… Thapki plans to resign from the company… She gives the papers to Dhruv and leaves… Aditi and Dhruv meet up and talk to each other about some problems… Karan wants to plan a date for Tia so he can cheer her up…. Siddharth comes to meet Tanya and insults her for leaving him… They spend some cute moments… Bihaan comes to Thapki’s house…. Bihaan and Thapki get emotional… Tia plans to meet Tanya and bring her truth out… Karan and Kabir meet again and this time something big happens…. Razeeni sees Tia going somewhere she was about to shoot but shot at Rohan instead (On the stomach)…. Tia comes to meet Tanya and sees Durga beating her up…. Tia enters the house and pushes Durga… Karan tells Siddharth and Thapki to act in front of Bihaan and Tanya because he knows someone is planning against them… Tia, Karan, Thapki and Siddharth team up together so they can find out who is behind all this….
Promos for upcoming episodes:
Tanya tells Tia about her past and how it much it hurts… Tia tells Tanya she will help her… but she needs to bring back Bihaan and Thapki together… Tanya tells Tia to leave the place… Durga and Tanya get into another fight while Tanya gets mad and says if you don’t stay in your limits I will ruin your life… Siddharth tells Bihaan that he is selfish and doesn’t anything about the meaning of love… Tia and Karan plan to make Siddharth and Thapki together to make Tanya speak out how much she loves Siddharth… They are also doing this because Rohan has to speak out that he planned all this with some lady… Razeeni finds out Tia is the girl who knows something about the past… Kabir starts singing on the stage…. Karan starts crying and sees him…. He runs up the stairs and starts singing with him too…. Tanya and Bihaan’s Mehndi ceremony is going on… Siddharth and Thapki come there has a couple… and this makes Tanya and Bihaan fume in anger… Karan makes a candle light dinner for Tia… Tia tells Karan she wants to get married after everything is fixed… Karan accepts that idea and plans to talk to his mom about it… Razeeni is planning to kill Tia again and this Rohan sees Siddharth and Thapki together… and thinks they’re a couple…. Now here are your favorite spoilers…..
Mimi spoilers for episode 23-25- Durga’s goons beat up Siddharth badly he reaches the temple of Tanya and Bihaan’s wedding… Tanya sees him in that condition and tells everyone she loves Siddharth…. Everyone is shocked… Bihaan realizes this was all done by Rohan because he hard Razeeni says something… Bihaan will try to win back Thapki’s heart with so much romance… Then finally he says “I don’t want to see you hurt Thapki” He will wipe her tears and asks Thapki to be with him forever and lastly Tiran marriage date is finally fixed aha.
Well guys next week I will be posting two episodes… Before my exams and Ramadan is also coming up…. I have my exams during Ramadan man that suck shishhhhhh!!! Living in England and Canada is extremely hard to study because managing time is hard… Not because of school… Because all the stuff we do… Well school is so damn different for us… If you guys want to know then ask me!!!! I will love to tell you guys!! Also guys I am planning to stop writing the Ragsan Fan-Fiction soon!! I am going to start on an Iss Pyaar Ko Kya naam Doon (Arnav and Khushi) = Arshi soon!!!! They’re my all time favorite television couple!!! I hate when people add other couples with them!!! I just love the ongoing story of it… So this IPKYND will be a recreation of the actual version with nusz’s flavor aha!!! So guys I will be ending Ragsan Swalak on episode 6 or something… But the only Fan-Fictions I write so far are 4 right now… Then one will finish and new one added!!! Anyways Destiny vs. love will be posted soon!! Lots of love from nusz!! Also remember (Well guys I will be posting 2 episodes till June 8th which will lead up to 22 episodes in total… I am also planning to write a story on a Hollywood TV show… Not sure when I will start on that but I let you guys know…. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this episode…. aha)
Here’s the links
Destiny vs love (Based on Thapki Pyaar Ki, Qubool Hai and Jamai Raja)
A one shot on Ragsan (Based on Swaragini)
Sanskar: Will you marry me, Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will (Based on Swaragini) (I will be ending this soon)
Qubool Hai love like Beintehha (Based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai)
The dark side that everyone sees but not the light side (Based on The Vampire Dairies with shorts stories of Ragsan, Thahaan and Asya at the ending for a treat)
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Thursday May 26th or Friday May 27th 2016. But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

Credit to: Nusz(T!B!H)


  1. Mahria

    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the pictures so damn cute ?
    thahaan is going to make me cry i know it
    sidddddddharthhhhhhhhhhhhh and tanayyyyyaaaaaaaa are so damn cute kiss kiss
    oh my god tiran engagement picture :O
    I really want to see some Sid and Thapki romance
    This Razeeni why does she want to kill Tia so badly
    I honestly hate this Rohan he should marry tanveer
    Tanya should work with Tia but this Durga thinks she smart

  2. Mahria

    sorry I couldnt comment last time they blocked us from it
    but sweetie we will spam you here ?

  3. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Very nice dear , waiting 4r the update.!Best of luck and I know you will rock in your exams as well!?

  4. Tiffy

    What up fammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    thahaan and tiran going wild!!!!! with the dj song is on

    but yes Thahaan i will wipe your tears looks interesting did you see the ongoing track?

    I really miss zoya and Asad do you make a story about them
    taharth is making so damn pissed off because of druga
    I just want everyone together fammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    but please get this rohan and Razeeni slapped and druga too
    also I read your vampire dairies it’s so fammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm goooddddddddddddddd
    anyways keep up the awesome work!!
    also exams are going to be a bomb with soccer in it lol sml
    also give them the notes
    tc ly fammmm

  5. truelove

    yeeaaaa…..i’m first today. waiting for the episode when bihaan try to win back thapki heart. best of luck for your exam girl. i know you’ll do best. because you are so talented.

  6. Aiza siddiqui

    Just loved it nusz…. U are really brilliant….and by the way are you muslim?

  7. serena

    Really the promos are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Rohan, Razeeni and Durga are pissing me off
    Oh my god Kabir and Karan finally uniteddddddddddddddd
    Tanya and Siddharth scene in the hospital coming too?
    I am honestly not going to lie but Sid and Ragini are pissing me off in show
    But in your ff I love them has Tanya and Siddharth better
    Tia and Karan getting engaged properly!! finally
    I just want all the couples to be together!!! Post the next soon
    also good luck with your exams during Ramadan bruh
    Also we have a match next week don’t forget
    love you ?

  8. Oh god this is so awesome nusz love you so much???? and yeah goodluck for the study….. You know sometimes we say this and we have to say it….
    Dear board of education
    Iam also bored of education ?????????????????

  9. Samria(sammy)

    Aw nusz!! I loved this promo!!! I honestly cant wait for episode 23-25 it’s going to be a bomb

    good luck with everything
    lots of love from Sam ?

  10. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    thahaan is so cute… wipe tear..
    Tanaya and sid so cute…
    Tia and Karan bst couple savng al…..
    but good lck for exams,… you awesme…
    pst nxt epi soon… you a wnderful writer…

  11. nafi

    RAMADAN. Mubarak my love and good luck with your studies
    I miss you
    lots of love Nafi pie 😀

  12. Aasasas

    You’re a star!!! my love!! loved all the upcoming promos for these couples they will rock it muahh my doll 😀 🙂

  13. anu

    very nice dear friend
    update the epi when u get free time
    thahaan taharth scenes r good
    tiran marriage fixed omg
    fully excited me
    gd mrng
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  15. rafay don kon

    koi bate nahe yar aram say karo spoiler ma sb pta chal gaya aur sb say acha ya k sb mil ja an gan.

  16. Priya tripathi

    Awesome nusz i love this n i read ur all episode destiny vs love all r very awesome n don’t take any stress of ur exam if u have time than post ok n best luck for ur exam

    • jenny

      It’s a really wonderful promo 🙂 waiting for the couples to be together
      love you cutie

  17. Sunehri

    Nusz dear I understand dear it’s difficult to update .. U focus on ur studies first ok dear and the promo very nice dear ??

  18. Birana

    Well coming to this promo it’s very interesting because I like the love between the couples even though there far from each other

  19. Birana

    But listen to me, please don’t make Rohan destroy the love between Tanya and Sid or Thahaan

  20. Birana

    What the hell why is my name keep changing
    probs the comment ship haha
    but good luck with your amazing stuff smile all the way
    love brianna 🙂

  21. Mina(Nusz best friend and loves her ff a lot)

    Tiran is overloaded with romance and now engagement you’re on a role!!

  22. vianda

    No words to say!! just mindblowing but finally the couple
    You’re slaying baby!! love you kisses haha

  23. pari

    Nusz I am proud of everything you write
    it’s really good man
    just keeping up with 5 ff and doing good with grades
    unbelievable!! plus soccer dance and more
    shine bright my girl 🙂

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    god bless everything will be finally fine now!!
    time for some romance already!!! but gl with your exams nusz
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    The promo…. s gud… i….want….thaahan……ech..other…

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